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tv   Channel 7 News at 11PM  FOX  February 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> we're sandwiched with high pressure to the west and high pressure to the east and the cold air with a very chilly weekend. >> anchor: the so-called facebook murderer handed his sentence. hear his outburst in court. >> another convicted killer facing a judge. today his family taking the stand. >> reporter: training for terror. south florida officers getting ready for a day of drills to keep you safe if there is an attack. >> and someone suspicious walking into a grocery store gunning for trouble. the suspect just 8 years old. >> anchor: hello and welcome, everyone. i'm belkys nerey. >> anchor: and i'm craig stevens. 7 news at 11 continues right now. and first at 11:00, the live look where we are keeping things cool as we begin the weekend. good evening. temperatures are in the 60s right now. >> anchor: but in the coming
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chief meteorologist phil farro is in the weather center with more. phil? >> anchor: we'll see more in the next few days. it will be a cold weekend and the cold air filtering in and we have the front move in over us during the day today. the models are suggesting we will see some rain tomorrow, but now it's showing maybe more of an early evening or late afternoon. the chance for r showers and then real cold air moves in for monday morning. taking a look at the storm tracker. mostly dry right now. that will change during the day tomorrow as we get an area of low pressure moving in across south florida. here's the first front that went over us today. that low is going to move very close to the bahamas.s. it's going to be rainy here, chilly. i think the rain will move in after 7 or 8 p.m. at night. but take a look at the setup for sunday. if everything here comes together, that low intensifies. high pressure moves into the gulf of mexico and then you can
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this will mean the cold blast for us. typical low 61. tomorrow waking up to 62. 56 sunday morning. but check out the wakeup temperature for monday. it's also going to be breezy. that means that some of the windchill values could be in the low 40s. we'll have a lot more in our chilly fe, a little bit later on. >> and now heartbroken families rehiving their pain. >> and very tough over the same thing again but i'm doing this for my son. >> and every day suffered >> and another man pushes for an early release from prison. >> and i called. and it is going to the night team working with the two killers in court.
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his friend and the other his wife. >> anchor: one case wraps up and the other is waiting for the judge's decision. we begin with danielle knox and the so-called facebook murder trial. >> count one, second degree murder. the court at this time will be sentencing you to life with a 25-year-old minimum mandatory. >> reporter: it is the case known around the world. now the sentencing made known in court. medina #@ntenced to life in prison for murdering his then 27-year-old wife jennifer alfonso in 2013. then posting a gruesome picture of her body on facebook with the words "rest in peace." >> on the day that you stck down your wife, you left your step-daughter upstairs with the possibility of her finding your wife's deceased body on that floor. you foretold your future. you wrote on facebook that "i am going to prison" and that is
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>> reporter: the family members took the stand including her emotional parents. >> every day i miss my daughter. and miseverything about her. >> and grandparents worried about what alfonso's young daughter isabelle will never get to do with her mom. >> but isabelle and never being able to see her mother again. that is truly something no child should have to endure. >> reporter: medina didn't look at alfonso's family as he spoke but they did have somethingto say. >> and i want the president of the united states of america to focus on corruption. corruption is a big problem that we have in the united states of america and all over the world. nothing further. >> reporter: medina's family
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though his attorney said this. >> his reaction today in court i brushed that off with regards to being in isolation for 3 years. >> medina showed no emotion as he was handcuffed and led out of the courtroom and his attorney says just planned to appeal. in downtown miami, danielle knox, 7 news nighthteam. >> anchor: from one convicted killer's sentencing day to another convicted killer asking for a shorter sentence. here's the night team's jessica holly. >> did you ever see this list before? >> yes. >> that's the hit list. >> reporter: a third day of testimony in t resentencing a convicted killer. his sister and mother taking the stand a day after michael hernands spoke from the same seat. >> and how much pain i caused you. i'm sorry. >> reporter: in response to that tearful apology, an unexpected guest in court.
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>> andre martin, a former clasmate once on andre's hit list. >> and found it to be not genuine. >> not a bit. >> reporter: the fathererof his victim also not buying it. >> i can look in his face and i don't believe him at all. >> reporter: hernandez slit the throat of the victim in 2004. the defense claims he's mentally ill and now a prison law clerk and d the way to rehabilitation. >> michael is worthy of being saved. he is not a lost cause. rep the prosecution is claiming hernandez is the master manipulator with the fascination with serial killers. >> he's not schizophrenic. he's weird. he's scary. that's not mentntly ill. those are the people we lock away. >> reporter: the defense ahd the hernandez family left without speaking. the assistant state attorney with ththe parting words.
