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tv   Channel 7 News at 11PM  FOX  February 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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cookie. >> now on the night team. >> reporter: a child rushed to the hospital after being struck by a police cruiser, video of the moments after impact. >> reporter: a public, health emergency in south florida, as a dangerous virus spreads. >> reporter: she stopped an officer, she says was speeding through the streets. now the saga turns to social media. >> reporter: he was convicted of a brutal murder at 14. now, a decade later, he is asking for a shorter ntence. >> craig: i'm craig stevens. >> belkys: i'm belkys nerey, seven news at eleven starts now. >> this is seven news atleven. >> belkys: right off of the topop at eleven some dramatic new video after moments of a scare in the street, a 6-year-old, struck by a police cruiser. hello again everyone, that yoyog boy was rushed to jackson memorial hospital and the family given a police escort there
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>> craig: the night team reports now. >> reporter: celel phone, video, capturing the chaotic moments after a 6-year-old boy hit by a miami police car. >> i seen him get hit, man, he flew and he dragged him all the way down there and knocked him out of his shoes, man. >> reporter: 6-year-old law son, crossing on his scooter, when he was hit by the car just after 4:00 p.m. >> no hitting in this corner man, doing, 50 and 60 miles an hour bro. >> came running to my house and told me that my son just got ran over by a police officer. >> reporter: the crews are standing by at jackson memorial as the par med tikz arrived as they rushed him to the center. >> he has a broken pelvis bone and a broken leg and a small cut on his spleen and liver >> reporter: this was the v vw overhead while the police start the investigation, the police
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>> the officer's job is to save lives when you hit someone especially if it is a child you are going to be shaken up. >> reporter: while it turns into how far the officer was going and what happened before the crash, thehe family demanding answers. >> i want to see some justice, something has to get done, because it does not make sense that these officers are speeding for nothing. >> what was he thinking and what was going on at the time. but i feel like it was negligence of the officer. >> reporter: and despite his serious injuries, we are told that 6-year-old boy is expected to survive. reporting at jackson memorial, walter morris seven news night team. >> now at eleven, miami dade on high alert as a dangerous virus spreads. the night team showing you how to stay safe during this health emergencn. >> belkys: it is a virus that can be carried by mosquitoes or sexually transmitted and it is linked to deformities in babies
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the zika and the number in the cases is growing. liz nagy is live >> liz: the sight is enough to make you start scratching, now they are more than just a pest. mosquitoes are causing international alarm. on wednesday, the governor said that four florida counties are now under a public health emergency. >> there is no specific treatment >> reporter: >> liz: a panel of experts, sat answering questions after question. >> at any point inhe fatal defendantment is the baby considered safe in the woman is to contract >> liz: the pregnant women are the riskyist, patients and doctors say that the disease can cause, serious developmental issues for unborn babies. >> i was thinking about having a test where i got the zika virus and they managed to calm me down. >> liz: all four cases in miami dade county are believed to be contracted by the people,
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america. >> we are not talking about an ep dim being here, there n't, there isn't any transmission. >> liz: that has not stopped the exterminators phoneses ringing from callers looking to rid any mosquito concern. >> we search for parts where there is standing water, that is where they breed. >> liz: advice for preventing an rifk of exposure is still moslly aimed at people traveling south, where the mosquitoes are carrying the disease. >> liz: so far the officials believe that the only case contracted within the united states is in dallas and they say that case was most likely trsmitted sexually, and governor scott is expected to speak more on the virus and how it is effecting florida, on thursday in tampa, if you would like more information, we put the stuff up to check it out at
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in miami, liz nagy. >> belkys: back lash for the woman who pulled over an officer who she claimed was speeding. she tried to turn the tables on police. >> craig: but now some say tha she is the victim of cyber bullying by a member of another police department. alex diprato reports from the miami ferternal order of police. >> the reason that i pulled you over today >> reporter: she was the woman who waved down the police officer, on friday while he was on his way to work. >> leaders of the community, set by example. lead by example. and so you know, i just urks me. >> reporter: she gave the officer a tongue lashing after she says the officer passed her on the dolphin express way at about 90 miles per hour without lights and sirens. this is what castillo told us over the weekend. >> it has to be brought to their attention, the speeding is not okay if you are in a marked vehicle. if you have a situation, yes. >> reporter: records show that
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police, including five for speeding. the officer personnel folderas no disciplinary action but it does show three preventible crashes and it also notes his excellent, driving record, s sce the story came to light she has drawn the attention of ortiz. thee president of the miami order of police, on tuesday he posted these photos and says that are castillo want to be cop, like to drink and drive, recreational vehicle, hash tag, great role mode and bud light party and on facebook, he posted her business card with the caption, feel free to call her at her cell and let her know, drinking and driving on a boat isn't safe. hash tag, she is not above the law, hash tag we support, mbpd. a facebookser reported the post as harassment, the facebook removed the photo of the
