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tv   Channel 7 News at 430PM  FOX  February 5, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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ahead. >> danielle: now at 4:30, a mother's tough testimony. her parenting skikis called into question more than a decade after her son was convicted of murder. he was only 14 years old at the time when he murdered his b bt friend in a school bathroom.
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for a shorter sentence. >> lynn: and today his mother facing the some tough questions. jessica holly, live in miami with more testimony. >> reporter: that's righthta convicted killer is now waiting to learn whether or not he will spend the rest of his life in prison. this is the third day of the resentencing hearing for him. wrapping up, let's look at the video inside of the courtroom. michael hernandez was just 14 when he slit the throat of his best friend in a bathroom. his victim, jaimi gof was just 14. he was a juvenile when he commit this brutal killing. yesterday, michael hernandez got to the stand and apologized. today, a young man who was his classmate and was once on his hit list made an unexpected appearance in court. >> i had the opportunity yesterday to see the proceedings with mr. hernandez's testimony. i hadhe opportunity to see his
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i would like the court and your honor to know i do not accept your apology. i found it totoe not genuine, and i believe that if he was truly sorry, the appropriaia penance would be to serve the sentence that he was given. >> reporter: and as you mentioned, michael hernandez's mother facing tough questions, and also a reaction from the victim's father, jaimi goff's father. and ultimately, the decision in this case will be made by the judge, and that will be announced on february it 22nd at 1:30. jessica holly, 7 news. >> danielle: looking outside, it's going to be a wintry weekend south florida style. th temperatures taking a dip and this cool feeling is sticking around. chief meteorologist, phil ferro in the weather center with what
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>> phil: you know if you play our cards right we may see temperatures in the 50s next week, but first of all, it will be a cold weekend. we have a front moving in across south florida. and a good chance for rain tomorrow. it looks liker tomorrow morning, the w we-up temperatures will be the coldest of the stretch. right now, everything i dry across the area. we may see a few showersoving in overnight. be tomorrow. we have already had one front move over us today. andd now by tomorrow, we're going to have an area of low pressure to the east. it will be chilly. but look at what's going to happen by sunday. is area of low pressure is going to intensify just off the eastern seaboard. high pressure in the gulf of mexico, and you can see all of that cold air getting funneled our way. monday morning could be in the 40s. and we're not done. there's another front moving in
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keeping our lows in the 50s. average low, 51, and waking up to 56 tomorrow. 46 to start the day on monday. buit's going to be breezy. i wouldn't be surprised to see some windchill values in the low 40s. i'll have lot more on our forecast a little bit later on. >> lynn: burr, thanks, phil. a man taking the police on a highway chase after they say that he was involved in an armed carjacking. the police catching up to him. in his attempt to flee, he did hit a patrol car, but the officer was not injured. and danger on duty for an officer in fort lauderdale. he was transporting a prisoner when a driver ran a red light and hit them on northeast 2nd street. the thirdar at the intersection was also hit. both were taken to broward medical center with non life-threatening injuries and
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scene for minor injuries. >> danielle: the university of central florida hit by a hack attack, and current and former students should be on the alert. the security administration of 50,000 students and staff, colon. >> lynn: now the university is working to notify)anyone who was affected. diana diez has the story. >> reporter: nicholas was a junior at the university of florida, and he found out that he could be one of 3,000 staff members and students it whose followings was taken by hackers. >> i'm nervous, i feel like i fit into one of the categories. >> reporter: the university officials found the unauthorized access last month and report today to law enforcement. the university said that it opened an internal investigation with the help of a national forensics firm. >> it's scary that it's out there, and it'sot private.
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numbers were accessed, not credit card information, financial records, medical records or grades. this includes current and former students, staff and faculty members. >> this week, we have confirmed exactly what data is involved and who is affected. and now we're moving into the process of notifying those involved. >> reporter: h is it that one of the nation's largest universities can be so vulnerable? a uc spokesperson said that even with the state of the art they have, it's impsible to coop up. >> all of our online systems and protocols and training. we care about the ucf community. and we want to do everything that we can to protect our information. >> reporter: ucf launched a new website with information for students and staff.