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and fair hearing before the court and we trust the judge will make an appropriate and write decision. >> reporter: the judge's decision will beread in court february 22nd at 1:30. the options 40 years or life in prison. reporting in miami, jessica holly, 7 news night team. >> there is a heart breaking end in the search for a missing south florida couple. two found in southwest miami-dade. they've been missing for a few days. the 21-year-olds were found dead in their car in a water-fied rock quarry yesterday. they've last been seen at the cadillac ranch restaurant at the palms at town and country shopping plaza on saturday evening. >> several south florida polili departments are teaming up tomorrow training for terror. they're going to be putting on tactical gear and practicing active shooter drills. the night team's alex diprato
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>> friday night preps for the major drill on saturday involving 135 law enforcement agencies from miami-dade, broward and palm beach counties. >> this is where we'll test the capabilities for response in south florida to respond to multiple incidents occurring at multiple times. >> it is called operation heat shield. the scenario begins at children's courthouse in downtown miamamwhere the terrorist is convicted. those inside the courthouse become angry. they come to the government center and shoot their way into the lobby injuring about 50 people and then they getonto the metro rail. the terrorists then get off the metro rail at the palmer station and shoot t their way inside booker t. washington high school where students and teachers are injured. at the mental health jail facility, a group of people ram the gate to free another terrorist. an officer shot and guards are taken hostage.
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board a plane and threaten to take off and crcrh it into the city. at the coast guard sdation on miami beach, there's an active shooter who threatens to blow up a bridge to the mainland. the terrorist leader calls 911 to save their base and has a stash of machine guns. at marlins park the truck is pulled overernd the officer is shot. others run into the stadium and leash gunfire on the crowd. the goal for law enforcement is to train to stop the attacks all occurring at one time. >> this is the chance for our s.w.a.t. and special weapons teams for our hazardous material responders and be tested in as close to that real life scenario as possible. >> reporter: officials say a drill like this has taken on new urgency following the terrorist attacks where they time. again this is only a drill but officials say if you see
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real and suspicious, always to call that in. in miami, alex diprato, 7 news night team. >> anch: new details about the health emergency involving zika. officials in brazil now say they detected the virus not only in blood but saliva as well. it's unclear ifift can be trtrsmitted by them. and if it can be with subsidiaryingual contact including a case out of dallas this ek. governor scott yesterday declared a health emergency for 5 florida counties including miami-dade and broward. 14 people have been diagnosed with the virus in this state. all contraed it while outside the country. locally mosquito patrol crews were out ininmiami-dade and broward counties. workers collecting water samples when grassy areas on cooper city and pine island road. crews also out in coral gables warning them to get rid of standing water on the property where mosquitos tend to breed. south florida warehouse going up in smoke.
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doral happening on 84th avenue and southwest 56th street. the call came in and the piece of equipment on fire inside. miami-dade fire rescue responded and they make them out of control and put it out relatively quickly. no one was injured. >> anchor: a historic meeting for pope francis who is cuba bound. he'll sit down with the leader of the russian n orthodox church next friday. the pontiffs he hopes to heal the divide between eastern and western christianity that existed for almost a thousand years. fueled by accusations, the catholic church actively works to recruit coerts in russia. miami's archbishop hails this as an important step. >> this meeting is an important meeting because this is the first time a russian orthodox patriarch is meeting with the patriarch of the west. it is something that we've been praying for for a very long time. >> anchor: the two will spend a few hours together at the
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makes his way to mexico. pope francis previously visited cuba last september. >> anchor: still ahead on 7 news at 11, the attempted armed robbery foiled when they jump into action and the age of the pint-sized -- well, look at him. it's going to shock you! >> anchor: and he's allegedly an unhappy customer!
