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tv   Channel 7 News at 11PM  FOX  February 3, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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gonzalez is in the weather center with the forecast. >> vivian: gowd morning, ladies and south florida. showers are expected to returnn followed by a series of fronts. one crossing through in the dayen on friday and another one on saturday. that one is poised to cool us down into early next week once again. so a little cold snap is around the corner right now. it's 74 degrees in miam # 5 in fort lauderdale. you're not going to be needing the rain gear. afternoon highs will be very warm in the 80s with overnight lows in the 70s for for now your morning commute couldn't be better. we are seeing a few passing clouds otherwise it will be nice and dry. i'll have the complete forecast in a few minutes. a car stopped, person on the run after violent crime.
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of a carjacking and lorena estrada is live in coral gbbleses with more on the search for suspects. >> reporter: good morning. i'm where this car that was stolen was reportedly found. behind me, you will see there's still crime scene tape here. we are offejeune road. i want to take you to our video. the car you will see t one authorities are processing on scene was stolen after a carjacking in southwest miami-dade. it happened at 135th court and 254th street, again, in southwest miami-dade. they got, there police say they were attacked, one man shot and the other pistol when i happened and took off in the victim eegs
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as a 2015 seebring dark blue. how the car was spotted, the driver tried to run from police, ended up here,ried to run out. we are told that that driver is now in jail. we don't know i i they knew them, there are stories out there and we are waiting for police to confirm and get more information for you. live in coral gableses, lorena estrada, today in florida. now at 5, a plane dropping out of the sky and plunging in the sea with two people onboard. >> staed screaming and running on the rocks and they we just like everyone like it was just crazy. >> really lucky. you know, hen you hit the water, it's like concrete. >> a life guard quickly running into action after the crash and splash. >> a aley: the two men onboard just 19 an and 20 years old.d.
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wreckage has been pulled from the water and they're trying to figure what@went wrong here. omar lewis is live in haulover with what went wrong. >> reporter: good morning. let's start with the good news. those student pilots are okay. they are investigating to see what causedt to go down. it took a five man crew tugging with all their mite. >> it's not like where you can tie it up to raise it. >> reporter: to budge the last few inches on the boat ramp. a boat submerged and floated from the bottom by these air bags is a small plane. >> i was on the beach and suddenly an airplane started dropping from the air and was on
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>> coast guard, a plane just went down outside baker's haulover. >> reporter: the tiny plane dropped out of sky narrowly missing the rocky jetty. marcel dove in and swam out as fast as he could. >> he said help my partner because he doesn't swim very well. i give board to one guy and secure the other. >> reporter: the two pilots just 19 and 20 walked i way with barely a crash. and raced towards the setting sun on the boat ramp. >> we were making sure we didn't leaf no pieces behind. >> reporter: finally, a salvage company hoist what had was left of the water in pieces. and miami-dade fire rescue tells us those two student pilots flew
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there in the story, they did not want to talk about the situation. as for the plane, it was taken to a hanger in fort pierce where the investigation will continue today. that's the lates here in northeast miami-dade, omar lewis, today in florida. also this morning, police need help fining a missing teen an her toddler t. 17-year-old ran away and took the two-year-old with her. she suffers from depression and polar disorder and may be living on the streets. now with race to the white house with iowa in the rear-view mirror, ted c cz with the victory.
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marco rubio stronger than expected with finish putting them both on notice. th comes the governors. jeb bush, chris christie, john kasich all hoping executive experience turns into organized report. >> what has america been for two centuries? it's been for the single greatestnation of the history of mankind. >> leadership is about having a servant's heart and backbone to stand on what's right and heart to bring people together and bring people together to fix things an brain enough to know how to do it. >> diana: hillary clinton ahead of bernie sanders by more than 30 points in the polls. >> i have the highest respect for him. we're in his backyard. and i love the fact that we, we talk about issues.
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an a 50-point deficit in the polls polls. and b last night, we began the political revolutio not just in iowa, not just in new hampshire but all over this countrtr >> ashley: and with new hampshire the center of the universe, 7 news is teaming up with the university of massachusetts to bring you exclusive snapshots. >> diana: craig stevens with the latest poll numbers. >>eporter: now onto new hampshire where the candidates face high stakak. it's second place start for those like donald trump and bernie sanders. trump talked a lot about winning and new hampshire may give him his first win. he's polling at 38 percent. senator ted cruz second and marco rubio third. the rest of the republicans are
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ben carson and carly fiorina at three percent and rand paul at 2 and some undecided. trump is holding steady and up two points and rubio climbed in two place with his two-point increase no. change foror kasich or bush. completely different story for democrats. iowa's winner had a razor thin margin. chec out this story in new hampshire. bernie saners with 63 percent has more than twice the support of hillary clinton with 30 percent. and our tracking shows just how dynamic this is, a twoer p sent for sanders widening his already huge margin. craig stevens, today in florida. >> diana: and exclusive poll number wills be coming into the plex and we will bring tm as we have them. >> ashley: plus jeff lennox will be in new hampshire. watch his reports starting
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>> diana: and now is the time to update your voice your choice app available with always the latest on the campaign trail. and zika virus confirmed here in south florida. six new cases of the virus have been detected in the sunshine state, two here in miami-dade bringing the total number of cases in the county to four. meanwhile, a first in america. dallas health officials say they have a patient who attracted zika who krkted it by having sex. >> can be associated with mosquitos traveling where it's in t area latin, caribbean. however n dallas county, we see confirmation that it's spread otherwise through sexual activity. >> ashley: it has been linked to birth defects in newborns as well as muscular an nerve damage. the world health organization estimates up to four million
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zika in the next year. time now to check on stories making news later today. christine cruz is in the plex. >> christine: good morning. you just heard about the nowest in the spread of zika virus. panelsls will discuss it from 10 to noon. it's a great chance@ to listen and learn. runners racing p up the empire state building 676 steps, 86 flights of fun. the fastest compete in few minutes. and heat are in dallas hoping to contain the mavericks. and coming up next, a trial that divided the nation making its way onto the small screen. we will take a look at the premier of the people versus o.
