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tv   Channel 7 News at 10PM  FOX  February 2, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EST

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is. >> we have a news alert at 11:00 o'clock. senator ted cruz won the iowa caucus on the republican side pushing aside donald trump and emerging from the pack of candidates. >> on the democratic side right now this ra just too close to
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in. hello welcome everyone. the latest numbers are in and we have the updated results. i'm belkys. >> i'm craig. 7 news at continues now at 11:00 >> good evening. candidates have been squaring off for months trying to make the case and earn a spot in the bid for the white house. >> knitted crosses won the iowa caucus on the republican side. >> here's how the others look. numbers as we have them now. cruz declared the winner. donald trump second and very close behind him in third place florida senator hark 0aruba yoychlt as for the democrats, yoychlt as for the democrats, that race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders just way too closing to call tonightway too closing to call tonight. martin o'malley dropped out of the race and at this point he's not the only one to drop out. you could seehere they are. 50/50 right down the middle. nicole is liveven des moines as
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and she has all of the latest information for us. nicole? >>reporter: well, you know the picture of this presidential campaign in matter of two hours has just changed. you mentioned martin o'malley the governor of maryland on the democratic side who is now dropped out. and now former arkansas governor mike huckabee has said that he too now sues pending his campaign. those two out. also dr. benen carso few hours ago said he was going take a break. so we have to see what happens there. let's go to our live pictures now. we are awawting the winner of the caucus ted cruz won with roughly percent. we are wait to go hear what he haso say hopefully we should be hearing from him real soon. we heard about half hour 45 minutes ago that he would be speaking within the hour so we have to wait and see b b now let's go ahead and listen to what a somewhat humble donald trump had to say. >> we will go on to get the
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will go on to easily bit hilary or bernie or whoeve the hell they throw up there. iowa, we love you. we thank you. tour special. we will be back many, many times. in fact, i think i might come here and buy a farm. i love it. okay? >> for months they told us we had no chance. for months they told us because we offer too m mh optimism in a time of anger we had no chance. for months they@ told us because we didn't have the right endorsements or the rightpolitical connections we had no chance. the they told me that we have no chance because my hair wasn't gray enough and my boots were too high. they told me i needed to wait my tuvrnlt i feeded to wait in line. >> this is your turn. the. >> but tonight, tonight here in
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state have sent a very clear message. after seven years of barack obama we are not waiting any longer to take our country backlonger to take our country back. >> okayment and marco rubio at 23 percent just one percentage point away from donald trump. something that a lot of folk didndn really expect and traps trump in that comment didn't sound so humble but did he earlier in the speech. he thanked everyone and congratulated t t cruz and said that some of these other candidates were tremendous candidates. not exactly the kind of tone we have been hearing from him. now you look at live picture at hillary clinton headquarters. we are wait to go hear from the former secretary of state. not sure though exactly how long that might take because she is in a very close race still with let's go ahead and show you our next piece of video, live pictures of bernie sanders headquarters. they are still in a very intensely contested race right now.
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two of even though she is slightly, very slightly ahead, it is still way too close to call. waititg to hear from the former sbingt of state and vermont senator. now come back out here live i can tell that you that is a little bit expected in terms of sort of late surge from bernie sandersecause some of the later votes coming in were par of iowa with younger populationof iowa with younger populationssnd even just walking around des moines you hear a lot of a lot of people talking about bernie sanders. those are some of the precinct they were waitinin to come in. so it does make sense that we would see some lastment numbers from him that could change things. so it will just have to wait and see an see if the numbers hold as is. but for now ted cruz the winner of the iowa caucuses. reporting live in des moines, iowa, nicole, 7 news night team. >> okay nicole thanks. >> attention quickly will shift now to new mpshire and the country's first primary of the election cycle. >> our exclusive 7 news
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tracking poll show exactly where the candidates stand thereras they get ready to move the folk from us iowa to the granite@state. robin is live in the plex with a look at the numbers. robin. >>reporter: we are already going to be seeing changes with candidates suspending their campaigns and it is an exclusive new poll breaking down how the first primary race is shaping up. some candidates didn't even wait for iowa caucus goers to have their say. they are already trying to chip off support in the granite state. our exclusive 7 news university of massachusetts lowell tracking poll shows just where they all stand in new hampshire. the first presidential primary one week from tuesday. the two men on top donald trump and senator bernie sanders. the donald seems poised for a we know. with 38 percent he's far ahead of senator ted cruz who is in second with 12 percent. then a klulp of candidates. ohio governor kasich and jeb bush 9 each.
