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tv   Channel 7 News at 6PM  FOX  February 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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his friend 40 times 12 years ago. >> i took the knife out. >> reporter: michael hernandez in the the confession of a convicted killer. years later back in court for a sentencing review. hoping he won't spend the rest ofofis life in prison for slitting the throat of his best friend 14-year-old jaime gol gowf. and hernandez now 26 taking the stand on thursday. >> and i'm sorry for what i did to hiem offering an a will poll gi to the the parents of his victim. >> reporter: you. i'm sorry. buying it. how did you muster up those tears and flaig call in c crt. >> why doafnt you practice this weekend on howo cry. >> do you have something in your hand hernandez, no, stab, see, i can cry.
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questions about about his alleged fascination with with serial kill eempletz another call. and he used to dig up bode de. he was making a skin siewvment that was crazy bleep. hernandez claiming he was trying to make conversation way pin pal. i'm not what those call de pifnlgt i didn't realize how bad they were. >> two mental health experts taking the stand. one for each side both drawing very different conclusions. the fact that he has taken adavananancht educational opportunities suggest some positive movement towards rehabilitation. >> all in all everything thaw know sir is he a good risk? >> no. thank you. >> and this hearing iss set to wrap up tomorrow. we'll be here. for now live in miami. jessica holly. 7 news. >> belkeys: we've got this 7 news alert.
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accident wherere a car was involved with anccident way bus bench. not sure if there were people hurt. neighbor people sitting on that bench. >> craig: let's find of out from ralph rayburn in sky force. ralph. >> reporter: we'll take a look this together. the back of the fire rescue and engine company and trees. we're off the end of the runway here at miami airport port. northwest 14th avenue and 36th street. we can't go any farther south but fortunately we have a live truck here. if they punch the camera up, we can take a look at the pictures together wheemplet we're being told by the police department is there ways two vehicle accident. one vehicle hit another vehicle. that second vehicle ran into the bus bench on the corner of 34-7b8g street and northwest 4th avenue. that pedestrian wasitting there and that pedestrian was injured and suffered leg injuries and transported by the city of miami fire rescuee and transported jackson hot. that's the extent of information we v. as soon as we learn nor
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i'm ralph rayburn reporting live. >> >> belkeys: and we continue to follow this story in davie. a roll over wreck there turning the ride home into quite the al thing afternoon. >> craig: danielle knox has the update from the news desk. danielle. >> danielle: and we continue to follow it guys because it has recreated quite a mess and a nightmare for people trying get home on their evening commute. let's gough an idea of exactly where we are tbawfnlgt this tractor trailer back on it's wheels right now. but the ramp from the southbound turnpike to i-595 still closed and the clean up here could take a whilebecause there's still a lot of stuff on the side of the road that that truck was hauling. the truck was on it's side. fhp and davie fire rescue on that scene and a can tell from you personal experience staking that ramp almost every day. it's a sharp turn. even swhearp you're talking about a tractor trailer or big rig if you're going over the peed limit.
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case but in any ee the truck was toad from the scene. that's how the truck wasas able to be ride but nothing right about what you're looking at right there. traffic backed up for miles on the it turnpike as this continues to be quite a mess during r50e8 l most in open per tune time which is your evening commute. that is the very latest from news desk. i'm danielle knox. 7 news. >> belkeys: now at 6:00, a health emergency exfoongd another south florida county. both miami-dade and broward among those seeing cases ave mosquito born virus. liz nagy live at jmh with details on thvment liz. >> reporter: belkeys, in entire state of florida there are now 12 cases of t t zika virus. that support from nine yesterday. a at least half of them or half of them are right here in south florida. public health officials are
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under descr strict guidance to find out how to prevent it from getting here. >> reporter: south florida is now on the map as a place to closely watch for the zika virus. between broward and miami-dade counties. there are now five confirmed cases of the bhos key to born illness. all the cases in florida are travel related. the mosquito that causes td zika virus is common in florida. doctors and official with the public health department are closely following the progression of zika. we are prepares but there's no reason to panic. but this is a disease that we will be able to manage and we all need to dob could lab or rate and take precautions to control transmission. bright and lir thursday morning. county crews suited up armed with pesticides prepared to exterminate as many mosquitoes as possible. so far no mosquitoes in south florida are known to have the the zika virus but miami-dade county isn't take any chances
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need to make sure they don't have any accumulation of water around the house where mosquitoes may breevmentd these mosquitoes breed in small puddle of water. >> reporter: all five cases of zika in south florida infected patients during travel to south or central america. >> for those individuals that acquire sim to. diseast. one in five patients w are actually infected by the zika virus will show symptom. the disease known for causing develop mental issues in unborn children for pregnant woman. but hedge owe figure shall stress as the continue to learn and watch about zika. >> can it happen here? yes it can happen here. we're taking precautions to avoid. that prevention is better than control. >> reporter: in order t try and get head of the zika virus here in miami-dade county. the public health department is rung a a campaign called drain and cover.
