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tv   Channel 7 News at 11PM  FOX  February 4, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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we are wakinin up with mostly dry conditions. one moreay of warm weather before showers start to move into the area tonight a aad of front number one going into friday. and the the cold snap is definitely coming on sunday with cold front number two. now, as far as temperature readings are concerned, were in the 70s. # 3 in miami, # 1 in fort lauderdale including west kendall to 76 degrees in key west t. day planner is going with the zero percent chance of rain through the afternoon and then that chance goes up to 30 percent tonight with overnight lows in the 70s dropping down this the 60s. your morning commute looks good, more clouds settling into the ar, but at least it's dry. i'll be back with the complete forecast in a few minutes. breaking overnight, a dangerous rude awakening for a man and woman in uderhill. they were in bed when a car
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northeast 16th street and 33rd avenue t. impact so powerful it sent them flying in the next room. a girlleeping in another part of the house wasn't hurt. >> they're very lucky to be alive. they're lucky they only suffered minor injuries. it could have been an a lot worse tonight. >> reporter: the driver climbing out of the rubble and king off. the couple taken to the hospital. we do have a crew on the scene gathering information. we will have a live look at the aftermath coming up up.( and now at 5, dramatic new video of moments after a scare in the street. a six-year-old on a scooter struck by an officer. the young boy rushed to jackson memorial hospital and family given an a police escort after the crash. 7's omar lewis is live with the very latest this morning. >> reporter: good morning. in thisellphone video you're about to see, the family members were hysterical. it shows moments just after a six-year-old boy was crossing
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police officer. this mornin those family members want to know will the officer's speed played a role in the crash. cellphone video captured the chaotic moments after a six-year-old boy is hitby a miami police car. >> i seen him get hit, man. he flew, man, he dragged him all the way down there and focked him out of his shoe, man. >> reporter: the child crossing on his scooter when he was hit by the car just after 4 p.m. >> hit this corner doing 50, 60 miles an hour, bro. >> came to my house saying my son just got runned over by a police officer. >> reporter: he was taken to jackson memorial hospital as paramedics arrived. the boy flanked by family.
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broken leg and small cut on his spleen and small cut over his liver. >> reporter: this was the scene overhehe as they begin their investigation. they were delivering paper work to another unit when the boy darted out. >> the officer's job to save lives and especially a child you're going to be shaken up. >> reporter: as to how fast he was going, the family demands answers. >> i want to see some justice. something has to g g done because it doesn't make sense that the officer are speeding for nothing. what was he thinking, going on at the time? i feel like it was negligence of the officer. >> r!porter: and at this point, it's still unclear if there were surveillance cameras rolling. the dash cam video will sho exactly what happened. as for that six-year-old boy despite his serious injuries, he's expected to make a full recovery. live in miami o mar lewis, today
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and now, miami-dade on high alert as a dangerous virus spreads. today in florida showing you how to stay safe during this health emergency. well, it's a virus that can be carried by mosquitos or sexually transmitted andinked to devastating deformities in babies. >> ashley: we're talking about zika a. >> reporter: they're more than a pest and causing international alarm. four florida counties are under health emergency. >> there is no treatment for zika. >> reporter: they 159 on a panel answering question after question.
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is the baby considered safe if contracting zika? >> repepter: pregnant women are the most at risk. it can cause serious developmental issues for babies. >> i was thinking about having the test for/the zika virus thing. managed to calm me down. >> reporter: all four cases are believed to be contracted by people travelling in south and central america. >> we're not talking about an an epidemic. there isn't a epidemic. there isn't any transmission. >> reporter: stilil that hasn't stopped exterminator phones ringing constantly for callers looking to rid any mosquito concern. >> we search for part where is there's standing water. that's where mosquitos breed. >> reporter: so advice to preventing exposose is still mostly aimed at people traveling south where mosquit are carrying the disease. so far the only case believed to
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united states is in dallas and officials say that cause was most likely transmitted sexually. governor rick scott is expected to speak more on zika virus and how florida is dealing with it from tampa later today. we have more on the zika virus posted on our web site n. miami, liz nagy, today in florida. an airlinest miami international airport still flying to area where the zika virus is major concern. >> ashley: travelers say they're taking precaution and remains cautiously optimistic. >> i think it's reasonable to have fear and unknown and that being said, i don't think there's too much concern for it. >> ashley: many airlines are allowing pregnant women to change or cancel their flights free of charge. now to the race for the
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trading indirect jabs at cnn town hall in the granite state. >> ashley: a hillary clinton attacking what she calls sanders unrealistic economic plans. >> very hard to see how any of his proposals cld ever be achievable. so i don't want to overpromise. we've had too much of that. >> what this campaign is about is not just electing a president. it is creating a political revolution where millions of people, many of whom have not been involved in the political process stand up u and demand a government, which represents all of us. >> diana: and to the republican, the top two fighting for support. donald trump accusing ted cruz of playing dirty politics at the caucusesful he's calling out
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the campaign trl. trump tweeting quote based on the fraued committed by senator ted cruz during the iowa caucus, a new electionhould take place or cruz results nullified. cruz, that tweet referred to in an e-mail by the cruz campaign said dr. ben carson was heading home for supporters. >> listen, it is no surprise that donald is throwing yet another temper tantrum. >> diana: trump also battling it out with adele for using her music without permission. and jeff lenn packing his bags to cover the new hampshire primary. look for his live reports starting today. don't forget to download the voice your choice app.
