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tv   Channel 7 News at 6PM  FOX  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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he was alert and crying ats he was transported. meanwhile family members are now there at hospital waiting for an update on his within cn. now a few minutes ago we spoke with i the man who identified himself as s e boy's grand father and he d%scribed whrea saw. >> he through nafnlt he dragged him all the with way downn there man. knocked him out of his shoes and got out of car and walked to the back of car like. so how was antoinene was he able to talk? he was like, he barely could almost make it man. they operating o on him now. >> the father just saying you know, fire rescue took 21 minutes to pick their son off the street that was it. so they are upset about that. they don't next they can't speculate what is going on with the son orr n because they are doing all the tests and scanningg the son so. >> and we want to give you just some more perspective on the
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sky force hd over head. thru you can see police block off northwest 5th avenue. 258 and 256. they are interviewing witness who's were here at the time. back iewt live again t is still very early on in this investigation and we'll of course continue to follow the story as it development reporting live in miami. walter morris. 7 news. >> belkeys: and now at 6:00 concerns a across south florida and the state concern off over a mosquito bornn virus. nine cases of the illness known as zika found florida. >> craig: that has theheould of or h- govenor taking action in four counties including miami-dade. here is 7's liz nagy. >> reporter: td mosquito born zika rye v- virus has people talking and wednesday govenor scott declared a state of emergency for four counties including miami-dade. the other three areilsz borrow, lee and santa rosa. state owe fill shalz have
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mt. sunshine state. four of the cases are in mied county. he issued the folwing statement saying quote, although a florida's current nine ski ca cases wereravel relate. we have to ensure florida staid prepraipped paired and head of the virus in our statate. we must be prepared for the worse even as we hope for the best. the health organization called a worldwide health emergency because ofof the potent ten shall health problem and how quickly zika virus can spread. but before you panic, hell oath fiction shalz can advise there are thing you can do to prevent. it. >> if youee standing water on your property, grain drain it. wednesday experts at florida university held a forum scussing the threat and possible eu78 pact zika can brirng to south florida. it is very prudent to reduce our exposure to mosquito bites. since it is spread through mosquito bites, hell oath
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light colored clothing. long sleeve. long pants an light colored and also sprague the insect repellant. >> reporter: if you plan on strafing to a country with action a tiff zika virus transmission, follow the commendations more closely and be careful where you sleep. >> be in a screened air conditioned room at night. devastating develop mental issues in a newborn children if a pregnant mosm smoarnlg in fek ood. imret ta is pres pregnant and th's why she wanted to know if she could be contact with people who visited in those infected count tree. thth expers said no. a avoid tveling in those areas and don't travel to those areas. and liz nagy has more on the virus and the government's deck laation,isit >> belkeys: also in the knew now, a young killer wack in
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convicted hoping to get a shorter sentence. elitsa bizios is covering the case. live from the the courthouse in miami. a let's a. >> reporter: belkeys, the victim's parents in court today reliving the grew som moments. it is 12 years to the day that their son was murdered. also in court today the killer's pairns, his father take the stand. >> reporter: showing lilt to no remorse convicted killer michael hernandez now 26 years old listening and watching on as his resentencing trial got o on nr way on today. hernandez seen here at 14 years old confessing to a detective how he killed friend and class made jaime imoj in 20,004,678 the gruesome murder happening in aa bath room stall at south wood middle school. hernandez sentenced to life in prison but because of a 2012 supreme court ruling that out loud prison sentences from juvenals. he now has a chance for a
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>> he was determined and today as he sits here before you, the day after his 26th birthday he is- exactly the same person he was when he was 14 years old. the prosecution presenting their opening statement wednesday saying hernandez he is defers another life sentence and review after serving 25 years. the defense deferring their opening statement. >> first on the bench andre martin who prosecutors say hernandez also tried to to killl in 2004. the next up the killer's father. prison phone call between the family and prosecute ciewtion arguing hernand is unstable and danger to society tt. >> that he had you look up information about serialillers as recent as june of 2015. >> no. >> that's not correct sir? i don't recall thato. >> his father not recalling that but the state with the prison calls and proving otherwise ooflt he was making a skin siewvment that was crazy ouch
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father a family who love their son and want to connect with him. the defense then trying to prove if hernandez got the right mental health treatment coreturn to to site. >> and you believe that in the 12 years your son has been incarcerated, the state of flaz done very little to address his psychiatric issues. >> yes sir. >> the victim's parents did not go on the the stand but they did right a letter to the jge. that letter read in the courtroom. the parents saying we gore for give michael hernandez for what he did but their son still deserves justice and they want that life sentence once gnl right now a state hired sigh column lift gift is still on the stand. for now we're live at the metro justice building. a less business business. 7 news. >> now at 6:00, a an officer pulled oar by a woman accusing him of speing and after look
