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tv   Channel 7 News at 6PM  FOX  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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who is live on haulover beach. rosh. well, the investigation continues into exactly w wt went wrong. but this was quite the site for so many people. i want to show what you is happening right now. let's get to 7 skyforce hd. and we will show what you they are attempting to do. this is a long and tedious process as you can well imagine trying to get this plane, some of it in pieces over to the marina on the other side. this crashed into the ocean. and at this hour. they are trying to tow this plane through the haulover in let re over to the marina where they will place the plane and the investigation will only continue and back to this story itself, as you will soon seer see here in the piece. people will never forget this day. the slow process begins late tuesday afternoon towing way this planehat crashes in the atlantic ocean near the haulover
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it all happens around 11:36 in the morning and for those in the water, when this plane came crashing down t it's a site they will never forget. >> at first we saw that it was all on ppose, that something happened and the plane needed to crash ifto the water. >> and people were screaming and they were running open the rocks and it was crazy. >> reporter: the call from the united stes coast guard. >> the united states coast guard, a plane just went down righght outside bakers haulover. right bit beachch snoot plane a piper 328. >> lynn: thought it it was one of the p anes that lands on the water but when i saw the nose dive i thought no. this is not right and the guys were swi waig. >> do you feel lucky to be alive? >> do you feel lucky though? >> we were there when two men in e plane were brought to shoa shore. they were 19 and 20 years old. students out of marathon and said sthe were having ses with
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think they were aim forth beach. >> reporter:s as this plane was going d dn, people took aftermath. >> i was on the beach and suddenly ankle airplane started dropping in the air and it fell on the water and it made a huge noise and suddenly the pilots came out of the plane and stood on the airplane wings. >> more cell phone video shot by beachgoers and here you can see the yek afnlgt plane the impact was#so hard that it ripped the landing gear right off the plane and the wheels floated up a and backed up with the boat in the in let and got. it put it on board and there it is for all guys to see. >> live pictures once again from 7 skyforce hd. the plane is being towed to the north boat ram over there at haulover marina. so the plane you're looking at
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this has been a long process. remember this first haf happened at 11:35. 11:36 in the morning. let's bring it back out here live. several stories here not only people watching this incident but when we arrived, the most in credible as expect of all this if you think about. it those two people inside the plane. the most serious injury it appears was that cut on the nose. extremely fortunate. we're live on haulover beach tonight. rosh lowe 7 news. >> well, rosh from, you with that frightening plunge to the rescue effort now. 7's jessica holly continues our live coverage from haulover beach. jessica. >> reporter: belkeys when the the plane went down in the water just on the other side of the life gard gard station. at man did not hesitate to spring too afnhtle he is sharing his story with 7 news. >> there it s. the aircrcrt right there. a plane rest be oob neej the the water just off haulover
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the aftermath of a flight. >> live guard lopez talking about the two young men he pulled to safety. both lucky to be alive. >> it peers to be a single engine plane crash. >> lopez on watch when he spotted the plane. >> it was coming from the south and flying low. that's what caught my attention. >> reporter: and held his teangs as it came down. then he did what he was trained to diso. >> i decided to go jump npt water and gort guys. he says by the time he got out to the plane. both men were standing on the with wing. they let them know it there they weren't seriously hurt but anothehecirn as the plane began to sinking. hold my partner. he doesn't swim very well. i give the board to one guy. secure the other guy and get the other guy and they started coming in togetr. do you feel lucky to be alive? th men shaken but okay and a lifeguard with 16 years experience, experience age first, rescuing victim from a plane crash. >> dooght job.b. now.
