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tv   Channel 7 News at 10PM  FOX  February 5, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> the weekend is here. we have high pressure to our west. low pressure to our east.. we are sandwiched in the middle. that means a lot of cold air moving in. facebook killer sentenceceto life. new hear why he wants to get the president involved. >> the fate of another killer hangs in the balance. will this man convicted of murder as a teen receive a shorter sentence? we have night team coverage of both cases. >> something big is about to happen across miami-dade county. they're already gearing up. cops with guns will be everywhere.
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>> employees stunned by a jaw-dropping stick up. an 8-year-old gunman demanding cash. and a dangerous collapse in the big apple. a crane crashing to the ground with deadly resusus. >> anchor: i'm craig stevens. >> anchor: i'm belkys nere 7 news at 10 starts now! experiencing anothehe temperature tumble! we're cooling down quickly tonight! hello again, everyone. get ready to chi out! once again. >> anchor: we could see the 40s in the coming days. chief meteorologist phil farro has the latest. >> we'll see more over the next few days and a cold weend is in store. we have a cold front moving in and chilly air continues to make its way in across south florida. now the rainfall that we were expecting earlier tomorrow has
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for the rest of the weekend. we could wake up in the upper 40s across the area. we've been seeing very small dotted showers right across coastal waters here in broward and right along the county line, but tonight looking mostly dry. maybe an isolated sprinkle. here's what we can expect. it is going for the temperatures in on the cool side and better chance for the rainfall later in the day and as we go into sunday that low intensifies and high moving into the e gulf of mexico and all that cold air gets funneled into south florida and that's why we think sunday night in through monday morning will be the coldest. average low is 61. waking up to 62 tomorrow. 66 on sunday morning. here's your 46 to wake up to start the workweek and as a matter of fact it's going to be breezy. some of the wind chill values
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more in the chilly forecast a little bit later on. >> and now the so-called facebook killer. >> you wrote on facebook i am going to prison and that is where you will be going. >> sentenced to life. >> i did not get a fair trial. >> as another murderer seals his fate. >> i believe any system that treats a child as an adult is wrong. >> the new details on the killer in court. >> reporter: both men admimitod their crimes but one insists he shouldn't ve been convicted. we have live night team coverage. on the case of the man prosecutors say should not be let out of prison ever. but we beben with danielle knox and the facebook killer sentence. she is live at the metro justice building with this. danielle? >> reporter: and u know, belkys, here's the thing. it really was a shocking crime but now the man known as the
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te for killing. >> count 1, second degree murder. this time we'll be sentencing you to life with a 25 year minimal mandatory. >> reporter: and now the sentencing made known in court. 33 year old derrek medina sentenced to life in prison for murdering his then 27-year-old wife jennifer alfonso in 2013 and posting the gruesome picture on facebook with the words "rest in peace." >> on the day that you struck down your wife, you left your step-daughter upstairs with the possibility of her finding your wife's deceased body on that floor. you foretold your future. you wrote on facebook that "i am going to prison" and that is where you will be going. >> reporter: at medina's sentencing hearing several of the family members took the stand including her emotional parents.
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miss my daughter. i wish she was back with me but she's not. i miss everything about her. >> reporter: and grandparents worried about what young isabel will never t to -- isabelle will never get to do with her mom. >> but isabelle, to lose her mother so young. never being able to see her mother again. that is truly a tragedy. that no child should ever have to endure. >> reporter: medina didn't look at alfonso's family as he spoke but did have something to say. >> i want barack obama, the president of the united states of america, to focus on corruption. corruption is a big problem that we have in the united states of america and all over the world. nothing further. >> the family walked out silent but said this.