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the extremes! >> anchor: cameras running into the store and say it's locked and loaded. his mother said he told her he was going to the park. >> but before he left he grabbed her gun. vanessa reports. >> reporter: under the face of the motorcycle helmet is the face of the 8-year-old boy. it's just after 6 p.m. >> i told him go ahead to the park. he gave me a hug. >> reporter: instead he rode this west palm beach grocery
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>> i saw something suspicious and there was somebody with a helmet covering his face with a sweater. >> reporter: what you can't see is a .9 mm handgun concealed in his ght hand. he walked into the store and up to a cashier. >> and said give me the money. >reporter: roberto's cousin jeffrey also seeing the commotion walking out from behind the counter towards the young boy. >> when i saw the kid at the cashier i was just so socked. i didn't know if it was a real gun or fake gun. >> and more like that and that's a little kid. >> and i just took his hand, twisted it, took the gun away from him and took it to the office. >> reporter: he grabs the boy. you can see he's fighting him trying to break free. >> i called the police. >> reporter: the gun was loaded. he stole it fromhis mother who said she noticed something was
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>> i grabbed my purse. it was so light. i knew i was missing something. i'm like where's my gun? the first thing i thought i hope jaden don't have my gun. >> i don't know why mom has a gun where a child can put his hands on it. it doesn't make sense. >> anything could have happened and this is just -- i'm glad nobody got hurt. >> the child is now in police custody. he was taken to the hospital shortly after being arrested because he told police he wanted to kill himself. so now he's having a mental evaluation. after that is done, he will be taken to juvie. reporting in west palm beach, vanessa medina, 7 news night team. >> anchor: the office building rocked by an unhappy customer. he was caught on surveillance video throwing a brick through the ont door of the comcast cable office. wasn't successful at first but the glass shattered the second time. the villainedaalso left behind a note that said, "dear friends, the next one will be on fire. please remove yourinance from my phone.
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neighborhood spiderman." it happened last thursday in the area of melbourne drive and college af in davie. so far officicis don't have a lead on the guy. if you have any information to help inveveigators call 305-471-tips. >> certainly wasn't spiderman. >> definitely not! >> @oming up they say a picture is worth a thousandndwords. >> this one certainly is as people try to guess who is the mom and this is tough. the middle one i bet. the other ononis the daughters. >> i think mom is way to the left. >> reporter: i think it is a trick qution. this is what we can expect. cold air moving through the area waking up to the mid40s and could be colder with the
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just a couple of minutes. >> anchor: a picture of her mother and twin daughters has
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>> have a look. none of the smiling faces look old enough to be the mother of 16-year-old twins. the picture capturing mom and twins causing a firestorm. tens of thousands of likes. the trio finally put the speculation to res i said the middle in the red. >> anchor: i say left. >> anchor: revealing the one on the left. >> anchcr: there you go. the one on the left in the other picture. >> anchor: well, yeah, that's the mom. they look like triplets. >> anchor: they really do. >> reporter: good evening, everyone. we'll see a little of everything this weekend. right now mostly cloudy. 65 in miami for you in fort uderdale and a little warmer. the cloud cover keeping temperatures in check and 69 . the humidity at 70%. key west again plenty of cloudiness for you and the temperature of 66 . storm tracker showing everything is dry. we may see some dotted sprinkles tonight, but in
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for rain will be tomorrow evening. most of the models are suggesting it will probably start to move in some time after 7 p.m. earlier today the models were suggesting an early start to the rain around midmorning and then done by midafternoon but now they've changed their mind and the area of low pressure is going to hug and then it is going to after midnight. pressure intensifies. the high pressure builds in the gulf of mexico. and you can see the cold air south florida. this is going to make for very cold sunday night in through monday morning. so let's take a look at the marine forecast for tomorrow. threat of rip currents at the beach. the small craft advisory and biscayne bay rough. the nasty conditions as well throughout the florida keys. 20 knot winds.
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feet. next high tide at 7:37. 9:28 from the lower keys. the water temperature 73 . so for tonight still mostly qloudy. overnight lows not that cold because the cloud cover will act as a blanket. the temperatures in the 60s. tomorrow highs in the mid70s with the wind out of the northeast. the rain arriving late in the day. then the cold air really moves in. sunday morning waking up to 56 . monday 46 with the wind. well, the wind chill could be in the low 40s and d another front moves in by tuesday assuring that the cold air will stick around until friday morning.
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7 sports is next. >> reporter: we start the sports party with the hot heat and charlotte looking to take the sting outpof the hornets and hassan whiteside t starting and not too happy. heat down by 1 on the break and d-wade not bion study but likes to cram. heat tied it at the half at 47. fast forward to the half and the heat, heating up 4 and th that snatch and grab and it is with that layup finish and report with the third triple w in the season and heat up 1 and
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down by 1 with the game high 27 points and 25 seconds left and heat down 1 and got the bonus to put the heat up 3. 10 ticks now left in the game and heat up by trade and going to finish on the 8-2 run 91-98. the first round with the championship in boca raton and the 50 food birdo and that is with that it is the dabing
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of discussion ahead of the sunday superbocl match up with denver and isn't all that bad. >> and for us we're having fun and when the whole world. >> now back to belkys and craig. you know to you to dab, right? >> anchor: thanks, d. have a great one! >> anchor: we're down with it! that's a wrap for 7 news at 11. i'm belkys nerey! >> i'm craig stevens. have a good one!
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