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tv   Channel 7 News at 630PM  FOX  February 6, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> steve: don't see those very often. maybe a quota call. the end microsoft when meter maids start giving out more tickets or highway patrol pulls people over. >> tim: 11 lead occasion, see the field goal shooting story. arizona combating really tough day from the floor. >> steve: the high post. nice little rub. marquese chriss gives washington the 12th lead change of the game. >> steve: a tr. jackson-cartwright navigating. [ crowd noise ] york, nice. with an answer. >> steve: york and anderson, the upper classmen.
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and the foul.% dime takes it right at anderson, tarczewski also coming over. andrews p%netration forces arizona to help uphill. and that exposes the baseline. >> tim: caleb tarczewski gets his third. younu man from senegal, spent time at indian hills community college in iowa. he speaks eight languages. he's improved his english, spanish, arabic. he had it all. they asked him to tell something true about hip self, something about one of his teammates then tell a lie. he told the team, i no lie.
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[ crowd noise ] >> tim: tied at 70-70. york. get the feeling we may have an extra session today? >> steve: it's a donny brooke from start to finish. >> tim: it has o.t. written all over it. just been that kind of game. so manyead changes. arizona's size and strength always keeps them in it. washington's athletic. >> steve: punch and counterpunch. game of runs. >> tim: two minutes left. veteran takes it to the rack. tarczewski and anderson both tough down there when you bring
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[ crowd noise ] jected and fouled by chriss. >> steve: baseline officialt% didn't see it. but opposite of sean miller. the call was made. fourth foul. >> timimthat's four on chriss. anderson gets to the line. >> steve: isolation play by sean miller. what a luxury to have ryan anderson, securury blanket for sean miller. a great pick up.
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[ crowd noise ] there's the draft, free agent. nice high-low. >> tim: chriss, rejected by tarczewski. anderson, by the way, the human double-double that he is comes in averaging a double-double. 20-13 today. >> steve: four game tear, best any front line player in the country. >> tim: nearly 30 point blow out that they had at theckale center three weeks ago, though. teams have evolved in the college basketball, are washington has. at the shot clock fuzzer. -- buzzer. >> steve: good find by gabe york. dials one up. >> tim: andrews, fouled. york off the bounce there, tim, gathers, draws the defense.
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kick out. >> tim: 84% at the line. he came into today's game with 214 freethrows taken. 180 made. he gets to the line just shy of ten times a game. you see the poison display by the upper less men. andrew andrews for washington and on the other end of the floor, gabe york and ryan anderson. they have stepped up made the plays. that's what you expect out of grizzled veterans. >> tim: one-possession game. 51.3 left. full court pressure.
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almost double dribbled. quick time out taken as a rest by sean miller. the moment he saw that lorenzo romar going to play them straight up. >> steve: wants to make sure he gets a good look on this possession whererehey're either able to getet a point blank shot, a wide open jumperr draw a foul. need to come away in productiviv manner. also can set your defense with your time out depending upon whether you score or don't score, talk to your team about the defensive side of the ball. >> tim: there y see our game reset. the possession arrow i with washington. that's critical particularly if you're talking about a low post pass to one of the bigs. >> steve: i would imagine two-man game here with anderson
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whether it's high ball screen or an iso, but those two will be involved on weak side to try too get your bigs to clean up the garbage. >> tim: if you g the stop, lav, and you're washington, do you look for the three or do you try to get the quick two extend the game? >> steve: you opportunistic knock down 3s if you can sre directly and set your defense there's still time in the backcourt, i would imagine if washington pushes and scores, whether it's a two or a three there will be quick time out. >> tim: lot of times coaches decide not to take time out because they're concerned about the inbounds pass. >> steve: absolutely. a lot of bad thing can happen out of the time out. it's a philosophy or an approach of feel for your particular team in that situation i a game. >> tim: sean miller has a veteran team. he's got allen and jackson-cartwright, two good ndlers out there with york. then tarczewski and anderson
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allen will trigger in the inbounds defended by andrew andrews. >> steve: working out of a stack. [ crowd noise ] >> tim: high pick from tarczewski. york. anderson the rebound. anderson goes back up and is fouled. second and third chance opportunities that have been catalyst all day rear its ugly head for the washington fans right there. >> steve: not a better front line player in america at finding a way to carve out space, to come up with those second and third efforts. that's why the karl ma lobe power forward candidate. he's numbers i think as good as any front line player in the country. >> tim: 9.8 now left on the clock. i think they're taking a long look at that.
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his fifth. he's done for the game. 18 points and seven rebounds. we have a clock issue and they are going to work on how much time really does actually remain. >> steve: sean miller@ instructing his wildcat team, he has wisy played through his seniors as officials review the clock situation. york misses, but watch ryan anderson ain, finds a way to secure the balal then goes strong to the cup to draw that foul. >> tim: right. clearly just a little under 16 seconds should be remaining not the 9.8 as you see up on the board right now. that is what the officials are working on.
