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tv   Channel 7 News at 430PM  FOX  February 3, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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5:00. >> danielle: and at 4:30, we do continue to follow this developing story. a car fire on the turnpike in coconut creek, south of sample in the area of pompano beach/coconut creek. good afternoon, everybody.
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i'm danielle knox. >> lynn: i'm lynn martinez, and let's get b bk out to ralph rayburn with the traffic situation. >> reporter: the guys have been doing pretty good. they knocked the fire down. [ audio difficulties ] >> all rht, it is television, and we seem to have lost ralph, but as you see from his live picture, they have at least clearedhe area and the fire is out and traffic will hopefully be up and running but it's going to be affected for a bit. this is turnpike and south sample road. so avoid it 23 you about you can. >> danielle: a group of thieves shot at a ride and police tracking down one of the dangerous suspects. >> lynn: but the arm and dangerous crooks are still on the run tonight. ann keel has more. >> reporter: one was arrested after the high-speed chase that
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ended in coral gables, and you can see the road that separates the residential area from lejuene road. and all of that after a very violent night. >> six or seven cars all over the police and about ten policemen looking all over the place. >> reporter: the flakes woken up during the commotion. the miami police say that 17-year-old deandre johnson tried to bail out. stolen car,, but he didn't get out on foot. >> we have had carjacks before coming to coral gables. >> reporter: it was on the turnpike, traveling at a high rate of speed. a chase ensued, a traffic stop ineffective. t the teen was taken into custody not far from where it came to stop in coral gables. the man last seen by the manual renting it. last seen on 254th street
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miami-dade outside an abandoned home. >> we have this location, three black males approach the victim and peruse firearms and begin shooting at one of the victims and pistol whipping the other, the subjects fled in the rental tar car. >> reporter: hospitalized in stable condition, he came to the scene, but we didn't get answers as t why he met with the three suspects. >> it's concerning why they came through here, so we have tightened our security in our home. >> reporter: and johnson, one of the teens arrested faces several charges, i&cluding grand theft and fleeing. the other two teens have not beenka. so if you have any information for the police, call miami beach crimestoppers. and you can remain anonymous. >> lynn: a south florida couple
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the police are searching for 21-year-old brandon aryan and alexandra. last seen sunday morning. they last saw the pair when they were headed to a cattle ranch. and their last known whereabouts were near bird road. if you have seen either of them or the red toyota corolla they were driving, please call the police. a smuggler stopped at miami international airport, a passenger was trying to smuggle heroin, a they were hidden inside of thick l lgage padding. the passenger was detained after arriving on a flight from columbia last month, and they have been charged with smuggling illegal narcotics. >> danielle: also on 7, something fishy in a florida neighborhood.
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make a bizarre discovery in her mailbox of all places. the homeowner surprised when she found a dead catfish. >> lynn: it may be a prank, and the community is very concerned that it could escalate into something worse. the neighborhood in orlrldo. >> reporter: the homeowner was surprised to say the least when sh opened up her mailbox and found a dead catfish inside. she's worried that it may be kids playing pranks, but it could escalate. >> he delivered something more than the mail. when he opened up the mailbox, he found a large dead catfish inside. >> i was honestly in shock because it doesn't makak any sense. it's one of those things, it's just why? >> reporter: that's the big question, and turns out that she's not the only one asking. according to a facebook page for osceola residents, two other people reported something similar this week. someone threw a catfish onto a yard.
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mailbox. >> i have no idea why somebody would want to do that. why a catfish? >> reporter: the 12-inch long fish may have been alive when it early monday morning. >> if you look, you can still see all of dirt and all of the nasty sludge that was there from him. >> reporter: she said no one else on her street received the unwelcome mail. she thinks that she's a random victim. doesn't know who put the catfish there, but it could be kids playing pranks. she's worried that the stunts could turn into something serious. >> yes, it could be funny but it's not funny when it happens to you. it's not somhing when you're a kid that you should be going around doing. >> she's now checking twice before owning her mailbox, hoping to never find a fishy delivery again.
