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tv   Channel 7 News at 4PM  FOX  February 5, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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good afternoon, we woke up to a chill in the air. >> danielle: and temperatures in the 50s this weekend. phil ferro has the details. phil. >> phil: a lot is going to han in the next few days. a cold weekend in south florida. chilly air tomorrow and a chance of rain, and then some very cold air could be moving in sunday night through monday mororng. here's the stormtracker right now, dry, and it should be dry this evening, but by tomorrow, our chances of rain are going up. a lot of things taking place around florida, and if they all come together, it should be very cold by monday and the cold could stick around by next week. here's the front that went over us today. area of low pressure developing to the east. and by tomorrow, chance of plain and cool temperatures, and look a look at what happens by sunday. the low pressure sticks around right across the atlantic states, and high pressure to our west. you can see the cold air getting
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once again, i do believe that sunday night toonday morning will be the coldest. and yet anoer front will be moving in by next week. average low is 61, waking up to 64, and sunday morning, 56. here's the cold blast, we should being waking up to the mid 40s come monday morning, but with the windchill, it's going to feel a lot like the low 40s to start next week. i'll have a lot moren this a little bit later on. >> it's going to make so i don't get a fair trial, and i will be taking action and i will be suing. >> lynn: he never spoke during his trial, but a man withh some parting words before being taken to prison. the so-called facebook killer hearing his sentence today. alex de armis is in miamimihere
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punishment. alex? >> reporter: well, it was an emotional morning for two families this morning, and you can see the remorse for all of those people in this courtroom. derek medina has been sentenced to life in prison, and here's a look inside of that courtroom. >> count one, second-degree murder, the court at this time will be sentencing you to life with a 25 year minimum mandatory. >> reporter: derek medina sentenced to life in prison for murdering wife, jennifer alfonsoso in 2013. >> on the day you struck down yoyr wife and left your stepdaughter upstairs with the possibility of her finding your wife's deceased body on that floor, you foretold your future. you wrote on facebook, i am going to prison and that's where you'll be going. >> reporter: medina then posted a picture of his wife on
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peace. medina's hearing, five of al responseo's family taking thehe stand including her parent. >> every day i miss my dahter. i wish she was back with me and she's not, and she's never going to be. i miss everything about her. i miss braiding her hair for work. i miss giving her at vice and i miss taking harad vice, iiss laughing with her, all of things that we did together. >> i cannot express the pain and emotional anguish that the defendant has caused me. he changed the lives of family, friends, and most importantly, isabel. jennifer's daughter, forever. >> reporter: medina was also convicted of child neglect because the victim's daughte
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and medina spoke as well. >> pretty much the point i'm trying ta being make, i did not get a fair trial. i will be taking action, and suing, and i want barack obama, the president of the united states, to focus onn corruption. corruption is a big problem that we have in the united states of america and all over the world. nothing further, okay? god knows the tth, and nothing further. >> reporter: now medina's family left the courtroom without a word. reporting live outside o the metro justice building, i'm alex de armis, 7 news. >> danielle: a family overcome by an all-too-familiar feeling after shots rang out in miami. a teenager targeted while riding his bike. >> lynn: and now the police are asking people in the community to come forward.
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where the teen is being treated. >> reporter: hey, lynn, you'll hear from the superintendent of schools talking about how many kids have been affected by gun violence in the last year, and there was another one affected last night. we'll show you what happened. it could have been a lot worse. in the liberty city area, 15-year-old bernell charles, a ninth grader at es still academy. he was just riding his bike with his friend when he was shot twice in the stomach,ccororng to his mother. it pierced his left and right side.. it happened around 7:00 thursday night, dozens of children being shot in the past year, and this has the miami-dade school superintendent talking, but first, we spoke to that boy's mother, deena brown this morning. listen. >> i just got a phonecall and they told me that he was shot.
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the right side and the left side of his stomach. when it's your child, [ unintelligible ] espially me. my first. myirst, it was terrible. >> a 15-year-old boy gets shot while doing nothing more than riding a bicycle. the good people of our community must ce together. when over a single year, over 60 children are shot in our community, theood people must come together. >> reporter: and many of those victims did not survive. arnell one of the lucky ones. when you put it in that context, he's said to be on his way to making a full recovery. but right now, he's at the rider trauma center, with his mother by his side along with other family members here.
