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tv   Channel 7 News at 530PM  FOX  February 4, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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they up ride the truck involved but it will take a while for them to get whatever is over theree out of there. you can see the troopers out on the side and as we widen the view, you'll see the net result of this. thal traffic backed up. a lot of folks opting to avoid it and continue on the turnpike there. but it's backed up for a good distance and been that way pore a while and the sense is that even when they ghetto all of that stuff off the ramp. it will be some time before traffic is moving smoothly again. gharntion is davie. this southbound ramp from the turnpike to 5. still closed at this hour. td evening commute in west broward. ldom april occasion for a party today. absolutely not becse of this accident without injuries. that is the latest at the a 7 news desk. i'm craig stevens. 7 news. >> lynn: a@l right. now also at 5:30, students going
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>> at an ale men tri school. a scare for a young student. >> danielle: and now parents are being asked to discus an important less wong won their kids. nicole linsalata is there at hell men tri school. nicole. >> danielle: snoo danielle, this is at 64th and pines boulevard. north of that intersection near other schools include imagine car they're high school. pairntly this all happened last week. some parents we ran into knew about it bu and some didn't but all wanted to know more. >> you're very worried? >> yes. >> i'm frayed if someone come up here and shoots somebody. not the words a pairnt wants to hear from the second grade but ththe this case t is not a shooting parents are concerned about but instead a stranger who school officials say tried to to snatch a west hollywood elementary school student last week near the intersection of johnson street and 64th avenue after school dismissal. >> they are sick. they are justtraight sick. who would do something like
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>> r- for you@ child? >> yes, it's true i'm scared. >> last week the school principal sent home a letter that wread in are pt. a his span ik looking male age 30 to 40 approached a student. driving an old whietd mini-van with a black hood. it went on quote please talk with your child about the importance of what to do in saightses like a what occurred yesterday. it is best to complwn indicate your information to your child without creating unnecessary panic end quote. no word on how the student got away eye want them to be more informed about it. >> kenneth johnson says what already has a plan. >> lynn: have myriend here and we watch each other from different directions so a bud disidy system going on?n? >> yes, a buddy system and ma ma system and grand disad gidy system and it all works. trust me. >> reporter: and if you think
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situation. we brief it happened on wednesday, last wed daich the number to call, broward county crime stoppers, 954-493-tips. once again we're talking we're told about an old white mini-van way blad hood that sounds distinctive and we have reached out to hollywood police to find out exactly what happened. don't know if it was a boy or girl or if this child wau touched in anyway or just spoken to. no details forthcoming but again parents say they would like to know so they can pass that on to their children so they can be prepared. reporting live in hollywood. nicole linsalata. 7 news. >> >> lynn: nicole, sthawrchg. police need your help catching suspected rapist on the run. lauderhill police say this man you're look right no here march chest et and two other men offered to give a woman a ride home home but instead they sexually assaulted here. they later dropped her off at a 19th street.
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crime or this man. call broward crime stoppers. 954-493-tips. you could beel able for a reward of up to $3000. >> danielle: some big buftz at miami airport to tell you about. custom agents intercepting 90 pounds of hinin sin thict drugs includung bath bath salts since developments they were all from china and seesdz at the international mail facility. >> >> danielle: also on 7, a car plunging into a pond trapping a driver. th daring rescue by strangers caught on camera. belkeys has more. belkeys. >> belkeys: 'the went from being witnesses to life savers and now the grateful driver has his chance to show his appreciate to a good samaritan. >> i want to shake your hand and say thank you.
