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tv   Channel 7 Weekend News at 10PM  FOX  February 7, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> brent: the chill filtering in and yet another cold front is also coming our way. >> robbin: surveillance video showing the impact that sent a group of people to the hospital. people speaking out as the investigation speeds up. >> reporter: candidates on both sides blazing tracks all across new hampshire ahead of tuesday's first in the nation primary. the night team live in manchester. >> call it an epic fail. drivers on the pond is a good idea t quickly turned into a fishing and recovery mission. >> reporter: a wish coming true for a south florida boy when he asked to have a police chief show up at his birthday party and that was just part of the surprise.. good evening, everybody. i'm robbin simmons. >> alex: and i'm alex diprato.
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starts now. >> robbin: on the top at 10:00, might want to get ready for a chill this week. >> alex: walter morsis live on miami beach with how everyone is handling the chill out there. walter? >> reporter: well, alex, robbin, that's right. a lot of people bundled up on lincoln road. check out the thermometer. it's now in 55 and it's only going to get colder. it could get into the low 40s tonight. >> a chilly night in south beach.h. low temperatures bringing high disappointment for visitors. >> i'm from argentina and expecting the climate.e. >> are you a little disappointed. >> not a little. a lot. >> the temperates in south florida could get into the mid40s with the wind chill giving many the opportunity to break out clothes they rarely use. >> the sweater?
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>> how often do you get to wear that? >> i bought it like a year ago and this is my first time wearing it. >> saturday the mercury dropping steadily bringing people in layers. broward county declaring the cold weather emergency. the salvation army offering its doors open for a warm place to sleep and hot meal. >> we had 80 over capacity back in january that was provided for. so you can see a tremendous need that we're able to provide. >nd meanwhile reminding miami beach goers it could be worse. >> it was snowing the other night. this is joyful. >> it's a beautiful september in boston.
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>> just how cold will it be? meteorologist brent cameron continues our team coverage in the weather center.. brent? >> reporter: robbin, this will rank as one of the top 2 coldest nights of the winter season. to this point at least and cold weather alerts. definitely worthy tonight because we are expecting the frigid 40s. right now in the 50 temperature range. tomorrow some sunshine but it's that kind of chilly sunshine with the breeze that has a hard time, a real struggle really warming us up and warm is really not going to be in the forecast for awhile. it's an extended peri of cooler than average temperatures for us all the way up from the northwest bahamas into south floridament we're going to ok at regular intervals of fronts moving down from the north and because that is going to keep our temperatures in check. right now a check with readings finds 54 in miami and fort lauderdale. 59 currently in marathon.
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broward, miami-dade, winds right now anywhere from 8-16 mph. and because of e additional breeze it will make temperatures feel a little bit cooler than what it actually registers on the thermomer. so temperatures, actual readings when you wake up will be in the low to mid40s but it may feel more like the 30s even in broward county with thehe low to mid40 temperatures. how long will this weather pattern last? the average high is 78. notice the temperatures on monday through friday and not each reaching 70 and extra cold temperatures on the cold night. we'll have more in a few mites. >> reporter: also on 7 surveillance video police tting the new view of the car plowing through a group of people outside the south florida lounge.
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and the driver speeding off. >> robbin: the night team speaking out and elates bizios is live with ththlatest on this hit and run. elitsa? >> reporter: robbin and alex, when you sesethat surveillance video, it is just incredible. a blessing nobody was killed. two of the victims were still in the hospital recovering. two of the women have broken bones. the victims who were out or who were released from the hospital talked to 7 news earlier today. >> the car took their bodies away and wiped them all out. like paper in the wind. capturing the moment of the hit and run accident in miami. the driver of the white suv slamming into the group of friends in their 20s. all 5 taken to ryder trauma with injuries. >> it knocked me off my feet right here. this is where i fell right here. >> reporter: these are two of the victims released from the hospital. they met 7 tuez at the scene at
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northwest 34th street sunday after watcng this video. they say they're shocked they all survived and are counting their blessingng >> to be standing here again at the same spot where i could have lost my life two nights ago, we are blessed. we are all blessed, every last one of us. all five of us are blessed. >> turn back around and getting hit and flying downwnthe street. >> reporter: humphrey was sitting in the car parked outside the fingers lounge at the time of the impact at 3:30 in the morning on saturday. the suspected hit and run driver identified by miami police as jose casadilla. >> he's speaking to us with an in soon. this? got in his car and left. someone in the car said go, go, go. >> reporter: still in the hospital, brown and frank both have broken bones and are in a lot of pain. still processing what happened. justice.
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just turn yourselves in. >> and you heard there from the in. that is all they want. the suspected hit and run driver to do and police hope this person lawyered up turns himself in. for now live at jmh. team. >> alex: 4 people caught and cuffed after anarmed robbery. police say -- taking the two men and women into custody in hialeah. officers catching up in the area of southeast fifth street and 10th avenue. they found stolen items and the stun gun in the car. the armed robbery on 73rd street and harding avenue in miami beach. residents near the scene of the takedown shaken up. >> it's scary. you know we live over here in a protected area and you wouldn't think they'd come from miami beach and would end up our streets.
