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tv   Channel 7 News at 10PM  FOX  February 3, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. >> now on the night team >> craig: a child being rushed to the hospital after being hit by a police cruiser, moments after theimpact. >> belkys: a public health emergency in south florida, as a dangerous virus spreads. >> she stopped an officer she ys was speeding through the streets. now the saga turns to social media. >> he was convicted of a brutal murder at 14. now a decade later, he is asking for a shorter sentence. >> two throwing in the towel as
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and tonight, the democrats duking it out in a primary fight. >> she got a goat and then says she returned it. the store claims that never happened. and now, the animal is missing. it is tonight's edition of help me howard, with patrick fraser. >> belkys: hello and welcome i'm belkys nerey >> craig: i'm craig stevens, all of this is more first at ten. >> this is seven news at ten. >> belkys: right offff of the top at ten, some dramatic new video, of the moments after a scare in the street. a 6-year-old, struck by a police cruiser. hello again, that yoyng boy was rushed to jackson memorial hospital and his familyyas given a police escort there, after the crash. >> craig: and the night team's walter morris has this live up date. wqlter? >> reporter: that is right. that 6-year-old was crossing the street on northwest, fifth avenue near 58th streethen he was hit by that police car, the family says this is just down
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killed more than a year ago chl those moments after cbught on cell phone video and we want to warn you it is tough to watch. >> that child. hold it. >> cell phone, video, capturing the chaotic moments after a 6-year-old boy hit by a miami police car. >> i seen him get hit and he dragged him down there and knocked him out of his shoes. 6-year-old, crossing the streeee on his scooter when he was hit by the car after 4:00. >> he hit the corner, going 50 or 60 miles an hour. >> i came running to myy house and told me that my son just got run over by police officer. >> standing by jack memial as the paramedics arrived, emt rushed him to the center. >> he has a broken pelvis, a broken leg and a cutn his spleen and liver. in ethis was the view overhead as the police began the investigation chl the police say that the officer was delivering
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out. >> when the officer job is to save lives. when you hit someone you are going to be shaken up. >> while it turns to what happened before the crash, the family demand lg answers. >> i want toee some justice. something has to get done, because it does not mak sense that these officers are speeding for nothing. what was hethinking? what was going on at the time? but i feel likee it was negligence of the officer. >> and the last up date, despite the serious injuries, that 6-year-old boy is expected to survive. reporting live, walter morris, seven news night team. >> now at ten, miami dade on high alert as a dangerous virus spreads, the night team showing you how to stay safe, during this health emergency. belkys: well it is a virus that can be carried by mosquitoes or sexually transmitted and it is lifrpged to devastating deformities in baby. >> craig: we are talking about
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south florida is growing. they declared an emergency with it. liz nagy is live with what we should all know >> liz: it is height of mosquito summer when it is hot and particularly when it is raining parks like this can be a feeding ground for mosquitoes before we get to the summer, public healt officials are working hard to keep mosquitoes in florida, from carrying the zika virus. so far nine people in florida have become infected with it, tonight they say all of those cases have been contracted outside of the state. >> reporter: the sight of the buzzing insects is enough to make you scratching at the just the thought of a bite. now they are just a pest, they are causing enter nation ral alarm, wednesday, the governor says that four florida counties are now right hand a public health emergency. >> there is no specific treatment for zika.
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in front o a room of people answering question after question. >> at any poinin the fetal development is the baby considered safe if the woman is to contract the zika rye russ? >> reporter: doctors say that the disease can cause, serious developmental issues for@ unborn babies. >> i was thinking about having a test, whether i got the zika virus, they managed to call me down a little bit. >> liz: all four cases in miami dade countnt are believed to be contracted by the people, traveling in south and central america. >> we are not talking about, there is an epidemic here, there isn't, in south florida. there isn't any transmission. >> liz: still that has not stopped the exterminator's phones ringing for callers looking to rid any mosquito concern. >> w search for any parts where there is standing water, because thth is where the mosquitoes breed.
