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tv   Channel 7 News at 6PM  FOX  February 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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pop up across the eastern gulf of mexico. and just west of key west. so here the front that went over us today. by tomorrow an area of low pressure will develop just offshore. better chance of rainfall for us. it's going to get chilly but check out what happens on sunday. that low intensifies, high pressure builds in the gulf of mexico and you can see the funneling of that cd air moving in for monday morning and it's not going to end there. we have another front that will show up by the middle of the workweek. keeping our temperatures in the 50s. average low is 61. wake up to 64 tomorrow. sunday morning 56. but take a look at monday. morning lows will be right around the mid 40's. it's going to be be breezy. so those mid 40s are going to feel like the low 40s across the area. then that other front moves in. and take a look at. that we stay in the 50s for morning lows through next friday.
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chilly forecast a little later on. >> now at 6:00, a little boy walking into a south florida convenience store and no one could ever expect what happened next. >> he told the cashihi give met f enmoney. >> stunned workers acting fast i take the boy and put him in the room over there and a call the police. >> because of this shocking suspect. >> craig: well, police say the child used a gun to hold up a store. >> belkeys: where he supposed lir got the weapon has his mother shaking her head. vanesua medina latest at store in west palm beach with the story. vanessa. >> reporter: well, the store clerk telling me, what mayed him the most is how confident this 8 8ear-old boy was walking into the store pointing the gun at the cashier demanding the cash, remember, he is just eight years old behaving like a full grown
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underneath this no motor cycle helmet is the ce of an 8-year-old boy. it's wednesday evening just after 6:00 p.m. >> so you want to got park. i told him go head. he gave me a hug. >> >> reporter: instead he road his bicycle to this west palm beach grocery store. >> i saw something spus spis shus. i saw someone way helmet and covering his face with a sweater. >> reporter: what you can't see say nine mill meter handgun concealed in his right hand e. walk into the store and up tie cashier. he said give me the money. roberto es peno's cousin jeffrey also seeing the commotion wack walking out from behind the counter toward the young boy. >> when i saw the kid point the gun at the cashier i was so shocked. didn't know if it was real or fake. i said take the giewfnlt put the gun like that. a little kid.
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it took it away from him and took him to the office. es peno grabs the buy boivment you seek he is fighting him trying to get free. >> i take the boy and put him in the room over there and call police the gun was loaded. he stole it from his mother whoho said she noticed something was wrong as soon as she left the house. >> i jabd my purse, it was so light. i knew i was missing something. where is my o gun? i the first thing i thought is i home hope jade endoe't have my gun i don't even know yay mom would have a gun way kid could find too. it makes no sense. >> so the child is now in police custody. after he was arrested, he was taken to the hospital after telling police that he wanted to kill himself so now he is having a mental evaluation done. once that's complete, leb taken to juve. >> reporting live in night in west palm beach. vanessa medina. 7 news. >> craig: all right vanessa a
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murdered his wife and posted her `body on facebook was sentence todays life today. judge sentenced derek medina the shooting of 27-year-old jennifer alabama fan so in 2013. he showed no remorse and went on a baste rants as the victim's relatives broke down in the courtroom the popot i'm trying to make si dp not get a fair trial laind taking action and suing. god knows the truth and nothing farther. >> but every day a sufficient femplet i miss my daughter. i wish she was back with me but she's not. she is never going to be. >> craig: na ma dena was also charged with child ma glect for leaving alfonso's daughghr loan in that home after the shooting. >> belkeys: her husband a missionary killed in a terror rate of rift attack overseas.
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sharing her wood. nicole nicole linsalata has more on thvment nicole. >> reporter: and she and her brother-in-law tell a story of when mike was in his pickup truck 11 years ago and all of a sese decide ed wanted to develop a faith in god. that faith lead them to africa. he eventually as we know now would die in a terrorist tack. but his wife said there was a purpose to all of it. >> i wasn't surprised this happened. it was not his fault. he did not cause. it it's the hurting world we live sn in. >> reporter: and that hurting world as amy rit ter ling call it took way her husband. her husband who found faith 11 year ago and weeing to pull up steaks here in florida to serve the people in the impoverished african nation of bree no fa so.
