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tv   Channel 7 News at 5PM  FOX  February 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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there is the aircraft right there snie. >> reporter: amall plane come crashing down into the atlantic oarch oarve however the haulover peer. listen to the call froro the united states coast guard. >> united states coast guard, a plane justent down right off side bakers haulover right bit beach snoot plane a piper 203-2028. >> and when i saw the nose dive i thought no, this is not eye guy swim wiesmght do you feel lucky to be alive? man -- there. >> we were there whtd two men in the plane were brought t tshow. 19 and 20 years old. they were students out of marathon and said they were swrg issues with engine trouble. i think they were aiming for the beach. >> reporter: as this plane was going down people took pictures
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>> and i was on the the beach and suddenly an airplane started dropping in the air and then fell in the water and made a huge noise and s sdenly the pilot came out of plane and stood stood on the airplane wings. >> reporter: more cell phone video shot by beachgoers and here you can see the wreckage of the plane. the the impact was so hard that two ripped the landing gear right off the plane and the wheels floated up and backedp with the boat in the in let and got it and put it on board and there it i is for all guys to see. >> back to those live pictures from 7 skyforce hd. you can continue to lookk at them towing way this plane. and now the investigation is really heating up. what caused this in the first place, you did hear from ocean rescue. somef the the witnesses as well. it appeared that this plane did have engine trouble and that the two young people, 19 and 20
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a crash landing. that crash landing occurring in the water and once again credible. we were right next to. they the most severe injury we saw was a cut to the nose. we're live on haulover beach. roa rosh le 7 n ns. >> belkeys: all right rorchlt our team coverage continues now with jessica holly and the rescue efforts to get the passengers out ofhe water. >> jessica. >> reporter: well, belkeys, the plane came down right in front of this lifeguard station in the water and the man on guard there did not hesitate to spring into action thvment evening he is sharing his story with 7 news. >> really lucky you next i mean whurks hit the water it's like concrete. >> lifeguard march sell low he pez talking about the two young men pulled to safety. >> both appearedo be alive. >> and lopez w w on watch when he spot aid small plane. >> coming from the south and flying really low. that's what caught my attention.
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attention as it came dowfnl then he did what he was trained to don >> i decided to jump in the water and gort guys. one of of them quickly letting the lifeguard know they had survived the crash but there was another concern as the plane began to sink. >> he said i held my partner because he doesn't swim very well soy gift board to one guy. he secure the guy and get the other guy and they started copping noo in together. >> do yoyo feel lucky to be alive? >> both men shaken but okay and a lifeguard with with 16 years experience. a first, rescuing victims from a plane crash. >> dooght job. being in the right place at the right momeme you know. while the cause of the crash is undernvestigation. lopez says the young men told them him they lost power. they tried to to restarthe engine butut it wouldn't restart. >> more coming up on 7 news at 6:00.0 for now we're live in haulover beach. jejessica holily. 7 news. >> >> craig: this is p happening
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problems for drivers on i-95. >> belkeys: lyly martinez is in the the newsplex to tell us what is going on over there. lynn. >> lynn: well, belkeys and craig, this has been a traffic saights for a good hour now. things looking slightly better. they ride the truck. this is what it looks like live in fort lauderdale. northbound lanes of i-95 northbound are still closed. this is north of broward boulevard baed up even passed sterling road so they finally have this truck that flipped everyone on it's side ride up. but this is what it looked like earlier. are we'll show you the live picture of the traffic situation in a second. so it's it totally on it's side. again, this happening nr broward boulevard in fort lauderdale. this is at orange xruck with the wood dmirp tow flipped over somehow. nonjuries reports bud look at mess there. and now let's go back to that live picture of the traffic situation again. this is north at broward bum vard. bakdz up way passed sterling road. four lanes of traffic on 95 here