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right moment you know. >> while the cause of the crash is under vaismghts lopez says the # young men told them they lost power. they tried to to restart the engine but couldn't. we're live from haulolor beach. jessica hoolly. 7 news. >> now on just one station concern over a south florida mall where some shoppers may have been exposed to disturbing did behavior. sheldon fox is live for us at dlaind mall in kendall to bring us the exclusive. shell done. the gafl this guy craig. he road around in dade land mall in the parking lot and i'll tell ut rest in the story. this wasn't just a flash in the parking lot. he did it multiple times. >> attention dadee land mall shoppers. there's a parking lot pervert on the prowl. >> that's ter able. >> yeah, like a flash error something? that's exactly what they say he soovme he is a loco.
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struck at least three times in the last several weeks including this past saturday. >> i'm not very happy about it but hopefully i won't come across him. >> reporter: i hope thaw don't either. >> reporter: here's the way this indecent driver does his business. he crews the lots, driris up to women, puts down his window and according to a miami-dade police port, when the victims look at male driving the vehicle, he lifted himself from the seat and exposed his private part to the victims. and the subject then fled westbounun on the south side of the street. >> he is a pervert then right? the perverted behavior took place outside sax fifth avenue and nord strovment the department stores in the arere where the man struck have surveillance video and sthe arep wait forth stores to turn that video over. >> reporter: miami-dade cops urge to you beware of your surroundings in the parking lot at dade land.
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>> reporter: until nl this flashing creep is caught. >> all right. so they are needing your help in all thvment dade land mall responding to our questions. here's part ave statement they grant us. weaver grateful for the med very spoonsd actions of miami-dade police department. we are fully cooperating with their team and will continue to assist them in anyway we can. right mow the's a hunt on for a serious pervert. if you know anything about it call crime stoppers 305-471-tips. that is the number in miami-dade county. you can collect cash the legal way for the right anonymous tip to police. for now we're live in kendall. sheldon fox. 7 news. well, we have this story just coming in. remember yesterday we showed you a woman who taped a miami-dade police officer who she thought was speeding down the highway and ended up pulling him over and now his superiors were look into perhaps yes did that and kind of checking into what happened here.
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>> craig: learning more about th the officer here and alex diprato is at the police headquarters in dor ravment alex jie. >> reporter: craig, in last ten minutes i just finished going through officer danielle fol to the ta tell low's employment record here in might miami-dade police and it shows a squeaky clean record. it shows no problems or disciplinary action. in fact it shows many, many come a- come daition fors his actions on the job. let's go to video. 'll show thu from tbrie. a plied mied county resident says she saw the officer speeding down the dolphin expressway on friday at speeds of o over 90 miles per hour. she record all of this. she snapped her cell phone there into a device ner windshield and fold the officer. then waved him down and he pulled over near downtown miami. that's where she basically gave the officer a verbal tongue lashing for speeding and we have
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record again and it shows he has a squeaky clean record. no disfla marry action in. fact many accommodations including many for arriving to the job on time. the personnel jack set also showed some crashes but most of them are nonpreventable crashes meaning he wasn't at fault. so we're going through the record and we'll have much more coming up on 7 news first at 10:00. lili at miami-dade police headquarters in doral. i'm ex diprato. 7 news. >> belkeys: just onon station way crutial clue left behind by a theme of the police releasing a surveillance image of a marn wearing a hall. they say he and another person robbed a cell phone store last month and beat the owner. duo demanding money from the victim and as he handed it over, they startrt beating him with their guns.
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who actually came in and helped him. >> thank god i didn't lose conscious like that. narchg god somebody heard and opened the door. thank god they know me because it would have been worse i think. >> bkeys: well, let's see a close up of the person police want to talk to. there it is, a good picture. if you know anything about this crime, about this guy. you should call crime stoppers at 305-471-tips. >> craig: florida power and light bills will be coming down again. reduced rates you'll notice them beginning the first of hall. on average residential customers will see a savings of about 1.6565 na bring the total reduction of 10.14 to ten bucks. and the cretd credit savings on the new fuel efficient power plant in port everglades. >> belkeys: coming frupt news plex. owe hell oath officials declaring a worldwide emergencyt% because of a mosquito virus.
