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tv   Channel 7 News at 4PM  FOX  February 3, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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court after more than a decade after his murder of a friend at school. and now he's hoping to shorten his sentence. >> danielle: police looking for clues as they open fire on a car full of women. >> lynn: and a dangerous case of road rag a driver deciding to pull out a gun during an argument. good afternoon, we begin with the news alert as the zika virus continues to continue here at home. >> danielle: it has been linked to birth defects. and belkeys. >> belkeys: guys, this is the order signed by the governor for four counties, including miami beach. in addition, hillsborough and lee counties are on alert. this as nine cases of zika virus are confirmed in the sunshine state. four of them here in our area. health officials believe that
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all of cases are from people who contracted the disease while traveling to infected countries. and so far the zika virus has been linked to brain deformities in newborns, making it particularly dangerous for pregnant women. within the hour, it says "though florida's nine zika cases are travel related, we have to make sure tha florida is prepared and stay ahead of the zika virus in our state. our department of health will contivue to be in constant communications with all health offices and centers for disease control and presence. we know that we must be prepared for the worst even as we hope for the best." that's from governor rick scott. the zika virusp is primarily spread through mosquito bites, but it can also be sexually transmitted. for tips, log onto the website,
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now, live at the news desk, i'm belkeys nerey, 7 news. >> lynn: a man was 14 y ears old. at the time of the murder, hernandez, who was 14 years old when he slit his classmate and
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friend's throat at a middle school, and the prosecution saying that hernandez should get life in prison with a review at 25 years. the convicted killer's father taking the stand, and the prosecution painting his family in a very negative light. and the prosecution questioning thee father about chili jailhouse calls. take a listen. >> that he had you look up information about serial killers, as recent as june of 2015? >> no. >> that's not correct,,ir? >> i don't recall that, no. >> he didn't have you look up information about a serial killer known as acid king? >> i don't recall that. >> reporter: while the father did not recall that, the prosecution went on to play calls where you hear the father and the son talking about famous serial killers. another thing that was brought up, a prisoner pen pal website
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that hernandez is on, and you can see it on the screen. the state explaining that it's illegal for a prison to solicit a pen pal. and he said his family helped him breakhe law by posting that to the website. the dense to all of this saying that this is a father, this is a family, these are people that love their son. and they want to connect to him. and this is how they are connecting to him. the resentencing trial is happening right now, and coming up later at 6:00, we'll have courthouse. for now, we're live, elitsa bezios, 7 news. >> lynn: a clue on camera after a group of gunmen unleashsh barrage of bullets on several women. as they remain on the run, sheldon fox has more from opalaca where the victims came under fire. >> reporter: a lot to get to for the video, but i want to show
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you where the drive-through drama occurred at the burger king in opalaca, on nthwest 27th avenue, and they were fired upon as they sat on the curb section of the drive-through, over the grass, and they left the tire marks as they sped off into the street before they were attended to by the cops and the medics. and let's play this right now. the ambush where we're standing, the men charging the car, three women inside that car, and they were fired upon, two hit with bullets, one grazed. wrote in the hospital in fair condition, and the one who was grazed and the one before released. and there was a shocking facebook post by 1year-old denisha gantt, documenting her horror and shooting video of her wounds and her fear, seconds after being shot with her mother and that family friends, all of this ending at the area of
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the victi would stop their car and the stops start their manhunt. nobody caught. and the family members are by the sideses of the injured loved ones right now. she's a christian woman. >> what was this all over? >> nobody knows. >> that was the sister to denisha gantt and also the daughter of that woman who remains in the hospital right now. both ladies said to be in fair condition and the cops still trying to find those responsible. they say that they're n ruling out any possible connection to previous shootings, but they can put their finger on where those men@are. so much to show you coming up at 5:00. for now, live in opalaca, sheldon f, 7 news. >> danielle: all right, sheldon, thank you very much. and it's bail, not jail for the man that the police call a
