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tv   Channel 7 News at 630PM  FOX  February 1, 2016 6:30pm-6:59pm EST

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>> this is 7 news at 6:30. >> now at 6:30 rveghts iowa voters take control. ir was in the spotlight for today. white house hopefuls making promises to the people. >> this is the time for the men and women of iowa to m me a decision. >> 7 news live as the state gs
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>> danielle: and good evening everybody. right now caucus sites are packed with voters all across iowa. >> lynn: and in 30 minutes iowans whether kick off the race for the white house 7's nicole linsalata is live in des moines where the vote rertz first to weigh in o o the 2016 presidential race. nicole. >> repter: well, lynn, i can it tell you on both sides, the the number seem to be getting tighter with both donald trump on one side and dead ted cruz columning in a tight second. according to mt of the polls and then on the democratic side, are you hillary clinton and bernie sanders and those numbers are super close. sometimes just absolutely neck and neck. but as you mentioned, in just a little while, it will be the voters of o iowa who will decide. >> how are you doing today? i feel g. i f fl great. >> reporter: after more than a year it come down to thvment the last phone call. >> i'm call fork the marco rubio campaign?
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and hours devoted to convincing the undecided. and making sure those inclined to take part in a caucus show up. >> i hope you want someone who haze servants heart and back bone to challenge the thing that are broken hands proven experience to do it. that's wha we need. the people who are representing you have given me t t absolute highest a accolades all over the place. so. and the govenor. >> you're govenor. you're govenor said you can't put ted cruz in. >> and for those of you who are already supporting me, please go out and caucus tomorrow night. the storm is not coming 'til after midnight. plenty of time to caucus. we'll get all the votes count ood i'm especially gratifd that a lot of the people who are coming out. and a lot of people who are getting involved are working class people, are young people who ha not previously been involved in theolitical process. >> reporter: marco rubio gave his o volunteers in nearby all
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think your efforts wifl be meaning. if you i feel positive about what is happening here in iowa and around the country. >> 40u have you enjoyed iowa? i enjoyed it. it's yaivment it's a pleasure to be here. and voters pride themselves on participation. >> i want to remind thought caucuses are tonight. i heard one person tell me they are not planning on voting for him. it's been great. my favorite round of phone cacaing in the campaign. and senator cruz trying to get the full grass lee named for charles senator grassily known for touring each of iowa's 99 counties. i'm so happy to be here in jefferson iowa. we are with this stop completing grassily. >> and in des moines jeb bush met with supporters and answer aid few questions. >> how excited youre you for
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i'm sphierd up about. it i'm excited we're starting finally. and to get to another last minute stop. >> marco rubio is f fally -- >> reporter: so again, all of this gets underway in about 90 minute ors so. if you're florida flash, this process here this caucus is something probably completely foreign to you. we're used to going into a polling place you're not lewd to have candidates or sur ro gets or folks handing out pamphlets. not like that in iowa. they will be caucuses, talk tossing each orange and sur beau ro gets for the canidates dates can dmom and make yet another pitch. with once ghana all of this gets underway in about zero minutes. reporting live in des moines iowa. nicole linsalata. 7 news. >> lynn: and a reminr. stay with 7 news on the air and with win for a complete coverage iowa caucuses. we've beak back live in des moines on 7 news first at 10:00.