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any risk of zika exposure is still, mostly aimed at people traveling south where the mosquitoes carrying the disease. >> liz: so far the only case of the zika virus believed to be contracted in the united states is in dallas. officials think that itas most likely transmitted sexually. rick scott is expected to speak in tampa more on the zikairus and how it is effecting state of florida. if you want any tips or informbtion on this, we have put it on the website for us, we are live in miami liz nagy, seven news night team. >> belkys: some bad back lash for the woman who pulled over an officer who she claimed was speeding. she tried tourn the tables on police. >> craig: but now some say that she is thehe victim of cyber bullying by a member of anothtr police department.
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the miami ferternal order of police with details >> reporter: a miami dade police officer at the center of thi video, now the president of the miami order of police has exposed some information on the woman who took the video, on social media. >> the reason that i pulled you over today. >> claudia was the woman who waved down the made police officer last friday while he was on the way to work. >> leaders of the community, set by example and lead by example. and so you know, i just urks me. >> reporter: she gave the officer, a tongue lashing after she says, the officerassed her on the dolphin express way, at about 90 miles per hour without lights and sirens. this is what katio told us over the weekend. >> it has to b b brought to their attention. the speeding is not okay, if you are in a marked vehicle. if you have a situation, yes. >> records show she has been
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including five for speeding. >> the officer's personnel folder has no disciplinary action, but it does show three preventible crashes and also notes his excellent, driving record. since the it came to lig it has drawn the attention of the president of the miami order of police. on twitter, ortiz. posted this photos that says that want to be cop, likes to drink and drive, recreational vehicles, hash tag, eat role model and party. and posted the business card with the caption, feel free to call her at her cell and let her know, dbinking and driving on a boat isn't safe. hash tag,he is not above the law, hash tag we support. mdpd. >> a facebook user, reported the post as harassment. facebook then removed the photo of her business card, since it violated the community, standards. ortiz. reposted her information,
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miami police released this statement. as you are fully aware, ortiz. is the president of the miami chapter of the fer attorneytern order of police. andhen acting in capacity as president he does not represent the city of miami, nor the city of miami police department. if he were acting as a member of the police department this would not be conduct that we condone. >> ortiz. has not responded to our rereests for a comment today. as for the officer caught on video, the miami dade police department has opened an inveveigation. live in miami tonight, i'm alex diprato, seven news. night team. >> belkys: all right, alex. a man serving a life sentence for slitting a student's throat at just 14 years old is pushing for a shorter sentence. the move has everything to do with the recent supreme court ruling.
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is live at the metro justice building to explain all of this. >> reporter: here is the thing, the testimony shows that this guy kept a journal of everybody that he wanted to kill, including his own sister. well, tonight this convicted killer is hoping for that reduced sentence, a second chance of sort he is no longer a 14-year-old, boy but a 26-year-oldman. a man who is a convicted killer. >> i took the knife and i proceeded to slit his throat nethis is micel confessing of killing his best friend in a bathroom stall at south wood, middle school in 2004. the murder was grusom, golf as mall for his age and wore glasses and was shy, was stabbed more tha 40 times in that stall. rnandez. sentenced to life in prison. this new, sentencing hearing was mandated after the u.s. supreme court ruled in 2012, that juveniles could not
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life without the chance of parole as the florida law required when he was sent to prison, the decision was made retroactive to older cases. >> he was determined and today as he sits here before you, the day after his 26th birthday, he is exactly the same person he was when he was 14 years old. >> reporter: the prosecution opening statement saying that he is a well planned killer who deserves a life sentence. an dra, martin, a friend since third grade also took the stand, prosecutors saying that he also tried to kill him in 2004. >> after the case happened and everything came to light, i saw just how close i was to death, you can say, one of the things that i was chararaerized with is traits of ptsd. >> prosecutors say that prison phone calls between him and his