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outside their house and get rid of any standing water in the area. and they are suggest thats as they go outside and mosquito becomes more prevalent to cover up and wear light clothing to prevent being bit by mosquitoes. more tips like thaha on our web site we're live at jackson memorial hospital in miami. liz nagy. 7 news. >> craig: all right liz, also at 6:00, a disturbing discovery in a south flori canal. they found two bodies in a submerged car in west miami-dade. the vehicle matches the description and has the tag of the car driven by a couple at the t te of their case peer thassments will be taken to the medical examiner's office to be identified. alexandra pecan and brandon bra von were last seen at town and country shopping plaza at a restaurant. and rallying for change in miami. the group including r tiches and community activist gathered in front of state attorney's
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investigation and justice. >> my son was christopher deefnlt he was killed last year april 17th, 2015 ooflt i'm just asking g r justice and for someone to just speak up. every one knows who the killer one and tell the story and how it happened but, and they can tell every one else but why not call the police and tell the police what you know. >> and the law is real simple. >> among those there the president there, he is of the police benevolent association and luther campbell who im plord police to help residents in crime rind neighborhoods. >> belkeys: a mother demanding answer ses after her child is struck in the street by a police cruiser. 7's sheldon fox reports from miami. >> oh my god. oh god. >> reporter: there is shock, pain and the worse kind of fears seen and heard all over this
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wednesday. >> get me some towels. but thankfully 6-year-old an dwon lawson is expected to recover after being hit by a city cruiser on north west avenue and 5h street. >> he was literally stuck under cart. she panicked. she took him out of the car and when he took his breath he was bleeding out of his mouth. i grabbed him and was hold can him until the am beau lan came. imagine being the mother who saw her son in the street and not moving after the impact. they came raining to my house and told me my son just got run over by a police officer. police say antoine was riding his scooter andnd dmoortd street between two trucks when an officer and another truck accidentally collided with the child. antoine rushed to the ryder trauma center with several broken bones. cuts on his spleen and liver and he had scrape and lost teeth says the family.
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something has to be done. 60 miles per hour hitting the kid man. officer's job is to save lives and when you have hit someone. especially when it's a child, you're going to be shaken up. >> but according police that little boy dartd out on street between the it cars that were parked and the the officer without anyway to really see that boy as he made his way into the street but police are still investigating. that boy as you heard expected to make a full recovery. he is still here at jackson being tended too. >> we're in miami. sheldon fox. 7 news. >> craqg: also at 6:00, a destructive drive sends a south florida tam family to the hospital. two people hurt after their car slammed into their home long northwest 16th street and 17th avenue in louder kill hil. the vehicle crashed into the fence and into t t bed voom sending the couple several feel the io another room. the driver crawled out of degree and then took o. ee didn't here know car brakes screej screeching or none.
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cea he came out of the house behind them and came over here and stum build around over here and run off to down the the street somewhere. >> and thevictims went to the hospital to be checked thoicht have since been released. if you know something about the driver of the car involved here. call crime stoppers at 954-493-tips. >> >> belkeysys no canada despite one graphic. the florida panthers won't be flaight biggest football game of the year. >> td super slip up seen on ca yaid nan tv. >> it has sports fana smiling a little bit. mike dipasquale is where our panthers wilill be tonight. and a lot of people talking about your florida panther where the push off continues. and these panthers share a common bond with another team that crosses the goal line on a
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>> since thanksgiving the panthers have won 22 of game there. good but are they good enough to go from playing on the the ice the turf. >> i know that every one is talking about you right now. not only as a play off team but a stanley cup contender but hi no idea that you're that good that yououl be in super bowl 50. i tell you t was a pretty good tight end. >> that's amazing. not only amazing but oops. recently on a canadian broadcast, they put up the florida logo instead of the carolina panthers for super bowl 50. >> that begs the question. how wot panthers do against the bron does for super bowl 50? we have some big guys on the team. i don't know if te we are thick enough. in canada where hockey is king there. talking about you in all aspects. >> i mean hey, cats are hot.
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>>8 the mistake has gone viral across social media. it's been retreated more than 23,000 times. >> carolina panthers had an outstanding year and obviously we would love to be where they are in the championship game. it's great publicity for our franchise team and it's a lot of fun. >> have you seen this and hi no a deyou were playing the denver denver broncos in super bowl 50 a i know i saw. how many rushing yards he would have against peyton manning. soy think it's funny. he is in for the touch down. >> by the way roberto luanne go says he is a nfl fan. he says he will take carolina mp the year of the panthers. and the panthers play detroit. they are off super bowl sundy baw maybe not. it's a hockey night south florida. i'm back later in sports.
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mike dipasquale. 7 news. >> belkeys: all right mike. we'll see you soon. >> craig: and coming up from the next newsplex. a woman stead to be stuck up at a south florida store. e cause of that caught on camera. >> belkeys: and we are og following a developing story. this is the scene way couple of cars get into an accident. with one car hit a bus bench. one person sitting on the bench was taken to the hospital. 3rd street is the spot and you can see police on the scene there trying figure o this out.