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tonight the spreaftd mosquito born zika virus for soon to be mothers. now an international ememeency has been declared. craig stevens live in the sat 4r50eu9 center with the d%tails. craig. >> craig: danielle, the world health organization has declared a emergency over the zika virus and putting it in the same category as ebola. the vacation virus, as it is cacialtiond spreading far and fast anticipating 4 million cases in latin american and the caribbean in the mix year or so. so far 20 countries have reported cases. here in the u.s. 13 states have reported cases of people returning from south america with the the virus. two cases here in florida. the virus transmitted when in infected moss key 2 2z bite. it's been lynched to babies being born with under developed never problems. >> after a reveel view of the evidence, the committee add stliedz the cause of
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clog ga call complications cons ta fiewt an extra ordinary event and the public health threat to other parts world. >> craig: health officials are advising expectant mothers not to travel to affected countries. currently no vaccine for zee caflt the last ub p lick emergency was declared for the devastating 2013 ebola out briek in west africa that killed moree than 11,000 people. the satellite center. i'm craig stevens. >> lynn: also on #, students arriving to class only to see a hall of hate. vandals comaightt sinful act against a south florida catholic school and the crime on campus has every one talk. some blame tongue a rival school. 5e7s sheldon fox in southwest ranches with more. >> reporter: nasty. hateful. lewd and destructive. it describes some of the unwanted decor this morning at
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in southwewe ranches. >> a lot of inappropriate pictures of body pts temperature of what was scene and goes ipped and photographed and posted to social media on monday morning and also what had davie police on campus investigating vandalism. many students suspecting it had to do with a viral sports team a losing. >> and students wouldn't talk about the gay slurs and spray painted images of body parlts and on school property. but the arch diocese toold 7 ne it was cleaned up and they are working with the police to help tied eye who is response bility. a viral ri between the schools. that's how pents and kids felt about the messages brurking a- off the con tro ver aingd going about their day. >> signs walked into the schoo there, was stuff on the walls. some covered up but first place i saw was on social med why. what were the images you saw? describe them. >> just guys again talz on the
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>> rorter: though the bad behavior feel to some students like sore losers, act out. to cops they are trespassing vandals who need to be caught. and that's why your help is needed in all thvment 954 tip tip the number to call. select cash for the right anonymous tip to police. wewee in southwest ranches. sheldon fox. 7 news. well, horror at home as a woman is attacked in her own backyard. three armed men ambushing the 58-year-old in southwest miami-dade. they ransacked her house and took off with the safe and jewelry. >> it it happened near 64th 64th street and southwest 85th avenue. if have you any information that can help, call crime stoppers at 305-471-tips. >> danielle: 7 skyforce over the scene way weather a boy was struck in the street in west tofnlt bso says the 11-year-old was riding his book bike to schooler earlier this morning on west ridge avenue and pond ridge
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fire rescue rushing him memorial regional hospital where he is being streetd for minor injuries. they say he was wearing a helmet at the time which is the gd news here and the other good news is that that driver did stay on the scene. >> coming up on 7 news at 6:30. south florida students grabbing their passports for an unforget able trip to cuba. >> danielle: jaws dropping and jaw dropping video showing the moment the surfer falls from a 40-foot wave. >> lynn: and an indiana police
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>> lynn: a group of south florida stew dheantding to what snran as partd ave historic trip. the school has already spon serd a number of trips to the island nation. >> danielle: but this journey
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of students are so excited about spending the week j cuba. >> i'm looking forward to going there and connecting with the people and sharing with them. >> we'll be going to rehab centers anddgoing to children's hospitals and giving the crs lab coats and giving the children's gifts and coloring books and crayons. danielle: along with the plin is tri duties the children will get a lesson in cuban relations like no other. >> we have not been able to got u.s. embassy because it was an intersection before and not an embassy sohat is one of the high points. >> >> danielle: these students will be the@ first to tour the embassy in what van fla since it opened. >> i'm excited to got embassy and tour and sigh all the new stuff they have there. >> danielle: this will be the third time school has sponsored a trip to cuba. the embassy will be a new experience for every one participating. there is always an education thing. last year we went to the floor and this year we're going to the
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school officials say thehe pray both countries work towards a better relationship d understanding each other. >> cuba is one of our closest neighbors and for us to be abe to go take children to work in the church and vits visit and find out about the culture of the people in cuba and learn about the country is extremely exciting to me. >> what a great experience for those kids and hey will back from cuba on saturday. >> lynn: all right. nextxtonight from the news station. it's roadside assistance to the extreme. vehicle after vehicle smashed in the snow. >> phil: all right. nothing like that for us. we'll warm up over the next uple of days. highs in the low 80s and then by friday, front should move through across south florida bringing with it a little better chance for rainfall and then our temperatures should come back do to near typical values. the entire out look in a couple minutes. all right phil, thanks. and then tonight on the drive.
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we'll be the judge of. that actually lynn will be the judge of that. >> lynn: i hope so. >> danielle: i no longer co hot. we're checking out a few place ways certified recipe that will make your mouth start watering. dine in with deco tonight at 7:30.