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that her is still a danger to society. >> he had you look up information about serial killers as recent as june of 2015. >> no. >> that is not correct sir? >> i don't recall that, no. >> reporter: his father not recalling that, but the state playing his prison calls to jar hi memory. >> used to dig up bodies and making a skin suit. >> and the defense arguing that this is just a son who loves his son and was trying to find a way to reach and connect with him. his father says with the right help, his son can be reintroduced into society. >> and you believe that in the 12 years that your son has been incarcerated,,he state of florida has done very little to address his psychiatric issues. >> s, sir. >> reporter: well that is what he believes. we will find o what happens because this is a three-day, hearing that resumes tomorrow morning, at 9:00 a.m. and so we certainly will keep
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reporting live in miami, i'm danielle knox, seven news, night team. >> craig: new details tonight in a car jacking crime in south west miami dade. the authorities recovered the vehicle, and one of the victims shsh during the car jacking also showed up to claim the car. police have someone else in custody too tonight. it happened last night along, south west and 135th court and the cops are looking for two others as well. if you have any information, call crime stoppers in miami dade, at 305-471-4ips. >> belkys: an accused peeping tom allowed out of jail set for trial, granted bond today, the judge ordered him to give up h passport and to where an electronic monitoring device. police say that he is the man in pictures, peeking into woman's windows. the defense maintains they have the wrong man. >> craig: a big bust at international airport, customs
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heroin hidden in the luggage of a passenger who was arriving from columbia, the officers arrested that passenger who faces charges of drug smuggling. >> belkys: a pennsylvania judge ruling the case against bill cosby will move forward. the comedian was recently charged in a decade old, alleged sexual assault. but cosby claimed the previous district attorney struck a deal with him. promising he would never be charged in that case due to what that prosecutor called a lack of evidence. the current da said, no such deal was ever reached, and the judge agreed. the 78-year-old is accused of drugging former temple university employee andrea at his philadelphia mansion, in 2004. >> and now, two republicans calling it quits, as one candidate cries foul. >> well listen, it is no
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throwing, yet another temper tantrum. >> and tonight, democrats neck in neck, making their pitch to the people of new hampshire. >> most progressives do not raise, millions of dollars from wall street. >> if it is about our records, hey i am going to win by a lapped slide on tuesday. >> the night team is working every angle of the primary push. >> craig: well on the democratic side,hat race is becoming more and more heated by the day. >> belkys: that race is tense and the republican battle is down right, cutthroat. there is a lot going on tonight, and the night tomorrow robin simmons has it all. >> reporter: rarely boring, sanders has it first and hillary clinton is taking her turn now. the republican field meanwhile a bit thinner as everyone prepares for next week's primary. >> what this campaign is about, is not just electing a prident, it is creating a political revolution.
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whom have not been involved in the political process. stand up and demand a government which represents all of us >> reporter: the two democrats left in the race trying to draw clear distinctions during a town hall on wednesday. bernie sanders preferred two to one over hillary clinton. >> the donald trump campaign ignores adele's request to stop playing her songs at s rallys. this crowd finding a reenergized trump after he blasted ted cruz with this tweet, based on the iowa caucus, a new election should take place or the cruz. results nullified. >> i wake up every day and laugh at the latest thing that donald as tweeted. >> the tweet saying that dr. ben car son was leaving the trail to head home to florida. urging car son supporter to caucus for cruz. he says that he is not quitting his campaign but accept's cruz.
