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tv   Channel 7 News at 4PM  FOX  February 2, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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traffic handshakes on i-95. >> lynn: and also at4:00, the mosquito-born zika virus causing more concerns in the u.s., and it can be sexually transmitted. >> danielle: and a plane going down on a south florida beach, and coming to the regular cue off the two people onboard. >> lyn women onboard, the armed and dangerous attacker still on the run. >> danielle: it was a fight to the finish on the democratic side of the iowa caucuses, while it turned into a three-man gop race on the repeplican side. we want to begin. >> lynn: the southbound lanes turning into a parking lot. and we go to ralph raybu, and that's the problem. >> reporter: it election like it's always rush hour here. we have a layuping truck pulling a tree chipper trailer behind it when it wt on its side and
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and you can see the marks on the road there. responding with fire rescue, and they have cleared the scene, but in the meantime, the road rangers had to c cse four lanes of traffic, just north of broward boulevard. and with our backup camera, we're not going to show you the whole thing, but backed up all the way to sterling boulevard. trying to get on the exits before they get this far north. and that's probably going to be a good idea. but the gd news, no injuries, and two wreckers have arrived at the scene, and one of them is in position right now. they're going to try to right this vehicle and get it off the roadway so the florida highway patrol can finish. as we get more,e'll get back to you, i'm ralph rayburn, reporting live. >> danielle: chaotic moments on hallover beach as a plane flight
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>> lynn: we spoke with rescuers, but we begin with sh lowe with the detailsn that crash. >> reporter: 11:36 in the morning, the coast guard gets the call.l. and justt imagine sitting here on a beautiful tuesday morning, like these beachgoers here, and you look out right there, and youuan see at this hour that there still is a police boat out there. that's because the plane that went down is still out there in the water. let's get to our video now, and i'll give you the story. i mentioned, it happened around 11:36 in the morning. this was a piper pa20a, two people onboard. according to the witnesses here and the ocean rescue, there appeared to be something wrong with the plane, and according to miami-dade ocean rescue, they believe that it was coming back from marathon and headed to fort lauderdale when engine trouble led to anemergency landing. there was that land north water, a crash in the water, and the
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to be rescued. so several go into the ocean, rough waters, and they pulled out the two survivovo. we're told by ocean rescue they're 19, 20 years of age. when we arrived at the scene, the police tape wasn't up yet. so i pulled out my cellphone video, and you can see the up close video of the two people who miraculously survived the plane crash in the atlantic ocean. they're going to be just fine and in fact one of them simply had a cut on his nose. the investigation is heating up into what caused this in the first place. we spoke to several witnenesses out here and they were amazed by what they saw. you can see on your screen some of the pictures sent into us, andd you can see more of the cellphone video sent in to us. you can imagine that this doesn't happen every day. let's spoke to one of t t people
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>> i was wondering, what was happening? >> i started spinning and said, come out! come out! >> you were in the water when the plane went down? >> yes, we were in the water and we saw the plane crash, and the bottom of it was upside down, and we started screaeang and ran out. >> reporter: at this hour, shortly after 4 p.m., you can see that several boats are on-scene, and the reason for that, the wreckage of this plane is still out there. in fact, coming up at 5:00, we were going to show you some video, what appears to be the wheel of the plane that somebody picked up. you see the chopper flying above when we first went live here, and that was chopper looking for more of the wreckage of this plane. but right at hall over pier, thank goodness, you saw the two survivors, and rescued at sea. brought to miami-dade fire where they were checked out.
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for now, live at hallover beach, rosh lowe, 7 news. >> lynn: rosh, the team coverage continues with the lifeguards who came to help. jessica holly. >> reporter: lynn, you can imagine that this was a terrifying scene for beachgoers, but also for hallover beach, t men and women who guard these beachehe in this lifeguard stand. you'll see lopez, a leguard since 2000, and on this day, he carried out h h first plane crash related rescue. he was on guard this morning when he saw the plane coming down to the water, ande brought those two young men, es 15 and 20 to safety. and he describes what he saw and how he jumped into action. >> it was coming from the south, flying really low, and that's why it caught my attention, and he crashed in front.
