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tv   Channel 7 News at 630PM  FOX  February 5, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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fighting get him a short ntence. >> good evening every one. michael hernandez wait og and a ruling from a judge loop hoping his life sentence will be reduced. 8 danielle: he is convicted killing a friend in the bamg room at middle school. >> and now the mother is telling the court he say changed man. jessica holly in miami with the court proceedings. >> reporter: oo have you seen this? yes. >> that's the hit list. >> and the resentencing ave convicted killer hivmentz sister and moth take the stand a day after michael hernandez spoke from the same seat. >> and how much pain i caused you. i'm sorry. >> reporter: in response to that tearful a follow gi, an unexpected guest in court. andre martin, a former classmate who was once on michael's hit list. >> i do not accept the o apology i found it to be not genuine. >> not a bit. the father of his victim also not buying it. >> i can look in his face and
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hernandez slit the sloaft 14-year-old hey knee gol gowf in 2004. the defense says he was mentally ill. they say is a prison law clerk and on his way to rehabilitation. >> michael can be saved and he your honor is not a lost cause. >> reporter: the prosecution claiming he say master manipulator and continue his fascination with serial killers. >> i he is not schizophrenic. he is weird. he i scary. that's not mentally ill. way. >> reporter: the defense and hernandez family left without speak the a state attorney with these parting words. >> we were able to get a full fairnd hearing before the court and we trufort that the judge will make the appropriate and wriet decision. >> reporter: the judge's
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on february 22 at 130. the o options 40 years or life in prison. reporting in miami. jessica a lly. 7 news. >> danielle: taking a live look now outside our studios in north bay village. south florida feeling a real kip in de breeze out there. if you think it's cold now, guess what, it will get colder. meteorologist phil ferro joins with us what we can expect. phil. >> phil: and danielle, we'll see a lot of things across the weekend. first of all, it will be chilly. a front moving in in with with cold air and we'll see more moving in during the day on saturday. because of that, there a really good chance of rainfall tomorrow. possibly starting around mid morning and stick around through mid afternoon. that's going to open up the door for real cold air to move in for monday morning. right now the s srm tracker is showing everything is dry across broward, miamimdade and the keys well. do i have lail moisture starting to sneak in across the the eastern gulf of mexico. here's the first front that
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tomorrow area of low pressure develops right over the bahamas better chance for rain tax it's going to be on the chilly side. check out sunday though. this area of low pressure intense fievmentz high pressure build in the gulf of mix cox and you can see all that cold air fun untiling in for monday morning. and we won't be done. another front will be more offing in bit middle of next week so. keep that jackett around. you'reoing to need it at least through next friday. we'll have more a little later on ierks. >> lynn: phil, thank you. danger on duty for an officer in fort lauderdale. was vans transporting a prisoner when a driver ran a red light and 4eu9 them. a third car at intersection also 4eu6789 book stage ta tick tone to broward health medical center with non life-threatening injuries. three orntlez streetd on the scene for minor injuries. >> danielle: and a man accused of sickening acts in vom age minor facing a j jge. 64-year-old a taekwondo teacher
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police a he inappropriately touched 15-year-old students on multiple pell occasions. police say he also admitted to sending someone inappropriate text messages. a judge order himed to stay way from these jong victims and t- is being held in jail without bond. ra. >> lynn: all right. we're followingg developing news after an earthquake strikes taiwan tsm happeped in the city of tinan. in the southern part of the city there. the official say the 6.4 quake destroyed at least two buildings a an ruptured gas utility pipes. the quake felt all the way oath on the other side of the eye lald in tie pay. theeeople reporting the rolling shake as the quake him hit. so far no reports any of injuries. snier a new york city nightmare when a giant crane come crashing down on a very busy friday morning there in new
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in fact one pson was killed. several others were hurt when that giant crane collapsed in lower manhattan. investigators now trying to figure out exactly hugh it happened. there he goes, he is moving fast now. he is dropping it real quick. a frightening site to the new york city sky line as a crane top peldz over friday morning. fall,. it's falling. bleep, bleep, oh it broke night 565-foot crane being lowered into a secure position because of high winds when it suddenly came crashing down killing a 38-year-old wool street worker on the sidewalk and leaving three people hurt by degree. >> it was a huge noise and it just like went sideways and we didn't actually see anything. >> danielle: since the crane was being lowered workers were moving pedestrian as way from it on the street that otherwise uld have been full of hustling peoplele >> will fact is this is a very
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queson lost a light. but if you go out in the streets and sigh what happened here thank god it wasn't worse. >> the falling crane stretching more than a block in matt man hafnlt ten blocks of the world trade center. expharkz in it's path and forcing people out of build thrgz while fire official went building to buildin check for gas leak. meanwhile a glimmer of hope in the wreckage as rescue workers stop to escort a bride to her wed. ter she found herself caught in the chaos and unable to get through the crash site. now, the clean up expected to take se time before thing in that area get back to normal. this area is going to be cut off largely wut ut cut off for orr smarlly cut off for several days. we'll make every effort to am could date people. >> ands as of right now there is no official cause for the collapse yet. but it happened on new york city was under a winter weather advisory.