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they're going to give 16.1 which may be arizonana thinks is a little generous, it could be 15.9 if you want to -- >> steve: sean miller clearly instructed his team, depending whether anderson makes one or two freethrows. whether it's three-quarter court press. if he misses both freethrows potentially foul they don't get game-tying three-pointer at the rim. anderson the story for the wildcats. 15 rebounds and eight of them on the offense. >> tim: unbelievable. that's difference in the game, really. if this score holds up. >> steve: we talked about it at the outset. on a tear the past four games. all aspspts of his game. watch this set up like good ball
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[ crowd noise ] >> tim: gets the shooter's touch as a result. that reserve time was almost picked off by kadeem allen. here is murray all the way to the rack. that ball was deflected. a drone draws, the foul with the three. will not get the whistle from the officials. that should effectively put it away. two-possession game. you got to get it inbounded once you do then -- 77-7. allen's got it. trying to play keep away. and he does. arizona survives, i do mean survives washington this afternoon. >> steve: this is indicative of pac 12 play this year and why as many as ninteams are under consideration for the ncaa tournament.
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>> tim: enjoyed it lav. >> steve: i loved it. like gangsters. tim brando. >> tim: and for steve lavin and molly mcgrath, tim brando, so long where we were not sleepless in seattle. what an exciting environment. huskies go down 77-72. arizona looks to be getting
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goodbye from seattle. >> robbin: now on 7 news at 6:30, police say a dangerous driver hit a person and took off. >> anchor: it's training day across south florida. hundreds of law enforcement officers taking part in the drill to test their skills should terrorists strike. >> bbin: 7 news live in new hampshire as gop presidential candidates get set to face off in tonight's debate. good ening. i'm robbin simmons. >> anchor: and i'm alex diprato. jeff lennox is on assignment. this a late edition of 7 news starting right now. >> robbin: at 6:46, learning more about the victims of the horrifying hit. police hauling away a vehicle they say is behind the hit and run. a group of people hit hard at high speed.
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recovering in the hospital. 7's elitsa bizios is live at jackson hospital with more details. >> lloyd reeb: alex and robbin, when you stop and think about this, police telling us that the car was going at a high rate of speed. you look at the damage done to the you have v in the car and it's a pure miracle no one died in the crash. we talked to one of the victim's mothers. she said two were released and two females, one her daughter, remained here fighting to get healthy and fighting for their lives after this horrifihit and run. >> hit them directly and they say they flew. >reporter: a late-fight run to the liquor store near 17 avenue and 34th street and turning into the life or death situation. 4 people sent to the hospital
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>> how can you hit them and leave them for dead. >> now fighting to breathe with a broken leg. it's around 3:30 in the morning on saturday then miami police report. the driver of this white suv is speeding down 17th avenue and rammed the back of this parked car. 4 people, including were trying to get back in the car when hit. the impact so intense the victims' car ended up half a block down the street. the hit and run driver apparently stopping to see what happen. >> he got out of the car and said who is this? >> detectives finding the suv after some investigating. 7 news on the scene as it was towed away. the mercedes now evidence. take a look at the extensive damage. the people living at the home where the suv was fovnd didn't want to say anything to our cameras. back at the hospital mom ruby
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the suspect who is still at large. >> he should turn himself in. >> if you have any information call 305-471-tips. elitsa bizios, live, 7 news. >> robbin: taking a live look outside the north bay village studios and after that wet weather coming. >> anchor: brent cameron with the latest. brent? >> brent: wet weather changes on the way to south florida. to begin you need the umbrella tonight with off d on showers and then it is going to the jackets necessary tomorrow with the february flop in temperature. today is 79 and tomorrow a big setback in those temperatures
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going to last for awhile. and don't have to look too far away. places like naples at the moment with rain cooled air and 59 . fairly large slug of moisture that will continue to fill in so we do expect this area of rain to increase from the west towards the metro areas in miami and fort lauderdale within next hour and then on and off through the overnight until the cold front completely crosses the area now it will feel chilly when you get up and around tomorrow morning. low to mid50s. but it actually gets colder tomorrow night once the dryer air arrives. we'll talk about that chill and a whole lot more coming up with weather. >> robbin: also on 7, law enfofoement training for terror in our backyard. hundreds of responders out in fu force making sure they're
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7's walter morris is live at marlins park where another round of training will begin soon. walter? >> reporter: robbin, that's right. a drill like this has never been done here in miami. now, of course, we hope they never have to use this training, but they're getting ready just in case. it's the worst case scenario so miami under fire. on land, air and sea. saturday more than 21 local state and federal ages working together in the drill simulating a city-wide terror attack. >> it's important that we train together because usually in the past we function one way and the police department functions another way. >> reporter: it's called operation heat shield. the day-long event giving first responders the chance to practice working together as if the city were under attack. it's igniting the violent reaction. the terrorists then shoot their
