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tv   Channel 7 News at 530PM  FOX  February 2, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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a roll over wreck on i-95 ruining the evening rush hour. >> good evening everybody. crews are moving a land staip scaping truck that had the lanes blocked iemplet it's moving but thing are still not actually llowing quickly. 7's jeff lennox live in the newsplex with more on the traffic situation. jeff. >> reporter: not quick at allll lynn. we're going to stick with this individual yocht this is i-95 near broward boulevard not far away from fort lauderdale hollywood ib international airport and at last check four northbound lanes closed because ofhis wreck. a landscaping truck as you saw rolling over on the i-. the truck had a wood chipper in tow. no injuries here but the delays will continue throughout rush hour. and live at the news desk. jeff lennox. 7 news. >> danielle: and now at 5:00.
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through. a man opened fire@ on women. double trouble as two women are hit by bullets. >> lynn: and one victim taking video seconds later ann keil is live at jackson hospital where they are being treated. ann. >> reporter: and a manhunt stretched over several hours after two women were shot in a burger king drive through in opa locka and we're told that one of the victim who was in critical condition is now in fair condition and what is most shock being this particular crime as you mentioned, one of those women actually posting a video to faceboo minute or seconds after the shots rang out. >> sky force hd over head not long after a barrage of bullets pearced the windows and doors of this chrysler. >> family confirming denesha
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video to facebook. >> tirng the c cera on herself after she says she was shot ltiple times. >> three women in a car at the burger king in the drive through. three men with walked up started shooting. they tried to to get out of way, that'shere the car ended. >> reporter: at time gant inside the car wither mother and aunt according to her cousin. >> the car came toy atop in the middle of the road in front of this mobile gas station just off opa locka boulevard and 27th avenue around # a.m. >> we need to bring these people to justice to make our community to a safer place because bullets have no eye ooze and the suspects fed on footo. pa lack a city officials saying the shooting left one women in critical condition who family says is gant. >> and another woman stable. the third family member somehow managed to escape injury when
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>> according to the preliminary investigation, it looks like they were directly targeted. >> and even though the suspects were not apprehended. we're told that manhunt was called off. so police want your help. if have you any information, you are urged to call miami-dade crime stoppers. that number 305-471-tips. >> remember, you can remain anonymous. reporting liver outside ryder trauma center ann key. 7 news. >> danielle: all right ann. thank you. a south florida woman accused of animal abuse. janet christian in court today. she is charged with animal cruelty. police say cistian kept several dog inside shopping carts at an abandoned home. the animals have been turned over to a rescue organization in the ever glaits. high-tech heist at a south florida school. a man break nooght future scholars preschool long 38th 38th street and north university drive in sunrise.
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crime stoppers at 954-493-tips. >> alsls on 7, the feds making an explive find inside a florida house when they paid the home owner a visit. the owner belongs to a ma list shu sha group and they say he is unhappy with the government. robbin simmons live at the news desk with the story. robbin. >> several pipe bombs found and the man says the materials were for prepairedness and protection and he never intended to harm any one. >> the feds get taping over the weekend that michael ramos had explosive devises in his tampa home. immediately atf agents and police started investigating. theyeyearned ramos had exprosed antigovernment sentiments in the past so they obtained a search war and the and raid the house. inside investigators say they found seven pipe bongz boms