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one lane squeak by although it likes they are pushing this out of way. we'll let you know when things finally get cleared up but traffic will be backed up probably for at least a half hour to an hour. we'll keep posted at the news lynn martinez. 7 news. diswrie and. >> belkeys: and we have developing news regarding the zika virus rierks danielle knox in the pleesm with more on thvment danielle. danielle: and they say they acquired the virus through sexual trans mismghts the only own case of human to human transition reported in the u.s. the person was infected after having tex swesm a person who returned from a country where zika was present. up until now officials believe the zika virus was spread through mosquito biessments they had been exploring the possibility that the virus could be spread through sex. zika is believed to cause birth
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brain defects as well as muscle and never problem. this just into the satellite center. we want now when this a is what we have lerchltd two ces of the zika virus in miami-dade county. we have now learned there are two more cases here that. brings the total number of cases in the state of florida to six. so we're talking about two cases in miami-dade. two cases in hills borrow. o cases in lee. one case in santa rosa. so certainly this is a developing story that we'll stay on top of and of course bring you the very latest. but for now reporting live from the satellite center. i'm danielle knox. 7 news. >> craig: now the long are road to the white house as is often the the case. a night of surprises. up sets in the o iowa caucus. >> belkeys: all eyes now on new hampshire and next tuesday's primary. jeff lennoxive in the plex with this for us. jeff. >> reporter: belkeys and craig, a big week ahead. hillary clinton way small margi
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democrats. for the gop the momentum is with ted cruz as the race heads to new hampshire. >> the state of iowa has spoken. >> reporter: ted cruz take the win in iowa monday for the republicans. s sites and campaign transition together next beat. in new hampshire. we're encourage a add to going on to ne hampshire and south carolina and win the primary and the general election anan turn this country around. the texas center got 28% of the vote in last night's caucuses. our points head of donl ald trump. and congratulating cruz and look nooght fruit our trumfts k- confidence he will return to the white house lir me. pgh year. >> we will go on to get the republican nomination and we will go on it too easily beat hillary or bernie or whoever the hell they throw up oo there the big sur priefts night marco rubio finish age strong third with one point behind trump.
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no chance. for months they told us because we offered too much optimism in the time of angerr we had no chance ch for months they told us because we didn't have the right endorse ments or right political connections werksksad month chance. rubio's team casting the race of three contest. but john kasich, jeb bush and chris christie could still pose a threat. between these three 24e have 11 campaign events scheduled on tuesday alone. a and the party locked with between ononof the lossest contests ever seen in iowa. and a razor win over bernie sanders monday night foights is shall windy claird on tuesday afternoon. >> it is great to be here with all of you, and i am so thrilled that i'm coming to new hampshire after winning iowa. >> reporter: bernie sanders and his cam requesting to see voting sheents caucuses.
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consist he still has the momentum going head. this campaign has started in a forceful waytarting with way back and columning to a virtual tie and we are going to fight here in new hampshire. at least # candites not make the trip to new hampshire. democrat martin o'malley dalg quits along with the gop's mike huckabee. >> okay and the republicans will debate on saturday night in new hampshire. i'll be there with live reports. live in the plex, jen jeff lennox. 7 news. >> craig: okay jeff. >> belkeys: and we have exclusive new poll numbers out of new ham sthoir night and oo. >> craig and we're partnering with massachusets with a look at where the candidates stand and robbin simmons has more on. that robbin. >> danielle: snoo and voters are making small shifts one week before the firts pry player rif this presidential election. the new hampshire primary offers a fresh start for candidates especially second place finishers donald trump and
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the republican and democrats are leading big ahead of the nation's first pry mare right. donald trump talks about wing and voters in new hampshire may give h h the first win with with 38% support. senator ted cruz second with 14 and rubio is third with 10%. govenor john kasich and former jeb bush both have niefnlt the rest of the republicans are in low single digits. five for chris chris team. carson and fiorina get three. two for senator rawnd pawvment seven% are still undecide oovmentd wcan start connect can the dots on our tracking poll and we are already seeing movement. trump holding steady but cruz up two ints. riewp riewp climbed into third place with his # point in dpleessments change for kasich or bush. a completely different story for democrats in new hampshire. iowa's winner had a razor thin margin. check out the story in new hampshire. senator bernie sanders with 63%.