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pulled thisoff last night in the sometimes mean m mmi streets? 305-471-tips the number to calll if you do know anything about it. it's crimestoppers in miaia-dade county, collect cashh for the right anonymous tip to the police. sheldon fox, 7 news. >> danielle: thank you. a tragic end for the search for a missing south florida couple. the two 21-year-olds were last seen on sunday at the palms town and country shopping plaza. today the police positively identifying the remains inside of a submerged car at the black pointarina yesterday a alexandra and brandon. two suspected bank crooks caught. the pr accused of robbing a chase bank in pembroke pines on the 1100 block of south flamingo road before making their get
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mir. they took off in a getaway car but didn't get very far. the police catching up to them a ort time later. >> lynn: a health emergency involvinzika virus in broward county in the same day. we're learning that the disease may be transmitted by saliva and and urine. they are wning homeowners to get rid of standing water on their property. 14 people have been diagnosed with the virus in our state. and in all of those cases, they were contradicted out of the country but brought back here. and the battle continues in brazil where they're working on a vaccine. they have discoveredd traces of the virus in urine and saliva
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to seef it can be spread through these ways. go to >> >> danielle: also on 7 7 a new york nightmare, the morning rush coming to a halt when a crane comes crashing down. the deadly collapse happening in manhattan. >> lynn: yeah, the crane slamming to the ground as itas being lowered because of the dangerous weather. craig stevens has it. >> reporter: one person is dead and three others injured. the investigators are trying to figure out what brought that crane down. we think that weather may have played a role. somebody in the area posted this to instagram. this 560-foot crawler crane smashed more than a block on to parked cars below.
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to the seet in manhattan. mayor de blasio said that it was being lowered into position, with construction workers keeping pedestrians and traffic away from it at that time. so there were fewer people on the streets than might have been when it fell to the ground. the construction crews were not in fact working athat moment. >> the crane should be put in a secure position, as the winds were approaching5 miles per hour. as lower than typical standard for cranes, but for this company, that was their standard, and in fact, they were crane. they got to the work site this this morning at 7:00 and recognized that the winds were in the 20 miles per hour plus range, and they were securing the crane and bringing it down to a safe incident occurred. >> reporter: the victim has been identified as a 38-year-old manhattan man. he was sitting in his parked
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on it. meantime, the city ordered crawlers like this one and tower cranes in operation in new york to be secured immediately. in the satellited center, i'm craig stevens, 7 news. >> danielle: now to the race for the white house, and the fight for new hampshire. >> lynn: the debate between bernie sanders and hilliary clinton quickly heating up last night over progressive everyone and healthcare. >> i don't think that these kinds of attacks by insinuation are worthy of you, andnough is enough. if you've got something to say, say it. >> instead of arguing about sitions, let's argue about what we should do. >> lynn: clinton continuing to cues sanders of smearing her credentials, taking a clear swipe on sander's stance on the affordable care act. >> if republicans want to
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and i want to improve it, get the prescription drugs costs down, and senator sanders wants us to start all over again. >> i'm on the committee that wrote the affordable care act. the idea that i would dismantle healthcare in america while we're waiting to pass a medicare for all is not accurate. >> danielle: onto the republicans. they are drilling down to the granite ste as well, but still fighting over iowa. benarson accusing ted cruz of playing a dirty trick at the caucuses. we're hearing a campaign voicemail that may have sid the vote and now the frontrunner, donald trump, says that he is
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>> i think that it had a substantial impact. it had gotten out to at least 12500 sites. >> i don't care about that. >> well, cruz has apologized to carson, and meanwhile, trump hit it hard as marco rubio gains in the polls. a former first lady, barbara bush speaking to supporters. and her son embracing the bush lec see. the former presidentrother starring in a tv ad. >> the first job of the president is to protect america. and the president must be prepared to lead. i know jeb, s strong heart and backbone. jeb will unite our country and fight against terror and he knows when tough measures must be taken. experience and judgment count in
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be on the stage tomorrow night. and jeff lennox has you covered through tuesday's new hampshire primary. >> lynn: a major meeting between two religious leaders, this as pope francis heads back to cuba. the pope and the head of the orthodox church will meet for the first time on friday. it's meant to heal the divide between eastern and western christianity for 1,000 years. >> this is the first time that a russian, onorthodox is meeting with a patriarch from the west. and it's something that we have been praying for for a very long time. >> lynn: the two religious leaders will meet at the hosanna airport and the pope will making his way to mexico. >> danielle: a mother taking the
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parenting, all as her killerson hopes to get his sentence reduced. >> lynn: and the lmpd going on a wild ride, caught on its own and on camera. and how people were able to get is thing under control. >> danielle: and a man posing as a customer before going for a money grara, but the clerkrkas more than one way to stop this crook. lynn: then all new at 5:00. [ gunshots ] >> lynn: a shoot-out on the florida streets a police track down a modern day bonnie and clyde. >> phil: we're looking at a cold weekend on tap, and a lot of cold air moving in out of the north. how cold will it get??