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>> >> craig: we want to bring you more now on the story we tbowld heading into the break. an accident in which a car drove into or crashed into a bus bench. >> belkeys: sheldon foxs live on that scene wh more information. sheldon. >> reporter: and this is a scary one belkeys and craismg i'm going to show it to you now. northwest 36th street and
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not the proper time for anything like this to go on. really never a good time for this to happen but during the rush t makes it worse. somebody parentally sit ising on thatus bench there after a crash, the bus bench ended up getting flipped over. someone was taken immediately to the hot. there were fire engines out here as well as several different members of the police miami police department. you see the white car and van there. people behind that white car being talked to. we just talkeketo someone with an ice back pak on his shoulder and super fist shall injuries. and someone taken to the hospital. thankfully jackson memorial just down the the street fro here really. and traffic seems to be flowing fine in the section of the city. we'll keep on this and bring you the latest. you can see people walking bit bus bench right now and observing the after nafght crash. live in miami. shshdon fox. 7 news. >> belkeys: all right sheldon. thank for will update. >> craig: and we'll be right back.
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>> >> craig: bottom up for a couple caught on camera. not at a bar but a south florida radio shafng the woman accused of stealing by sticking item up her dress. >> belkeys: police say the duo has struck before.e. 7's vanessa medina reports. >> reporter: they walked@into the the western radio shack. sheson her phone. january 20th. they head straight to the back. she looks at the shelves and decides what she wants and then walks over to her accomplice who
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that, she starts p dropping the merchandise down her dress. > she see a couple coming in to purchase stuff. not thinin twice that they are going to rob you because they look look like just your average joe that come into the store. >> >> reporter: people at nearby businesses shocked by the video. >> i would never guess something like that would happen. never think to do that she looked like she was going to church. like they were both going to church. >> reporter: nothing holy going on there. >> the with woman knew where to go and so did the right hand man. last february the two hit the same store chh that time she came wearing a gray floi dress. she said it worked for her one time and it will working the secoco time. >> that time she puts not one, not two let's opportunity. three, four, five. six and seven compupur parts
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that they walk out with more than $11 in goods. >> sad. sad thaw have to be vig a ent lent it to every one that walks in your door >> police need help identifying this duo. if have you any information at all call broward criel stopper. that phone number 954 tip tip. reporting in west stofnlt vanessa medina. 7 news. >> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro.. >> phil: warm day here across south florida. thing will cool down tonight. morning lows a typically in the low 60s. we were warm thrmplet average highs usually in the upper 70s. warm there. but that's going to come to an end after tonight. temperature right now in the 70s partly cloudy skies. the humidity at 77%. and he clouds making g 's a way across south florida. that is the rain moving in over night and then the the temperatures will come down.
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this evening. threat of rip currents. biscayne bay with a moderat chop. nowrt keys, you're looking at an advisory. coastal water rough. now next high tide for miami will be at 6:00 in the morning. 5:55 in fort lauderdale. for new key largo. 6:23. 6:33 in key west. for thing. cloud will continue to build. some rain again i think passed midnight. over night lows in the low t t mid 60's. but look at. that the wind out of northwest. ten to 20 miles per hour. by tomorrow morning clouds, a few showers but then by the afternoon, i think we should clear out. we're going to be on the cool side. highs struggling to reach 70 degrees and it will be down right cocoinue windy and then here's your extended out look. saturday and sunday, still chains for a few showers. it will still be breezy. temperatures coming down and look at that from sunday all the way through next thursday, morning lows should be in the 50s.
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>> tim now for p sports with steve shapiro. >> we told you in the beginning of the newscast, detroit home tonight. hockey at highlights at 10:00. and a good win at dallas last night.
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hassan white side. five block shots. the heat beat the mavs 93 to 90. hassan missed six games with a strained muscle in his hip. >> i really miss playing basketball. you don't rels how much you play the game. i know i was out for a week and half but i couldn't imagine being out any longer. i know you all like my suit but i would rather be in a uniform. >> suit is tight ch last day for the media to talk to the ser bowl player thresm sequestered until after the game. >> cam, cam down for me. high. that's wrap rapper snoop dog working for direct tv this week. the ayer think that's pretty cool. >> snoop dogg. that's the dog right there. that is the business man. grow up listening to all the songs and movies and tough sliek that. i know they will be at the game and hoa fully he is a carolina
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>> game sunday, 6:30. eventually us humans will be on sa leave. robots have become better than us a at everything. yesterday before the pro am, a robot namedel drik on his 5th try at par 15th home. knocks in a hole in one heading right for the cup. rot bot, he doesn't get it but fans they show their approval by throwing we're on the green. it took five swings with you most humans wouldn't make it in 5000 swings. i'm steve. thanks back to you. >> craig: thanks steve. >> belkeys: and that's a wrap for us at 6:00. caio caio i'm belkeys nerey. >> craig: and thanks for joining us. i'm craig stevens oofl stay tune. 7 news at 6:30 is next.
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>> >> this is 7 news at 6:30.
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