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tv   Channel 7 News at 530PM  FOX  February 3, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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miami gardens area. this happened in the area of 58th street and northwest 5th avenue in the city of miami. we understand that a motorcycle actually ran into the back of a bus. we understand one person has bns transported to the hospital with injuries. we don't not extend of those injuries. >> >> lynn: l%t's get more on the top story from craig stevens in the plex. craig. >> craig: and all right guys. this is the saightsz as we have it. miami-dade fire rescue is on thvment as we mentioned, wurn person had to be taken to jackson north. because of the injuries. this is the area of northeast second court and 83 street in miami gardens and essentially we have the mototorcycle that wound up running into the back of the bus there. so we don't know with certainty but presume bly the injury wouldd have been suffered bit person on the motorcycle. one person t`ken to the hospital over at jackson north and because of that and because of the time of day involved, you
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casee the traffic affected in that general area. be advised, it might be be slow going as things be begin to to breakup there. the arere of 183 street and miami gardens in northeast second court. that's the latest at the news desk. i'm craig stevens. 7 news. >> lynn: all right craig. also now at 50 two men duped into danger. now the hunt is on to find every one who is responsible. the victim agreed to meet up. >> daniee: it is an encounter that left one person pistol whipped and the other person you wound bid a bullet. in coral gables. policeay bad guys were driven to steal. ann. >> reporter: and the high speed chase ended here in coral gables as you mentioned after a very violent night for two men and a twiewnt take a look here at this game clearly a dead end that separates this area from legume road and it became problem for the 17-year-old suspect. >> neieibors woken up during the commotion.
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>> we've had carjackings here before coming through coral gables. >> reporter: miami-dade police say 17-year-old deandre johnson tried to to bail thought of stolen car but he didn't get far on foot. >> and about ten policemen look and you know looking all over the place. >> police first spotted cart that was reported stolen at 11:00 p.m. on the turnpik traveling at a high rate of speed. a chase ensued and a traffic stop in effective. but teen was taken into custody not far from where the car came to a stop in coral gables thamplet car last seen bit man renting it. on southwest 135th court and 254th street around 9:00 p.m. in southwest miami-dade outside an a ban dooned home. at this location. three black males approached the victim. produced firearms and began shooting at one of the victims and pistol whipping the other. the subject fled in the victim a's rental car.
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and one of the two victims even came to the scene. but we didn't get answers as to yes het with the three suspects. and while coral gables k9 searched the area for a weapon. sources say they didn'n' find anything. concerning because they come through here. and we tientd our security in our home. >> and john sorntion the keane treens ted faces several charges including grand theft ah torks fleeing and rescission an officer. again, the two other suspects are still at large sphruvment any information you're urged to call miami-dade crime sop%. that number 305 tiches tips. rest, you can remain anonymous. reporting live in coral gables. ann key. 7 news. >> lynn: ann, thank you the family of corey jones calling for change on his birthday. the 31 year old shot and killed by an off duty palm beach gardens police officer on
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tober 18 blg, 20 15. he was tending to his broken down suv on the exit ramp of i-95 his family advocating for a proposed bill that would require officers to wear body cameras. >> just remember t is corey jones birthday today and instead of celebrating his birthday, theyre fighting for his legacy. >> the bill is scheduled to peer in front of the judicial committee tomorrow. >> polic need your help in finding a missing couple. alexander pe con and brandon briaia dispeernd sunday. last seen liefg cadillac ranch rest tour ownt in southwest miami-dade in a red toyota corolla with license plate number agg188. if you've seen thenl for o have anyy information on them, call police. >> >> danielle: also on 7, a jail break for a a south florida man accused of a singing act and his lawyers say it it all has to do with the tallest tape. 7's brandon beyer live at the
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broward county courthouse with details. brandon. >> reporter: well, can el, a small victory in the courtroom today for an accused peeping tom who today a judge grant bond for. >> a man who police say was captured on surveillance video peep nothing windows and touching himself in pembroke pines whrbloud out on bond. pa lie o surre yo turned himself into police when the ages were rethreetsd median made public. now his attorney says it couldn't of been him tormenting the female accuser. heheays his client was somewhere else. >> aflt facts point to someone else and i've been saying this from the beginning thrsms been a lot of misinformation and the misinformation continues in court and out of court. back in oct november several women described what was going on for the past two years in east pembroke pines. >> i look out side and saw him pleasuring himself.