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regards to being in isolation. >> and we should add here that medina didn't show any emotion as he was handcuffed and led out of the courtroom and also that his attorney did add that he does plan to appeal. >> we are live here in downtown miami. i'm danielle knox, 7 news night team. >> anchor: okay, danielle. from sentencing day for one convicted man for the fight for the shorter sentence by another. jessica holly continues our night team coverage. >> did you ever see this before? that's the hit list. >> a third day of testimony in the resentencing of a convicted killer. his sister and mother taking the stand a day after michael hernandez spoke from the same seat. >> how much pain i caused you. i'm sorry. >> reporter: in response to the tearful apology the unexpected guest in court. >> what you need to tell me. >> reporter: andre martin, a former classmate once on michael's hit list.
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i find it to be not genuine. >> anchor: the father of his victim also not buying it. >> like at his face and don't believe it at all. >> anchor: he slit the throat of the victim in 2004. the defense says he's mentally ill and now a prison law clerk and on the way to rehabilitation. >> michael is being saved and worthy of being saved. he, your honor, is not a lost cause. >> reporter: the prosecion claiming a master manipulator that continued the fascination with serial killers. >> he's not schizophrenic. he's weird. he's scary. that's not mentally ill. those are the people we lock away. >> they left without speaking with these parting words. >> we were able to get a fair hearing and trust the judge will make the apprriate and right decision.
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decision will be read in court on february 22nd at 1:30. the options 40 years for life in prison. reporting in miami, jessica holly, 7 news night team. >> anchor: a tragic end to the search for a missing south florida couple. police identified two bodies found yesterday in southwest miami-dade as those of alexander pecan and brendan arana. they've been missing for days. the 21 year olds were found dead in their car. the water filled the rock quarry yesterday. they had last been seen at the cadillac ranch reststrant at the palms and country shopping plaza saturday night. a teacher accused of disturbing crimes involving students. 64-year-old rafael arrested on child molestation charges. police say he inappropriately touched two sisters ages 10 and 15. he's held now without bond. officials believe there may be other victims. if you have any information, you're asked to call miami-dade crime stoppers.
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call the hotline at 305-471-tips. >> anchor: miamdade is ready to be hit hard. fiter responders -- first responders with guns drawn will be spread out throughout the country but it's not a disaster. it's training day. alex diprato live outside marlins park with the preview. alex? >> reporter: well, belkys, the preparations are already underway outside of marlins park. this just a drill should a paris-style terrorist attack happen here in south florida. this is friday night for palm beach and other counties. >> this is where we test the response to respond to multiple incidents that are occurring at multiple times. >> reporter: it's called operation heat shield in downtown miami where the son of the terrorist is convicted. those ideas the courthouse become angry.
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to government center. they shoot their way into the lobby injuring about 50 people. then they get on to the metro rail. the terrorists then get off the metro rail at the station and shoot their way inside booker t. washington,high school where students and teachers are injured. at the mental health jail facility, a group of people ram a gate to free hostages. others board a plane and threaten to take off and crash it into the city. at the coast guard station on miami beach, there is an active shooter that threatens to blow up a bridge to the mainland. the girlfriend of the terrorist leader calls 911 to save their base and has a stash of machine guns. at marlins park a truck is pulled over and an officer is shot. others run into the stadium and then unleash gunfire on the crowdment the goal for law enforcement is to train to stop the attacks all occurring at
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>> th is the chance for our s.w.a.t. and special weapons teams for the hazardous material responders and the fiter responders to be tested in as close to a real-life scenario as possible. officials say a drill like this has ken on new urgency following the paris attacks where terrorists struck several places at one time. you can expect to see police and law enforcement officials at all of those locations tomorrow. officials say do not be alarmed. this is only a drill. live in miami tonight, alex diprato, 7 news night team. >> anchor: okay, alex. new details about the health emergency involving zika. officials in brazil say they've detected the virus not only in blood but saliva and ure. what's still unclear is if the virus can be transmitted by those bodily fluids. health officials here previously reported isolated cases of zika being passed through blood transfusion and
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out of dallas this week. governor scott yesterday declared the health emergency for 5 florida counties including miami-dade and broward. 14 people have been diagnosed with the virus in the state. all contracted the illness ile outside of the country. luckily mosquito patrol crews have been out in miami-dade and broward and workers collecting water samples on pine island road. crews also out in the gables warning homeowners there to get rid of standing property where mosquitos tend to breed. a south florida warehouse going up in smoke. sky force hd over the scene. this is doral. it ppened on 84th avenue and 66th street. and the call came in with this piece of equipment inside the business and fire control responded and got it undercontrol relatively quickly. >> anchor: a dangerous drop in the big apple. a huge crane toppling causing panic on the street below.