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such hillary clinton with 30%. in our tracking shows just how dynamic all of this s. a two% increase for sanders widening his already huge margin. >> and that town hall for the the two democrats remaining in the race in new hampshire could have another big impact on our tracking poll in the days head. live in the newsplex. robbin simmons. 7 news. >> craig: well, 7's jeff lennox as we said will be in new hampshire for the primary. watch for his live reports here o on saturday night on 7 news. >> belkeys: and time to down load the voice your choice app for the latest from the campaign trail. free andvailable for your smart phone or tablet. >> craig: the fb circumstances now joining the investigation into the flint michigan water crisis. agents will reportedly look moo possible criminal violations oo. several local state and federal officials have resigned since the revelation city flint h been using drinking supply with elevated levels of lead. led contamination has been
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abilities andther health problems there. bill cosby and his lawyers trying to get a sex ah all assault case against him thrown out. 'peers nay pennsylvania courtroom saying ten years into a a binding commitment was made but previous district attorney not to try the comedian. the current da says tre's no record of any such agreement. cosby sciewfd drugging former temple university employee andrea con stan at his philadelphia mansion in 2004. nearly 50 women have made similar allegation tbhuz is the only case where he has been criminally charged. >> ar an air scare on board an african airliner. the pilot of the commercial flight forced to make an emergency landing in ta somalia after an explosion rocked the jet 10,000 feet above month ga deshoe. the plane was headed to the country of gentleman beau team. passengers posting this video shortly after the exploachghgs the gas mask coming down as wind rushed through the hole on the
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that plane did land safely. there's a hoil can see it here just above the wing. two people were hurt no. wrord word yed yet what caused that blast and terrorist has not, has not been ruled out. >> craig: and much more coming up on 7 news including story you'll see on just one station. a disgusting displayayt a south florida map. police looking for a plan who is exposing him self to shoppers. >> belkeys: bullets fly in opa locka two women ambushed. one of the wimswomen posting the video moments after the shooting. we'll have it at 5:30. >> craig: super size site off the coast of boca. a lifeguard in action. >> belkeys: and thin ice makes for a freezing fall. >> craig: and bring up to date. live pictures nowf i-95 northbound around the broward boulevard area where there had been an overturned truck. they have managed to up right vehicle but because traffic had be back up as far baz back as sterling road for while, you
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will take a while foevery with one sitting there in park for a while to get to where they need to go. we'll keep an eye on that and the news at 5:00 will continue in a moment.
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>> bliek >> craig: a teen hang on for ceer life after finding himself on thin ice and in deep trouble. he was walking on a frozen over lake when that ice started to crack. >> belkeys: 7's lynn martinez is in the plex with more on this freezing fall. lynn. >> lynn: that teen trying time and time again to get out of waterr on his own but it ro would prove to be too difficult for him to do it all by himself. >> a 1 1year-old boy quickly finding himself in trouble after falling through thin ice in the middle of ave freezing cold missouri pound pond. at one point he came close to getting out on his own but a second later slit slid back down
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>> i captured him strung can lie trieg to get out of waters and on to the ice but it wasn't working. >> a police officer tried to to reach the teen with way branch but to no avail. but moments later the firefighter as arrived and grabbed the young man and grabbed a rope and pulled him to shoa shore just as he appeared to be running out of enir gi. >> i am absolutely certain that should this rescue team had not responded when they did, this young man would not have had much more time that he cohen diewr the frozen icy water out there. >> now the woman who shot this video is is hoping t other children will learn a lesson on just how dangeus frozen ponds can be. while she is thankful the first responders got there mt. nick of time. the rescue team was indeed the blessing of the day. couldcollaborative team effort down the line. >> lynn: he was lucky. thatteen did suffer from
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to be recover. >> in the plex. lynn martinez. seven jews. >> belkeys: that is lucky. next from the newsplex. we are following this developing story. a roll over wreck. tide up traffic thron i-95 northbound mt. a area of broward boulevd but now that truck has been ride. it's out of there butut traffic is still backed up quite a ways but it is moving once again slowly but it's moving. >> craig: rs a daycare woark involved in a situation that would make any parents blood boil. >> belkeys: a bikerearing for his life when a driver lose his cool. >> craig: and s se watch for the game others wait forth ads from christopher wakin to wagging tailsz. we have a look.