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and can i watch you do this and that to yourself. >> this has taken a toll on my life looly hood. >> police relse theesd images and within a matter of days he turned himself? >> our greatest concern was not just for the crimes he committed but what crimes will he commit tomorrow? his attorney says he is no danger at all and he can prove it it i i court. >> we're moving forward and we look ab so ut lie forward to defending this case vigorously. >> and well, part of his release conditions require thate he also surrender hisars port. >> live at the broward county jail. brandon beyer, 7 news. >> lynn: coming from off the sat elt lights today. a fierce fire ripping through a historic home in california. dozen of fefighters battling this blaze blaze in prez fres no. the flames discroig a home twhaz used as a con convenient in the 1900s.
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now it is being investigating. >> >> danielle: a rough landing for ailot in honolulu after the landing gear did not deploy. no one on board was hurt. car go ship. mod exern press finally toad. the pan domain yum vessels began taking on water a week ago and in front of the the crews of france. and it was shoa toad wack tie spanish port. >> >> danielle: u.s. wine maker saying cheers to th historic change in cuba. wine producers and distreeee beau ters from the west coast attending a symposium in havana. 29 day event meant to reintroduce cuba to 23r0 ducts in the golden state. iet land nation stopped importing california wine back in 2005 due to the u.s. trade em wargo. >> we really just want to establish a beach head for the
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they have been here for a long time and most market we're allen tearing together but here, california is sort of the newcomer. and so we have a lot of work to do. >> the impose yum featured tastings with restaurant owners. >> lynn: coming up on 7 news. we continue to follow another developing story for you. this story in northwest miami-dade around 5th avenue and 58th street n. city of miami. a child on a bicycle hit by a police car secht about six years old. he was knocked out of his shoes. no word on his condition right now. but quarntion he was hit by a police car. this is at 5th avenue and 58th street in miami. we'll have an update as soon as we get it. >> >> danielle: also an officer he was speeding. now the story takes an interesting detour after what another officer posts on social media. >> lynn: also quleers after killing his west friend in a middle school bath room. michael hernandez back in court
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hoping for a break. >> danielle: and they lost loved ones in a killer crash. tonight parents sharing their pain to student in hopes of preventing another tragedy. >> lynn: and main picks the wrong store to rip o. we're going to hear from the row urageous clerk that had the man running in the other directions ievment. >> phil: all right partly cloudy skies here across south florida. we're expecting rain on thursday night into friday. a few showers sticking around over the weekend and then another front moves through that could bring a chilly start to next week. the tiern out look when we come back. connect to 7 news on facebook for a chance to win a grand prize package to universal orlando resort including on se hotel stay or one day park to park universal orlando tickets and more.
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>> danielle: an attempted robber thought showing a weapon would get him what he wante but he never planned on a gas station clerk turning table. that clerk believes the plan was armed. but that still did not stop him from make his move. let's go to belkeys nerey live in the satellite center with reaction from the clerk. belkeys. belkeys: reacting under treasure is something this five pear army vet knows something bat. so when he came face to face with an armed robbery suspect. shall, he took matters into his own hands. >> sur sir video from the brevard county sheriff's office shows an armed robber pointing a gun ait at a clerk demanding money. it happened last tuesday at a a bp gas station eevment was iegz lot of profanity telling me to put the money in the back. but thing didn't go as planned for the robber that is. i kind of went into my training mode to get the gun way as fast as a could and inflict as much damageges i could. the clerk 40-year-old david gig isn't just any clerk.