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>> but now owes him his life. bans losing control of his car after being hit by another vehiclen the 73-year-old driving into a port st. lucie pond. >> dve straight in didn't care. >> was zee air jumped into action running from the insurance agency across the street and dive nooght water to help a strain fer ger. >> he came to me and said i got you, i got you. aryou ready? and he opened the door. i opened the door and he panicked and took us both you nu under and a hit the bottom and pushed us up and got him on the car. >> another good samaritan and three port st. lucie detective helped bring the man back sthomplet it took drivers a few tries to find the vehicle submerged in 15 to 20 feast water. banson who can't swim says the car cannot be released but he would be dead without before a zee air. people like those are rare to find. he i my hero. the good thing in all of thvment
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the second good samaritan bra zee air. the police detective and drive vemple every one walk wade without any injuries. live at the news desk. i'm belklks nerey. 7 news. >> >> lynn: coming off the sat liessments here we go again. a hotollywood gift sparking dangoer for a family in ohio. a hoverboard catching fire in the home and leaving a giant hole n- on the carpet. the hoverboard bust io flames after the son tried to plugging it in to charge it. >> we did our research and said the ones with the three prowng can plug them in and they are fine and you don't have to worry abouthose but obviously they are a danger. >> lynn: he says the carpet will be replaced but unfortunately his son will not be getting a new hoverboard any stiem soon. >> danielle: coffee being used to fight crime in indiana.
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mask #-d man enters and points a gun at an employee the worker throwing his morning jo at guy sending him back out the door. police now look noorg gun plan. >> lynn: more than a hundred people getting sick at sea in australia. 158 passengfrs and crew members on a 12 day cruise goat age stomach virus. it happened on board the diamond prib cyst which is currently docked in sid next crews working to disinfect it. a. >> danielle: a taxing situation that could affect your tax return. a computer glitch wednesday has caused a problem for noas those who file casms electronically. as a result the agency isn't action 1e79ing returns filed on line until it is fix oovmentd the irs government site is peilable but where's my refund and other service is the not working. >> lynn: coming up on 7 news. an emotional day in court.
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apologizes for take his best friends life. >> danielle: and a little buy struck in the street by a cruiser. the mother asking for answers. >> lynn: a man caught on camera skirting the law. >> danielle: and the heat is on. a young girl has to remember what her parents taught hir to do in case of an aj emergency. >> phil: from heat to cold there. say cold front head owrd way. could brings a few showers over night and colder temperatures for your morning commute. the entire out look in a couple minutes. >> correct to 7 news on facebook for a chance t@ win a grand prize package to universal orlando resort. including the hotel state. park to park tickets and more.
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>> danielle: an incredible fire escape as a little girl jumps from the balcony of her new jersey town home. >> her parents told her quha to do if there was an emergency iemplet she is so press shussments she never thought she would stro do anything like that so yng ie craig has more. >> craig: lynn, this girls was a hero. not many adults would know what to do during a fire this big but 9-year-old did and it saved her life. >> and i went to s them. two police officers spotted her yong distress signal and came to her rescue. >> is e-hey told me jump. >> when they told you jump, did you for a second think i don't
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>> she just list toand what we told her. climbed over the balcony and jumped. she did a great job. it wantz the usual sa nair yomplet but i think all of us were thinking we're mot going to let her fawl fall. the little girl only came to the u.s.ive months ago. nearly every day they drilled letter with safety information. where whatever to do, where to go, in case she was lean and there was a fire. and noman panic. just you know who to call. pa pairntly the girl was paying attention. she's been giving a ciwation for her courage and the new star found dom is earning her lots of attention. and my class mace said to me at lunch and they were telling to me. can you tell us the story again? >> craig: very cute. that fire destroyed six apartments. the cause of it is still under investigation. in the satellite center. craig stevens. 7 news. >> danielle: all right craig. thank you.
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keeping our eyes on the developing story. this roll over wreck right now. looks like they trying get the tractor trailer out at least open up some of the lanes. right now the lanes are still closed again. this is on the southbound lane to thehe turnpike on the turnpike rather to 595 thvment is theam and this is the ramifications thafs accident which has no injuries but a lot of people down there feeling a lot of pain when it com to traffic backed up for miles during rush hour. we're going to keep you posted. >> danielle: also head four, it's he said, she said when it comes to return age pevment ho[ you can protect yourself when it's your word goobs a business. that is in tonights "help me howard" with patrick fraser.