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repopos from lower manhattan. and is dropping it really quick. >> repoer: watch as the crane drops in southern manhattan. >> i thought it was going to collapse. >> reporter: police say 33-year-old david wicks was killed ashe stood on the sidewalk below. two others were injured by falling debris. a third person was hurt as he sat in his jeep on north street. the crane crushed the car as it came down. >> you can see how powerful the damage was and thank god that the impact on people wasn't worse. >> reporter: the mayor says the crane operator was in the process of lowering the 565-foot boon because he was concerned it was too windy. that's when the crane suddenly fell straight down. >> broke! >> reporter: the crane was being used to replace
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equipment on top of 60 hudson street. the city department of buildings had just inspected the crane and given the go ahead for work thursday. >> we're cordoning off the street. a 50 foot collapse zone. >> rererter: when the crane came down, it damaged buildings on the block and impacted the gas main. cok ed has cut the gas to the immediate area to reduce the risk of gas leaks. tonight the fire department still has much of the area blocked off for safety. >> in conjunction with the e inspectors to make it partially saferight now and then to have it professionally done. >> anchor: that was sharon crowley reporting from new york city. and an earthquake struck taiwan and we learned tonight it's turned deadly. the city of taiwan in the southern part of the country. the 6.4 magnitude quake
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rise buildings including a 17-story structure. 3 people includinina 10-day-old baby were killed and more than 150 hospitalized. fire fighters and soldiers scramble to the scene with ladders, cranes and other from the rubble. an unknown number are still trappqd. the foundation of a nearby bank building also caved in. the building teetering on the edge of collapse. most people were asleep when the earthquake struck which was about 4 a.m. local time. officials identify the terrorist behind the explosive plot in africa. the only person who died in the attackckn board an african airliner. he died after he was suck out of the plane flying over somalia when he detonated a bomb hidden in a laptop computer. that pilot managed to land the jet safely. a huge hole blown out of the fuselage near the wing. group has claimed responsibility.
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may have ties to al-qaeda. >> in thrace for the white house, new hampshire is front and center now and this tidbit may give you an indication why they're putting so much importance on it. a republican hasn't clenched the gop nomination without a win in iowa or the granite state. and one front runner isn't even there. >> blame it on the snow! the winter weather stranded donald trump's massive jet in new york forcing him to scrap his event in new hampshire. jeb bush took a spike at trump on twitter saying his 90-year-old mother made it out to campaign. >> i haven't seen snow in years! >> reporter: the businessman put out this video instead prsing the granite state's motto live free or die. >> it means liberty and freedom. what a great slogan. congratulations, new hampshire! >> but crump may get congratulated. according to the tv poll of likely republican voters,
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lead in the state follow by marco rubio in second place, ted cruz and john nearly tie it for third with bush a hair behind. the former florida governor hoping his straight-talking mother could convince voters to pick jejeinstead of trump. >> i'm a woman. i'm not crazy about what he says about women. i don't even think of him. i'm sick of him. that's very strong. >> reporter: on the other side of the political aie, hillary clinton is looking beyond bernie sanders' commanding lead in new hahashire and focusing on her end game. >> i'm so fortunate as to t this nomination so we can turn our attention but what we really ne to do, make sure we don't get a republican back in the white house. >> porter: sanders also playing the long game armed with the weight of support that's shaking the democratic party. >> this campaign is trying to do is to ask the american people to think big and not small. >> anchor: well, sanders may
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comedian larry david who portrays him on tv. david is the host. well, as far as new hampshire goes, you'll want to stay with us because 7's jeff lennox will be there fr the primary on tuesday and preview the contest on tuesday. those reports begin tomorrow. >> anchor: the historic meeting for pope francis planning another historic trip to cube a. he'll sit down with the head of the orthodox church next friday. he hopes to heal the divide between eastern ananwestern christianity that's existed for almost a thousand years. fueled by accusations, the cacaolic church actively works to recruit converts in russia. miami's archbishop hails this as an important step. >> this meeting is an important meeting because it's the first meeting with the patriarch of
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prayed for for a very long time. >> they'll spend time at the airport before the pontiff makes his way to mexico. >> anchor: still ahead her husband was kill indeed a terrorist attack overseas and tonight she's speaking out for the first time. >> anchor: the night team's nicole linsalata is on this story. >> and she's rning pain into purpose. we'll have her inspiring story coming up. >> anchor: a football player's private records released by employees in a south florida hospital. tonight we'll tell you about the fallout. >> anchor: a customer fed up with his cable company. he's letting the company know in a destructive way. >> anchor: and the pint sized crook. an 8-yeararold accused of stealing a gun and staging the stick up.