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and popular ride service getting a brand-new look. south florida, we are waking up to partly cloudy skies with rm temperature readings into the 70s. but we do have some changes
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all about it after the break. two decades after thing o o j. simpson hit the nation by storm in a ten-day two part dramatic series. the people versus o. j. simpson premiering last nigig on fx premiering cuba gooding jr. and you can catch the people versus o. j. sisison, an american crimes story tuesdays at 10 on the fx network. next time you update youou uber app, you might notice something a little different. they have ditched their simple u logo for this image that brings out the company's human side. it's meant to represent the journey of the car.
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country that uber operates in. good morning, south florida. we made it to the middle part of the weekend and it's looking nice out there. the radar is showing it is dry from broward, dade and the florida keys. temperaturewise, we are in the 70s under partly cloy sky, 75 in fort lauderdale to 74 in miami, 76 degrees in key west, 75 currently in nassau and andros island with the winds picking up in the teens out of the east-southeast any where between 9 and 20 miles an hour. we've been gusty at times to 28 especially in key wt t. big view is showing where she a spin of low pressure producing lots of snow, freezing rain from the great lakes into parts of the northeast and canadian provinces.( that's attached to a cold front that is stretchining all the way into the gulf coast states producing a deep line of showers and thunderstorms.
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20 in salt lale city, 49 in los angeles and ahead, we have the warm air. and there's likelihood of seeing some severe weather from parts of the gulf coast states to the mid-atlantic later on today. here at home, we remainrn the influence of high pressure today. it should keep things relatively quiet and warm. going into thursday night, with the leading edge of the front approaching north florida, we will introduce a chance of shower chance in the forecast and will stick around all the way through friday. then another front will cross through on saturday to keep our shower chances in place. risk of rip currents for swimmers will be in effect today, use caution for boaters, wind and seas picking up, coastal waters today are rough. there is a small-craft advisory in effect. 4:11 is the next high tide in dade and broward, with forecast
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range in the 80s with lots of sun. tonight's lows in the upper 60s inland to low 70s along the coast. on your extended outlook, south florida, look for the shower chances to be in the forecast thursday night all the way through the weekend, much cooler early next week. that's your 7 on 7. our today in florida topic this morning is something that started trengd on social media overnight. it's the hashtag before facebook. one tweeter posted an a renaissance painter making a picture of what he's eating and if there's anything funny about how life was different before facebook. look for your viewerr
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what do we do? talk. and snowstorm touches down. we will look at the winter weather. an we've been asking you to send i your picture perfect morning. here is one of miami beach sent to us by a 7 news viewer on instagram. that's absolutely beautiful. keep those coming.
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back. welcome back. much of the country socked by snow. snow and ice are not the only problem either. >> diana: and 7's belkys nerey report, residents i the south
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well. >> reporter: cars stuck, tree lines and power limbs frozen. from northern california t el paso, texas, much of the country drapap in white. south dakota blanketed. officials warning 14 inchek of snow could fall by wednesday. take a look at the roads in omaha. one driver daring t test them out saying it wasn't that bad. >> the main roads are pretty decent, just go slow f. you have four wheel drive, it's a lot easier. side roads are pretty slick. >> trucks were out salting t roads. >> the winter storm system also causing a problem at airports. >> with this wide open space, we have to make sure that we get cleaned off so airplanes have sufficient braking action. >> if crews aren't working on the runway many flights are
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the blizzard-like storm forcing many to stay home. one couple making the most of it. >> go back to permanent life. a moment where you kind of go back to where people didn't have power and you have to learn how to adapt. >> snow wasn't the only problem. twister trouble hit parts of the south. a twister desibed neighboring homes. >> diana: now as a result, two people werer trapped in their home because of the tornado. a blizzard warning is in effect for parts of the country until later on today. coming up, gunshots ringing out if a south florida neighborod. this morning, two women waking up this the hospital. and police getting a critical clue after a store
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just one station has the story. that is today in florida at 56789 i'm ashley jones. >> and i'm diana diaz.
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