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cause for concern here in america. craig: and the winner on the democratic side has been called in eye o waw but now the focus has moved on up to new england. >> belkeys: and at&t customers unable to watch channel 7 and now they say they want their moy back. it's tonights "help me howard" with patrick fraser.
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>> craig: maybe you heard wsvn and at&t are in a dispute over cable fees which means you verse customers can't watch channel 11. >> belkeys: it has bothered a lot of our view whoars say they nt their money back. how to get it in tonights "help me howard" with patrick fraser. >> most jobs are hard chrks is why they call it work. >> so by the time you get home, you want to relax watching tv helps tammy sayer unwind. >> that's what i do.
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>> fortunately f f us tammy is a fan of channel 7 and right mow she is an at&t subscribe ber and right mow can't get channel 7. >> i'm sure i'm not the only at&t customer who likes channel 7 who is upset about this. blawz of a dispute with channel 7 and at&t. this is what the the customer gets whether ty click on channel 7. a screen that say at&t fighting for you. >> seeing this leaves tammy in a fighting mood. i missed american idol. i'm very upset. i like inside edition. >> this is 7 nene. i like it when the news comes on at 10:00. >> and tammy called "help me howard" because she likes us as well you help the little pevment the pele that have issues that a lot of us have. as a matter of fact i hate it when i miss. it it's one of those little rks when i whach wach
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i ke "help me howard" very much. >> tammy gets hundreds of channel from the cable provider but she says wsvn is different to her. >> and to be cut out of that when you're you paying a monthly high premiums bill and not being able to see just your local news is to me, that's just wrong. >> that's why tammy called "help me howard." her daibl caibl bill is $170 a movement she says since she account get channel 7, sheants her rates cut or money back. yeah, of course. whwouldn't. we don't want to keep coming for something very baiks. well, howard you pay for a package of channels and now as a you you verse customer you're not getting one of those channels. can you get money back? yes, i think they can get some money back? but how much. it really depend on your contract and your situation with at&t. `that something each customer has to workout with the cable
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spokesperson to find out if the were giving every customer credits on the next b kelly staring told me we strive totoarn our customer satisfaction and work with themville individually to meet their expectations. bottom line, they are returning to customers who complain. and one viewer says he got $25 of o his next cable by. another told me she got a 42-dollar credit off her next bill and when she asked if she could cancel the tract. if i was not disbiewtd soon, she was told yet. the number to call 1-800-288-2020. >> if you have not satisfied with what you get back. try to cancel your contract and go with a different company or just get an an tel ten navment youp can get 50 or 60 channels and it does not costou anything each month. "help me howard" can't settle the at&t you verse dispute but
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r tammy. >> yes, with the antenna she can watcchannel 7 again including those guys from "help me howard." >> yes, now i can. that was so funny because channel 7 help me how wartd help meg out and i'm like, well, i can't watch it to see what's going on when they air it. so this has been really great. >> cam tammy, glad we could help you get chan nep nelen seven again. if you're one of the cuss plers that don't get channel 7, you'r not watching thvment if have you a family and friend that is a u- verse customer let them know they can go to to get p this and see how to get help from u- verse. it's a qual. and wafnt to disis connect with fr the problem. 450u7bg for us. our antennas go up when we hear you need the help. with this help moi washed. i'm patrick fraser. 7 news. and you can aays help us on
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>> craig: that'there for everybody. >> and now back to a story we've been following all day long. an afternoon for a couple of young pilots on this flight that originated in marathon. it went down in haulover. they are okay but they cleared the area right now they interest trying to tow the plane over to the haulovevemarina. try to get to the bottom perhaps of what caused that plane to fail the way it did when it did where it did. no one was hurt. that's the good news here. and we'll have anotherive report coming up on 7 news at 6:30. keep it here.