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the man who could not keep his promis to win is just an sore loser. >> donald is throwing another temper tantrum. his reaction to everything is to throw a fit and to engage in insults and i understand that donald finds it very hard to lose. that he finds that very difficult for him. but at the end of the day, the iowa people spoke, donald trump guaranteed a victory in iowa. an then he lost. >> belkys: the once, crowded republican field, shedding candidates, rand paul and santorum ending their campaigns and throw s his support. >> my candidacy gives us a chance to elect a candidate who can grow t party and take the message to the people, and ultimately defeat, hillary clinton or berere sanders. >> belkys: you didn't hear from
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because the town hall allows them uninterrupted time to answer questions, hillary clinton is up now and addressed moving on from a raiser thin win inin iowa. >> it feels great. i have had just an amazing time. we landed in the middle of the night fromiowa. still pretty pumped up about winning there. and then, g@ the to work the next day. and i am seeing a lot of old friends, meeting a lot of new people. i have an uphill climb, and i am going to climb as high and hard as i can. because i want to make my case to the peoe of new hampshire. >> belkys: and that is what everyone is trying to do, the next republican debate, set for saturday. live in the news plex. >> belkys: all right, jeff lennox is going to be in new hampshire to cover that primary and watch for his life reports starting saturday on seven news and a reminder, now is a great time to download the 7 7 news, voice your choice app. for the latest from theampaign
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available for your smart phone, or tablet. >> craig: the former member of the south delegation wants his seat back,, garcia is ready to run. and lost the election to carbelo and the district that stretches from south west, miami dade has been redrawn and includes more democrats and that could help, he faces one primary challenge from adeo who has announced her bid for the 26th seat. >> belkys: still ahead here, a wild addition of help me howard with patrick fraser. a woman bought a baby goat and said that she returned it. the store says that never happened. and now the animal is gone, and so is her money. >> craig: residents forced out when something starts to leak. >> belkys: new surveillance video of the moments before a group of gunman open fire on three unsuspecting women. >> craig: and a drive ending with a motorcycle nearly under a bus. you are watching south florida's
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at ten. >> belkys: well it could be a critical clue in the hunt for the man who opened fire on three women at a drive through. surveillance video is showing the moments just before the ambush and seconds after the shooting, onef the victims started recording her injuries as well. >> craig: the night team shelden fox has the latest on the search for the shooters. >> give me for my sins. >> reporter: the facebook post seen by the masses. >> calm down. >> reportete it is not the only video tied to tuesday's ambush shooting at the burger king,
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pay close attention to this video, from a business near the burger king, the gunman are spot shadowed as they run to the victims sitting in the car at the drive thru, after the shots are fired, the men run off to the left, and the bullet ritled cars go in the other direction. >> what an awful predicament for these women and they had absolutely nowhere to go as they were ambushed with men with guns, and sat in that drive through lane and as the bullets came in, ripping through the windows and the doors. the woman behind the wheel, jerked the car to the right and end up on the curb and leaving tire marks when she sped off. >> i am hurt that is my mom. >> 43-year-old, lark and her daughter gant, who pted that video, are said to be in fair condition, at jackson memorial. one other was grazed and released. the shooters seen in this other angle, are still in the street. even though opalaca and other
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surveillance and by 7 7 sky force, blocking off streets to hunt the ruthless gman and as it gains notoriety with every social media click, tuesday morning's crime at the drive-thru remains unsolved. >> reporter: both women are in fair condition at jackson memorial hospital and meanwhile the police looking for the gunman who attacked the woman here in the drive through, if you know who could have done that, the cops could use your help, 471-1-ps that is the number in miami dade, county to crime stoppers and collect, cash for the right anonymous tip to police. >>raig: a dangerous driving landing a motorcyclist in the hospital, seven sky force over that crash in north east, miami dade this afternoon. the bike wound up pinned underneath a bus near the north east and second court and the person on the motorcycle brought to jackson medical ceceer, and jackson north i should say with non-thrive threatening injuries.
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evacuation in lauder hill the crews responded to an underground gas leak. and some homes nearby were previously evacuated while they lo to locate and cap that leak. >> belkys: now the story of a south florida woman who bought a baby goat and returned it to the store owner. he says, that didn't happen and now the goat is missing. the battle, now turns to the cost of the goat. it is tonight's help me howard, with patrick frar. >> help me howard. >> patrick: this is a kid, that is what you call a baby goat, a kid. you also call them something else, really cute. >> this precious, just beautiful anan it was sweet. and it was going, baa. >> patrick: lori was at a pet store when her grand daughter saw the pigme goats for sale.
