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tv   Channel 7 News at 5PM  FOX  February 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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the bahama. it's going to be on the cool side. better chance for rainfall. starting from mid morning through late in the day. and then take a look at what happens by sunday. that area of low pressure will intensify. sitting just off the east coast here the u.s. then we have high pressure building in the gulf of mexico and you can just see that cold air getting funneled our way. and we're not going to be done because right behind that, there's another front tha should arrive by midweek keeping us rather cool especially in the morning so. tomorrow, waking up arod 64, not too bad. sunday mornini 56 degrees. but take a look at how iew you're going to start workweek. 46 de. it will be breeze scich the wind chill values may drop into the low s by monday morning and then that cold air sticking around through next friday. we'll voo a lot more on this a little later on. >> snow. >> craig: now at 5:00, he
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photo of her body on facebook. >> on the day you struck down your wife, you for told your future. >> craig: a judge laying down the law. tonight the killer learns his fate. >> craig: and 7 news reporter alex de mars live at the m mro justice building with more now. alex. >> reporter: and craig t was ankle emotional morning for two families here. derek medina has been sentenced to life in prison. here's a lk inside that courthouse. >> count one second dise dwree murder. the court at this time will be sentenci you to life way 25 year minimum mandatory. >> reporter: derek medina sentenced to life in prison for murder can his wife jennifer all fan so in 2013. he posted a picture of her body soon after on facebook with the words rest in peace. >> on the day you struckk down your wife and left your step daughter upstairs with the possibility of finding youou
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for told your future. you roat on facebook that i am going to prison and that is where you will be going. >> reporter: friday morning at medina's sentencing hearing. several of alfonso's family members took the stand including her parents. >> every day i sufficient femplet i miss my daughter. i wish she was back with me. but she's no. she is never going to be. i miss everything about her. >> reporter: these grand parents worry about the young daughter ace bell. >> but is a becialtion to lose her mother at such a young age. never being able to see her mother again, that is truly a tragedy that no child should ever have to endure. >> reporter: medina not looking at alfonso's family as they spoafnlg instead he something to say for himself. >> and try to make i did the not
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taking afntle i will be suing and i want barack obama, the the president of the united states of america to fuss cussn could rusmghts corruption say wig problem we have in the united states of america and all over the world. >> nothing farther. and god nose the truth and nothing farther. >> reporter: medina's family walking without jowtd a word. haze n#ir saying this. >> his reaction today in court. i brush that off as could lat ter ral issue with regards to being in isolation for three years almost. >> reporter: and medina was also convict ford child neglect since the victim's daughters were up stared stairs at the time of the shooting. >> reporting live outside the met fro tro justice bpilding. i'm alex de armas. 7 news. >> belkeys: a miami teen rushed to the hospital after coming under fire while riding his bike. the 15 year soaltd latest victim of gun violence in the city.
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mother has a powerful message. 7's sheldon fox is live for us at jack song memorial hospital with with this. sheldon. >> reporter: belkeys and craig. it was anwful and tragic thursday night but it could of been so much worse and the mother of a 15-year-old boy explains why. >> terrible. >> reporter: terrible says dena brown. she could easily be talking about the five dozen kids shot in miami-dade in the past year. but brown specifically is ferring to what happened to her son var nel who was shot thursday night while riding his bike. >> i just got a phone callele and they told me that he was shot. >> reporter: he was hit in the often cruel miami streets. north west 6th avenue and 64th streeee is where shots entered the stomach area of the es still la academy 9th 9th h ader. seen here being are rushed into jackson memorial. his bike on the ground back at the scenee as miami cops look for who did it. friday afternoon they were still look oog. >> that's your child.