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five tours in iraq as a special list. needlesssso say thing did mot end well for the robber. he made the first mistake he took the gun off me for a quick 2nd and i was able to to take control of the situation. even though the gun was fake, at the time david didn't know it. he was able to grab the gun and put the suspect nay choke hold. the video showing him you punching him multiple times. s he wasight here and that's close enough to me. and that's when i knew hi a chance. as soon as a got him to look way. dropping the money the robber with eventually runs out of store. trying to getaway from me as fast and anyway he possibly cod. >> belkeys: that robber is still on the run and this husband and father of five hopes he is caught. having a gun pointed at your face, it changes you and over $60 this person wanted to ruin someone's life well, things worked out okay for david there but police officials want to
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encourage any one to actively engage with vim criminals over money or personal faux possessions ouch live in the newsplex. i'm belkeys nerey. 7 news. >> danielle: all right belkeys. thank you mile. much more ahead tonight 23r-7 news on the news station. high school stars on the grid iron. now south florida high school athletes going public with where they want to go play college ball. >> danielle: idol contestants getting a twhaifs it would be like to go so lot. a preview of tonights show next. >> lynn: and the cssical muse tall live on television. there's a way you can see it it overnd over again.
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>> reporter: it is national scouting day for athletes. >> lynn: high school players decide where he bant to play college football. a big deal for them. steve shapiro in the plex with. that steve as is true ladies. the three top school did well. um playing a little catch up. new coach mark risks first um class can be be classified as good but not as good. the canes recruits ranked 18th best by espn as compared to fsu as highest best in the country and uf in the top ten. >> signing day say big day for every one croos america and no different here in miami. we'reery thankful for the
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eximrernses of the by the time i gottere hi a very good fee of what i wanted it to look like and what i think it takes to build the right kind of championship team. you never mow 'til the kids start to plain the field but the giew reez larchged third in the complex behind fsu and clemson. i'll be back next hour in the plex. steve shapiro 77ews. >> now, 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: working on a quiet afternoon here across south florida. but let's take a look at the nation. mostly clear across the part land fl we do ha a grand new winter storm moving in across the pacific northwest but what we are focusing on is this line of clouds right there. that is a front headed our way. could arrive here some time thursday night or friday with a better chance of rainfall. you can see the temperatures across the upper midwest. 34 in chicago.
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50s and 60s up and down the east coast and the actual front ornext front that we'll be look at sitting right a- about there, that one could move in over the weekend and really bring us a cool down for the early part of next week. but we're watching two fronts. here's the first run wun. plenty of heavy rain croots south east. as a matter of fact tallahassee and points north. all these counties highlighted in green are under a flash flood watch wach until p in the morning so. there are two fronts we're watching. the first one will move in on friday. it will bring us a chance of rain. could cool our over night lows by ten degrees. again we've been running ten degrees above average. and then over the weekend, that secondary tush push of cold air comes in depending on how strong this s. ce could either see temperature in the upper 40s or the low 50s. so we'll b b wax hag carefully. threat of rip currents at the beach. small craft exercise caution. biscayne bay with a moderate
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chop. nowrt florida keys also with an advisory. seas inside the reef three to 4 feet. next high tide 5:05. 7:24 for the lower keys. uv index tomorrow will be at 7:00. tonight partly cloudy. average low 61. we're going to be well above that typical high 76. 77. looks like a warm day tomorrow. here's your extended out look. >> the rainoves in on friday. brings us down for the the temperatate here through the weekend with another chance for some rain. but take a look at monday. right now we're calling for 53 degrees as a morning low but there are a lot of models that are insisting that we could see our temperatures dip into the 40s for monday morning and if it does that, then it looks like at least tuesday and wednesday could be just as cold here across south florida. so first the rain, then the cold. and that's your 7 on 7 forecast.