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large avmentz ammunition and bomb making materiaia. ramos was taken into custody and charged with possession of explosive devise. his landlord said she had no idea anything like this was going on inside the home. >> i'm veryhocked honestly because that guy i a very nice guy and living here. very, very nice guy. >> you know f1 of these devic had gone off. he lived nay duplex. if one had gone off, any one within a 50-foot r rius would have been severely injured or killed. we're very grateful thate got them off the street. >> the landlord identifying the suspspt through a picture on facebook. atf agents say he hasn't given any explanation yet about why he had the bombs or what he was planning to do with. they the police g g scwat squad has since removed all the explosives saying the neighborhood st now safe. and ramos is scheduled to be back in court tomorrow. official slsz say it peers to
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live at the news desk. robbin simmons. 7 news. >> lynn: robbin, thank you. a courageous clerg fighting off a man on a plition to steal. cameras rolling on the guy who tried to to rob a convenience store many or lan doch as he takes money out of register, the employee who say military veteran turns the tairms. the man managed to take the weapon waynd chase him out of store. >> danielle: with less than a week until the biggest football game the year. coaches and players are tackling questions from the media. >> lynn: sports director steve shapiro has more live from the newsplex. steve. >> the nfl did it different this yeemple media day used to be to be tuesday before the game they changed it up this year. it started on monday. >> for the first time it's opening night instead of media day. pliers from both teams like
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>> while thousands and thousands of media okra si be low. >> think it shows how pop up lart nfl is and how m people care about the game we're going to play nay few days. they want to show up to see guys asked get asked questned. it's really a phenomenon no. >> not only medidi 30 thousands of fans paid 30 bucks a piece to watch the goings on in the pirt. >> it's a record tv audience, over 115 million people will watch super bon bowl on sunday. >> one thing i've done well this season and the team has done well all season is stay in the moment. focus on the task at hand. take it one week at a time. sten other cliches you can use there but it truly has served me well. manning back in the super game for a 4th time. he holds his head held, a number of nfl passing records.
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is in his first super bowl game. they have just had an incredible year. no doubt in my mininhe will be the mvp. anything the sheriff hassto sairks you can probably you know inink it in gold. it's just a tremendous honor to be even mentioned and a fill jaited with the face of the league. >> if by day or if by night there, is always some level of freak a descroidz. someone made and gave carolina defensive back gosh norman t ts panthers wrestling hat. >> this is for ool my spanish guys. my man is crazy. ga is 6:30 sunday in santa clara california where 49ers play. caroli five-point fav renl receipt over denver. i'm steve shapiro. that's 7 sports. news. >> danielle: thank you steve. >> lynn: coming up on 7 news. two exclusives a pervert on the prowsm we'll
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a an ear plain that fell out of the sky overhaul over in levment the plane being toad. the people on board made it out okay. more coming up onn that. >> danielle: and good news there. >> and the owner ave cell phone store beaten and robbed. we'll show you a a critical clue police hope will crack this case. both stories on jus one station. >> lynn: and an employee at a florida daycare doesn't like what she saw her boss doing to a kid and fleernlg didpolice. >> danielle: and alive gart spotting something in the water that immediate aid whale of a rescue when we come back. >> phil: a beautiful day here across south florida. very nice sunset. now it looks like we may see some rain returning to the forecast. when? we'll take a look at this in just a couple minutes. >> police in one town getting a special surprise in the 345eu8. a thank you letter from one of the town's residents. tomorrow we'll show you how it
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an hour. 5:00 a.m.