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gets i have a. rest of the republican field new jersey governor christie 7 and the others three appease and carly two percent. one last number a significant one 8% are undecided. we start our tracking to find trump with major lead and pack of republicans chasing second and third place. it's too soon to know how iowa might impact new hampshire's primary. like republican the democrats also have a front runner who is head and shoulders ahead of the field. senator beg your pardonie sanders with 61 percent more than doubling hillary clinton's 30 percent. before sues pending his campaign after a poor showing in iowa, former maryland governor o'malley barely registered in this poll with 1%registered in this poll with 1%. 8% undecided. here's the start of our democratic tracking poll as we begin to measure the daily up and down of the candidates. the so you saw them at the beginning of our story current
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bush kasich all a jump on the competition and they held town hall meetings in new hampshire to lay the ground walk for next tuesday's primary. night team. >> live coverage on the race for the white house continues with the first primary in new hampshire next tuesday. jeff will be there. his life reports are going to start saturday night right he on 7 news. first votes have been cast the season officially under wayy and want to get the 7 news voice your choice app. it's updated frequently with the latest from the campaign trail >> now on the night team. soggy start to the work week. as people were forced to grab the umbrella this morning for more rounds of rain. >> live look outside north bay village studio wre it's quite the different site tonight as weenhe day dry. rain has cleared up. >> but now things will start warming up. phil is in the weather center.
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>> gooevening everyone. we had some pesky showers offshore. they have come to an end. the ssibility of some overnight fog developing towards the western suburb and might stick around through the morning commute and then by tomorrow looking beautiful, sunny, but a warmer day on's stormtracker. everhing is mostly dry right now. should remain dry during the overnight. here are the pesky showers we were talking abobo. they have basically all fallen apart. so the rain moves away high pressure builds in. tomorrow looking season but in the long run there is another front setting up shop. that should move in by friday. until then, we can expect warmer temperatures with highs back up in the 80's. tomorrow ground hog day 83 on tuesday. same on wednesday. thursday 82. then the front comes in and we cool off just a little bit.
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forecast a little bit later on. back to the big story of the night. live pictures here of the ted cruz camp over in iowa. the votes have been counted and cruz has won the iowa caucus the we are waiting to hear from him hopefully he will come out there and address suppoers soon. when he does we'll have it for you. >> also other news. store owner beaten when thieves storm in and lock him inside his own business. tonight he talks about the ordeal on just one station.
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and you can combine these e mple remedies with airborne. no other leading immunity brand gives you more vitamin c. plus it has a specially crafted blend of 13 vitamins, minerals and herbs. so when you want to support your immune system, take airrne, and enjoy living well. and now, on just one station. danger in store. the owner is roughed up and robbed. weeks later he is talking about the frightening moments. >> thank god i'm alive. >>reporter: as he's still living in fear.
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thrown to the ground and beatenthrown to the ground and beaten. >> tonight has another problem to deal with. now he's speaking exclusively to the night team's rosh lowe >> when you think my goodness i won't see my children. a little bit yes, i was thinking about it. i was surprised. thank god w ware here we are alive. >>reporter: ronnie still shaken and afraid and doesn't want to show his face for this interview. but his story is frightening and this surveillance video shows it all. >> i'm giving him the money i see the other guy go forward to close the door to lock me inside the store. i don't know why they want trying to do but i give him the money i thought they were going to leave. it was early in the morning. so early that i wouldn't think nothing like that would happep. >>reporter: mid january. two people storm his cell phone store in north miami. he has concealed weapons permit. before he cap get to his gun they throw him to the ground
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their gun. the thieves take off and north miami police still haven't made an arrest. >> i would like to see a lot more cops over here in this plaza. just because a lot of people got business and it happen a lot over here. >>reporter: you are being hit time and time and time again. >> thank i didn't lose conscience thank god somebody heard and open the door. it would have been worse. >>reporter: ronnie is a father of 3. and now tills he's facing even more problems. his league is not being renewed at the store he says. >> we have been here for 4 years already. putting this business together. establish and everything so now i have a problem of the landlord kicking me out. for what happened to us. >>reporter: we reached the person that ronnie sub lease from his and he says the crime has nothing to do with the termination of the lease in fact he says the lease expired prior to the incident. >> i think it's really bad for what they are doing to us. because basically we come over here every day to work.