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>> you used to call me on my cell phone >> cut, perfect. here are the changes. i love changes. and joining in on the super bowl fun with a new take on his hot line bling super hit. not every one watches the super bowl for the the game. >> so i've heard. i'm all about the game itself. >> craig: right. shireen sandoval in the plex with a look at the super spots. shireen. >> reporter: hey craig with well it's that time of year gang. fiermt best commercials on television of course thanks to the super bowl. >> what about a snack stadium?
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>> a stadium bild built entirely of snacks. >> let the snack and super bowl commercials begin. former qb dan marino and alex bald with win teaming up for amazon oak. >> comedians aim you shoe mer and seth ro again siewght up for game day. >> speak of beer. if you drive drurchtion you simply put are a short sietd utterly useless oxygen waition human form of po lition. an heister bush is pulling out bight guns with the award winning actress helen mare inwith a campaign against drunk driving. >> you used to call me on my cell phone. perfect. just add upgrade for 24 months.
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t mobile. meet the cep can ketchup. it featured excited wean near dogs meeting a family of heinz done do ments: condo ments. >> for the first time in 16 years mountain due is back advertising at the bowl. their preview is interesting to say the lease. it stars a creature that's a mix of a monkey, baby, horse and space alien. # times of people in the world. those content to blend n. these people walk through life like beige sock. my favorite so far. actor christopher wakin busing this guys chops for wearing plane socks. but it's a kia commercial. it cost $5 million for a 30 second spot in this year's super bowl. live in the news plex. shireen san do vavment 7 news.
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>> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: and good afternoon every one. what a warm day here across south florida. we are now watching a a big snow storm making it's way right across the nation's mid section. we'll be following the tail end of that. it could bring us rain by friday and the weekend. everything there in blue. that is snow and looking at blizzard warningscross the upper midwest. it will be dry as we go in through wednesday. thursday, maybe thursday night. we may see a few showers but from fday in through sunday. a better chance of rain across the area. and then a cooler by next week as some of that cool air starts to set nel across south florida. we could see morningows in the upper 50s monday and tuesday. temperatures right now 68 degrees in pensacola. as we continue moving east, 75 in tallahassee. a little bit warmer gainesville with 81. 76 in jacksonville.
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78 at the theme parks. 79 in tampa. south florida we've seen partly cloudy skies. temperature in the upper 70s. right now nay bells 81 degrees. and cloudy skies for you. temperatures in the upper 50e6789s the wind at around 12 miles per hour. here's the marine forecast for tonight. threat of rip currents. small craft exercise caution. biscayne bay with a moderate chop.. exercise caution as well throughout the keys do to the wind and seas. next high tide 4:06. 4:01 fort lauderdale. key largo 4:21. and over night leez in the 70s tomorrow we're looking at another warm day. highs in the low 8 8. here's your extended out look. thursday a chance for rain lat in the day. a better chance friday, saturday and sunday and then upper 50s for monday and tuesday. that's your 7 on 7.
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that is it for this edition of 7 news at 5:00 on a tuesday. ththks for watching. i'm craig stevens. i'm belkeys nerey. keep it here. 7 news at 5:30 is up next. caio caio.
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>> this is 7 news at 5:30. >> danielle: and 7 news at 5:30 begins with a developing story in fort lauderdale.
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