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`>> >> lynyn idol wannabees leaving the group for a solo shot in front of contestants. the groupsps will have support from the band but no praises from the judge >> danielle: has right. shireen mt. plex with with more. sha wreen. >> contestants who survived the the griewpped group round get a chance fo move on to the next round. american hopefuls who survived the notoriously stresesul group round are moving on to the next challenge. sing solo with the band. this week they won't get feed back from the judges before finding out if they are moving forward in the competition. >> i've got the eye of the sky ger. for harry con nick junior and keith urban finding hit makers for this final sfn idol means refocusing their search. >> this year we found people that were not only extraordinary tall efnted but we thought were
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read for this process because it's brutal. not only competition itself but fact that it's on television and you're being jged in front of 34eu8 yons of people and the schedule is rigorous. it's all of that. >> if they have this voice that's just exready to nair rivment the ta nal ti,he tim berks the color and character. you rise it immediately. if thief got work ethic, you can could thing in a studio toake a phenomenal record. i'm not saying that that makes it right but it does make it where you're taking, i'm taking some of that into consideration. >> there's a million great singers out there. a ton of them but how can you take me from point a to point b with tt song. we've heard singers that weren't even particularly good sickers and by the end of the song, i feelt felt, wow, i got to tell you i was cop baismedz listening to iand that's the in taken ache. okay guy. nice job to every one.
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reon why idol has consistently discovered singers who create hits and sell records. >> it doesn't have anything but a very clear idea of what it is. no gimmicks no. nothing. it's just and not to disparage any other shows on the air. >> don't miss american idol. the farewell season tonight at 8:00 here on 7. live in the newsplex. shireen sandoval. 7 news. >> danielle: all right shireen. thank you. well, fans of grease live getting a real treat that is sure to be music to their ears. the tv musical which aired sunday on channel 7 now available on digitald. it it will be released on dvd on march 8th with exclaw sif bonus features including cast interviews and a behind the scenes look at prot diewtion. >> lynn: and we're getting
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word that there's been a development in the bill cosby sex a abuse case. we'll have more on that coming up on 7 news at 6:00.
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>> >> lynn: that is 7 news at five k4r067b8 thank yo for watching. i'm lynn martinez. >> danielle: i'm danielle ox. 7 news at 6:00 begins now. >> now on 7 news. a health emergency declared in one south florida county. do to a mosquito born virus spreading worldwide. >> he was convicted murdering a classmate at a south florida school. so why is this killer back in court? a woman accusing an officer o o speeding and putting the video in cyber space. now she is being cyber bullied. two families change ford ever after a deadly wreck and now they are sharingng their
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7 news going one on one way new top cop. >> and one community saying what a crock. >> craig: the city of miami. a police cruiser colliding with a child on a bicycle. details next at 6:00. >> this is 7 news at 6:00. >> belkeys: we're going to begin with that developing story. a ttle bit on his bike hit by a police car. >> hello and welcome every onene that. child was taken to the hospital. >> craig: and witnesses are are describing the moments after it happened. walter morris is live for us on the scene in miami. walter. >> reporter: well, craik craig, that's right. in fact we just got an update from police. they are now telling thaws 6-year-old boy riding a skooter here near 58th and 6th 6th avenue when he was struck
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still a very heavy police presence here. we want it to give you a perspective on this ininstigation. it take a look at this ankleel. this is video from earlier. thru can see that child's shoes still pinned underneath the right passenger side a wheel of that police car. now, again witness says that that police car was drafg down northwest 5th avenue just after 4:00 this afternoon at speeds upwards of 50 uiles per hour when it struck that child. now the impact so great, the boy dragged between 30 to 40 feet before that car came to a stop. witnesses say the boy pinned under the car until his grandmother ran out and pulled him from under the vehicle. a good samaritan helping out until paramedics arrived. we also have video to show u. take a look at t vment 7 news crews stand big jackson memorial that's boy riefd from the hospital with his family. now the extefned his injuries still not clear at this time. we know thre serious. miami fire rescue now saying that boy is stable. however, he is being evaluated.
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