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the goat but i had no intention until my grand daughter said please please >> patrick: she lives in a small house, and he told me no proroem it would be no larger than 20 pounds and it would use a litter box. she paid, $530, and got home and started googling it to find out more about her little kid. >> when i googed it said most of them are 35 pounds or more. but it could be upp to 55 pounds. >> patrick: she also found out that her home owner's association does not allowed pardon me animals and she was back at the store to return the goat. >> here is the goat and here is the milk. >> patrick: and then the story gets weird. she was told that she could not return the goat and get the money back and only exchange it for another animal. >> it doesn't say on the sales slip that i can't return it. andhere is nothing posted in the store that said that. >> patrick: lori said that shehe left the goat with the owner of
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disputed the charge on her american expxpss card. >> and now he has told america express that i never returned the goat and i am committing fraud and i have the goat and i have the monthn money. >> patrick: she said that he had the goat when she left. >> he had the g at in his hands and five people that can write an affidavit and no one put in a chip making it a he said and she said, so legally how do you solve this? >> you solve this wit witnesses. lori said her son was with her when she returned the goat, and she told other people she was taking it back. the storere owner can show his security cameras. that would answer t question, definitively, and his word that the goat was not returned. in small claims court, a judge will have to decide, who has the goat. >> as far as i know she has the animal and she has the money.
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who owns, bill's birds and he says that the securityameras were not working the day lori said that she returned the goat. but he is adoment that she did not return the animal, he told us that if it is returned he will return her money. >> if she brings the animal back i will gladly credit her card if she returns the animal. >> who has the goat that is now about ten weeks old? it depends on who you ask. >> i returned the goat, the bottle and the milk. >> she did not return the animal. >> and even the credit card company is still trying to decide, who side to take. now, if lori made a mistake and said that she did not get a return receipt, when s s brought the goat back her grand daughter was crying and she wanted to get out of there quickly. but without that return receip that could help the store owner if they go to court.@ if you return something make sure you get a receipt in case things go crazy. >> got a bad situation that has you pinned up and you need
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solution, contact us and we will not kid you because we want to
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news. >> belkys: great news, everybody, you are a part of the panthers are headed to the super bowl. >> craig: the bad news is that they don't play football. whwh is going on in >> steve: it is not exactly like that, and compas to this tv network in canada, we have made, similar mistakes ourselves, a french tv station in canada showed the florida, panthers hockey logo playing the denver broncos in the super bowl, of course it should be the carolina panthers. it did not go unnoticed. the panthers actually tweeted tonight, well, that is news to us. and then, panthers goalie tweeted, more rushing yards sunday.
10:29 pm
by the way that is t e mistake right there, it should be pey ton. we will talk more about the hockey and the panthers later in the super bowl, in sports, i'm steve shapiro, seven news night team >> belkys: that was good, i liked that error. you know it happens. somebody in the graphic's department, i am sure. and was asleep at the wheel. >> craig: coming up at ten, we are used to gaters but this is no a welcome sight, a krok making itself at home. >> belkys: it is the only one of its kind that we know of where was this wild, jag ur spotted in >> that is a front headed in our direction, when will it get here, w% are going to take a
10:30 pm
minutes. >> craig: mill sons of people snowed in tonight, blizzard conditions in several states and that is not all. >> belkys: part of the south cleaning up after the tornados tore through, robin simmons is live with this. >> reporter: the good news here is no deaths have been reported but dozens of homes have been destroyed after that wicked weather thrhrgh several parts of the countr >> my gosh. >> reporter: not one, not two, but four twisters touching down in mississippi on wednesday. >> i heard it p coming. i did not see it, but i could hear this awful sound. >> reporter: therees are snapping and the windows breaking and crashing to the ground. >> i took off running and told my son to get inside and we just crawled under a desk and started praying. >> it got real intense for a
10:31 pm
hear the house shaking and as quick as it came it just topped. >> reporter: the same system sending twister trorole through alabama. >> we could have been gone >> reporter: sending bricks and roofs flying from homes. >> it is just a blessing >> reporter: more than a dozen homes, destroyed. alabama governor is giving the state of the state, a bit differentry. >> this is a bit unusual, but before we start tonight, i want to acknowledge, actually the severe weather that we are having across the state. and we want to keep in our prayers and i want to have just a moment of silent prayer. >> and then, there is this. snow, lots of it, dumped across parts of the country, leaving many in the midwest and plain states without powers and forcing day two of some businesses and schools closed. about you no matter where in the country, everyone is thankful they can telll their stories.