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>> >> all right. coming in off the satellites. a wave of trouble coming in on cranl from hawaii. t ts is
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have you to see thvment a professional surfer free falling after taking on a monster wavee known as jaws in mow wee the surfer tumbled a terrifying 40 feet. a terrifying wipe out. he is okay his board is not but he is okay. >> >> danielle: and a dramatic rescue for a 14-year-old boy who fell into an icy pond inn indiana e. was chase age softball on the frozen water in indianapolis on saturday. thankfully someone spotted the struggling teen and called police who jumped in to save him. >> i have a child of my own and immediately, i mean absolutely immediately i was in visioning my child that was out here in e water and i just came here as fast as i could. >> danielle: well, the boy is now safe and is expected to be okay. >> lynn: and a massive car pile up near sramento california getting thal snow. about 25 vehicles involved e to this wicked weather causing slick roads yesterday. the highway is now back open
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down for a couple o hours no. reports of any injuries. >> now, 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro.. >> we are look at a quiet night here across south florida. temperatures across the state, 69 inensacola. 70s every place else. 73 in both fort lauderdale and miami. right now as far as rainfall is concerned, still pesky showers continue to show up on the. >> radar" especially croos key biscayne downtown miami. biscayne bay. now a few developing west of chrome avenue. now look at thvment all of a sudden we're seeing a train of rain here that could be impacting miami-dade over the next 45 minutes or so. but still tonight everything should start t dry out. muggy w haze during the the over night hours. tomorrow high pressure in firm control. it's going to be drier and we're also going to start warming up with highs in the low 80s. that wilil be the pattern on wednesday and thursday as well. then will is a front right here
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bebeer chance for rain. then bit weekend our temperatures should come back down to where they 14ud be near seasonal values. no advisorieietonight. biscayne bay with a light chop. for you in the florida keys exercise caution. especially for seas beyond the reef. building three to 5 feet. next high tide at 3:04 in the morning. 5:00 for the lower keys. your uv index tomorrow at 6:00. so for tonight w w should slowly start to clear out over night. but we can't rule out completelel a few showers. especially those sitting off shore. miami-dade. over night lows in the 60s to the low 70s. by tomorrow a lot more in the way of sunshine. highs in the low to mid 80s. what's average for highs is about 76, 77. here's your extended out look. wednesday warm. same on thursday. friday showers move in. and then our temperatures c ce down to what is typical for this time of year. that'u your 7 on 7. 7 sports is next.
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>> time now for 7 sports with steve shapiro. >> right out of the all-star break. the division leading panthers play conference in washington tomorrow night donovan campbell at practice today. >> the all-star break is over in the lant it tick division leading cats wasting no time getting back on thece. it's important to get a good sweat out there and make sure you get the could be webs out. >> getting back into it, the first day every o o is sore.
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streak to end the season chts florida is eager do escape that momentum in a big way. >> and we're do for a big push. numb now we've donee our part to get in a good spot and it's about continuing that momentum. and going back into the second season, only four teams in the league have more points than the florida pan her. and i look at the schedule no. easy months. a lot of home games in february. light of good teams coming in here. the way you look at it it is taking it one game a at a time. we have 30 some games left and they will be crucial for the club to keep going and keep doing the thing we're doing and make sure that you know, with we want to stay head in the standings and keep o position in the play o. scwaight cats. 7 sports. >> big win at washington tomorrow. there is a joke but john scott gets his day mt. sun. scott was vote bidhe fans to the pacific all-star team. scott was traded after the vote from phoenix to montreal and
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he scored two goals in the all-star games last night and his team won and he gets to split $1 million with his teammates. >> i think it's the best possible out come right. we had a good weekend. every one had fun and we ended up winning so. it's great. your team won a million dollars. how are you planning on spreading it around. 100 part to mend they will take the rest. hey,. >> back to the miners. it's different this year.r. super bowl media day is tonight in primetime. instead of tuesday morning oog carolina quarterback newton and versace pants arrival yesterday. i'm told they sold out in minutes after cam a rot. the pan thirs practicing at san jose state this week getting down to business. >> and first week was all about getting the ground tbhork place. getting our base and get putting in what we needed to and now you go out there and it's another place to practice but like you said it's tuning it up.
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to do and next week we're tienting it up and ready to go. brant na sned a ger won the open today in san dan deg. this is trsmght a guy lines up three golf balls and strokes all three at same time and they each go in three separate cups. his name i ikelly mitch up this is pinehurst north carolina and le take that three put. the first place heat at houston tomorrow night the canes drop to 17 in the ap basketball povment i'm steve shapiro. lynn and danielle back right after this.
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>> >> danielle: inside edition is coming up next. >> lynn: here is debra norville way preview. >> thanks lynn and disan el. offered pulled over. how one south florida driver
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speeding cu cop and the story behind vanessa hot gens grief just hours after her father passed way. >> >> lynn: and that's 7 news at i'm lynn martinez. >> danielle: i'm danielle knox. lynn will sigh at 7:30 for deco and d ll see you at 10:00 for the night team. until then make it a good night. >> lynn: good night everybody. >> real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.
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