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>> >> now 7 weather with crm scrm chief meteorologist crm phil ferro. >> phil: good afternoon every one. a warm day here in s. warm side. upper 70s to row 70s afternoon highghin the low 80s. no rain in the rain gage. right now mid to upper 70s under partly cloudy skies. the wind at around nine to 10 miles per hour and the humidity at 82% here's the storm tracker. it two is dry but this may change especially as we go in through the end of the week as a front approach ch we could see a better chance of rainfall across south florida and that rain is from this. it's a colol front right now exp teppedding through louisiana. anchored by an area of low pressure croots upper mid west. everything in blue here. that is an area of snow.
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morning. the tail end of that already producing six tornadoes in alabama and it is that line of severe weather that will continue to move to the east. we will be following the tail end of that because that is what may bring us the wet weatherby friday. and then some cooler weatherby the early part of next week. until thenenigh pressure will dominate our weather. nice quiet tomorrow, warm once again. should be a beautiful by thursday we start out okay. but we play see some late day showers moving in and then a better chance of rainfall on friday. front is going to move in very slowly. so we are expecting some showers on and off bh saturday and sunday as well. >> here's the marine forecast. threat of rip currents at the beach. small craft exercise caution. biscayne bay with a mod hot chop. for nut florida ceerks are you looking at an advisory.
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next high tide 406 crn. 4:01 include include. key largo 4:29. >> partlyloudy. over night fog a possibility. over night lows in the w0's. by tomorrow mostly sunny. looking dry. highs in the low 80s. here's your extended outlook. better chance of rain late in nine day on thursday. shower shut stack around on friday, saturday and sunday and dispending on the front we should see colder temperatures for monday and tuesday morning.. that's your 7 on 7 forecast.
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time now for 7 sports with steve shapiro. the heat catch a break tonight at houston. rockets center dwight howard is suspended for the game for making contact with the refer reevment the heat are going fon for the 5th straight win. that hasn't happened since lebron was here two years ago. the heat scored over 100 points in the last p games. they average 95 so they picked up the pace a little bit. >> there is no nag magic pill to it. we just want them to do things with more life and not walk the ball up and get caught in the last five sesktdz clock. it's not rocket science. sounds very simple but not easy all the time. tip at 8:00. big night for the local team like the heat with dwight howard. the pap they're get a break in
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cats superstar alex isot flying night the panthers take a there. they are in first place in the atlantic de vivights the washinon capital have the best record in all of hockey. the panthers have lost ten consecutive games in washington. after that win streak we had a down fall there but we bounced back and i think that says a lot about our team. we just got to make sure we're preparing every night and i think with the leadership we have and some of the younger guys we'll just have to go under eir wing and learn from them. hockey highlights first at 10:00. just like a regular game week. both super bowl teams are off for practice on tuesday. but they still have media obligation. the broncos beat up tom brady last week in the conference championship game they intercept himed twice. the denver defense was first in yards aloud and 4th in the league in points aloud per game. >> we haven't played a quarter back like cam newton all year
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playing and it helps us out and helps us win games. so we're not going to change that. no matter what game it s if we play well, we win the game. if they store scor three points. we need to hold them to the goose egg. >> the cleveland browns have had qt with johnny manziel. they will cut the quarter bang on march 1st after the new league year starts. he is a mechts the latest last week. the league is skating investigating if he hit h exgirlfriend. and american high school baj back in the soccer play omple they play tomorrow night in the semi finals against land o flakes melbourne. that's the team they beet in the finals last year. the heritage girls going forts 4th straight title. >> we try to train hard as if every game say challenge. not matter if we beat them in the past or not. we don't take any game light li
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and a chance to get a four pete and we would be make history in broward county which is mot get to do. which is great. good. >> go lady patriots. i'm steve. back to craignd belkeys. >> craig: that's 7 news at 6:00. i'm craig stevens. >> belkeys: i'm belkeys nerey. 7 news at 6:30 is around the bend. caio caio. >> craig: see you at 10:00.
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