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gunning down 50 people before taking the atatck to the train, getting on the metro. and that's only the beginning of the drill. >> and the fire department and the fire fighters are going in. >> reporter: lindsey hopkins technical education nter and hundreds of volunteers playing students and teachers under fire. the mental health jail facility and the ceceer also under attack. terrorists taking over a plane, threatening to crash it into the city. >> we're likely to be as real life as possible. >> reporter: and under water at the coast guard station in miami beach. an active shooter. terrororts threatening to blow up the bridge. the drill made possible by federal grant money and testing to see how all these agencies work together to save lives. >> it's important that you highlight for the american public what we are doing overtime to protect the homeland. and e big finale will take place here at marlins park. it's the simulated terrorist
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eveptment it's scheduled to start in the next 10-15 minutes or so and we'll have all sients and sounds from that tonight at 10. reporting live in miami, walter morris, 7 news. >> anchor: a final farewell for a south florida missionary. hundreds of people gathering honor michael rittering at hollywood community church earlier today. the local memorial service held at taft street and north state road 7. rittering was one of people killed in a terrorist attack last month. hot property in deerfield beach. the broward sheriff fire rescue tweeting out the aftermath of the apartment fire. it happened along mermaid drive at anderson circle. no one was injured. crews rescued 5 cats. investigators say the fire started in the kitchen. >> it is debate night in the race for the white house. the presidential hopefuls are preparing to take the stage in just a few hours. >> and with the new hampshire
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candidates are hoping to secure votes. 7's jeff lennox is live in manchester, new hampshire, now with more. jeff? >> ff: the hours are ticking away fast. we are just 3 days away from the new hampshire primary and tonight we have a big debate planned with the gop. before we get to the first the nation's primary next tuesday you have 7 gop candidates taking to the main stage. trump back on the main stage after deciding to opt out on the news channel with fox. and tonight expect to see many going after marco rubio. he's seen a big surge here in new hampshire over the last couple of days after that big third place finish, unexpected finish in the iowa caucuses. >>it's crunch time in the granite state. the candides making one final weekend push before voters head to the polls for the first in the nation primary on tuesday. and while it may be cold outside, the gloves are off. here's bush on trump and not the bush you might expect.
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i'm not crazy about what he says about women. i don't even think about it. i'm sick of him. that's, that's very strong. >> reporter: former first lady barbara bush wading into her son's war of wordrdwith new hampshire poll leader donald trump. the billionaire firing back on saturday tweeting this. wow, jeb bush whose campaign is a totatadisaster had to bring in mommy to take a slap at me. not nice. while the donald-gen feud is nothing new, he's deploying his popular 90-year-old mom on the trail for the first time. this after disappointing results in the iowa caucus. many believe bush needs a strong finish in new hampshire to believe he can still win the nomination and jeb remained upbeat at the town hall. >> i think we need someone with a hopeful, optimistic vision of this country, that has a proven record and back to solving problems again instead of pushing people down to make them look better. >> i want to introduce you to my family for a moment. >> perhaps no one left iowa
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marco rubio. jockeying with ted cruz for a possible second place showing new hampshire if trump's lead holds. on democratic side sanders has a sizable lead over clinton in new hampshire after finishing second to her in iowa. sanders was talking turnout at get out and vote rally in new hampshire. >> here in new hampshire, if we can bring out the decent vote i'i'm confident we'll win. >> hillary clinton rallying in concort. >> will we rise by lifting each other up and giving every american the chance to succeed again? >> meanwhile the republican candidates getting ready to rumble once again at a saturday night debate with one notable exception.
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invite list and the former hewlett-packard c.e.o. blasted the decision. >> if you ever believed the game was rigged, look at what's happening tonight. i'm sorry, i thought votes counted in elections. >> reporter: okay, again, marco rubio expecting to get the attacks from all sides tonight on the main stage. jeb bush called him the back bencher, chris christie the boy in the bubble and called him the kid and according to top aides they say he's more than well prepared for the attacks on the stage tonight. and controversy surrounding ted cruz as well going back to the iowa caucuses where one of his s staffers before the caucuses got underway and to give information coming up later tonight. the debate starts at 8:00 and have a full recap on the night team. we're live in manchester, new
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>> anchor: and 7's jeff lennox will be in new hampshire for tuesday'primary. his live coverage continues leading up to the big event. >> and the interipresident is expected to be elected by parliament. that person will ld the position until eye new president is elected in may. it is on hold indefinitely after the initial election spawned a series of violent and deadly protested. >> and the crane collapse with the cause under investigation and officials say it could take weeks to find out exactly why that crane fell over. and then officials say they plan to keep first responders on the scene until the crane is removed.
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safe removal of the crane and also we are prepared for any contingencies that may arrive with the hazmat and injuries. >> one man killed and 3 other people hurt from debris. officials hope to have that area cleaned up by monday morning. >> a kier quake hitting southern taiwan. the 6.4 earthquake rattling the area saturday morning. crews rescuing children from the rubble as more than 100 people are still reportedly missing. the quake caused the high rise residential building to collapse killing at least 14 people and injuring hundreds of others. >> robbin: coming up on this late editioof 7 news, an officer showing off his survival scars and thanking thehe people who saved him after he was shot. >> anchor: the south florida community on the mission to
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