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cop going off on social media. apparently driven by anger. >> >> craig: well, that woman turning the taes on an officer claiming he was above the law. >> belkeys: now she is being harrassed on social media. >> alex diprato live at the miami fraternal order of police with the this story. alex. >> reportete well, belkeys t was a miami-dade policecefficer that this woman says she caught on video speekd. but now the miami fraternal order of police, the president of that fraternal offered police has exposed this woman on facebook, on social media and face book has deemed it harassment. the reason i pulled you over today. >> claudia ca see o is the woman who waved down the police officer last friday while he was on his way to work. >> leaders of the community set by example. lead by example. >> so you know, it just erks me. >> ca see o gave officer a
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the officer passed her on the dolphin expressway on at # 0 miles per hour without lights and sirens. this is what ca see o told us over the weekend. >> it has to be brought to their attention thvment speeding is not okay if you're in a marked vehicle. if have a saights, yes. >> records show castillo has been kr50eu9d 16 times by police includudg five for speeding. >> o officer fon na chel a's personnel folder has no disciplinary a acts with you she's three preventable crashes and notes his clent driving record. since the story came to light cast castillooas drawn attention to the miami police. and javier ortiz posted this picture he says is castillo. he writes quote. want a bee cop class yeah castillo likes to drink and driver recreation mall vehicle. hashtag great roll mold. hashtag bud light party. and ortiz posted her business
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feel free to call claudia castillo on her cell and let her know drinking and boating isn't safe. haf hashtag she is not a bft law and we support mdpd. and facebook removed the fo off to the business card since it violated the community standards. ortiz has since reposted castillo's information. miami police releaead this statement. as you are fully aware. lieutenant half vee ar ortiz is the president of the miami chap tefort fraternal order of police which is a federally protective tech tiff collecting tiff bar gang you union when. act in the capacity of president he does not represent the cityy of miami nort city of miami police department. if he we act agz a city of miami police department, this would not be condudu that we condone. javier ortiz did not respond to our request for comment today. the miami-dade police department
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the officer. we're whrif in miami. i'm alex diprato. 7 news. >> >> craig: 7 news later now. past couple of days weave we're following a hearing and keeping an eye on it in philadelphia where bill cosby hoped a judge would throw out the sexual assault case against him. >> belkeys: that judge h made a decision and 7's jeff lennox has for us. he is over in the news room with it. jeff. >> reporter: and belkeys)and craig. we can tell thu evening. bill cosby take a big hit in the pennsylvania courtroom earlier today. the judge has refused to throw out the sexual assault case against him. basically judge here sweeping side a former da's claim that he grant cosby immunity in the case years ago. the alleged salt a the accusers says happened at his home in 2004 and claim in her testimony here that she was drugged inside bill cosby's home brat ledged assault. nowow this case reopened
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right before the stat statue of limitations ran out thvment case opened after dozen of women came forward saying bill cosby drug add and sex will youly sawltd him. thru see video of cosby late last year walk into the courtroom on those charges of the sexual salt charges and the case not thrown out. still going on. still underway. that judge makinthat decision a little earlier today. we're following the very latest. we're live in the satellite center. jeff len notch. 7 news. >> craig: no now to a mied county's new top could. moong his goals assist takes office keeping our kid and streets safe. >> he spoke to 7's ann keil. >> >> reporter: avoiding crime for the new top o copper rez. he sat down with us one on one to those who commit hash sentences will get hash sentences. perez says that is a problem so they are getting innovative.
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way a touch enforcement to better reach at risk kids and scenes teens. >> it puts them right in line% with an officer that they will get to know very well. and a new study to look at the miami-dade use of deadly force tensions have grown in certain communities between lease and the public. >> fer goson happened when. baltimore happened one of the ti first things we did was communicate with them and leadership is learning about lessons learned there and fair impartial police training will become a department wide venture totoombat buy s amounts of perez argues with fdle investigating all police involved shooting, they are proactive in this morning object tiff tir and transparency. the department that is already the leancht of it's kind in the southeastern is u.s. is about to grow way two do three year gressive fire hiring plan. >> we were down about 200 >> reporter: and while perez says being a young officerer seems
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he told us all with his start while take criminal justice classes at miami-dade he took a security job at ber nine. i was catching shoplifters. i had a an eye for it. i had a 6th seefnlts and now this husband and father of # says he will always maintain a philosophy of family first but that doesn't mean set kind of guy that is taking this job light light. and if the department of justice coming in and telling us how to do our job. we work here. we own this department. we will change our department on our own and write our descript scricht and story line. and he joined the department wack there 1990 and assumed his new role on monday. reporting in miami.( ann key. 7 news. >> coming frupt newsplex. cell phones capturing a scare in the aimpt the pilot trying to be the answer to the passenger's prayer. >> craig: tragedy changing two south florida families forever and now they have posh lesso
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>> belkeys: donald trump finishing second in iowa now he is accusing the winner of dirty politics.