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this is 7 news at 10. >> and now the pint-sized suspect demanding cash and packing heat. but they wouldn't have it. >> twisted the gun away from him. >> tonight a little kid in big trouble. >> reporter: the boy's mother says he took the gun from her purse when she was not looking. >> the night team's vanessa medina shows us what happened next. >> underneath this motorcycle helmet is the face of an 8 year old bi. it happened justafter 6 p.m. >> he said he'd go to the park and gave me a hug. >> instead he rode to the west palm beach grocery store. >> i saw somebody suspicious and he was wearing a helmet and covering his face with the sweater.
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mm handgun concealed in his right hand. walks into the store and up to the cashier. >> and give me the money. >> roberto's cousin jeffrey also seeing the commotion walking out from behind the t counter towards the young boy. >> when i saw the kid pointiti the gun at the cashier, i was so shocked. i didn't know if it was a real gun or fake gun. >> i tell my cousin, that kid has a gun. yeah, you more like that. just a little kid. >> i took his hand, twisted it, took the gun away from him and took it to the office. >> reporter: he grabs the boy and you can see he's fighting him trying to break free. >> i put him over there and called the police. >> the gun was loaded. he stole it from his mother who said she noticed something was wrong as soon as she left the house. >> i grabbed my purse and it was so lighghand the first thing i thought, i hope jaden doesn't have my gun.
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gun where a child can put his hands onont. it doesn't make sense. >> anything can happen and i'm just glad no one got hurt. >> the child is now in police custody and was taken to the hospital shortly after being arrested because he told police he wanted to kill himself and now he's having a mental evaluation. after that is done he will l be taken to juefie. reporting in west palm beach, vanessa medina, 7 nene night team. >> reporter: an office building rocked by an unhappy customer. a man throwing a brick through the or of the comcast cable office. at first he was unsuccessful but the glass shattered the second time. the vandal also left a note behind that reads "dear friends, the next one will be on fire. please remove your nonsense from my phone. your pal, friendly friendly neighborhood spiderman.n this happened last thursday in the area of nova drive and
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officials are looking for that guy. you have any information call broward crime stoppers at 954-493-tips. new details after new york giants player jason pierre paul's medical records were leaked last year. two jackson memorial hospital employees, a nurse and a secretary have now been fired. the 27-year-old was rushed to jackson last summer after a firework blew up in his hand on the 4th of july. he had to have his right index finger amputated and played all season with his hand wrapped up. >> anchor: also the widow of the south florida ssionary killed in a terrorist attata overseas is honoring her husband's memory and speaking about the faith from which he lived and died. the night team's nicole linsalata is live outside their hollywood church. nicole? >> reporter: well, craig, when you hear amy rittering speak it's so amazing because she's so composed and they tell us the day 11 years ago when her
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the road in the truck and l of a sudden out of the blue decided he wanted to follow life of faith. that life took the family to africa and d as we know now in january he was killed in a terrorist attack but she says she realizes there was a purpose to all of it. >> no matter what kind of destation comes, no matter what happens and what kind of attack comes on you, god is there. >> reporter: but no one would blame amy retering is after% january 26th, 2016 she doubted her husband's words. >> god wasn't surprised that this happened. it is not his fafat. he didn't cause it. it's the world that we live in. >> reporter: it's that hurting world as she calls it that to her husband. the husband who found faith 11 years ago and was willing to uproot his life. >> he wanted to make sure this
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doing according to jesus. what they were supposed to be doing, they determined, was run an orphanage, take care of widows and help a community take care of itself. he knew the dangers. >> where we live isconsidered the red zone. because al-qaeda is an hour and a half north of me. >>8reporter: and on january 15th, terrorists sprayed a city with bullets. mike rittering was there. >> it was a long day until i found out they found him. >> reporter: only in florida for a few weeks, amy rittering will return to africa, strengthened, she says, by faith and by her husband's own words. >> if you truly believe god is who he is and what god has done and is doing and will be doing, there is no room for fear. >> i know that god has a plan and makes good for alalthings. i also know i'll see him again.
