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tv   Channel 7 News at 430PM  FOX  February 2, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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>> lynn: we're coming back. >> lynn: now on just one station, shoppers beware, police acts.
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did not wanth to see. >> danielle: right now, the police are investigating several cases, and sheldon fox is live outside with there exclusive, sheldon. >> reporter: if the cops could get on the pa at dade mall, they might say something like this, there's a perv on the prowl in the part. and we'll show you what we're talking when there. dadeland, one of the more popular shopping malls in florida, and it's where the be perv crossed onn the morning of the second of january, he rides along and goes to the unsuspecting victims and puts down the car window and exposes himself. the stores are cooperating with the detectives in handing off the video, and they have not
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when the dadeland patrons heard the news, here's how they reacted. >> i'm not verer happy about it, but hopefully i won't come across him. >> how does that sit with you? >> not very well. >> are youou a dad? >> reporter: and 7 news has obtained the police report as well as well as a statement from dadeland mall and you'll hear from them. all that is going on, regarding the mall and the hunt for a flasher. keep it with us. 305-471-tips. miami-dade county, and collect cash the legal way for the right tip to the cops. sheldon fox, 7 news. >> lynn: thank you, a woman accused of a cruel crime is facing a judge. janet christian is charged with animal cruelty. a homeless person who has no running water or elecicity,
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inside of the home, a rescue crew removing several animals from the property. a courageous clerk fighting off ann armed robber. cameras rolling on a man who trie to rob a convenience store in orlando. as he's taking money out of register, the employee fights back, and chases him out off the store. the police now searching for the thief. >> daniellll two families now connected by the gift of life. a mother making a huge decision boy. more than two years ago, she decided to donated her little boy's organs. >> lynn: his heart is now beating very strong, hoping to save the little girl's life. and the two mothers met. >> there's another family out there somewhere,ho is feeling something like what i'm feeling somewhat. and i have the chance to make
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about t go through. >> reporter: heather clarke made the brave decision to donate her 7-month-old son, lucas' organs after he tragically passed away. he died after being abused by the be babysitter's boyfriend. >> he was so outgoing, a l ltle ham, and he was smiling or sticking his tongue out. >> and now he has given new life. the miracle baby saved three lives with his organs. one of those lives is four-year-old jordan drake, who spent most of her life inside of these same wallll of phoenix hospital because of a congenital heart defect. >> it's hard to describe that she would be so selfless to think of another family while she's going flu her srief. >> they received luck us' heart.
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we brought our families together. >> after so much pain, tears of joy. >> that's lucas' hrt. >> listening to lucas' hear beating inside of jordan's chest. >> he wasasn the move, rolling and scooting and that's jordan. just going. >> reporter: both mothers will nener forget this day, and with this teddy bear that has an audio recording of lucas' heart, she'll never have to forget the memory of her son. >> i can't save my own son, so why not save somebody else's child? >> reporter: clarke says that she can't say more abou the circumstances surrounding her son's death. but it's being investigated as a child abuse case. in the satellite center, i'm ashleyashley jones, 7 news. >> danielle: coming off the satellite at 4:30, a call for
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calls the police on her mother, claiming she's drinking and driving. the 16-year-old said she and her friends were inside of the car at the time and something didn't seem right. the girl noticed that her mother was swerving all over the road. asking her to pull over several times, and that's when the mother refused and that's when the police were called. 's a bold move. >> it's sad that the mom can't be responsible enough. good for the daughter, but that's kind of sad that the ughter felt in danger from her mom's driving. >> that's a pretty bold and brave move on her part to report her own mother. but in the long run, she could have saved her le. >> reporter: she could have, and the girl's mother was charged with a dui. >> lynn: toxic trouble in new york. a driver crashing and hitting a
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the blast sending a funnel of black smoke into he sky, and two elderly homeowners escape after smelling a strange odor. >> danielle: a boston marathon bombingrunner, she had lost a leg, and she'll be raising money for an organization all too close to her. her motivation,unning for those who can't. >> it's a way for me to give back. not only to physically run the marathon, and to say a joint thank you to everybody, but those sitting on the couch who don't have legs because of insurance coverage, who are waiting for limbs for life. >> she will be the first of the surviving amputees to run the 2016 marathon. >> lynn: good for her. police in the netherlands testing out an unusual way to use drones. they have been looking for a way
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they're training bald eagles to intercept the hostile drones. they use their talons to swoop down and grab the drone and take it into an isolated area. though they're in a testing phase, the use of birds to combat drones is a very real possibility. >> they're smart birds. interesting. coming up from the news station, the police want to give you a very good look at this guy, all after a south florida business owner is roughed up and robbed. >> lynn: a daycare worker caught in the act andhat they found on this video. >> danielle: it's never too late to make a dream come true. check out this grandmother serving as inspiration. >> phil: today is ground hog dada and it didn't see his shadow topring will arrive early. but the keys had a big storm,
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by and widespread wind damage from key west to key largo. how is the rest of the d looking and what can we expect tomorrow?
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minutes. >> lynn: i can't believe that this woman`ns a grandmother. she has an incredible body of work, not lect her age get in
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makes you want to run to the gym, doesn't it? if you need inspiration to head to the gym, look at thi 57-year-old. >> had her name is dom illy, and she's preparing for a body building competition that looks aming. >> these arms, this endurance, her amazing body. stephanie is 57 years old and traing to compete in her first body building competition. >> you know why i'm doing this at this age? because i want to be an inspiration to someone else. >> i'm inspired. in november, this personal ainer decided at 57 years old she's going to be a body builder. >> my shoulders are coming in. >> reporter: this gorgeous grandmother will hav her first body competition in dallas.