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>> >> >> craig: a killer crash take the lives of two south florida students and now pairns stlairg paifnl the grieving r- relatives spending the day at the high school sharing their lives so to prevent similar tragedies. >> belkeke: and vanessa medina has more. >> reporter: on september 6th, 2015 the two would die t tether in a hor able car are wreck in tallahassee. >> at about 3:00 in the morning i got a text that says she didn't make it. my sister couldn't speak. i didn't know what to say that the point. i don't know if i will ever know
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nicholas was driving his pt cruiser along with more dan and their other friend d vin. bo knee a was the only one who survived. >> at around 6:00 a.m. i received a call from my mom receiving news i thought i would ner here. honey, she didn't make. it morgan and ken so and their children were killed when the car they were in was t-boned by a another car going close to 100 miles per hour. now both families speakt tara develop a high school hoping to avoid similar accidents. st if it can happen to them, it can happen to anybody. florida highway patrol saying it could happen to any iewn. the first thing you do when you get nay car is put that seat belt on. we lost five to 40 students over the last several years while they were in high school. telling students to think before getting in the c c. >> i want to spread the word. tbek stop another family from going through quha we're going through.
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then what i'm doing is worth it. >> belkeys: that was vanessa medina reporting for us. >> craig: sthaild tonight a tornado touching down in one state. >> belkeys: now residents are getting a look what the was left behind.
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>> >> now 7 weather with crsm crm phil ferro. >> phil: not a bad looking day. just a little bit warm here with
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typical lows around 61. average high 76. 77. so itt ways warm day croots a area. temperatures are still in the 70s at thi hour. the wind out of southeast at around ten miles per hour. the humidity 77%. storm tracker is showing that everything is dry across south florida. i doelieve that by thursday night and in through friday, we will see aittle better chance of rain as a front approaches the area. that front right now already make it's way across northern florida. mid atlantic states in to the northeast. colder air here. turns that moisture into snow and that snow goes all the way back to the great lakes so. as far as we're concerned here, that front willnovember in on friday. bringing with it a better chance for some rain. threat of rip currents at the beach. maul craft exercise caution. biscayne bay with a moderate chop. four in the florida key, you are already looking at an advisory with coastal waters turning rough.
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5:00 in fort lauderdale. key rar go 5:28. 7:24 in key west. passing clouds tonight. feeling warm. the lows will be be in the loo 70s. tomorrow we're looking at mostly sunny s ses. it's still going to be warm. highs in the low 80s. now, here's your extended out look. front will show up friday. a little better chance of rain. temperatures 'do come down a little bit saturday and sunday, you're still look agot the possibility of the scattered showers but then a secondary push of cold air comes in for monday. right now we're looking at a low of about 5 5 degrees. but if t tt secondary push of cold air is strong enough, some of the models are hinting that we could see morning lows in the 40s. not just pore monday but we could see some o o that still sticking around for tuesday and maybe even for wednesday of next week. that's y yr 7 on 7. 7 sports is next.
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>> >> time now for 7 sports with steve shapiro. >> a surprise flip flop for the the canes. wellington reciever a man richards snubs alabama an sig today with the u. it's nawlings football signing day when high school seniors a announce where they will go to
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sam, bruce and michael you are vin junior from st. thomas choose the u. canes get 18 new players them got richards there wellington and defensive end joseph from jack allison from palmetto florida and canes recriewt crooting c css ranked 19th by espn. coint know if there was a priority as much ooze the priority was find the guys that we thought could help us win and go after then them regardless if they were committed prior or not. i will say this. i would give a lot of credit to the for former staff. fiu signs two kids from championship booker t. jose bore gal leave. wig recruiting class for the panther. 24 kids. 21 from the state of florida. >> we flieblg we met our deeds perfect for the most part and got the guys we targeted and this class has excellent ball
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again, met a lot of our needs. and st. thomas a quan 'tis end lick loss. former dolphins pick john bul bowl savment nick mighting better than his older brother joey. joey is an all american at ohio state. should be another full how the house at bank united center. um hosting notre dame. the cane drop two o aces in the poll this week after losing last saturday. the canes ranked 17th. notre dame just outside the top 25 at 15 and six. >> i expect us to be very energetic. very enthusiastic and hungry to bounce back and get a big win at hoax and just get wack on track. i know one game, it hurts to lose but can't let one loss become two. highlights at 10:00. pro golfer stuart sink went to georgia tech acht their bass celt ball game last night sink
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to a little hole in a sign and it goes. he won a fan 25,000 bucks. that's unbelievable. every year these hh school kids come up with different ways to announce what college they are going to. de van tai anderson is a four star s sety from manville texas. he jumped out of a perfectly go airplane and would reveal his school when he gets back to earth. narrowed it down to texas and lsu and m@ss. he is going down towards the ground and make it. it now let's see. it it is ole miss. hottied tody. lsu and fsu had the top two recruiting class. i'm steve. that's unbelievable. wack to craig and belkeys. thank. >> craig: thank you sceef. >> belkeys: quite the production t t announce your college there. >> craig: pretty school. >> belkeys: i'm belkeys nerey. that's 7 news at 6:00. caio caio.
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7 news at 6:00 just s sond way.
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