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afternoon at 1:1: here at the family's local church on 431, there will be a memorial service for mike rittering and interestingly enough the church is inviting members of the public. folks that didn't even know him to come and pay respects and learn a littlelebit more. reporting live in hollywood, nicole linsalata, 7 news night team. >> all right, nicole, thanks. >> anchor: up next it could be a new hope for recovering addicts. >> anchor: a tiny imimant changing everything. it's the report shot at redemption. >> reporter: and i'm donovan campbell. coming up in sports, see if the heat can battle back for the second straight win on the road plus the miami dolphins legend don shula making the appearance at the super bowl.
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7 sports. >> for those battling an addiction it pain killers it can be difficult to see a light at the end of the tunnel. >> anchor: now a tiny implant prove to be a big breakthrough. we see how it's already giving some a shot at redemption. >> reporter: eric davis loves his family. >> i have 3 daughters and 4 sons. >> and proud of his service. >> and served in the army. >> reporter: eric hases a secret he's not so proud of. his addiction to prescription pain pills. >> they prescribed oxycodone. >> reporter: eric started taking the pills after getting injured in the army. but it didn't take long before he started abusing them.
10:28 pm
my wife was complaining. my finances was starting to deteriorate. >> reporter: nathan's life began to go downhill when he arted taking pain pills after a car crash. >> i was in an accident and went to the doctors and was prescribed oxycontin. >> also got hooked. >> it's misery. you're sick and can't go to work. >> reporter: and he turned it heroin. >> heroin widely available now and it's cheaper. and i don't want to be on all this stuff. >> they say south florida is fified with people like eric. >> it's the worst i've seen. >> many try to get sober but the draw the drugs is just too strong. >> excruciating pain and almost unbearable to do anything to avoid it. >> now a new treatmt may turn the tides. >> the implants go into the patient's upper arm.
10:29 pm
designed these implants which are filled with medication that stops the cravinfor opiaates. >> and patients haha that steady release. >> and since they don't have to take pills, there's no chance for abuse. >> they were happy about it and no cravings. >> they say the new treatment changed their lives. >> and been alive and my wife is happy and grandkids are happy. i feel human. i feel whole. >> reporter: the food and drug administration is expected to approve the implananand opiaate addiction by the end of february. in the plex, i'm danielle knox, 7 news. >> anchor: and coming up on 7 news at 10, a piece of history
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just ahead how you can check it out. >> reporter: and the models being very aggressive but coming up monday morning, it's going to be pretty chilly for us. 46 the wakeup temperature and also going to be breezy making those temperatures feel a lot colder. the entire forecast when we come back. >> anchor: and it is a big day for this little guy! oh, come on! look at him! a polar bear cub getting all the attention! >> reporter: that's cute!