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violated their community standards. ortiz. reposted her information, wednesday afternoon. statement. as you are fully aware, lieutenant orti is the predz of the miami chapter of the order of police which is a federally protected collective bargaining union. when acting as the capacity of their president he does not represent the city of miami, if he were acting as the city of miami, this qs thot conduct that we condone. he did not respond to our request for comment chl the miami dade police department has oped an investigation into the officer caught on video. in miami, i'm alex diprato, seven news night team. >> belkys: a man serving a life sentence to slitting a student's throat is just 14 years old. at just 14 years old, i should say, is pushing for a shorter sentence, the move has everything to do with a recent, supreme court ruling, the night
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metro justice building to explain this. >> reporter: he is no longer a 14-year-old boy but a 26-year-old man, a man who is a convicted killer. >> i took the knife out, and i proceeded to slit his throat. >> reporter: this is him at 14, confsing to killing his best friend golf in a bathroom stall at south wood middle school in 2004. the murder was grusome, golf who the relatives described as small for his age and wore glasses and was shy, was stabbed more than 40 times in that stall. her nan dez sentenced to life in prison. this newewearing was mandated after the u.s. supreme court ruled in 2012, that juveniles cannot automatically be sentenced to life without the chance of parole, as the floriri law required when he was sent to prison, the decision was made, retroactive to older cases. >> he was determined and today, as he sits here before you, the
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is exactly the same person he was when he was 14 years old. >> the prosecution opening statement on wednesday saying that he is a well planned, kill who deserves a life sentence. andrei, martin a friend since third grade also took the stan prosecutors saying, also, tried to kill him, in 2004. >> after the case happened, and everything came to light, and i saw just how close i was to the death, and you can say, one of the things that i was characterized with is traits of ptsd. >> and prosecutors say that prison phone calls between him and his phone and a pen pal, suggests that he is still a danger to society. >> that he had youook up information about serial killels as recent as june of 2015. >> no. >> that is not correct, sir in >> i don't recall that, no.
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but the state playing these prison calls to jar his memory. >> they used to dig up bodies that he whats making a skin suit. >> that was a crazy. >> the defense arguing that this is just a father who simply lovessis son and was trying to find a way to reach and to connect with him. danielle knox, seven news, night team. >> craig: new details in a south west miami dade car jackingng crime, authorities recovered the vehicle in the gables one of the two victims shot during the car jacking also showed up to reclaim the car. one suspect involved in the crime, taken into custody, it happened last night along, south west and 254th street and the police are looking for two othehe if you have information, call 305-471-tips,rime stoppers. and an accused peeping tom is now out of jail and awaiting trial. a judge granted bond today for 43-year-old, surulia, the judge ordered him to give up his passport and to wear an electronic monitoring device,
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man seen in the survelance pictures, peeking in woman's windows. the defense maintains they have the wrong guy gl >> anchor: still ahead here, new surveillance video of the moments of a group of gunman opened the fire on three unsuspected women.
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a bus. >> belkys: well it could be a critical clue in the hunt for the men who openedd fire on three women at a drive through, surveillance video, showing the moments bore the ambush, and seconds after the shooting one of the victims started recording her injuries as well. >> craig: the night team shelden fox has the latest on the search for the shooters. >> give me for my --. >> reporter: it is the facebook post seen by thehe masses. >> calm down. >> reporter: it is not the only video tied to tuesday's ambush
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drive thru pay attention to the video, from the business near the burger king, the gunman are spot shadowed as they run to the victims sitting at the car in the drive thru, the men one off to the left and the car also spot shadowed goes in the other direction. >> what an awful predicament for these women and they had absolutely nowhere to go as they were ambushed by men with guns. they saw in that drive thru lane and as the bullets came in, ripping through the windows and the doors, the woman behind the wheel, jerks the wheel to the right and ends up on the grass and overrhe curb and leaving the tire marks as she sped off. >> i am hurt that is my mom >> reporter: relatives say that 43-year-old, lark and her daughter gant, who posted that facebook video, of the shootings aftermath are said to be in fair condition. and at jackson memorial. one other was grazed and released the shooters seen in this other angle are still in the street,
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cops are seen on surveillance and by seven sky force, blocking on streets to hunt ruthless gunman and as it gains notoriety with every clip, the crime at the drive thru remains unsolved. >> reporter: both women are in fair condition, and mean tile, the cops are looking for the gunman who attacked the women inside of t t drive thru lane of this and burger king, do you know who did that, they could use your help, 471-tips that is the name, miami dade and the crime stoppers and collect the cash for the right tip for police, shelden fox, seven news night team >> craig: a dangerous drive landing a motorcyclist in the hospital, seven sky force at the scene of the crash in northwest miami dade. the bike wound up pinned under a bus. the rer of the motorcycle was taken to jackson north medical center with non-life threatening injuries. sky force over an emergency