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of minutes. >> danielle: a crook taking swings while trying to keep a man from taking off with his cash register. the crook trying to make a getaway before realizing thahahe has been locked inse. >> lynn: 7's tim caputo showing us what the would-be thief would do next. >> reporter: a would-be robber, in the middle of the afternoon, he tried to steal the entire cash register in front of half a dozen customers. >> how many people? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 people inside. >> reporter: the owner of the stop quick convenience store showed, the video ofet attempted robbery, the man in a hoody and hat, waiting for a few customers
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clerk, and even letting others go in front of him. common courtesy, i said, no, you go. but i went first it. >> reporter: when he got to the reg, he tried to grab the reg, and the clerk went for a golf club, and after a few wild swings, the clerk lost the club. and the robber might have thought he was free, but the clerer tripped a switch locking the front door, with no way out, the, and tried to use the reg to break the glass, and after getting what canned with the putter, the suspect caught his losses, and he dives head first intoto the door to make a less than graceful escape. >> can you believe it? >> reporter: the owner got a good laugh from the bumbling suspec and the customers were grateful that no one was hurt. >> he's a good guy, and i'm glad th he didn't get hurt. >> reporter: one of the
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said that the suspect was holding some sort of a kitchen knife. you get a good look at the suspect's face in the video, but to this point, no arrests have been made. >> lynn: coming up at 4:00, danger on duty for a south florida deputy, all as a suspect is sitting in the back seat. >> my oldest daughter had her by the ankles, trying to lower her out the window. and her body, she was looking down on me like this. >> danielle: father makes the catch of the day when flames
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stay with you. >> phil: all right, so we're going to get a lot of everything this weekend. and first of all, a front moving over south florida. i was expecting clearer s ses by this hour, but still cloudiness is hanging across broward and miami-dade counties, as well as the k ks. here's a good look at that cloud cover. and the temperatures have also been kept in check. 66 in fort lauderdale, and 65 in miami. 68 in grand bahama island. and the wind coming out of the north at 10, 12, 14, even 17 miles per hour. check out grand bahama, 20 le-per-hour winds. here's the stormtracker right
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tomorrow, a better chance of rain as we get yet an area of low pressure moving across o all of these zones highlighted here are under a small craft advisory until 4:30. i'm sure that they're going to weekend. it's just going to be awful boating both saturday and sunday. so here's our in-houseodel, starting at 8 p.m., we're going to see a little chance of showers, and there comes that area of low pressure by tomorrow, with a trailing front. it election likeometime in the afternoon and through the early hours of the aftftnoon, we're going to see a better chance of rain in south florida and that's going to stick around through at least saturday night and then by sunday, as the low pressure sticks armed, we get hig pressure building in the gulf of mexico, and then cold air is going to getetunneled in our direction. i wouldn't be surprised to see some windchill readings early monday morning in the low 40s across broward and miami-dade counties.
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threat of rip currents, small craft advisory, biscayne bay rough. for you in the florida keys, you too are under an advisory. coastal waters rough. next high tide, 6:07, 6:02 in fort lauderdale, key largo, 6:20 and 7:26 in key west. mostly clo\dy, maybe a sprinkle overnight. the lows in the 60s. by tomorrow, clouds around, a good chance of rain, highs in the 70s. here's the extended outlook. it's still going to be windy on sunday. temperatures start to drop. monday morning, waking up in the low to mid 40s. again, request the windchill, it could feel like the 40s. and looks like the cool air is going to stick around through next friday.
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7 news will be right back. >> that's 7 news first at 4:00, i'm lynn martinez. >> danielle: and i'm danielle knox.
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