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>> >> lynn: okay a south florida woman says she bought a baby goat and then returned it to the store owner. >> danielle: well, he says that did not happen and now that goat is missing. the battle now turns to the cost of the goat. it's tonights "help me howard" with patrick fraser. >> this is a quid. that's what you call a baby, a kid. you as ls call them something else. just really cute. >> just precious. just beautiful. sweet and saying ba baa. >> andnd her grant daughter sought
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i liked the goat but my grand daughter said please, please, please. >> she live in the house and knew she couldn't have a big goat walking around. the store owner told me no problem. it would be no large earn than 20 pounds. very easy to take care of because it would eye a lirt box. she paid $500 for the goat. she goingled. it miniture pigmy goat. it said most of the them are 35 pounds or more. but it could be up to 55 pounds. she also o und out her home owners association doesn't allow farm animals so. two hours later she was back at pet store to return her billy goal. i'm giving you the goat back. here's the goat and milk. then the story gets weird. first she was told she couldn't return the imoat and get her money back. only exchange it. it it doesn't say o the the sail slip i can't return and nothing posted in the store what says.
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goat with the owner of the store and went home an disputed td charge on her american express charge. >> and now. >> and now he told american express that i never returned the goat. i'm exit committing fraud and a have the goat and mnt. lori says the owner had the goat when she levment he says she never came back with the little can kid. he the thegoat in his hand. there are five people that can write an affidavit that he had a goat niz hand. no one put a chip in t the goat to make sure it was the same goat making it a he said, she said, so legally how do you solve this? you solve this with with witnesses. lori said her@ son was with her when she returned the goat and she told other people she was taking a it bank the store owner can show his security camera. that would answer definitively and the word that the goat was not returned n. small claims court, the judge will have to decide who has the goat. >> as far as a know she has the
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>> we went over to talk to william whowns bills birds. he says the security cameras weren't working date lori says she returned the goal. but he is is add da mant that lorly did not return the animal and he told us, if it's return, he will now return the money. >> if she brings the a animal back. woi gladly credit her card if she returns the an map. who has old? eye return the goal. the bot of mem mel can and the imoat milk. and even the credit card company is trying toecide whose side to take. if lori made a mistake it it is shea did not get a return set rhett when she brought the goat wack. she said her grand dwairt was crying and she wanted to get out of there quickly. if w- outthat receipt t could help the store owner if they go to court. if you return something. make sure you get a receipt to go to court.
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hawz heated up. contact us, we won't kid you because we want to help you. with this "help me howard," i'm patrick phrase iewmplet 7 news. >> now 7 weather with grim fair o. >> phil: all right. od evening every win wrevment look at a front that right mow is me it's way across florida and should arrive over night way better chance of rainfall and then cooler temperatures by tomorrow. cleaacross the nation's mid section and yet another winter storm impacting the pacific northwest. here are the temperares right now in seattle. 46 degrees. 66 in l.a. minneapolis 25. 40s and 50s up and down the east coast. we're looking did here in miamin temperature of 78 degrees. so check out all this r rnfall from the gulf of mexico. across central florida. up in through jacksonville and the east coast. that is actually the front headed our way and again i think we'll probably seeome e that rain some time during the over night hours.
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continue to move n. some showers after midnight. cooler it tpsz tomorrow. a and it's going to get windy here across south florida. and then by saturday, yet another reenforcing shot of cold air moves n. should keep us in the 50s. during the over night hours wouldn't be surprised to see western suburbs reporting over night lows in the upper 40's. here's the marine forecast for tonight. stleat of rip currents at the beach.h. wind up to 20 knots. seas two to 3 feet. biscayne bay with a moderate chop. a small craft advisory in effect for the keys. the winds blding 15 to 25 knots. seas beyond the reef tee to 9 feet and coastal waters will be turning ruvmentxtremely rough later on to night next high tide dade and broward coastal water will be at 6:00 in the morning. 6:33 for the lower keys. you're water temperature at 74 deal. so for tonight. clouds continue to bismed a few showers over night lows ong
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50e6789s inland you're looking at upper 50's. the keys mid six 50e6789s it's going to get breezy. tomorrow some morning showers ch then afternoon sunshine. partly cloudy for the keys. the average shy about 76, 77 degrees. where he are going to be well shy of@ that. here's your extended out look. still clains for a few showers saturday and sunday. and from sunday on warksd it looks like our morning lows will remain in the 50s. and that's youou 7 on 7 forecast. sniem. >> danielle: coming up next from the newsplex. you scream, a scream. now veg again leigh eaters screaming for ice cream. a lot of new flavors. >> lynn: and just days before the team that thinks 24e are playing in the super bowl. we'll explain.