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the crews responded to a leak in the area of northwest, 43rd terrace and the homes were evacuated as they work to locate and cap that leak. >> coming up here at eleven, quite the surprise at a south florida, school, a special mission for one south, florida, dad. >> phil: we are keeping an eye on rain and it should move in on friday, and a cool down t
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of minutes. >> craig: a heartwarming reunion at a south florida, school. >> who is that? who is that?t? >> oh, my gosh. >> craig: it is dad. >> my dad. >> belkys: jason ray is a defense department contractor who p pviously served in active duty for eight years and the reserves for three on a special
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son, 4-year-old, lucavare there he is at school this morning, jason has been deployed overseas for six months and he is going to be leaving again shortly, but he hasot that hug to take with him now. yeah, it is my dad. that is sweet. >> now, seven weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro >> phil: actually quiet night here in stste across florida, and miami partly cloudy skies and the temperature of 74 degrees. and for you and fort lauderdale, the wind out of the east and south east, 14 miles per hour and the temperature of 75, and key west, partly cloudy, 76 degrees, the humidity at 88 percent. storm tracker is showing we are dry but there is a line of rain moving in across florida's big bend and in through georgia and that is all ahead of a front and this front should bring us rain, either late tomorrow, or possibly during the day on
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this is all due to a front making its way all up and down the east coast anchored by an area of low pressure and still dumping a lot of snow across the great lakes, region. and so, here is what we are looking at, two fronts, the first one moves in either tomorrow night or friday, and the chance of some rain fall, and it is going to bring the temperatures, down about ten grees to near, typical values. and then, over the weekend, we are going to get a reinforcing shot of cold air. now depending on how strong this ont is, we could either have morning lows on monday and in the upper 40s, or the low 50s. so everything depends on the strength of thaha second one. here is the marine, forecast. threat or rip currents and 15 knot winds and, seas two to three feet, and biscayne bay with a moderate chop, the seas beyond the reef building to two to five feet, and the next high
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morning and 8:11 for the lower keys and your uv index will be at 6:00, for tonight, partly cloudy, the average low about 61, we are going to be well above that. typical highs, are about 76, 77, and tomorrow another warm day, with the wind out of the south east and here is the extended out look, by friday a better chance of some showers and the same on saturday and sunday, the temperatures come right back down to near typical values but then take a look at monday and right now we are calling for a temperature of about 50 degrees to start the day. but, if that front comes in strong, and some models well, actually we are not looking at our clock here. but some models are suggesting, that we could see morning lows, in the upper 40s. so let's see what happens, we will be monitoring that over the next few days. forecast. weekend. >> craig: wintertime. >> belkys: only the people like from the north are on the beach
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and i am like what are you doing? >> craig: keep it coming phil. thee heat try to get on track as they take on dallas tonight.
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next with seven sports. >> time now for seven sports with steve shapiro. >> s sve: it is good to be a basketball fan in south florida tonight.
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the road at dallas, whiteide is back after missing six games, came off the bench, the secd quarter this is whi side and he spins and slams it and part of a 15-it, heat run, and up one at the break, wade missed the first shotsts and here is wade part of a 14-2, heat run and more heat, white side had ten points and nine rebounds and five blocks. the heat were up by nine after three, the fourth quarter, bosh with the two handed slam and he had 20, and up by 6, with under 6 to play, he had a game high, 28 and later the heat are up by two and just over a minute to play, bosh in the corner for three. and the heat were just two of 15 for three, but the heat win, and the fifth straight winn dallas and they are a half game behind atlanta and play at char lot on friday. >> they need a bounce back game too and got smoked on saturdad
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notre dame up to shellton and up by five and two minutes left, and to the freshman, lawrence and the kid hardly plays and eleven off of the bench in the first half, and the canes up 12, and lawrence up again and the canes up # 5, and finish with a team heightt 18. and just under ten minutes to play, newton drives, and led as many as 20, angel had 12 and up here to murphy and the um beats, notre, dame, and the canes are 17-4, and 18 new players and 16 from the state of florida and that is the um's new recruiting class, it includes, receiver richards and snubbed alabama, and tight end, michael irin junior, and jackson and the cane's recruiting class, ranked 19 in the country by espn and fsu was ranked first, every year these high school kids come up
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what college they are going to. davante anderson is a four star safety from texas and jumps out of perfectly good airplane, he will reveal his school hen he gets back to earth and narrowed it down to texas lsu and mississippi. once he is down on the ground let's see it. reveal it. where are you going? he is going to ol miss. the first place, panthers at home tomorrow night against detroit, i'm s sve back to craig and bellkies. >> belkys: that was quite a way to make an entrance. that is a wrap, speaking of exits chow chow i'm belkys nerey. >> craig: i'm craig stevens, have a good one, see you tomorrow. real-time closed captioning
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