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will be keepingen eye out on his credit reports, and if he is among those affected, he'll be taking advantage of a fre monitoring and i.d. protection service that ucf is providing. >> it's bad that it happened. and it's a wake-up call. but with that kind of thing,, it's hard to stay on top of everything. because it's always changing, so you never know where an attack is going to come from, or by whom. >> reporter: ucf is mailing o o letters to those affected and they should have them by next week. diana diez, 7 news. >> danielle: and going cross-country for you this afternoon, driverless vehicles may eventually be all the rage, but one unintentional driverless atv in iowa had it's own road rage. driving dangerously through a grocery store's empty parking lot in de moines, and before
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it would crash into a wall and narrowly misss a power line, all while driverless. >> you went up the steps, and started throwing milk cartons everywhere. >> reporter: gaining control after it back flipped. and the store owner saidhat he didn't particularly believe in ghosts until now. >> lynn: speaking of futuristic toys, a drone almost crashed into a helicopter. it flew directly into the chopper's path, 558 feet above the earth in fresno. the drone missed striking the rotor by about 20 feet. the pilot radioing down to the ground crew, stopping that suspected flyer. >> and two teens in indiana escaping disaster after jumpingng out of a second story window. their home in indianapolis going up in flames.
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stepfather's arms. this as he a his wife smelled smoke and rushed out the back or. >> myoldest daughter had shanty by her angles, and she was coming straight down to me like this, and i had to run up close to the house and grack. >> danielle: one of the teens taken to the hospital suffering serious burns, and the family's dog also managing to escape. but her five two-week-old puppie died. $75,000. and the cause is still under investigation. >> lynn: well, coming up tonight from the newsplex, armed and gunning for cash. a young boy accused of a grownup crime. this kid is under ten, by the way, while his mother reacts. >> danielle: how do you g your point across?
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>> lynn: and a troubling trend hitting fast food restaurants.
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damage. >> danielle: fast food restaurants taking bad balls, leading to damage by employeye. earlier, a burglary victim fell victim to a hoax in california. >> lynn: and now they're prepared with these crank calls. ashley jones explains. >> reporter: the sign says that they're back open, but there's no doubt this wendy's in phoenix, arizona, has had a rough week. windows shattered and the business bored up because of a nasty hoax. >> i definitely would have validated it first and made sure that it was real before i started breaking windows. >> reporter: customers like mitchell have a theory about who ma the crank call. >> they have a lot of time on their hand, and it looks like a bitter ex-employee. >> reporter: they talked the manager into turning on the system. and break windows. and to make matters worse, this may be a trend. earlier this week, a similar
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restaurant in tules on, and in california, cameras were rolling as a burger king employee used his car to break the windows. after claiming that the gas levels inside of the building were too high. managers at the phoenix wendy's are not commenting, but the franchise owners released air statement, saying: police say the third restaurant in arizona has received a simila call, but the employees there did not fall for the trick. ashley jones, 7 news. >> david: comingcoming up next from the news station, self kids got a major surprise when shaq showed up for a pickup game. and now the team is working their magic. >> lynn: and south florida twins turn celebrities, thanks to a
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the report, teen idols. >> what's up? >> [ unintelligible ]. >> should be slipped it under my door. >> we have your moves. >> lynn: a movie about making movies. bringing plenty of big names to the silver screen. hail caesar, set in hollywood's golden age, offers laughs. >> danielle: plus romance.
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the movies. >> you're going to go there and finish hail caesar and give that speech, and you're going to believ every word you say. >> reporter: josh brolin gets aggressive in "hail caesar, a comedy as he goes about his day. george clooning, scarlet johannson and jonah hill. it was also direct by the coen brothers. >> they understand the tone of absurdity better than anybody. of how absurd we all are as circus members,, and they exploit it very very beautifully witho insulting us. >> hail caesar is rated pg-13. >> thank you, travis. >> i thinkhat's the first time that you said my name. i like t. >> reporter: the choice, based on a nicholas sparks novel, it
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love story from the beginning to the point where one of them has to make a tough decision that uld end it all. describing the most romantic things thahathey have done. >> before we met. >> i got married and gave the person the rest of my life. >> reporter: the choice is rated pg-13. >> it began w wh the black plague. within weeks, the dead ban to ri. >> reporter: horror comedy, pride and prejudice a zom he's, places jane austen's novel in a zombie storyline with london's undead population. >> the twistn this, the zombies are learning to have human qualities, and plan and trick and so it's even more terrifying.