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>> anchor: part of a train that once carried presidents getting some much needed tlc. before air force 1 it was the rail car 1. >> anchor: the night team's robbin simms shows us the close up look. >> robbin: the windows cleaned, the brass railings shined. >> we're here to donate all our time and material and products. >> reporter: the majellan presidential rail car u.s. 1 is ready to be reintroduced to the world all thanks to the team of small autodetailer owners from across the country and one from canada. >> we like to join forces and hang out and fellowship together and donate time at the museums that don't necessarily have the resources to takakcare of the items they have in their museum. >> reporter: this time the group making cold ghost t railroad museum in southwest miami-dade with the good deed but they don't justhow up to any museum. >> we're historic buffs so we look for things with the historic significan and the
10:32 pm
>> this locomotive has an important place in american history. before air force 1 existed president fdr, tr uman andizen haur used it to travel across the united states. it was finally retired from the presidential service in 1954 and arrived at ts miami museum home in 1959. so what exactly was done to the train? >> we're compounding it. that's ere we remove oxidation and take out scratches and pain defects and polish it and bring up that shine for the nice coat of wax on it. >> reporter: 20 men, each working 10 hours, means 200 man hours of work, but it's all worthwhile. >> the satisfaction i can't put into words. >> robbin: if you'd like to learn momo about e train head to our website, repoing from the news desk, robbin simmons, 7 news. >> so the weekend is here and we'll see a lot of changes.
10:33 pm
in the e upper 50s to the lw 60s and highs mid to upper 70s and everyone with a bit of rainfall. and temperatures kept in check and because of that i don't think we'll really get that cold tonight but that will change during the day tomorrow. the wind out of the north/northwest. the humidity up there at 70%. here's the storm tracker and it is y now. we may see an isolated sprinkle. but by tomorrow, a better chance for some rain. e northern 40s in central florida and southwest florida here in the 50s and from palm beach down into the keys teteeratures remain in the mid to upper 60s. fou we're thinking that near tallahassee all these counties highlighted in blue the temperature close to 33 and the freeze warning for them until saturday at 8:00 in the morning.
10:34 pm
we are going to start to see an area of low pressure gging the coast during the y tomorrow. earlier today it was showing the rain, showing up in the morning and sticking around throughout early afternoon. now it's completely the opposite. the model has changed its mind and it's showing most of the rain starting to move in later in the day at 7-8:00 in the evening and then moving quickly off shore and it should be e done by around 1-2:00 in the morning. and then by sunday that low intensifies. high pressure builds in the gulf of mexico and you can see the flow of air coming straight out of the north. that's going to be the cold blast on sunday night into monday morning and it shouldldbe the coldest air coming up ahead over the next 5-7 days. here's the marine forecast. it's awful this weekend with the risk of rip currents and small craft advisory. biscayne bay rough. re of the same throughout the florida keysys
10:35 pm
next high tide 7:37 and 7:32 and key largo 8:00 at 9:28 key west. mostly cloudy and maybe a sprinkle and the lows in the 60s turning breezy and by tomorrow clclds around and evening chance of rain. highs in the 70s. re's the extend outlook. sunday windy and 56 for the morning low and momday 46 and then another front moving in and that should keep morning lows in the 50s before next friday. at's the 7 on 7 forecast. >> still don't go away! you want to see this. the columbus zoo and aquarium holding a contest to decide the young polar bear's name! look at this adorable little baby girl! she was born about 3 months ago but today she got her very own identity! there it is! the zoo posted the contest on their facebook page and after more than 88,000 votes she's no longer anonymous.
10:36 pm
says is a combination of her parents' name. nanuk and aurora. nora, come to the newsplex and live with us! you're so cute!! all together now!
10:37 pm
we'll be right back! >> all hail this wacky new movie! it's not the first time george clooney has taken lead in one of their films. >> anchor: and he tells th night team's chris van bleat something about his roles always stands out. >> the truth we could see if we had -- if we had -- hey! >> cut! >> hail caesar is a movie about making a movie in the golden age of hollywood.
