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tv   Channel 7 News at 630PM  FOX  February 3, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> this is 7 news at 6:30. >> danielle: and off the top at 6:30. new fears over the zika virus. govenor scott declaring health emergency in miami-dade county and orange areas across the state. good evening everybody. hell oath officials believe a mosquito biert is not the only way to contract this virus. that's right. a handful of cases have been confirmed in south florida and so far four counties including miami-dade are under a public health emergency. >> 7's liz nagy live in the health department in miami with the top story. liz. >> lirntion zika virus has hell oath fiction shalz in florida and all around the world on hell aj lemplet today the govenor declared a public hedge emergency here in the state of florida even thoughll cases in the state do not believe they were contracted ntd united states but ty believe they
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traffing in latin america and ca the caribbean. >> the mosquito born descree ca virus has people talking and wednesday govenor scott declared a state of 34-7b8g forour count tiedt tease including mied miesmed the three other counties are hillsborough. lee and santa rosa. state health officials have reported nine cases of height vie russ in the sunshine state. four of the cases are in mied county. he issued the following ststement saying quote acialtion though florida's current nine zika case were travel related swresm to ensure fla is prepared and stays heaftdz zika virus in our state. we know we must be prepared for the worse even as we hope for the best. the world health organization has called a worldwide public health emergency because of the potential health problem and how quickly ie zika virus can spread. but before you panic. hell oath officials advisthere are things you can do to spre pre convenient. it if you see standing water on your property.
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wednesday hedge experts held a forum discuss age threat and possible impact zika can bring to s. it is very prudent to reduce our exposure to moss dee to bites. insurance sits spread through mosquito bites, health officials advise addressing it appropriately to vied bites. long sleeve, long pants. light colored and also spraying your insect repellant. >> reporter: if you plan on traveling to a country with with active zika virus transmission. you'll want to follow the recommendations more closely and even be careful where you sleep. >> be be in a screened air conditioninged room at night. zika virus is 2340e7b to cause devastating develop mental issues in children i i a pregnant mother was in fects ood. obvious osly i was concerned. >> she is pregnant so she wanted to know if she scob test tead after coming in done tact
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the experts said no. st focus on in speckled bites and don't travel to areas in infected with the virus. >> and official here not speak publicly about the cases here. we're expected to learn more about this public health mdges when the govenor speaks on it again tomorrow from tam pavment pavement tuesday public hell oathiction shall in dallas tech as said the first known case transmitted in the united states was discovered and they believe that may have been sexually france mitd. now all of this is still being investigated tuvment want to know o more about the i zika virus and concerns surrounding it head to our web site at a. live in miami, liz nagy. 7 news. >> snie. >> lynn: all right. new details nay drive through shooting that sent # south florida women to the hospital. police releasing this clue on camera as they searcrcfor shooters. family members have no idea why their loved ones he say were a ambushed.
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where the victims came under fire. >> it's the facebook post seen by the masses. >> mom, calm down. calm down. >> >> reporter: but it's not the only video tided to tuesday a's ambush shooting at the opa locka burger king drive through. pay close attention to this surveillance individual consider from the business near the burger king. thth gun matt man are spot shadowed as 24e run to to the victim sitting in the kara after the drive through. after the shots were fired the men run off to the left. the bullet riddled cash spot shadowed goes in the open cyst directions. what an awful predick able for these women. 24e had nowhere to go as they were ambushed by men with with guns. they sat in the drive through lane and the bullets came i i ripping through the doors and win doasms the woman behind the wheel jerked e wheel to the right, ens up o on the grass, over the curb and leavivi tire mark as she sped off.
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rel tifsz and hospital officials say 43-year-old janel lark and her daughter gant who posted the video of the aftermath are said to be in fair condition at jackson memorial. one other graced and leesd. the shooters seen in this other ankleel are still in the street even though opa locka other cops seen on surveillance and 7 skyforce block off streets to hunt are ruj less gunman and as it gang mono ter right ti. tuesday morning eation climb criem at the drive through remains unsolved. and so those wirnlg the the mother and daughter said to be in fair condition at jackson memorial hospital. the police needing your help right now because this crime still throwing them for a loop. they aring looking for the guys that pulled off that heinous shooting inthe drive through here at the o opa locka burger king. 305 tip tips is the number to crime stoppers i miami-dade county and you can collect cash
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we're in opa locka sheldon fox. 7 news. >> >>anielle: all right sheldon. thank you. the search is on for shooters involved nayay violent car jacking in southwest miami-dade. one of the two victim returning to the scene in coral gables where police found his stolen rental car. police say he and another victim met with the three armed men who then ambushed them on southwest 135th court and 254en street. authorities caught up with one of the suspects who tried to to take off. >> there was about ten policicemen looking all over the place for two hours. they ware looking. >> the other victim is expected to be okay. if have you any information on the other two shooters, cal crime stoppers. 305-471-tips. >> lynn: in the race to the white house. a tough fight in iowa causing two more presidential hopefuls to drop p t.