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>> reporter: none of this weekend's openers will topple kung fu panda. it adds $24 million to its box office total. >> lynn: when a florida police officer played basketbl with neighborhood kids this month, he made a rematch. and now he has lived up to that promise and a lot more. >> and i get woken up by a phonecall from the orlando magic. >> hold up, hold up. orlando magic. >> the orlando magic. >>360 dunk. >> like orlando magic. somebody from the team calls me and they invite me and all you guys to a magic game. we're going to actually get to go down courtside while they're warming up. >> did you get that?
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bobby white telling the kids, they have been invited to an orlando magic game after building a relationship with them. it started with a complaint that the boys are too loud, and days later, he returned with backu and not with an ordinary teammate, but with shaq. now they'rere like lifelong friends. >> danielle: so sweet. >> phil: all rightht so the weekend is here, and we can be expect a little bit of everything this morning. lows in the upper 50s. low 6 '80s. cloud cover keeping the temperatures in check. highs in the mid to upper 70s. and everyone getting a little bit of rain. righgh now, mostly cloudy skies, temperatures in the mid 60s across south florida. the wind out of the north northeast, and the humidity at 61%. stormtracker is showing that everything is dry, but that will change overnight and during the day tomorrow.
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pressure moving in acrcrs south florida. cold air right now sitting across gainesville through jacksonville and the panhandle and the cold air will continue to sink our way. so this is what we can expxpt. friday at 8 p.m., by tomorrow, an area of low pressure with a trailing front starts to move in. sometimes in the morning, we should see rain moving n in broward, 2:00, and lingering showers on sunday. take a look at what happens by sunday night. that area of low pressure stays put here in the western atlantic, and high pressure builds in the gulf of mexexo. you can see all of thatold air just being funneled our way. that means that monday morning we could see lows in the mid 40s. but with the wind, those mid 40s could feel like thee low
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here's the marine forecast, rip currents, and biscayne bay rough. for you in the keys, 20 knot winds, coastal waters rough. next high tide, 6:07, 7:26 in the keys. and the uv index tomorrow at 6. tonight, mostly cloudy, overnight lows in the 60s. and it's going to start getting breezy by tomorrow. mostly cloudy, and a good chance for rain. highs will be in the low to mid to upper 70s with the wind out of the northeast. here's the extended outlook. sunday, it will be windy, but check out monday. a morning lowf about 46 . but it's also going to be very breezy, so the windchill values is going to make those temperatures feel like the low 40s across south florida. we'll then get another front movivi through, and that's going to keep our temperatures in the
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that's your 7-on-7 forecast. >> belkeys: hey, i'm belkeys nerey, and two hours of news straight ahead. a look at the lineup. the man behind a killer crime learning his punishment after murdering his wife and posting a gruesome picture on facebook. aeenager becomes a target while riding his bike and the community making a call for change, and a crane collapse
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all that and so much nowhere. >> danielle: that is 7 news at 4:30. thank you so much for watching. i'm danielle knox. >> lynn: i'm lynn martinez. 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> nowow on 7 news. >> phil: a lot of cold air set to move in this weekend. how cold will it get? i'll have the forecast. >> belkeys: now from the newsplex, the so called facebook killer learning his fate after murdererg his wife and posting a gruesome photo of her dead body on social media. another teen shot in miami. the victim's mother speaking out. a construction crane collapsing in new york city. the tanglele wreckage spanning nearly two block. pope francis getting ready for a historic encounter way relig goose whreerd he heads back to cue ima. >>. and a couple's crime spree columning to an end but not
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hello every one i'm belkeys nerey. >> craig: i'm craig stevens. we invite you to join us. the news continues now at 5:00 >> this is 7 news at 5:00. >> craig: and off the top at 5:00. here south florida will be keeping cool as we head on into the weekend. hello again and good evening everybody. >> get ready to chill out once again. >> belkeys: come monday we'll be feeling the 40's. chief meteorologist phil fer live in the weather center to tell us more. phil. >> phil: i know belkeys is not happy but cig s. he likes the cold weather. so a cold weekend is on tax we'll see a lil bit of everything. chilly a nothing. some rain. a good chance of rain tomorrow and you mentioned it looks like monday morning will be the coldest out of this stretch. right now everything is try across south florida. but by tonight, over night hours and into tomorrow, a better chance of rain ase have an area of low pressure developing and moving in our directions. so here's the front that went over us today. by tomorrow we're going to see an area of low pressure
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the bahama.
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