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serial peeping tom. 43-year-old sir you'llia can not possibly be the suspect that they h he on surveillance video, calling the charges a rush to judgment by the police. he is released on $80,000 bond, bute must commit to a electronic monitor and surrender his passport. he has been convicted of stalking women over the last two years. >> lynn: a south florida driver in deep trouble, striking a fence and going into the water on bay harbor islands. no word yetetn the driver's condition. >> danielle: and an emeency evacuation in lauderhill. skyforce hd over the scene at northwest 41st terrace and 11th avenuee as the crews responded to an underground gas leak. nearby homesesriefly evacuated
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the leak. >> jeff lennox is live in the ex with a look at the campaigns. mao rubio a big contender foror the president, and they are trying to put a stop to him. jeb bush calls him the back pincher and the kid, and the boy in the bubble. no doubt about it, after a strong third place in iowa, the gop candidates see marco rubio as a big threat. >> when they attack you, they don't attack someone who is not doing well. >> reporter: rubio is garnering as much buzz as ted cruz. >> im not surprised that folks want to talk about the third
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>> reporter: cruz is focused on rubio, slamming him for working with the democrats on immigration. >> it was marco in the foxhole with harry reid and chuck schumer shooting at us. >> reporter: a bit humbled, trump appearing arrived about his chances in new hampshire. >> there are worst things in the world. i can think of worst things, i would like to finish first. >> reporter: as the gop race goes on, suspending their bids fofo the nomination. hilliary clinton and bernie sanders going head-to-hd after clinton's razor thin win in iowa. they have bernie sanders with a sizeable ld over the former secretary of state. >> i think that democratic voters and other americans want to know what are t principle differences between me and my friend and opponent, senator sanders. >> reporter: sanders, from nearby vermont, is well positioned to win next tuesday's
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coest, which could make it a long primary battle for the democrats. >> we're going to fight really hard in new hampshire. and then we're going to neva and south carolina, and we're looking forward to doing well around the country. >> reporter: okay, and the democrats have a town hal debate coming up tonight. we'll have the highlikhts at 10 p.m., and the republicans face-off this saturday. i'll have live reports from new hampshire starting saturday all the way through the primary in new hampshire. coming up,pdonald trump and ted cruz going at it, hear what it's going to be like in the next hour. >> lynn: a first in the u.s. as president barack obama visits an american mosque today. mr. obama sitting down with the islamic society of baltimore for a roundtable meeting. celebrating muslim america's contributions to the nation,
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and embracing diversity. >> too often people connect the acts of terrorism with the beliefs of an entire faith. and we have heard inexcusable political rhetoric against muslim americans. >> lynn: this mosque visit comes a week after president obama became the first to speak about the growing danger of anti-semitism around the world. >> danielle: also here at 4:00, embabattled comedian, bill cosby, back in court, he arrived at the courthouse with two men, in t second day of a pretrial hearing. he's being charged with indecent assault against andrea comstat. she says that he drugged and raped her in her home in 2004, and she says that he would never be charged in that case due to a
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ck of evidence, and they s in a no such deal was ever reached. >> lynn: ahead 7 news, a meeting turns into an ambush. th critics give a critical clue. >> danielle: a man driving by his parents house and panicking when he see smoke and flames. >> lynn: a heated argument with a group of bikers, and he pulls out a weapon. he's explaining why he took aim. >> danielle: and coming up at 5:00, a passenger takes us inside of a frightening flight. an engine goes out in midair. >> phil: look at the temperatures in the next seven days, a cold front moves in on fray. and some rain over the weekend. and then a secondary push of cold air comes in. some are suggesting lows in the upper 40s.
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of minutes. >> lynn: a driver locked and loaded when a motorcycle rider rides up to him, we're hearing from the driver of the red truck who pulled out the gun. >> danielle: he says that the video doesn't tell the holster, so he's speaking out. diana diez has more.