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>> lynn: all right, let's go cross-country this afternoon. an explosive emergency in new york. near rochester, an explosion. a severed natural gas line, sending smoke into the sky and two homeowners escaping minutes before the explosion and smelling a strange odor and vacating. >> i could see the smoke and i knew it was gone. after that, it was just a matter of getting here and supporting my mom and dad. >> lynn: well, he did. and one of them suffering minor injuries, and taken to the hospital. but expected to be okay. >> danielle: a dramatic landing for a plane in hawaii. the 67-year-old pilot said that he wasn't able to lower the landing gear, so he made an emergency water landing. he made multiple trips near the tower, showiwi the ground troops
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he touched the water, and they% took him to safety. >> lynn: cleaning up at a fast food restaurant in california. tens of thousands of dollars near a burger king in los angeles after s sebody called in a fake gas leak. after smashing in the windows and driving a car into the side of the building, the officials rereonded and said there was no such leak. >> in my career and other careers, no one has seen anything quite like this. the extensive amount of damage that was done. >> lynn: the manager of that bk has been suspended as the restaurant works to repair the costly damage, and the cops are looking for the prankster. >> danielle: coming up next, a video going viral after a woman pulls over a south florida cop. and why a man of the law is taking the heat for a post on social media. >> lynn: and adding another
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up to an unwanted visitor, that guy. >> danielle:e:nd a police officer going beyond the call of duty when a father could really use a babysitter. >> phil: and a nice day in south florida. it should remain this way on thursday, and friday a beteer chance of rain, and then cold air is set to move in for the early part of next week.
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minutes. >> danielle: an officer going above and beyond when a toddler is left by herself inside of a utahahourthouse. the girl's father had a court date that he couldn't miss, and no one to take care of his daughter. >> lynn: the two-year-old little girl has a new friend, thanks to the kindness of an officer. >> this little girl is on the move. a familiar sight to kevin norris, sitting nearby. >> i have kids myself, and i know that it is to have rambunctious kids, and it's hard to take them anywhere. >> reporter: in this case, it was traffic court. norris was ready to testify. and two-year-old abby was with her father. >> i could see the dad trying corral her and keep her quiet. >> reporter: when it was time for the father to go into the courtroom, the little girl couldn't go. >> felt bad for him.
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>> reporter: so officer norris offered to babysit. >> i didn't know what to do, so i took her by the hand and we got a drink,,nd took giant steps, and baby steps, the things that i do with my own kids. >> reporter: then the 6-6 police ficer pulled out magic. >> i put cartoons on my phone and she was out before i knew it. >> reporter: sleeping soundly before dad came out to retrieve her, and he was pleasantly surprised. >> he did a good job. >> wre not just officers out there to arrest people. we're out there too make our community a better place. >> repter: and maybe pick up a little babysit on the side. the dad tried to take her inside of the courtroom with him, but children are not allowed inside. robbin simmons, 7 news. >> danielle: and we continue to follow this developing story on the turnpike.
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down, and only one lane is closed at this time. traffic is moving just in time
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commute. >> hello, everybody, i'm patrick frase with the next "help me, howard". it's about a missing kid.