10:38 pm
whitlock, an actor as famous as george is. it's the 4th movie he's done with the cohen brothers and they seem to know how to make parts for him. they like to write these semi idiotic characters for you. >> semi? i will say this, there is that moment when they send you the script and they say we've written this with you in mind and he's an iot! and they're like yeah. okay. all right. fair enough. >> the studio needs your help. baird whitlock has kidnapped. >> when the character is kidnapped from the set, it's up to the vie studio head to play him. >> would you like the character now or set in old hollywood? >> that was a whole different businessss i think i would have at least the mentality of old hollywood and would have dealt with fairly well because i don't seem to understand those very well. >> reporter: the movie has a who's who of today's hollywood
10:39 pm
and there's jonah hill, channing at that timum, scarlett johannsen. >> this is going to cost the studio a lot of money. >> and you'd think with all those a-listers in one place, george clooney might use the opportunity to pull one of his famous pranks. >> did you pull anypranks on the set? >> no, just what i was wearing under that skirt, man. just what i was wearing under qhe skirt. >> reporter: what was under the skirt? >> that's right, that's right. wait until you see e the behind the scenes. the below the scenes! wait until you see that! that's coming up. >> i would never do that!
10:40 pm
i'm chris van bleat. >> we start with the hot heat and showing friday night and look to take the sting out of the hornet. and from this family and from nearby and not happy. later picking up in the second quarter and dwayne wade not big on stunning but loves to cram. heat tied it at the half. and 47 a piece and then with the snatch and cook! warren dragich with heat up by 4. the 10th block with the third
10:41 pm
the heat up 1. marvin willms with the heat down by 1 and the game high 27 points. 25 secondndleft and heat again down 1. chris bosh, he gets the bucket and the bonus to put the heat up 3. 10-6 left in the game now. heat up 3 points. wade picks the pocket and into dang and thank you very much! wade finished with two twenty-o points and 5 assists and heat finish on the 8-2 run with 98--93 to give back the 500 on the road. >> i got 20 people. vimy whole family there. and it is judge uft to charlotte and the second coming off and it was just an amazing feeling. >> just cleans up everything down low and>> reporter: zowas
10:42 pm
pick in 1992. he played thirty-two seasons in buzz city making two all-star teams with charlotte before he was traded to the heat in 1995. and grow the hair back and then it is going to be the more serious note and you guys lifted me up on the regular basis and to this day for the charlottes and going to thank you for the love and i thank you for the support. >> high school hoops. new orleans takes it on in the district 5 and the coach in the house and first with baptiste led 26-20 at the half. second half and mcdonald all american and going to loving that. then it is going to win 58-34 and then it's the vikings
10:43 pm
the panthers look to make it 6-straight when they host saturday night. it's the special game and not onlywhen the cats look to extend the streak to 5 games but the pittsburgh native also gets little more lift when he gets to p py against his hometown team. >> whenever i play tho guys i watched a lot of those guys growing up and it's surreal and they're coming up. >> we're less than 48 hours away and the festivities continue leading up to the big game. today don shula there to give the award for the top high school coach. this year the dolphins' legend from the high school and leesburg, virginia. and speaking of awards. no doubt cam newton had an mvp caliber season accumulating 45 total touchdowns and throwing just 10 picks.
10:44 pm
discussion ahead of the super bowl match up against denver. but the safety says daby really isn't all that bad. >> for us we''re having fun and whenthe whole world grasps on to something and then it can't be bad. and it is just us trying to have fun while we're playing the game that we love. >> reporter: that's sports. i'm daby donovan campbell.
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this. here in vineland, new jersey where progresso light soups are made, we'll never give up our cheddar, our eam, and especially our bacon. so we figured out a way to add rich ingredients like this into 22 light soups, all with 100 calories or less per serving. so if you want to eat light and not give up rich flavor,
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>> anchor: that is a wrap for us first here at 10. i'm belkys nerey. >> anchor: and i'm craig stevens and stay tuned. 7 news at 11 is next.
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