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threatened, and it was an issue. >> reporter: the driver of the red truck said that nearly a dozen motorcyclists are around him. >> you see the first three seconds, and there are three or four minutes that they don't show you of all of the motorcyclists being erratic in traffic. >> reporter: the driver who wants to be anonymous, said that it began with a dust up between a rider and an suv. hand signals back and forth, evident with the driver of the red truck, until. >> one of them leaned in front of it, and when he left, he nudged the truck with his foot peg, it moved the truck and popped wheelies and about wrecked in front of my vehicle, and that undoubtedly is where it began. >> reporter: it's at that point, where the driver, who has a concealed weapons license, is
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>> the guys got me distracted on the left-hand side and the passenger side. and this other individual comes up beating on my passenger door. >> why are you guys flipping me off? i didn't do nothing. >> undoubtedly it started and i pulled my gun out and i was prepared for him, it was that simple. >> i didn't think that it was going to escalate to what it did. >> he said that your finger was on the trigger. >> yes, it was, it was there for a reason. if i had issues, i will useit. i have a license, and if i have to use it, i will. >> both men are accused of provoking the other, but only one said this he would have done something differently. >> that's literally the first time that i've gon up to somebody's window in traffic like that, and it will be the last. >> if it happened again, i would pull it again. >> danielle: we can add that the rider to recorded the incident
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video over to the police. >> lynn: all right, now, we have a traffic situation, and look at this charred mess here on the turnpike in coconut creek. >> danielle: let's get you over the scene with ralph rayburn. >> reporter: thi vehicle had problems, and pulled off to the side and caught fire. by the time that the require and rescue came out here, the fire was burning pretty strong, so they closed down the roadway along with the highway patrol and the road rangers, so we have a backup. look here, this is a major intersection off of sample. but as we look to the north, the traffic is backed up,way backed up there. at least a two-mile backup for traffic, until they get this roy cleared. and they're not going to do that until we thet the hoses off of the roadway.
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so if you know somebody who will be on the roadway if in the next half hour or so, give them a call and text them and avoid the area of sample road southbound. that's our story, ralph rayburn, rerting live. >> lynn: thank you.
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news at 4:00 will be right back. >> phil: the wind coming in out of the southeast, anywhere between 12, 16, 18 miles per hour, and it has been a little stronger at times, especially on the coast. it is dry right now, palm beach, the keys, and it will remain this way at least until thursday night as a front approaches south florida. it will increase our chances for rain. where is that front right now? well, it's making its way across the panhandle, all the way up the east coast here. and it's turning into snow as it leaves maine, and it's anchored back here by an area of low pressure, still dumping a lot of snow over the upper midwest. so what we're looking for are
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actually two fronts. the first front will be moving in, some time on friday, and that's going toring us a better chance for rain. and we're going to see roughly about a 10-degree drop in overnight temperatures. and then, as we move in through the weekend, a secondary push of cold air comes in, and if tha holds, we could see some very cold temperatures here across broward, miami-dade and the keys come monday morning. everything depends on how strong that second front will be. small craft exercise caution, biscayne bay, moderate chop, for you in the florida keys, small craft advisory, due to the wind and seas, and coastal waters will be rough. next high tide, miami, 5:05, and 5:00 in the morning in fort lauderdale. key largo, 5:34 and 5:36 in key west. for this evening, passing clouds, and still fling warm. the typical low is about 61 . and so it's going to be very
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warm tonight. mostly sunny, warm winds tomorrow. afternoon high, 77, and wre looking at highs in the low 80s. here's the extended outlook. by friday, we have the first front moving through, and we have rain. and off showers saturday and sunday, keeping our temperatures rather mice and mild. and if the seconon front does make it across south florida, we're looking at morning lows in the low 50s come monday morning, and again, if it is a very strong front, we could see those morning lows dipping into the 40s. and we'll be watching that carefully because that cold air could stick arounun through tuesday and wednesday as well. and that's your 7-on-7 fecast. >> danielle: and we do continue to follow a couple of developing stories for you at 4:00. first, lure ago at live pictures
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ad in the area of coconut eek. a car fire has been put out but it has created massive traffic backups for two miles on the turnpike. we're talking south of sample road. the roadway will remain closed down until the cleanup there is complete. >> lynn: and another developing story. governor rick scott has declared a health emergency when it comes to the zika virus, and other counties on alert, hillsborough, lee and santa rosa after nine confird cases of the mosquito-borne virus are in our area. the virus is linked to brain deformities in babies, and especially dangerous pregnant women.
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