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monday's result spark a new round of political punches between front runner ch jeff lennox live in the plexx with more on thvment scwhref se. >> reporter: danielle and lynn. six days way from the primary candidates and they are work for the votes sun up and sun down. >> it's clinton versus sanders ib a town hall tonight. 7 news partnering with mamaachusets in an exclusive poll that shows sanders way size able lead at 61% over clinton at 32. some close o clinton told her she shoved skipped the trail in the granite state altogether. maybe you shoved just moved on to the the other states where they say have you big leads and all of that. >> lynn: have to tell you, i just could not ever skip new hampshire. >> the vermont senator with a boost. sanders campaigning right next door too his home state. >> we're going fight really hard in new hampshire and then nevada
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we look forward to disoog well around the country. republican field shrinking yet again. santorum and awnd rand paul calling it quits. our poll shows trump on top at 38%. cruz second with 14. riewp rubio with 12 and the rest of the field in single digits. meanwhile marco o rubio's brons finish in the iowa caucuses is gar nenning as new buzz as the winner, ted cruz. i recognize folks may want it to talk about the third place finisher. you can talk about. that i'm focused on our victory tonight. and they stepped awp taks against rubio. millions of dollars spent on the tack ads in central florida. i think when people a tawrks you they don't tack someone who snot doing well. after a brief pause from twitter donald trump back at. it he stalled in iowa by telling voters false information about trump's stance on the ice. base on what ted cruz said
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either a new reelection should take place or cruz ruls null a fiez tied. >> cruz firing back. >> well, listen no, surprise that donald is throwing another temper tantrum or if you like another trum per tantrum. his reaction to everything is to throw a fit t engage in insults and i understand that donald finds it very hard to lose. he finds that very difficult for him. but at end of the day the iowa peoplepoke. >> >> reporter: okay and we have live pictures here. this is the scene in naw hampshire. rubio stumping for support and trying to get the votes head of the primary next week. the dem scrats have a town hall tonit. highlights at 10:00 and the republicans face off any debate on saturday flight. i'll be reporting from new hampshire starting saturday before the debate to the primary coming up next tuesday swrevment you covered.
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7 news. >> lynn: all the right new video just into the plex. comedian bill cosby walk ieft pennsylvania courthouse moments ago with assistance there. his defense team argued to have a sexual salt case thrown out claim age previvis district nair grant cosby immunity from a prosecution years ago. the judge recently disagreed with that ruling this case will indeed go forward. so cosby is now facing charge theaz drugged and sex lay sawltd a temple university employee in his suburban philadelphia home back in 2004. again, that case is going forward. >> danielle: well, coming up on 7 news at 6:30 space in flight. passengers praying for a miracle as their plane begins to stall midair. >> lynn: and cameras rolling on twisted weather. seat trail and destruction this left behind.
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>> lynn: prayers on a plane. passengers holding hands and holdington hope as the aircraft propeller suddenly stop midair. a professional photographer was on that very scary flight over the what maz. >> danielle: that's right and he was able to capture st all on camera. >> danielle: terrifying moments caught on camera ra when a propeller stops working on a sky bahama flight ten minutes after take off. this is video inside that plane. passengers joining hands united in prayer uncertain about what would happen next. professional photographer tim aylen was wufnlgt passengers on board taking out his camera and hitting record. >> i heard a loud bang an then everybody kind of like acted a little bit crazily to the sied site of engine shutting down.
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minutes passengers were shocked and worried. tendants assuring every one the plane would fly on one engine. the pilot turning around and head wack to the airport for an emergency landing this was right over the barrier island. we were ten minutes into the flight and then we turned around. >>layers were answered. the plane touching down with without any issues at the airport in nassau. >> and passenger where's able to board another flight to freeport. two passengers by the way taken to the hospital possibly suffering from high blood pressure. cliern what caused that engine to fail. you're watching 7 news. stay with us.