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and go for t. >> it is a good thing that he did. though those young men were not seriously injured in that crash, one of them not a strong swimmer. more on that coming up on 7 news at 5:00. for now, live at hallover beach, jessica holly, 7 news. >> lynn: we have another news alert for you at 4:00, and this has to do with the zika virus. >> just one day after an international emergency was declared, trouble in the u.s. craig stevens has more of the details. >> reporter: if anything, this shows that health officials have lot to learn about this virus. it is a revelation from the be cdc, and it comes on the heels of the world health organization declaring it a new way that it can be transmitted. the centers for disease control confirms that it's the first
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and it's as far as we know transmitted by mosquitoes. but it can be spread from person to person through sexual activity. fever, rash, joint pain and red eyes, and usually want symptoms are mild and only last a f days. but the medical community is trying to learn about it as quickly as possible as health officials work to stop its spread. we'll keep an eye on this and we have more at 5:in the satellite center. for now, i'm craig stevens. >> danielle: 7 on the scene after a terrifying trio opens fire on some women. and now we're looking at a video shot seconds after the shooting. ann keel at jackson memorial spital where the victims were taken. ann. >> reporter: well, a manhunt stretched over several hours after two women were shot in a burger king drive through in opalaca.
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trauma center, and as you mentioned, what is most smocking about this crime, one of those victims actually posted a video to facebook minutes, possibly seconds after those shots rang out and her cousin now tells that you say she's in critical condition and in surgery. family confirming denisha gantt posted this terrifying video to facebook, turning the camera on herself after she says she was shot multiple times. skyforce hd overhead, not long after a barrage of bullets pierd the windows and doors of this chrysler. at the time, gantt inside of the car with her mother and aunt and cousin. >> three women were at the drive-through, and three men walked and up started shooting. they tried too get out of the way, and that's where the car ended. >> the car came to a stop in the middle of the road in front
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off of opalaca on 27th avenue at 9 a.m.. >> it looked like e ey were directly targeted. >> the suspects who fled on foot, led the police on a multiagency manhuntnt it left one woman in critical condition, who the family says is gantt. and another woman stable. they somehow managed to escape injury when the men opened fire. >> we need to bring these people to justice. so the question.
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remember, you can remain anonymous. reporting live outside of rider trauma center, ann keel, 67 news. >> police looking to identify a man caught in a troubling trend. surveillance video shows him inside of the parking lot of a miami beach parking lot walking out with two bicycles. this is the latest in a string of bike thefts across the city. it happened at the may condo on january 17th. and this is a closeup of the alleged suspect. if you know anything, call crimestoppers in it dade, 305-471-tips. >> danielle: the first contest in the race for the white house is over, and it really did bring some surprises. >> lynn: it did, and the winner on the democratic side of the caucus becoming official just two hours ago, and jeff has the results. reporter: ladies, it was a night of unexpected results,
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the votes and.delegates in the iowa caucuses. big surprises last night. on the democratic side, hilliary clinton and bernie sanders in a virtual tie, clinton glared the official winner the day after. and martin n malley out of the races sanders landed in new hampshire ahead of next week's primary. >> so new hampshire, come with me this week. make this journey with me. stand up for me. fight for me. and when we win, i will stand up and fight for you. >> reporter: sanders says that he's taking his campaign alal the way to the convention. >> when we began this campaign, i think that it's fair to say we were considered to be a fringe campaign. i would hope that most people no longer believe that. >> reporter: ted cruz pulling off a big win on therepublican side with 28% of the vote, ahead
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rubio surprising many, pulling in 23% for a strong third place finish. >> i give us the best chance it take our message to people who haven't voted for us in the past and convince them that conservatism is better for them and america. >> reporter: had rubio looking for his establishment position to trumping cruz, but he'll have stiff competition between jeb bush and john kasich and chris christie. >> li not stop. i will shake as many hands and look them in the eye and ask for as many votes as i can. >> mike huckabee dropping out last night, and it's rumored that he may soon join condoleezza rice. bernie sanders andndilliary clinton being debate scheduled for tomorrow night, and 7 news is headed for new@hampshire. i'll have liver reports for the
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for next tuesday. my bags are packed. live in the plex, jeff lennox, 7 news. >> danielle: also on 7, bill cosbyacing a judge, hoping to get the alleged sexual encounter throw out. he made a deal with a former district attorney who said that he would never be prosecuted on a past deposition testimony.. a former basketball player said that cosby drugged and raped her in his pennsylvania home back in 20/14/2014. this is one of several cases where women have accused cosby sexual assault. but however, this is the first time that he's facing criminal charges. >> lynn: all right, a traffic situation here on i-95 in fort lauderdale. a layup truck flips over on its side. and this is the result.