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doing bikini and they are focused on the lower he body. nice quads and hamstrings and gluts. they're everything. >> she's the coach of strength, body, mind. and she's a body builder as you see on this poster. >> for me, i want the strength that i never had before, because i felt like if i could do that, i could do anything. >> you have to want it, if you think you want it, this is the place for you, i want it, and i want it bad. >> reporter: these ladies are so encouraging, they are motivating meo work on my muscles. i won't quit my day job, but all sorts of ladies make up sbm. >> .
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pays off, and this may not hurt either. in missouri city, foxews. >> lynn: shoulders, nice everything. she's incredible. ahead tonight from the news station, a lifeguard on duty. but never expecting this incredible sight. why his excitement quickly changed. >> danielle: and we're getting
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super spots. >> many accus spies. >> this will be a first for the both of us. >> you should be careful. >> tom hanks with a history lesson on the cold war in ""bridge of spies"." he plays a lawyer, draft bid the cia to help broker a prisoner swap >> lynn: and plenty of movies to add to your list. christine cruz takes a look. >> reporter: disaster drama, the 33,000 available for digital download.
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group of chilean miners trapped under ground for 69 days following a mine collapse. >> you represents many accused spies. >> reporter: "bridge of spies," the es car nominated film follows a lawyer crouped to frere a spy. >> it we have information on the military service. >> reporter: also coming to dvd, the investigation into president george h.w. bush's military service. >> if went to win, we have to take risks. >> reporter: crisis, sandra bullock hired to get a controversial bololian president reelected. >> you can eat my dust, dusty. >> reporter: markmark wallberg and will ferrel in daddy's home.
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attention. and there's also "manup," about one man's comedic search for love. rock the casbah, bill murray goes to afghanistan in hopes of finding a star. previously unavailable for digital download, sufferagette, it stars carrie mulligan and meryl seep. vin diesel's fantasy, the last witch hunter, out on digital release, coming to dvd. and in new had music, elton john releasees wonderful, crazy night, his 32nd studio album. the 57th edition of what
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whiz khalifa's album out this friday. i'm christine cruz, 7 news. >> phil: not a bad looking day across south florida. the upper 60s toow 70s, and it was warm, highs in the upper 80s, with average of 76, 77 .. right now, in the upper 70s. under partly cloudy skies, the wind at 13 miles per hour. the humidity at 74%. stormtracker is showing that everything is dry across south florida, and it should remain this way at least until thursday. by friday, a better chance of rain ahead of another front. that front right now, sitting right here across the mississippi river valley. it's anchored to an area of low pressure on the backside, everything in blue, that's snow. we have blizzard warnings in the
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and it should arrive here by the end of the week. high pressure will dominate nice and warm, and tomorrow, another beautiful day across south florida. by thursday, that front should be nearing northern and central florida, and then that should bring us some showers by friday. and it may bring us a cooown by monday and tuesday. that's if it comes in strong enough. it could weaken a little bit before it arrives. threat of rip currents at the beach. small craft exercise caution, biscayne bay, moderate chop. for you in the keys, exercise caution, seas 2-4, and beyond the reef, 4-7, and coastal waters, choppy. next high tide, dade and broward coastal waters, be 4:06. 6:20 in the morning for the lower keys, and your watat temperature will be 70 . partly cloudy skies, he overnight lows in the upper
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what's average is 61 , so it will be a warm night. tomorrow, we're looking at mostly sunny skies, partly cloudy for the lower keys. it's going to be a little breezy, especially at the beach. the wind coming in out of the southeast, 5-15 mimis per hour. and we're going to be on the warm side. highs in the low 80s, and here's your extended outlook. by thursday, the breeze picks up, temperatures come back down a little bit, and here comes that front. a good chance of rain friday and saturday, and lingering showers on sunday. and hopefully after that, a little bit of a cooldown for the early partt of next week.
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7 news will be right back. >> tonight on 7 news at 50:00. >> belkeys: i'm belkeys nerey. on the next bite a seafood dish that's elegant and spice still. >> a lot happening in one mouth. if you it's a popular dish. >> we'll show you what the fuss is about when we grab a bite on 7 news at 5:30. >> >> pasta looks good. >> lynn: that's 7 news at 4:30. thank you for watching. i'm lynn martinez.
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knox the news at 5:00 starts now. now on 7 news. >> belkeys: now from the newsplex. two people on board a small plane bh it suddenly plunges into the ocean off haulor beach. live team 7 coverage head. >> verying tonight. new details about the zika virus and how it cann be spread. the iowa caucus is over and it's on to new hampshire. presidential candidates going big tonight in the granite state. >> airline passengers taken on a frightening ride of after a sudden explosion on board. and a teen slip and falls through the iechts the rush to pull him out caught on camera. >> hello and welcome. i'm belkeys nerey. >> craig stevens 7 news continues now at 5:00. >> this is 7 news at 5:00. now at 5:00, a small plane in the sky one second and in the water the next. >> we sought plane crash and the bottom it was upside down.
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safety after this watery wreck. >> craig: good evening everybody. the aircraft took off from the keys when something caused that plane to plunge at haulover beach. >> belkeys: we have team 7 coverage from the lifeguard who rushed in to help to those who watched it all unfold onshore. >> we begin with 7's rosh lowe live at scene. rosh. >> reporter: what an in credible day in haulover beach. i'll put new position of one of these beachgoers them are here enjoying a beautiful day when all of a send they see a plane falling from the sky. now let's get to live pictures now. 7 skyforce hd. remember, this happened around 11:35, 11:36 this morning and now as you can see in these live pick tiewrksz they have starting the slow and tedious process of thoag boat way. s as you can@see it from these live pictures on the screen right now. this process may take a white. it is a day many here woanl
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