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>> lynn: an alarming act caught on camera. a day quair employee break a mother's trust. this woman thought her son would be many good hands. >> danielle: that's what she thought but it happened to be otherwise. craig stevens live in the satellite sen 2er wit this troimplet craig. >> craig: danielle an employee uncomfortable with her boss' hab half juror vor so she decided to record what was going on. now this daycare center boss is under arrest for child abuse. clermont police aa arrested 41-year-old kimberly read, the
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learning palace sen ner claremont. the video shows reed heating boy several time and rifting him several feet in the air only to drop him to the ground all whrielt boy appeared to be resting. >> it's uncomfortable to@ view the video me as a apparent. and we want to get it out there. this is a 4-year-old child. police say a a daycare worker notified the department of children and families. their investigators called police. reed tells off shers she was only playing. the report says she was rough playing. but once you view the video it is disturbing. it does not a appear that is the case a at a. and she was already on probation for welfare fraud and grand. they investigators are look at whether she shoved been wking into thehe daycare in the first place and they are look forge possible victims. who knows this could not be the first incident or maybe it was going on for quite some time. she's the director from the daycare. and we have an employee that thr that had enough courage to come
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police say the child was not seriously harmed. >> in the the satellite center. i'm craig stevens. 7 news. >> lynn: that's hor able to watch. thank you craig. >> d danielle: very hard to watch. >> and loo you're looking at live pictures from haulover beach where that plane that had to make an emergency landing in the water is now being towed to haulover marina. twteenagers on board but they are o okay. we'll certainly contitie to follow this story for you. >> also a plane passenger from florida lands himimlf in trouble with the law. >> danielle: and more vehicles ready to hit the road but these are for your own good. >> lynn: and stars of a new tomdy walk off the red carpet to
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>> now emergency vehicles hitting the streets of s. shiny and nuvment the city of hialeah adding 36 police cruiser and two
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trucks will be used for hazmat situations i rescuing injured or trapped firefighters. when any fire that we have in the city, we have a team that's designate. that if any firefighter goes down. we have the team in the a rapid response to e building. look. that the city adding motorcycle elz for the police department's traffic division. >> now, 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. all right. so let's take a look at the nation here this afternoon. we are look at mostly clear skies across the east coast but look at this comma shape cloud pattern right there. an area of low pressure way trailing front and by the way that low pressure is cawaws age huge blizzard. anywhere from the northern prok roc keys in through the upper midwest. temperature right now 49 in seattle. looking at 28 in minneapolis. 36 chicago. look at the big temperature difference here between washington dc and atlanta.
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eventually some of this cold air will arrive in south florida by the early part of next week. now, i did mention that we do have a lot of snow here from the rockies to the upper midwest. all these counties high flietd white are under a blizzard warning until wednesday at 7:00 a.m. and then these red boxes here, these are tornado watch boxes until 11:00 p.m. tonight. that's actually the leading edge of all the nasty thunderstorm activity associated with that front. again, with we may see some of that rain here by the end of the week. right now broward temperatures in the upper 70s. a very nice quietild afternoon. miami-dade. more of the say. 76 key biscayne. 79 in hialeah. and throughout keys, just duct key reporting a temperature of 80 deech every one else in the 70s. here's the marine forecast. threat of rip occur a ant at the beach. small craft exercise caution.
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biscayne bay with a moderate chop. throughout the florida keys, are you now looking at a small craft advisory. seas beyond the reef building to four to 8 feet and coastal waters will be turning rough tonight. next high tide. dade and broward coastal water after 4:4: in the morning. 6:23 for the lower keys. uv index tomorrow a little hire. it will be at at 7:00 and we're probably getting more sunshine than we've had over the last few day. to might over night lows in the upper 60s to the low to mid 70's. what's tip cel call is about 61 degrees. so it's going to be a warm night average high about 76, 77. tomorrow highs in the low to mid 80s with that wind coming out of southeast. here's your extend out look. thursday starting out sunny. late day showers. breezy frida saturday and sunday still a chance for rain. and then by the early part of next week, lows will be in the upper 50s.