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and democrat joe garcia is ready to run for his seat. he served one term in the house of representatives and loss to carlos car bellow. and it's been redrawn and include mrs. democrats, which could help garcia. he faces one challenge from democrat annette, who has announced her bid for the district 26 seat. and time now to check on stors making news later today. >> ashley: christine cruz is in the plex with that. >> christine: the florida panthers at home against the red wings. hot in hollywood, they will fine out who sings on and takes their talents back home. the episode kicks off at 8 on 7. and stunning display of culture coming to a stage in floridaful haiti's premier dance company taking over the adrian arts center.
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in the plex, i'm christine cruz. and an ex from the newsplex, cant feed doubling down on kolonel sanders.
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up next. welcome back. kfc hinting at new colonel sanders. >> hi, i'm colonel sanders. >> diana: kfcc giving fans a preview. he's played the iconic sanders since august. we will have to wait andee on game day who will take over the title. world cancer day is our today in florida topic as twitter hashtag started trending overnight, including this picturur t. tweet made all the way to fight against cancer is affectin his life. you can join the conversation on our facebook page or post or apply on twitter with thehe hashtag tiftopic and look for
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bottom of the screen. good morning, south florida. 73 degrees in miami and hollywood. we do have a line of showers around north florida. this is the leading edge of front number one we are currently watching. here at home it is mostly dry. the big view showing that we have another storm systemm setting up shop around the western half of the country. great lakes dling with snow and we have a steady line of cloud and rain from the gulf all the way to maine. this is the front that's on the move and will bring us a change in our weather pattern. 10 degrees in minneapolis, 18 in kansas city to 24 in chicago, much warmer to the south. look for warm sunshine today with above average temperatures. tomorrow should be a little cooler back to w wre we should be for this time of year because
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showers that we're going to be getting across south florida. going into saturday, we will be watching our nextfront. but we're also going to leave the shower chan this is place across the area. it won't be until sunday when we will see a considerable drop in degrees. risk of rip currents in place, seas building two to three feet. biscayne bayay moderate chop, coastal waters of the keys and rough with small-craft advisory in effect, seas building two to four feet. the next high tide in dade and broward will happen at 5:11, 7:24 in the lower keys. otherwise look for a great deal of sunshine through early afternoon. starting tonight, we will see more clouds settle in. upper 60s along the coast, 50s inland. front number two crosses throuou
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we're already going to be sunday. and temperature readings could drop down in the 40s on monday. that's your 7 on 7. in the news now, a pennsylvania judge ruling the criminal case against bill cosby will move forward. the comedian was recently charged in a decade-old sexual assault. cosby claimed the previous attorney struck a deal with him promising he would never be charged this that case tu to what prosecutors call a lack of evidence. no such deal was ever reached and the judge agreed. the 78-year-olds accused of drugging former temple university at his philadelphia pangs back in 2004. and b -- ahead on today in florida, a man back in court asking for less time behind bars.
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police officer goes viral. man serving life sentence slitting his throat and at 14 years old moved for a shorter sentence.
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>> he is a man convicted of a killer. this is michael hernandez at 14 confessing to killing his best friend jamie goff. he is small for his age wore glasses an shy was stabbed more than 40 times in that stallful hernandez sentenced to life in prison. this new sentence was mandated after the court ruled that juveniles could not automatically be sentenced the life without parole. the decision was later made retro active to older cases. >> it was determined the day of his 26th birthday. he is exactly the same person he was when he was 14 years old.
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opening statement saying hrnz is a well-planned killer who deserved a life sentence. andre martin, hernandez's friend since third gde also took the stand. prosecutors say hernandez also tried to kill him in 2004. >> after the case happened and everything came to light and saw just how close i was to death, you can say, one of the things that i was characterized with was traits of ptsd. >> reporter: and prison phone calls between hernandez and his family and pen pals suggest that he's still a danger to society. >> that he had you look up information about serial killers as resent as june of 2014. >> no. >> that's not correct, sir? >> i don't recall that. >> reporter: his father not recalling that but the state playing these prison calls to jar his memory.
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king a p skin suit. >> reporter: the defense arguing this is jt a father who loves his son and was trying to find a way to reach him, connect with him. danielle knox, today in florida. and coming up in the next half hour of new, he is accused of being a peeping tom. this morning the judge giving him a jailbreakful and big bust at miami international airport.
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someone's luggage.
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56789 i'm ashley jones. >> and i'm diana diaz.
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much more news. breaking overnight, a rude awakening for a family when a car smashes through their home. an officer pulled over accused of speeding.
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after what another driver posted
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