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>> >> lynn: caught on cram, a tornado touch down hitting the south east. the storm barreling through an area near tuscaloosa alabama leaving a path of destruction homes reduced to rubble and power lines snapped. only minor injuries with some survivors witness the natural disaster. >> and oh.h. coming count. that look good. mississippi struck by the storms as well. weather officials say at least four tore through the area near jackson last night. severely damaging one baptist church. month one was hurt. >> now, 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> and we're looking at a quite
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right now temperatures a across the state. chilly in pensacola. 76 fort lauderdale and mile. key west one degree warmer. storm tracker is seeing this serving dry but by thursday night, we could see a few showers moving in and that rain could tick stick a around by friday theafd cold front. that front right now making it's way across the panhandle. stretching all the way up the east coast here with snow over in main. more snow continues across the great lakes. so here's what we can expect. tomorrow warm. and then as we move in through the day, thursday and friday. that front will move in stall out and bring with did a better chance for rainfall. then by sunday, anotherront moves n. now, depending on how strong thi is, we could either have lows in the upper 50s or low 50s come monday morning. here's the marine forecast. threat of reu7 occurrence. small craft exercise caution. biscayne bay with a moderate chop. also an a scriez roir four in
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20 knot wind. next high tide 5:05. 7:24 for the lower keys. tonight partly cloudy skies. typical low is 61. you we'llen be well after bo. that 66, 67. tomorrow another warm day. here's the extended out look. first front moves through. friday, breezy a a chance for rain. still saturday and sunday rainfall. not as hot but it's that sect second front does make it here into south florida, the morning low right now we're forecasting lows in the low 50s. but if it comes in sphrorntion some of the models are suggesting that we could see over night lows in through monday morning in the 40s. and that's your 7 on 7 forecast. i'm phil, thank you sniel smile well still head on 7 news at 6:30. some of the newest mie hurricanes weigh none signing day. 7 sports has it. and tonight onhe drive. a big game means big screens and
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private man cave that could be jowrs on super bowl sunday. hugh bay woman cave. >> danielle: exactly. >> lynn: she likes nasty things like thatt stuffed whatever 245 that is. >> danielle: racoon. >> lynn: yes, that's tonig on deco at 7:30. go dolphins.
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>> time now for 7 sports with steve shapiro. >> the canes football recruiting class ranked 19 njt country by espn. fsu is no. 1.
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the canes big gets include reciever a mon richards fromellington. flipped from alabama. and tight end michael you are vin jr. three kids perfect gul a ver including jackson. and i hope they play as well as they talk and dress. >> definitely oh yeah. i'm dripping. i'm muddy. a huge weight off yourack. so stressful but i try to enjoy it as mueh ases pobs. i plan o bring whatever i can and bring a big impact on the team my first year if i can. i want to helpthe perfect gram been be like it used to be. i'm muddy, i'm dripping. usually nba players don't like to play on consecutive nights but heat looking tboord to playing tonight. gave up a season high. 115 points to the rocket. lost 115 to 102. wade and bosh combine for 29 poinin and snapt four game
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we know we're much better than what we play tonight. sometimes you'll have game where you just don't play well and you don't get to what you're supposed to do. i'm glad we have a back to back but next day. have you to do a better job and we responded well on back to to backs. hopefully we can do the same thing tomorrow. at call answer to it nooflt heat go up against dincht still averaging 18 points per game and he ranked 6th all time in points scored. >> maybe 65 and seat skill sevment one of the greatest ever endiewmpletd one of the greatest players. tampa played this game any one on the face of the earth. so you know, it's cool to see he still doing it. >> 8:30 tip. the first place panthers back home tomorrow night against second place detroit. coming up a good gamen against hubert. a great win at wa watch hubert had two doalz from the game and
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panthers beat washington five to two. washington what the best record in the league. >> and we believe in ourselves and so wiesh showing on the ice and think we lead early and our defenders are dooght the jobs as well. it's a tea effort every game and that's why we're in first position right now. another good one tomorrow night his old man won two super bowl championships. and mike shula can win his first on sunday. mike is the offensive coordinator for the carolina panthers giving ena lot of the credit for cam newton's big season. shula and the panthers five and a half favorite fo win over den ber ver. growing up and knowing is what it's all about as far as your professional light. you know, he we don't want to stop here. i'm like any other cismed waint to make my dad and my brother and my sisters proud. >> known mike a long time. that will do it. i'm steve. lynn and danielle back right after this.
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>> >> danielle: 12345 is 7 news at 6:30. thank you so much for watching i'm dan em knox. >> lynn: >> lynn: steve would you like to say a few words. >> i'm going to buy ah a coupe r cup coffee. >> lynn: you i don't drink could of feecht that's mow hu you knkn me. see steve lirt tonight at 10:00. >> danielle: good night. real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.
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