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you supposed to be doing. >> reporter: what mike ridderring and his entire family was supposed to be doing is run an orphanage and help with widows and help a community take care of itself. until january 12th, 2016. a cafe was sprayed with bullets. mike was thehe wait fog pick up other mission nair riz. >> it is a long day until 5:00 until they found him at the morgue. aim is home for a few weeks to be home with her family and then she will head back home to africa. she says her faith is what holding her together as do mike ridderring's own words. >> if you truly believe god is who he is. if you truly believe in what god has done, is doing and will be doing, there iss no room for fear. >> i know that god has a plan and make good for all thing. i also know that i will see him again. >> reporter: and his memorial
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the their homeme church. hollywood community church tomorrow afternoon. 8> reporting flif hollywood. nicole linsalata. 7 news. >> craig: tragic end to the florida couple. police identified the remains found nay submerged car near black point marina in southwest miami-dade yesterday a as those of alexanderecan and brandon a ran na. the two, 20-year-old's last seen >> >> belkeys: no charges will be filed agnst a south florida officer who shot and killed main in miami garden. the shooting caught on a police dashcam. officer ed to tra mie to says he feared for his life after the man tacked another officer way broom stick. they called the iews use of deadly force justify able. before opening fire they say he discrged his tears but that didn't stop the suspect. the family of la evaluateall with wa outraged after the shooting saying the 25-yeararld
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>> cig: a race to rescue at port everglades. air woark suffering a mededal problem on board a cargo shivment fire rescuerews propel aid long ladder on side of the stroals reach him and bring him down to the ground. he was taken to broward health medical center for an evaluation there. >> >> belkeys: officer training for terror in south florida this jeefnlgtd the mission to keep people safe and save lives in the face of danger. alex deprado is live at marlins park in miami with details on thvment alex. >> reporter: belkeys, this crinl vool 135 agencies from miami-dade broward andalm beach count teemplet here at marlin park they have already begun to sipt there. will be a lot of police activity a across miami-dade county this weekend as these agencies prepare for a terrorist strike in multiple locations. >> if st ool a drivment it
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miami where the son of a terrorist is convicted. those inside the courthouse become a an greemple the terrorist come to government center and shoot their way into the lobby injuring about 50 people and then they get on to the metrorail. the terrorist then get off the metrorail and come mer station and shoot their way inside booker t washington high scscol where students and teachers are injured. at the jail a group of people ram ma gate to free a terrorist associate. a lease officer 140-6789 at miami airport others board a plane and threaten to take off and crash into the city. at the coast guard station in miami beach there is an active shoot thear threat ens to blow up a bridge linking the station to the main land. the girl frie the terrorist leader calls 911 to say their baits base is in stiltsville where machine guns are stored. at marlins tark a truck is pulled over a by an officer. the officer is shot.
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blend in with the crude and gunfire rings outs any injuring men, women and children. it's all a drill for the reghal domestic security task fors which is made up of 135 law enforcement agencies from palm beach, broward and miami-dade count tee o. >> this is where we'll test our capability in response in south florida to respondto multiple incidence that are occurring at multiple time. official say they want to be prepared should a par terror attack happened here and where there are many targets at one time. >> this sour chance for our swat and special weapons steemsz and has or douse materials responders tbe tested in as close to a real life scenario as possible. >> so again, only a drill this weekend at those locations but there will be heavy police activity. officials say if you think you come across something that is suspicion shurks across miami-dade county and it's not part of this drill, they urge
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miami. i'm alex diprato. 7 news. >> >> craig: it is now already early saturday this morning taiwan and these are pictutes coming to us from southeast sha where they are dealing with a major earthquake. the geological surve says it registered a 6.4 magnitude. no reports at this point of injuries. we're getting word of rupturere gas lines. rescues from crippled buildings. at least two build vgz come down as a result of thvment we'll be keeping an eye on the wire to bring you any new information as it comes in from taiwan. >> belkeys: also here notice newsplex. a crane in the big eaming with row erd becacae of b weather but that action came too late to prevent tragedy. >> craig: today a con victsd killer take the stand. today it's his mother's turn. >> belkeys: and the pope visiting cuba a month ago and now a a return trip in the works. >> craig: and an officer lucky
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bushed on duty but he and his wife need more than luck with a problem at their home. we'll look that the in tonights edition of the loa down with roa rosh lowe in a moment. >> l l.
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one south florida police officer assist cruiserp was riddled with bullets. but he survived tact. >> craig: his family still dealing with an up hill battle. his wife speak for the first time rosh lowe shares this conversation in this edition of the lowe down. >> my husband did not survive this horrific event for me to give up. and i will not give up. >> reporter: no belinda starling will not quick. she maintains her faith even after her husband was shot on the jojo be in miami gardens. and why won't she quit? she has witnessed a miracle.
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shot i'm going to be okaynd a just said what? and he said i've been shot. >> reporter: belinda starling and her husband miami garden police officer david always had a deal the first thing i did once i realized i was still alive si called my wife and let her next we always had an agreement if i was cape able and something happened to me is call my wife and next thing i did was offer word of thank. >> reporter: we spoke to vaif dave individual in the hospital room whrait after he was shot in january. he was sitting in his cruiser writing a report when cop say david mejia opened fire eye just remember walking in and seeing hill with all the people around him and hiez eyes opennd he smiled and told me he loved me and a knew weigh going to be be okay. >> reporter: but the starling ling are struggling farlly.