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especially me, my first. >> reporter: but hours bore var nel's shooting there was this. >> enforce the law. it's o cfl just outside the state attorney's office, families protested violence against their children and violence against children in the county in geral. >> many in this group can say their child was hit by a bullet. and over a single year. over 60 chil children o are shot in our community, the good people must come together. >> reporter: many of of those kids didn't survive. and so in that context var nel is one of the lucky ones. he is expected to makee a full recovery. until then le haveis mom by his fied side. >> he is a future. he came in talk. he is dg perfect. >> reporter: and we were told by his mother he was in the icu here the at trauma center.
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and mt. neen time you have cops looking for who could of done this to a 15-year-old boy? >> do you know who did this? can you help police? if so o ck up the phone and call crime stoppers five 305-471-tips. a and we're live many miami at jojoson. sheldon fox. 7 news. >> belkeys: all right sheldon. thanks. a south florida warehouse going up in smoke. sky force hd over the scene in doral. it happened on 84th anue and northwest 66th street. a call came in of a piece of equipment on fire inside a business. miami-dade fire rescue respond and put it out. and no one was injured. a chase bank in miramar ripp@d off. a man robbing ts branch along the 7000 block of pembroke road. he took off with another person waiting in a getaway car but both did not get very far. miramar police caught up to them a short time later. the police say the pair also robbed another chase a bank a short time earlier in pembroke
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block of south florida minute go road. in both crimes no injuries were reported. >> >> craig: new detail about the health emergency involving zika. owe dpition shall in brazil say they detect td the virus in blood and supply lie va va and urine. what is not clear if the virus can be trans bhitd those bodily fluids. health officials reported cases of zika bs pass bid blood trans fusion and six all contact including the case out of dallas this week. govenor scott declared a health emergency for five counties including miami-dade and broward. 14 people diagnosed with the virus in@ the state. all contacted the illness out of country. >> uft, outside the country that is. locally mo deto control crews were out in miami-dade and broompletd sprague on pine island road and crews in the gables warning home owners there to get rid of any standing water
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mosquitoes tend to breed. >> belkeys: a deadly drop when a massive construction crane fall to the ground in new york city. the crane collapsing in lower manhattan. >> craig: p's danielle knox has more from the plex now. danielle. >> danielle: pretty scary guys. the morning rush hour brought tie standstill w wn something went terribly wrong sending more than 100 firefighters racing to the scene. >> thre goes. he is moving fast snoivment dropping quit. >> a frightening site at the new york city sky line as a crane top pelz over friday morning oog it's falling. it's falling. bleep, bleep. oh, it broafnlgt the 565-foot crane being lowered into a secure position because of high winds when it suddenly came crashingngown killing a 38-year-old wall street worker on the sidewatk and leaving three people hurt by debris. it was a huge noise and it just went sideways and we didn't
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>> danielle: since the crane was being lowered workers moving pedestrians away are fromm it it otherwise would have been hustling with people. >> the fact is this is a very, very sad incident. we lost a light.. but if you go out on the street as i did and see what happened here. thank god it was not worse. >> danielle: the fallen crane stretching more than a block in manhattan. ten blocks north the world trade center. smashing cars in it's path and forcing people out of build thrgz. while firefighters went building to building check for gas leaks. mean whielg a glimmer of hope in the wreckage as rescuee workers stop tl escorted a bride to her wed afg she found herself caught in the chaos and u uble to get through the crash site. now the clean up expected to take some time before things in that area get back to normal. >> this area is going to be cut off largely, largely cut off or partially cut off for several days. we'll make every effort to accommodate people. >> danielle: and here the
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official cause for the collapse yet but it happened while new york city was under a winter weather advisory. >> we're live in the satellite center. i'm danielle knox. 7 news. >> belkeys: that count down is on. we're just four days way from e new hampshire primary. accept tore bernie sanders is starting things offerly way politics and eggs event in man ca chester. he is going national this weekend. le make an appearance on saturday night life. hillary clinton appeared at a canvas kick coik off event in the state as well she. is trying to gain ground on sandererbefore tuesday's vote. here's, the vermont center sil haze substantial lead but vase tightening up just a bit. sander has 55% of the vote. 15 points head of clinton. on the republican side, ben carson accusing ted crufs dirty politics.