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>> danielle: well, bell cees keys has a dish to share from a hot new restaurant on bridge. >> l ln: asia flavors are on menu. we grab a "bite with belkeys" right now jiet chef, tim nick ceef ca month ta in miami's brickell neighborhood. ca month to is great food and great energy swrevment food influence from china, japan, thailand and vietnam. >> kamoto is open seven ds a week for dinner. kind inside or outside in the birds nest and enjoy the dish we're make today. wild mushroom niew noodle with sack key cream. >> people are blown way bit play of vor. chef tim starts with the sake sauce and then add ads oil and shall lots and garlic. give that i quick saw tape. next add white button mushrooms and let them cook down for a minute or svment we're going
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madeira. >> season with kosher salt and add to ga ra sheet. a spice can get at shan market. we'll rereduce that by 50% and then add the creevnt once the cream is cooked down the chef purees the sauce.. >> let it cool and start the rest of the dish. >> add oil to a hot pan and add thick sliced imar lick and chopped ginger and mushrooms. >> and no rules. if you can't find one of these mushrooms, sub sa tiewt with something im is lar. and then adddd the cream sawssments add more to the spice and salt. now put low main noodle in almost woilg water and when he are ready, add them to the pan with scallions, appreciate thyme and pars light. mix well and it's ready to plate. chef tin tim finishes with white truffle oil and mushroom. block winter truffle and more
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>> with our needle we recommend dragon punch lychee. >> and here's our childed into well sake creevment enjoy. that looks so good. the recipe for this and my blog for komodo. on chef tim will give you tip on how to cook stete just right. komodo is miami's newe p- it place. believe me when i tell u. live in the newsplex. belkeys nerey. bo na fa pa tito. >> danielle: and we know you know bell key. thanks belkeys. >> and now a new vegan list. ben and jer reez offering nondairy ice cream for vee against and the lack toss in tolerant. classic chunky monkey. cookies.
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milk and without dairy, eggs or mon honey. >> lynn: wow, vegan chunky monkey. >> danielle: i wonder if it takes great. >> lynn: i'm se it tastes great because almond milk mixed in with stuff tastes delicious. >> well, that's 7 news at 5:30. i'm lynn martinez. >> danielle: i'm danielle knox. 7 news at 6:00 starts rye. >> now on 7 news. he murdered his childhood friend and now he is affering an a wi apology. >> it hurts me because he wases always so good to me joo a health emergency in another county. enjiet evening because change is on the way. police say two people skirting the issue at one store and they say this isn't the first time. also, grave fik that has south florida sports fan doing a
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playing in the super bowl? this is 7 news at 6:00. >> now at 6:00, a concted killer taking the stand years after murdering his friend. >> i wanted to apologize t jamie and i'm sorry for what i did to him. >> and spending years behind bars. >> and i want to apologize to his family, his mother, his father. i didn't always feel this way. >> tonight he is saying sorry. >> belkeys: hello and welcome every one. michael hernandez dplieg court hoping for a shorter sentence. >> craig: but at least one person there thought it was all an act. jessica holly covering the hearing live at courthouse in miami. jessica. >> reporter: yeah, it was a fiery day in the courtroom. the defense arguing that michael hernandez has change and there is hope for rehabilitation. the o other side con vintsd same
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