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ititas just been just beyond belief. her husband is now recovering at home and she took us to the source of their financial difficulty. >> reporter: officer david starlg was working a lot of everyone time why was he wring so much? let me show thuvment this was supposed to be his dream home in palm beach county. the story behind this story is that many august of lasas year. they flshed home. they wanted to do a lot of work. a lot of renovations. they tell me the contractor went bankrupt and now they have lost most of their life savings. >> they tore evevething out without a plan and dug up the floor and just left this mess. this is what the the house looked like when they moved in and this is the house now. >> reporter: when you look at this now, what goes through your mind. >> my husband and a worked very hard you know, we've prayed
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>> reporter: the starlings are renting elsewhere and don't have the money to finish this home. other contractors don't want to touch the project because of the damage and liability. we still just keep the faith putting all this into god's hands and you r he will get us through this. >> >> reporter: belinda is hoping for at second miracle in palm beach county. 7 news. >> craig: since we first aired the story of the. a lot of you have helped raise 18,000 do lamplet if you want to do name. we have a link to the go fund me account there on the web site. >> belkeys: sthaild here tonight at 6:00. police say a real bonnie and clyde crime spree ending in the sunshine state. >> craig: and no matter how cold it will get here it will not look l le sth. find out where this is in the
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now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro night the weekend has arrived and we'll see a little bit of% everything here across south florida. a front move in today. morning lows in t upper 50s. low 50e67s afternoon highs in the mid to upper 70s and every one getting a little bit of rainfall. right now mostly cloudy. temperatures still in the mid to upper 60 eaches the windair able right now at the coast. it is still n and the humidity 5691%. storm tracker showing a little
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creep in across the eastern gulf of mix coond just west of key west. we'll probably see more rain moving in over night and during the day tomorrow. area of low pressure will start dom up of with with a trailing front. and it's goioi to hug the coast so it look like perfect mid morning to mid afternoon, a good chance of rain across south florida. that loi will continue to move way. but then by sunday, we're going goat wind coming right out of north. that's going usher in very cold air. tand looks like by monday morning we could be wake up to the mid 40s and it's going to be breezy and that breeze is going to make the temperatures feel a lot colder. possibly some wind chill reading could be in the low 40's. here's the marine forecast. threat of rip currentnt small craft advisory. biscayne bay rough. for you throughout the florida ceerks are you already looking at an advisory. winds building to 20 nawz knots. coastal water ruvment next high tide 6:50. 6:45 i ifort lauderdale.
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7:26 in key west. tonight mostly cloudy. maybe a sprinkle. over night lows in the 60s. the wind will start to pick up. now, by tomorrow clouds around, a good chance for rain. highs will be in the low to@ mid to upper 70s with the wind out of northeast. now, here's your extended outlook. sunday, waking up to 56. it's going to be windy. now by monday, a morning loaf 46 degrees but it is going to be very breeze day cross south florida. the winds will continue to pick up. that means that the windd chill values could be be in the low 40s. it's going to be cold for south florida standards and then we have another front moving through the area. tuesday and wednesday. that will keep the morning lows in the 50s through next friday. that's your 7 on 7. 7 sports is next.
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time now for 7 sports with donovan campbell. >> what's up south florida? we start with the sports party with a team that's living up to the naikikailed. the a five and zero boys. and average 99-poininin the six games. the heat credit the the mind of coach spos for their rejiewf naitd month jo. and they changed oat fence so i think i mean coach spos, de a
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the foans around so we can so it's easier to find quiez and use them to their stretches. >> well, coming off a clipping the red rings last night, the panthers look to make it it six straight when they host the panthers saturday night 17 and one in the last. the cats have scratched and crawled their way toot second most points in the eastern conference and believe jumping out on e ice has been their recipe for sus success. >> our record is pretty ridiculous when we store the first goal. i think that's something we focus on and when we do that we've been successful. >> not focused on the other team right now. we're focused on playing the game because we know that the team we have now when where he play our game we can beat any one in the league. >> just two days way from super bowl 50. belkeys and craig, w do you got? not many picking peyton manning and the denver broncos to win on sunday. going in the six-point dog
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and marco cocod be practicing the read option. meanwhile cam n nton and the panthers head into the big game with 17 bins wins on the season and twrying to win the first super bowl in franchise history. >> all you see is panther bro could conversations on tv, it's hard not to take it all n. it's hard. i got to keep saying. it's a dream come true and we want lamb bar deal. we want to win the chim and that's where our mentality is at right now. >> well t was a nice honor for one of south florida's high school football dice nas teams. booker t washington storming through overtown on friday for yet another parade. bt honored for wing the 4th straight for a thielt past season. miami central won four straight titles will hold their parade february 20th. from. >> football to an allout brawl. one of the nh there, scraps 4r569 night w w trsmght this is
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down on maxima core mick. a a rena is close to the home town so his parents came to the game and yep thanks them cheering orch their son lawing pause on h h opponents. always good to get your parents support. that's a look at sports. craig and bell key, it's all yours.s. >> belkeys: what do we got for super bl 50? divment "bite with belkeys." thatss what i've got. don't know what hes drinking pling. i suspect it comes in a carry six pack carry all. >> craig: that that's it for us at 6:00. hope have you a good weekend. >> belkeys: something in a cooler is what he'll bring. >> i'm belkeys nerey. caio caio. 7 news at 6:30 is around the bend.
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this is 7 news at 6:30, tough testimony for the mother
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