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north of broward boulevard, back all the way to sterling road. we'll let you know when that truckets cleared out and traffic is flowing again. >> danielle: and also ahead at 4:00, something exposed outside of a south florida mall. leaving shoppers in-disgust. just one station has the details. >> lynn: mother pulled over and charged with a troubling crime, why her own daughter is receiving pise. >> danielle: and the feds moving in, making an explosive find. >> lynn: and then at 5:00, a
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and all as time is running out. >> explosive evidence, pipe pops found inside of a home in tampa. >> lynn: and finding more than explosives. >> reporter: the feds getting a tip over the weekend that michael ramos had explosives in his home. they learned that he had expressed anti-government sentiments in the past and so they got a search warrant and ided the house. inside, the investigators found seven pipe bombs, along with arn
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ammunition and bomb making materials. ramos was taken into custody and charged with explosive devices. his landlord had no idea that anything was going on inside of that home. >> my reaction is shock. because it doesn't look like that. he's a very very nice guise. >> if one of these devices had gone off, he lived in a duplex, and if f had gone off, anybody in a 50-foot radius would have been severely injured or killed. so we're happy that we got him off the street. >> reporter: ramos was identified@as a suspect off facebook. they had no idea what he was going to do with them. the pice bomb squad has removed all of the explosives, saying that the tampa neighborhood is safe. ramos is expected to be back in
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appears to be an isolated i am. >> coming up on 7 news at 4:00, two families connected by one heart.
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decision gave life to others.
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locks likearly spring is coming to america, according to the foremost weather casterrish, punxsutawney phil. >> there is an early spring. my forecast. >> he said get your hands off of me. legend has it, that if the famous groundhog doesn't see his shadow, we have winter for six more weeks. but the national atmospheric administsttion says that phil's accuracy is about 45%, and phil ferro, what's our forecast going to be like? >> well, it looks like we'll be warm over the next few days, and rain at the end of the week, but right now, cooling, if it does come, it might do so maybe by the weekend. and we'll have to see how strong that front is. right now, it's looking beautiful across south florida.
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mostly clear. more clouds, however, will be in the southeast. temperatures in the 70s and 80s. 79 in fort lauderdale. and naples, the warm spot. temperature of 83 , and you can see the direction that the clouds are moving in, that's the direction that the win is coming from, basically off of the ocean, heading into the gulf of mexico, 8, 14, even 15 miles per hour. it is dry across south florida, and it should remain this way at least until friday when we're going to get the tail end of this big winter storm that's impacting the ohio river valley, and then where the moisture meets cold air, we're looking at snow and a lot of it, basically from michigan through wisconsin, all the way back in through the dakotas, and then there's a lot of snow coming down, especially now from nebraska, heading into downtown minnesota. most of wisconsin right now is
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look at all of these advisories. everything in white here, all of those counties with a blizzard warning. and ahead of this, we have tornadotornado watch boxes, and until 11 p.m., and the tail end of that some arrive heree friday. exercise caution, biscayne bay, moderate chop. for you in the florida keys, exercise caution, due to the wind and seas, coastal waters, choppy. next high tide, 4:06, and up to 4 in fort lauderdale. key largo, the next high tide, 10:29. tonight, chance of overnight fog, and the lows in the 70s. by tomorrow, mostly sunny, looking dry. and average high is 76, 77 , so we're going to be on the warm side. by thursday, still looking nice and breezy. temperatures come down to near
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here comes that front. a better chance o rain friday, saturday, and maybe a few showers on sunday. and then the temperatures kind of remain in the low 60s to upper 70s. but monday and tuesday mornings, we could see some of that cold air finally arriving across south florida. thth's the 7-on-7 forecast. >> danielle: and we do continue to follow this developing story. a rollover wreck on the i-in fort lauderdale. this is a landscaping truck on i-495. it's a woodchipper thatt was being towed and it flipped over and traffic back under for miles. no injuries reported but we derstand that what you're looking at there, traffic, that's going to remain that way for a while, according to the
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