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so we can go forward b b now the landlord just kicking us out with no excuse as my lease is up. so i'm trying to fight that no >>reporter: so many issues for ronnie but the bottom line for this store owner the store robbed twice. he'sow in jeopardy of losing the store and the men who caused his physical pain the still out there. on the run. okay remember north miami police that work in the case, detectives need your help. if you have any information give crime stoppers a call. thnumber is listed on the screen. this is the number. in north miami, rosh lowe 7 news night team. bumbling burglar breaking into a south florida laundromatinto a south florida laundromat. video captured him walking around inside this morning. police say he was trying to climb over a wul and get into a locked office. was initially unsuccessful can be seen falling. he eventually got into the office and grabbed a cash box before taking off. police say nothing of value was stolen.
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laundry at north andrews avenue and 26th street. if you recognize the guy call broward crime stoppers at this number on the screen. officials also investigating a burglary at auto parts store. video capturing the thieves approaching an employee who was behind the counter. one of them with gun in hand. th other electronic controlled device. both of them were pointing thehe weaponthe weapons as they demanded money. this happened last week at e store on south dixie highway near 2 70 street. duo said to have fled in a dark colored hyundai. if you know anything you are urged to all police. coming up at 11:00 o'clock. we were out in it. kind of a stormy start to the day today. >> sure is. big question any sunshine on tap? well, phil is going to come along in a minute with that. >> some one else may come along in a couple minutes. texas senator ted cruz big ninit big win for him in the iowa republican caucus. live pictures from the iowa state fairground.
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location waiting for him to come on out.
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happens, you'll see it here again! again! again! again! again? again! again!
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so you can love cereal... again! > live piures from iowa. big winner of the night there. ted cruzu getting ready to address his supporters there. >> big night for him indeed. his people said they had the resourees and the manpower on the ground in iowa t.very precise machine to make a win happen. and it turns out they were right. let see if he's about to address the folk whose gather here at the iowa state fairgrounds. there was a podium being built there. maybe they are waiting for a set up. he has a microphone in his hand therement so he's already to gobut a lot of thank to go do. >> see what the campaign made out of this heading into n n
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suggest he's running well beyond new hampshire gets measure qui where he might secure a win and that's why a lot of attention on senator rubio who some pundit t tnk might have a broader appeal post new hampshire but before we get to that he will save or iowa i. >> god bless the great state of iowa. [applause][applause].
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god be the glory. tonight is a victory for the grass roots. tonight is a victy for courageous conservative across iowa and all across this great nation. tonight the state of iowa has spoken. iowa has sent notice that the republican nominee in the next president of the united states will not be chosen by the mediawill not be choseny the media.
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by the washington establishmentby the washington establishment. will not be chosen by the lobbyists. but will be chosen by the most incredible, powerful force where all sovreignty resides in our nalion by we the people, the american people. tonight thanks to the incredible hard work of everyone gathered here t-of courageous conservatives across this state we turn earn the votes of 48608 iowavotes of 48608 eye want. -- iowa. to put it in perfect speck testify youren crediblvictory
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is the most tes ever cast for any republican primary we knowany republican primary we knower the the the [ chanting ted]. >> tonight is a victory for millions of americans who have shoulder the burden of seven years of washington deals run amuck. >> big night for texas senator ted cruz. the winner of the iowa republican caucus. >> over on the democrat side hillary clinton and bernie sanders deadlocked at this hour in a very tight race. too close to call.
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we are following this big mess rockies. a trailingng front. that front could be here by friday t.better chance of rain for us. until then it's going to be warm. hazyonight. by tomorrow high in the low 80's. dryer day. now we are expecting more of the same on wednesday. high will be in the low 80's. then the front starts to makak its way across northern florida. should arrive here by friday with a better chance for some rain. here's marine forecaca. no advisory. biscayne bay with moderate chop. r you throughout the florida keys exercise caution. sea beyond the reef building to four to six feet. next high tide will be at 4:06. fort lauderdale and key largo 4fort lauderdale and key largo 4:29. six:23 in key west. isolatedhowers tonight. possible inland fog. it will be warm. tomorrow high in the low 80's. mostly sunny. here the sentenced outlook. warm for thursday. front comes through.
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what one race down. one to go. this one too close to cl on the democratic side in the iowa caucus. hillary clinton and bernie sanders next and neck split right down the middle at this hour. this race just too close to call. >> can't go to bed on that one yet. republican side we do he a wish. texas senator we heard from m d cruz a moment ago. pretty clear victory on the republican side of the iowa caucus. >> go ahead. go to bed don't worry about it we'll have it all for you on 7 news all the results in the morning live coverage begins on today if florida at 5:00 a.m. with nicole.
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