10:32 pm
together to say how grateful, and how good god is. >> some areas saw more than a foot and a half of snow. officials said one mississippi county are asking the state to declare the are a disaster zone so that they can qualify for emergency relief. live in the satellite center, robin simmons seven news night team. >> now seven weather with chihf meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: and so the tail end of that m ms is moving in our direction, today was a warm day, typical of 61, and the average highs are about 76, 77 degrees, and we were well above both of those marks. and no rain in the rain gauge today. right now, everyone in the sevens, reporting 69 degrees and the wd out of the east, south east, and the humidity at 79 percent so here is that line of showers and thunderstorms making the way across, florida's big nd and into the georgia and
10:33 pm
in our direction this is a very long front that stretches all the way out in through maine and we may see some of that rain fall, moving in late tomorrow evening. but it looks like the best chance of rain will probably be friday. now we are actuallyooking at two fronts. the front one, moves in on friday, and it is going to bring us a chance of some rain fall. and it is goingngo bring our over night temperatures down, a good ten degrees, it is going to bring them right back down to where they should be. now, saturday, and sunday, it is going to be gray, breezy. chance for showers. then we will get a reinforcing shot of c cd air and depending on how strg this cold air is, by sunday night, that could be the difference between upper 40s, and low 50s, for monday morning. here is the marine forecast, for tomorrow. the rip currents at the beh, biscayne bay with a moderate chop and three throughout the
10:34 pm
the next high tide fshgs 6:00 in miami, 55. sxh the next high tide in key west, 8:11, passing clouds and feeling warm, over night lows in the 70s, tomorrow mostly sunny and the beach breeze and the highs will be in the 80s and here is the extended out look and a better chance of rain on friday. and on saturday and sunday and the temperatures come down just a little bit. and very close to seasonal values. but if that secondary front, really comes in strong, right now we are looking at a morning low of about 50 degrees, but a lot of the models are hinting that we could see, morning lows come monday into the upper 40s. and if that does happen, then that big chill is going to stick around for tuesday, and wednesday. and that is your seven on seven forecast. >> craig: a surprise in one florida, town a crocodile sun bathing where it did not belong.
10:35 pm
glades but no one expected one to turn up here. lynn martinez has the story >> well we have a sign to the left, right near the children's playground. do not feel the alligator and we see the children here at the beach quite often. >> reporter: but what they don't see, quite offn this cape, corral community is crocodiles that changed tuesday afternoon. >> one of our narz was standin outside and he said that hey we have a crocodile down here on the beach. >> i said, no i have been here since july and i have not seen annual 'gator. >> reporter: now he has seen the crocodile, as he sunned himself near the beach, they typically live in the brakish and surface in ponds and creek, and rarely inland in fresh water. >> you wonder, it is scarey. >> reporter: cape corral's canal system may be the way that it found its way to the apartment complex water way, lynn
10:36 pm
>> craig: that crock, had a tag on its tail, that suggests that the wild life officials have had contact with it in the past gl >> anchor: a rare and wild sight out of arizona, remote cameras capturing a wild, jaguar roaming in the mountains just outside of tucson. it has been named, the boss in spanish. they think that he is about 7 years old and experts say he is one of only, a handful of jaguars that have been spotted in the u.s., over the last two decades. however, this is the only documented sighting in the country. say cheese, hefe, you are
10:37 pm
team and we will be right back. >> craig: to sing their way to the top these idol hopefuls, are going solo. could they impress the judges on
10:38 pm
>> belkys: the night team, shireen sandoval i here with it. >> reporter: it was all about the solo round and making a lasting impression on stage. >> repter: it was time for a little one on one action, on american idol. >> the day where we are going to see some stand out performances i am hoping >> reporter: contestants going through solo rounds for the last performance and final day of hollywood week. >> reporter: each performer picking and learningg a song in just one night. >> and then working out an arrangement with the idol band, it is the first time the judges
10:39 pm