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white house is heating up. in fact we're four day way from the new hampshire primary believe it or not. bernie sanders starting thing offerly with with the politics and eggs ee vercht in manchester. he is going nation mall this weekend. his campaign says that he will make an appearance on saturday night life. hillary clinton meantime appeared ate canvas kickoff event at the state as with well she. trying actual whri gain some momentum and grounds ground on sanders before tuesday's big vote. here's why the vermont senator still has a substantial lead but race is tightening up a by. the vermont senator has 55 percent of the vote. a 15 points head of hillarclin top. on the republican side, ben carson accusing ted crufers dirty politics during the iowa caucus saying that cruz campaigning called plea sirch sints telling that ben carson was dropping out of race and carson supporters should vote for the texas senator.
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all right. here's a look at the latest numbers on the imop side in new hampshire. donald trump is slipping still but 19 points head of the contender thtre. rubio is still rite riding on his post iowa surge. and kasich tide for 4th with jeb bush and republicans have a debate in new hampshire tomorrow night. we'll be sure and cover. that and jeff lennox will be in new hampshire to cover the primary for you. watch fof his live reports saturday starting on 7 news. >> danielle: well, a historic meeting for pope fran swhis cyst who is planning a another trip to cuba. le sit down the russian orthodox church next friday. he hopes to heel the divide between western and eastern
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there for years. and fueled by accusations the catholic church works to convert those in russia. and the miami bishop hailzthis as an important step. >> this 3450e9ing is an important meeting because this is thehe first time a russian or tho cox pay tree a ark is eting with the pay trio arveg the west. it was something we've been praying for for a very long time the two will spend a couple hours together at havana jose marty airport before the pontiff makes his way to mexico. coming up on 7 news at 6:30 police called them a real life bonnie and clyde committing crimes and then takingff. but their run would come to a dplaict end here in the sunshine state. >> lynn: weeks after the northeast gets hit with a major blizzard and the area is gearing up for another major storm. we'll tell who you will get hit e hardest.
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>> >> danielle: rounds ofunfire maker a dplaict end to the manhunt for the so called bonnie and clyde couple accused ever a violent crime spree. their trail of trouble started in missouri and came tie disand off and ultimately end offed in a deadad shootout in florida. >> lynn: and today the one suspect alive is facing serious charges one released from the hospital. >> and santa rosa county is where blake and britney's crime spree ended in a hail of gun fire. 31-year-old blake was killed. 31-year-old britney was wounded. police learning the dangerous duo from missouri was in their down u- town after a crime occurred in a shoe storere >> witnesses told deputies a white fleel female and white male walked into the store and beben shopping ch the white male
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the female continued to shop for shoes and socks. >> lynn: when they left the store o the deputy spotted their car and gave chais they pursued the couple for hours not mowing at one point they were howmed inside a household age family hostage. >> he goes,s,ou know, hey, i have news for you and i need you to give me all your mfnt i n nd to you give me your car keys. >> lynn: the they eventually took off with the family's ckup truck. after mit midnight the police cornered them triggering a shootout. >> it was very fluent and like most shooting incidents what was a matter of second seemed like a matter of minutes ooze. >> lynn: investigators imleef the duo's criminal rampage began in january with theftf gun fry home in their home town of jop lon missouri from thr on to alabama and georgia and then ending in florida. britney is hospitalled with a g wound and will face a fliewf
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false im prince oant on mment and grand thefl ah to. the deputy from escambia county says it will take a long time to make thisase. >> we'll oo we'll gather information and witnesses from missouri, alabama and georgia a and prosecution of her case in all probability. it will be a very complex, very labor intend stif sif prosecution. >> lynn: sheriff says there are no clear skies twe the couple and his county but they did say they may have been going to panama city to get maimpletd 7 news at 6:30 coming right
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>> danielle: the big apple frozen. snowfalling there over night it started out as a slushy snow mixture and quickly turned to puffy flaisktd throughout morning. commuters drive through slushy side quawks and sub waivmentz 6 inches fell in long island. >> now, 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil:e're looking at a chillyly weekend here across south florida. right now temperatures are in the 50s from gainsville to the north. 55 as well in orlando. 60s to the south. as far as rainfall is concerned, we are dry. but that's going to changeover ninit and during the day tomorrow. as we get an area of low pressure moving right long the coast. here's what we can expect. that low will be dragging a