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not a two-legged kid. but a four-legged kid. a baby goat has disappeared. >> he said i'm giving you the goat back, here's the goat and the litter box. >> she said that she gave the goat back to the store owner and he said no, you didn't. what happened to it and how can you legally prove it? >> lynn: idol hopefuls, they got the ticket to hello hole and survived the group round. >> danielle: but tonight, the singers can't lean on t t judges for any advice. adam hausle has a sneak peek. >> reporter: american idol idols who survived the notoriously stressful group round are moving
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solo with the band. this week, they will get no feedback from the judges before finding out if they're moving on in the competition. for harry connick jr. and keith urban, finding the american idol -- >> we found people this we think are not only extraordinarily talented but ready for the process. it's brutal. not only the competition itself, but t fact that it's on television and you're being judged in front of millions of people, and the schedule is rigorous, it's#all of that. >> the tone at, the timber, the color, the character, you recognize it immediatelel and if theyave work ethic, you can do things in a studio to make a phenomenal record. and i'm not saying that that
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it where i'm takingome of that into consideration. >> there are a million great singers out there, a ton of them, but how can you take me from point a to b with that so? we have heard singers that weren't particularly good singers, and by the end of the song, i was compelled a a i was listening to it, and that was the intangible. >> nice job, everyone. >> harry said that there's a reason why idol has consistently created hits and sold records. >> it's not anything but a very clear idea of what it is. no gimmicks, no nothing. not to disparage other shows on the air, but it's no coincidence that american idol has sold millions of records. >> danielle: and of course you
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the stage tonight, right here on 7. >> it's a quiet afternoon so far in south florida. and it's a warm day. lows in the 70s. and what'ss typical is 71 . actually high, 6, 71, and again, we were above average, and no rain in the rain gage. right now, the temperatures in the upper 70s everywhere. partly cloudy skies, and the wind out of the southeast, the humidity, 71%. so here's the stototracker, dry just about everywhere in the mainland. we have one stray shower just south of key west. here's the big view, and what we're looking at the front across the panhandle, the mid-atlantic state. snow in new england. and it's anchored by an area of low pressure across the great lakes, no snow there. we're going to be watching for thisis front moving in here,
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possibly thursday night with rain, sticking around through friday with a lot better chance of rainfall, and then the overnights are going to come down about 10 . but as we move out toward the weekend, a little better chance of rainfall, and then there's this. a secondary push of cold air, and depending on how strong the secondary push is, we could see very cold temperatures for the beginning of next week. right now, the marine forecast, use caution, 15 knot winds, biscayne bay, moderate chop, and for you in the florida keys, a small craft advisory, due to the wind and seas, coastal waters rough. next high tide, 5:05, and 5:36 the water temperature at 74 . tonight, partly cloudy skies, the wind out of the southeast. overnight lows in the low 60s to upper 70s. tomorrow, mostly sunny, partly cloudy for new the keys, and highs in the low 80s. here's the extended outlook.
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as we move in throu friday, breezy, and a chance of rainfall. showers saturday and sunday. temperatures will be in the low 60s to the 70s. and then here comes monday. if indeed that second front does hold on, it looks like we may see temperatures in the low 50s, or some models have it going down into the upper 40s. so again, the trick is watching how strong that second front will be, as it makes its way into south florida. that's your 7-on-7 forecast. >> danielle: and we do continue to follow this developing story fur. governor rick scott has declared a health emergency in the state florida afterer cases of zika, hillsborough, lee county, santa rosa and miami-dade county. four cases reported in miami internationalmiami-dade county.
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governor to take action after state. this is a developing story that we'll stay on top of and bring you the very latest throughout the day on our newscast+
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coming right back. >> danielle: well, that is s 7 news at 4:30. thank you so much for watching. i'm danielle knox.
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7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> now on 7 news. >> craig: developing a a health emergency for miami-dade county after several people come down with the zika virus. we'reive. women come dmr the gun outside an o pap lack arrest tour ant. police say the gunman is still on runun and police say a man had too much to drink and ended up in a roll over wreck an sent a cabbie to the hospital. and the dem scratle getting ready for a new hampshire face off tonight. a traveling mix of weather leaving it's mark. >> and passengers hold on to hope and each other when something goes wrong mid flight. >> belkeys: and this 7 news later at 5:00. a child rushed to e hospital after being struck by a police cruiser in miami. hello and welcome every one. i'm belkeys play. >> craig: i'm craig stevens. seven news continues now at 5:00. >> this is 7 news at 5:00.
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>> craig: and we are going to begin with that news alert in the city of miami where a child has been hit by a police car. hello again and good evening everybody. paramedics rushed that boy it to the hospital. >> belkeys: 7's danielle knox standing by oaf at the news desk to give us more information on thvment danielle. >> danielle: yeah, what we want to do is take you wack to the pictures of the child being transported we could. that child transported as you said after being struck by a police car. we understand the c cy of miami police fire rescue units on the scene of that accent involving that police car this happened child. that happened at 58t( street and northwest 5th avenue in miami. we understand the victim say 6-year-old boy who was later and nsciou while being transported. so that is the good news there. we alo understand that child was riding his bike when he was hit and he suffered multiple fractures. that is the very whraitest. we can also tell thaw we do have a crew on the way to the scene so we hope to be able to bring you more information just as soon as our crew arrives.
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