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when cruz's campaign called presints telling them carson was dropping out of race and carson supporters should vote for the texas senator. here is the voice mail. >> >> (unintel able). >> belkeys: well, here's a look now the at the latest numbers on the gop side in new hampshire. donald trump trump slipping just a little bit but still 19 points head of his closest competitor. marco rubio who is still riding his post iowa surge. meantime ted cruz is in third. ohio govenor john kasich now tide for 4-bg with former florida govenor jeb bush. a reminder, 7's jeff lennox will be could of rergt new hampshire primary. look for his live reports. they will be starting tomorrow.
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have a debate in the state on saturday night. >> that's it from election central. craig, back oar to you. >> >> craig: belkeys, a major meeting for pope francis who is planning another trip to cuba. he will sit down with the leader of the orthodox church next friday. the upon stiff says he hopes to heel the the ce vied between western and christian christianity. and among otherthings the catholic church actively with worked to recruit converts in rush. and mie's bishop hailed this as an important step. >> 24 meeting is an importa meeting because stht first time a russian orthodox pay tree ark is meeting with a pa tree arveg the wet west. something we've been praying for for a very long time. >> craig: the two, the vatican says will spend a couple@hours at the airport before the upon tip of tif makes his way to mexico. officials have identified the terrorist be be behind an
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the only person who died in the tack on board an african rliner. he died after he was stuck sucked out of plane flying over somalia after he debt tonighted a bomb hidden in a laptop computer. the e lot managed to land the plane safer liely. a huge hole in the fuselage as you can see there. no claim but they believe the man had tidal kaaya da. >> belkeys: and the company announced they are suspending 125,000 accounts that threaten or promote terror rifl. judgment of government has ples iewrd u.s. companies to respond more aggressively to terror related posts. mow like they do with accounts that promote or share child pore na gra ti. >> craig: much more coming up on 7 news. a gunman with a motive. wiel wait 'til you hear how old this guy was. we're live with with more at 6:00. >> belkeys: the mother of a man who killed his classmate when they were teens take the
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>> craig: police a main's sick senning act at a playground has landed him behind bars. >> >> belkeys: and a customer leaving his mark at a davie business. >> craig: and a criminal couple on the run stopped in their tracks in a hail of nfire.
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>> craig: a standoff and shootout in florida bring the search for a criminal couple to an end. this couple's trail of troublen again in alabama end naid hail of gunfire. >> belkeys: 7's lynn martinez is live at the news ples plex with this dplaict take down. >> lynn: it was dramatic. the authorities take down the pair they are calling bonnie and clyde after it their crime crossed four states before it
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>> i. san 25 clar a county is where the crime spree ended a in a hail of gun fire. 31-year-old blake was killed. 31-year-old britney wa wound oovmentd they were in month to after their crime occurred in a shoe store. >> witnesses told deputies a white female and male walked into the store and began shopping. white male walked up to the sales counter, point aid gun at the clerk and demand money. the fee mairl continued to shop for shoes and socks. >> lynn: when they left the store the deputy spotted the car and gave chase,. they pursued the couple for hour not mowing at one point they were hold up inside a householding a ma family hostage. >> he had i have news for you i need you to give me all your money. i need to you give me you car keys iemplet they eventually took off with the family's pick up truck. after midnight police cornered them triggering the shootout. it was a very fliewd id
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incidence it was a matter of minutes or seemed like a matter of minutes and. >> lynn: investigators believe the duo's criminal ranl page began in january with the theft of guns from a home in their home town of missouri. and then from there to alabama and then georgia and then finally ending in florida. the female is hurt with a leg injury and hospitalized and then a. >> the county says it will take a long time to build a caseith so many moving pieces. >> we will gather information and use witnesses from missouri, georgia, andn alabama in the prosecution of her case in all probability. so it will be a very complex, very labor intensive prosecution. lynn: and then in trying to understand this. the sheriff says there are no clear ciez ty between the county and the couple. but they may have been going
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>> at the news desk. lynn martinez. 7 news. >> craig: all right lynn. >> belys: and a store clerk showing off his golf swing w wn a crook banks in to cause trouble. >> craig: and a lot of activity at marlins park and other parts across the area. but no need for an lample we'll sort it it out at 6:00.