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and. >> danielle: and a comedy set during the golden stage. hollywood heavy weights bringing the laughs. >> lynn6 7's chris van vliet bringing the reel news. >> hey chris. >> reporter: and th the cohen brothers had the movie fargo and hail see roo caesar pays tribute to classic hollywood with a little help from george clooney and channing tai tum. >> and hail caesar takes us back to the golden age of hollywood. george clooney play as a megamovie star who gets kidnapped. >> we have your movie start. gather a hundred thousand dollars and the instructions. josh blo lane is the movie studio head who hz has to fix this problem and any problem that is thrown it's way. >> every moment is about problem solving. sometime solving problems means
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>> it looks like you're hitting him really hard. >> he is a massive guy and i never thought he was. kind of like a daniel day lewis. so i when he is on the set he lieksz it to tent. he is smiling. no, he has a tent and he does a lot of passion and studying in that tent to i slapped the bleep out of that guy. i didn't want to but it was for george. yes,p he legitimately slapped me with that big meat pawf his. he got me a few time but he is a very gentle slap per. >> it didn't look like it. >> you're never going to from get that again. i wowot forget it. this takes us through the day in alive of working in a movie studio and his respect to classic movie. hail caesar feels a bit like ben
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s inner queen kelly with the tap dancing skills he learned from his wife. he is teaching me and saigd you'rere getting to do what? she is just steaming on the inside. what. she is gifting at and i keep getting it. when you see the feet, it's her. if i have skinny angles it's not at wondering what is going on. >> george clooney told me if he to do the tap dancing scene, there would have been a lot of blood. hail caesar in theaters this week. live in the news plex. i'm chris van vievment 7 news. >> danielle: all right chris. thank you. >> lynn: next from the newsplex keeping our eye onn this developing story off haulover in let where this small airplane crashed earlier today around noon time. you can see that there t- they arar trying toull this airplane out of the water. they will tow it to the marina which is close to shore.
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okay. >> that is the very latest on that and stay with us. 7 news at 5:30 will be right back.
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>> a. >> lynn: well, how does a delicious dishes from a hot new vest restaurant in downtown miami sound? >> danielle: it sounds great. sea 2350d pasta i ion the menu with as we grab a "bite with belkeys." >> belkeys: the chef, juan paul lor dezf marion in downtown miami. >> marion say brazil feel restaurant. we have flavors from greece and north africa and spain and the south of france. marion is open monday through saturday for lunch and dinnene way market, fresh fish and a bakery with sweet an sourdough
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happy hour and brunch is coming siewn. the dish we're making tod tuna gar ga nellie pasta. >> there's a lot happening. it's a popular dish. first the chef puts the pasta in hot water and sets the timer for three minutes. while that's going he ads olive oil tie hot pan with with chopped on jobs. now i'm going to add my garlic. and dice could lab briane chilly peppers. sasasaute and add water from the pasta to help make a sauce. next add cape ters and tuna in o little oif. if you don't have fresh the chef says you can use canned tuna. and colton has the brand. now add georgia nellie to the pan and give it a it a tossments i'm going to warm it tup and use the oil from the con pee. assault and move off the heat and add lemon zest and lemon juice and it's ready. he plates the pasta and it's o toasted with sour doo do you
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and we have a full body wine. welcome to marion. here's the tune na gar ga nel lee pass tax plee enjoy. tyne me up chef. that looked yum me. the recipe on the web site and so is myite blog. if you click on line extra chef juan paul will tell you h#w to make a toasted all mon garnish. all of it on our web site.e. check it out. live in the newsplex. i'm belkeys nerey. bon appetitto. >> lynn: thanks belle belkeys. >> danielle: i think she's hungry. that's 7 news at 5:30. thanks so much for watching. i'm danielle knox. >> lynn: i'm lynn martinez. 7 news at 6:00 begins right now. >> now on 7 news. a plane plunging into the water causing a chaotic seen on the beach. first we saw it hit the water and i was screaming. me out. come out 50. news with live 250e78 coverage. thn on just one station. >> shoppers looking for deals at a south florida mall. but what some of them saw has
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>> another 7 news exclusive. a clear clue after a brutal beating inside a south florida business. >> a lifeguard with a wheal of whale of a tale hoping for a happy ending. also, ut and t you verse customers can't see channel 7, so can they get their man mn back? it's tonights "help me howard" with patrick fraser. this is 7 news at 6:00. >> a flight take a frightening turn. >> we sought the plane crash and the bottom of it was upside down and we just started screaming. >> two people making it out laif. >> my mom was just like sing around like wondering what was happen oog after this crash and splash. good evening everybody. the smalal plane plunged into the water just off the coast. the rushto rescue was on and we have live team 7 coverage. jessica holly with those who saved the day and rosh lowe with what went wrong.
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who is live on haulover beach.
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