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a better chance of rainfall from mid morning to around mid afternoon. ananthen all that rain starts to move out and check out what happens by suny. this area of low pressure intense fievmentz we get a high pressure system in the gulf of mexico. that's going to funnel some very cold air our way. we're looking at morning lows come monday morning in the mid 40s and with the wind chill it could feel like the low 40's. threat of rip currents at beach. small craft advisory. biscayne bay ruvment for nut florida keys looking add an advisory. seas beyond the reef building six to 8 feet. next high tide six. >>. 7:26 for the lower keys. for tonight mostly cloudy. over night lows in the 50e678s we may sneak out an upper 50s in the western suburbs. by tomorrow highs in the 70s mostly cloudy. breezy. a good chance for rain. here's your extend out look. sunday windy, colder. mond morning start the the day
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another front moves through the area on wednesday. guaranteeing morning lows in the 50s through next friday. and that's your 7 on 7 forecast. phil, thank you. well w the big game just # days away, some four legged athletes, athletes yet get trogd take the field. this is so cute. two teams of precious pups. puppy bowl going paw to paw in the animal planets 12th annual puppy bowl and for the dog's first time. dogs from miami-dade county animal services will be playing in the game they are conditioning and learning the ropes. >> reporter: right ieflt the pump puppies were picked on their playfulness and unique personalities and how well they can do a pull up. >> that was a joke.
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>> time now for 7 sports with donovan campbell. >> was up south florida? we start the sports party with the panthers who h he been feeling like rodney danger field. p ranked ago mongt the best teams in t t nhl.. the cats have not been getting the recognition they desee. >> thing are slowerrer to come than other team but it's starting to come now. it's hard to ignore a team that's won 15 out of last 20 or whatever it is that we've won. so it's just kind of focusing on what we're doing in here and we
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>> winning five of the last six the heat looko maintain their winning trend in charlotte tonight. and chris bosh will do more than play in the nba all-star game he will be the tallest participant in the contest on dismiet and bosh will be be a huge under dog. and reigning mvp curry i have nothing to lose okay, i'm just going shoot iand if the ball goes in, that's awesome and if it doesn't t will go n. i'm happy to be there to support hip. i'm very good assess with teammates being in the three-point conference. hopefully it will be the biggest >> >> reporter: i smell an upset. the story lines continue to build for super bowl 50 where they won't stop until the game is over. carolili lead the league this season with 39 take ways. linebacker lou had four kicks. and cam newton is look to become juts 11th player to win the
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meanwhile broncos quarterback peyton manning maybe playing in the last nfl game ever an that is motivating one of his teammates to win on sunday. >> if anybody don't even know peyton, they think he deserve wing and every one on his th team thinks hedeserve. that we're going to do whatever we can do to go out and get this win. have you to do a good job of not lettinhim see things and get comfortable back there because at this point in his career he has seen everything he can throw at him. and he needs a haircut. first round of champion tours action all the alley ans. fan favorite rack do on the 10th hot. rolls in a birdie but finished one over par. and cory pay von on the second niefnlt 4th home. curls up nicely next to the hoax has a tap in for bir equipment. tide at the league at six under par. >> and the florida pan thrers is gettinina whole new mean together term goally back iewvment low ber to took tbrie
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saturday agagast the ben begins. with luanne go ab set they pulled bobby out of the ticket office and a a former goally at you cofnlt he has been work on thsales team this season and play in the organization morning hockey games at at arena. not bad my man. >> ask me if i'm free tomorrow morning. i said no, i have work. asked if i could get out. i hung in there. made some saves. couple puck got through once in a white. you feel bad for them when there's a new guy. shoot higher and harder than you would normally at practice. he held his own. good job my man. that's sports. i'm donovan campbell. lynn and danielle back after thvment.
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>> >> danielle: well, that is 7 news at 6:30 thank you so much for watching on this frfray.
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>> lynn: i'm lynn martinez. have a good night everybody stay warm. >> danielle: good night. provided by u.s. captioning company.
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