>> reporter: one of the stand out performances was this one by mckenzie borg. and this one by countby kruner shelby z., another favorite, triston, mcintosh. >> after the solo rounds. >> this one. >> yes. >> the judges discussing and debating, who will make it one step closer to becoming the next american idol. the judges dividing the 75 final contestants in three rooms. >> unfortunately it is a no. >> for one room, it is a heart breaking no. at the end of the day, we have
10:40 pm
but that is not you guys. >> two rooms, making it through. mckenzie, shelby and triston making the cut, and the remaining want to bes move on to the show case round. tomorrow night contestants perform in front of a live audience for the first time and see who makes the top 24, thursday after the show case round. idol starts at 8:00 p.m. right here on seven. news in the news plex shireen sandoval, seven news night team. >> belkys: all right, thanks. >> craig: up next on the night team, b b game for had hurricane freshman tonight, we will show you if i was in you have to beat, notredame. >> belkys: and the heat looking to get back on track with
10:41 pm
sports. >> time now for seven sports with steve shapiro. >> steve: as bad a a the canes looked saturday in north carolina state, they looked as od tonight at home against, unranked notre dame, the canes in the white, and up, and the canes are offnd they are up by five, two minutes left in the half, and to the rookie, anthony, lawrence and the freshman and he hardly plays and has eleven off of the bench in the first half and the canes up 124 and law ens again for three, and up 15, and lawrence
10:42 pm
a freshman, newton drives, and canes up 17 and led as many as 20, angle had 12, and camari and beats, notredame and 17-4. >> what i liked so muchs that we have a freshman, thony, lawrence junior who really struggled during the christmas break. he was n n shooting well, he whats not playing well. but, in the last week of practices, he really showed something and i wanted to give him a chance to see if he could do it under theame conditions and he did. >> steve: and he did, the heat need a bounce back game too and they got smoked last night in houston, and tonight at dallas, and the white, throw backs and wane, missed the first eight shots and heat is down two, and then to chris bosh and the game was tied after one, and the second quarter, and on the white side and he missed the last six games and h his back, and here he blocksks jj, and the heat went
10:43 pm
and spins, a 50-2, run and the heat lead by one at the break, and after a start, dwan wade have ten in the corner, and the heat up by ten and right now, the heat lead by five with under a minute to play. 18 new players, 16 from the state of florida. and that is um's new recruiting class and that includes, the receiver, riards and he snubbed alabama. from saint thomas, same bruce, and tight end, junior, and three players, and including the defensive end, joseph jackson. >> yeah, definitely, yeah. itits like i am dripping and i am muddy and dripping. >> i knew that my decision was right and so when the coach came in it was just a plus thatt we were getting a great coach. >> i feel like i was going to say and theeople that we have coming in there. and through our glass and bruce and all of us. and i think that we all we are thelass to get it back on trip. >> i am dripping and i am muddy. >> the first recruiting class at
10:44 pm
ve of the 18 recruits are enrolled in school including the quarterback, jack from parish florida and rated the 8th best in the country, here is rick. very talented bunch. you know, everybody this time of year is going to say that, but we truly believe that we have got the guys that can help us win. and that is what it is all about. >> steve: fiu signs two kids from state champi, booker t. washington, and receiver scott and kicker jose boragolis and the big recruiting class for the panthers, 24 kids and 21 from the state of florida. the top local kids, the defensive end, nick bosa, already declared for ohio state, his father there is former dolphin's first round pick john bosa, fsu, ranked number one and florida is 12th and arkansas coach, brett belma says that the gators are a little sketchy. >> florida, kind of the new ol
10:45 pm
recruit thag shocks you. >> obviously this guy does not know me, i didn't know what he was talking about and i think that obviously those who know me and know the standards that florida is up to, i don't know where he is getting any of this stuff. >> the gators play, arkansas next season, the heat are up by three and there are 14 seconds to play and we will have an up date at eleven. th heat just won, i am told and we will up date you, and i'm
10:46 pm
back after this. >> c cig: when someone offers you a cookie, eat the cookie life is too short, wouldn't you agree? >> craig: pearls of wisdom by belkys, to conclude, seven news at ten. >> belkys: that is a wrap for us at ten, just one. >> craig: and another one tomorrow, i'm craig stevens,
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