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>> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: and the weekend is here. we're going to see a little bit
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first of all, cold air is moving in. we've already had one front moving in across south florida today. there is that leading edge of of the cloud cover. still hanging across south florida. and the bahama. now, as far as the rain i i concerned t looks like tomorrow we are looking at a soggy saturday. then it it will probably be drier as we move in through the rest of the week. we're looking at about a 70% chance of rain during the the day. then from sunday on ward, just a 10% chance of rainfall. and next week starting out very cold as a matter of fact, monday momoing, the low will be be 46. with you with the wind, well, we're going to get a wind chill factor of temperatures in the low 40's. that's what it's going to feel like. all right so. here are the temperatures. 56 in pensacola. right now the cold air continu to sink. in our directions. 57 in tallahassee. as far as northern florida is concerned.
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gainville a temperature of 56 de. central florida, 63 in tampa. 57 already at theme parks.% south florida with a cool start. temperature leveled out here. temperature in the 60s. key west in the middle keys. u've seen mostly on and off cloudiness moving across the area. 65 rightht now p from marathon on down. the wind at 8 miles per hour. now, because it's going to be so cold tonight. especially across the panhandle here. all these counties highlighted in blue are uer a freeze warning. temperature are expected to drop into the low 30s and even the upper 20s for parts of southern georgia. meanwhile boating is just going to be awful. all of t tse zones highlighted here are under a small craft advisory. i wouldn't be surprised if they could extend it all the way into next week. here's the marine forecast for tonight.
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small craft advisory, biscayne bay ruvment four in the florida keys already with an advisory. coastal waters also rough. xt high tide 6:07. 6:02 in fort lauderdale. key largo 6:30. 7:26. key west e mostly cloudy. maybe a sprinkle to. night over night lows in the 50e6789s it will be breezy tomorrow highs in the 70s. good chance for some rain. here's yourr extended out look. sunday waking up to 56. monday morning starting out in the 40s and it looks like the 50s will stick around at least through next friday. and that's your 7 on 7 forecast. there you go. i like it for the time being. yet another winter wish comes true for craig stevens. thanks phil. >> >> craig: sthaild here from the news station. her husband wa a- was am bawrnd shot on duty. now he are dealing with another problem at home. rosh lowe will have that in tonights edition of the low down. >> belkeys: and identical twins churn turning on the charm on line.
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every following with their positive messages. a 7 news special assignment report teen idol. >> a.
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>> >> craig: and t tt is 7 news at 5:00. we hope you have a good weekend. i'm craig stevens. >> belkeys: i'm belkeys nerey. keep it right here. 7 news at 5:30 is up next.
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>> this is 7 news at 5:30. >> danielle: and now at 5:30, a convicted child killer waiting on a ruling. michael hernandez asking a judge for a shorter sentence. >> good evening everybody. hernandez is serving a life sentence for killing their best friend in he school bath room. >> lynn: he said he is a changed man and today his mother gave tough testimony in a hearing hoping one day leb be set free. jessica holly live at the metro justice build something miami. jessica. >> reporter: and michael hernandez was just 14 years old when he committed this imrie tall riem. because of his age that's why they are having a rehear. now the judge is facing a tough decision ge siegd the fate of this convicted killer. >> did you ever see this list before? >> yes. that's the hit list. a third day in the tsm you you the resentencing of a convicted killer.
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stand a day after michael
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