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injured and sent to the hospital after police sate 4 crashed into the police cruiser. no word on that person's condition. >> robbin: a home up in flames in northwest miami-dade. fire fighters responded to the scene on northwest 61st place and 170th terrace. no one was hurt. the blaze leaving extensive damama inside and officials deemed that home unsafe. they believe the fire started in the utility shed. crews also battling the blaze in miami. the fire breaking out at the strip mall near 11th avenue and southwest 8th street destroying several businesses. no one hurt. this fire also now under investigation. >> alex: students and parents taking a stand after school announces it may close its doors. dozens demanding change outside dade christian school in miami lakes. the school is struggling financially but the potential solutions aren't sitting well with some. >> a senior and a possibility
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and we're graduating in may and the possibility as juniors and they might not have the school next year and might have to change and that's horrible for college admissions and horrible for anything. >> we asked for a meeting and been turned down every time i ask for the meeting and being the member of the church, the members are sbeelgtsed to have a meeting -- entitled to have a meeting and among christians we should be ableleo air our differences out. >> alex: the school superintendant releasing a statement saying in part, the church congregation took a vote eviously to solve the crisis either by selling land in broward county or having another church do a takeover. the vote, however, was not executed in a manner that allowed full and unbiased participation. consequently a a large number of the voting constituents want a free and clean vote. >> robbin: in the race for the white house, a lot is at stake in nehampshire and with the primary 2 days away the
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over voters. manchest. jeff? >> reporter: yeah, robbin, the campaign entering the final hours of this race. this primary that is coming up. they're delivering closing new hampshire. the granite state heading to the polls on tuesd morning and also this weekend the war of words continuing to unfold among many of the candidates. entering the final hours before entering on tuesday andonald trump leading the nearest competitors by double digits. he spoke to 7 news one-on-one. you have a commanding lead in new hampshire. talking to the voters out there, what do you feel like your chances are on tuesday? >> i feel we have a great relationship with the people of new hampshire and florida's going to be very soon and i look forward to it. that's going to be great. >> reporter: trump also going after jeb bush for bringing his mother and former first lady
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to help him campaign. >> poor, poor, poor jeb bush who brings out his mother becausushe needed help? he needed help. mommy! please come walk in the snow, mom. i like his mother, but i don't like that stuff. i don't li that. we have to do it on our own. >> hehes a whwher. he's a whiner, you know. than life. i'm the winner. i'm the winner. but you challenge him and that is what happens with bullies. they respond by wining. >> reporter: marco rubio in the meantime trying to shake off the blows he received during the saturday night gop debate shifting hihifocus instead to hillary clinton. >> i don't know if you saw yesterday, i think it was madeline albright in the event. did you see this? she said there's a special place in hell for people who don't vote for hillary clinton.
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you can vote against her and still find salvation. >> burdenie sanders going after clinton citing her vote for the 2002. >> i was right on that issue. hillary clinton was wrong! >> sanders spent sunday in new hampshire with the town hall in flint michigan. she's condemning the state's response to the polluted public water supply. >> this not merely unacceptable or wrong, though it is both. what happened in flint t is immoral. >> jeff: and clinton is back near a number of scheduled events on monday. also going head-to-head in another debate going on early next month in flint, michigan. right now here in new hampshire, that's the big story and about the ground game tomorrow leading up to the primary.
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and before heading to the polls on tuesday morning and we'll be there when the polls open. jeff lennox, 7 news night team. >> all right, and with candidates fighting hard, teaming up to bring you the brannew exclusive numbers. first the republicans. donald trump is 22 points ahead of his closest competitor. senator marco rubio's post to iowa surge appearing to level off. right behind at 13. former florida governor jeb bush in 4th place with 10% and ohio governor john kasig rounds out the top 5. new jersey governor chris christie and former hewlett-packard c.e.o. carlie fiorina are tied at 4%. dr. ben carson has 3. so let's track it day by day. trump is up another point since yesterday. nraft. kasig slipping 1%. moving to the democrats,
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to his lead just a bit. the senator from vermont adding 67% support. 17 points above the former secretary of state. that marar the change in direction after the 16 point swing. and be sure to watch for the live report from jeff lennox. he's keeping the live report from new hampshire and as you saw in this story right through tuesday's primary. and if you have not done so already, now is the time to voice your choice app. it's free, updated all the time and available for your smart phone or tablet. >> alex: presidential politics in haiti playing out right here in south florida. that country's leader now out of office. president michelle marteli stepping down and interim government set to take over office until the new leader is elected. in miami's little haiti neighborhood, protesters
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and calling for fair, democratic elections and calling out the now former president. >> he, the last 5 years, has destroyed coffers ofofhaiti and spent all the money. now time come to leave power. he can't each organize one election. >> alex: back in haiti's presidential runoff set for last month was dropped after deadly protests dropped out. the new leader is expected to take office mama14th. also in the news tonight a controversial rocket launch. it sent a spy satellite into orbit but members of the u.n. security council condemning the launch as simply a long-range missile test. the u.s., japan and south korea now callllg for an emergency meeting. north korea's central news agency releasing this picture of kim jong-un signing the launch order.
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officials say the death toll has risen to at least 32 people after a killer quake on saturday. two dozen victims wererpulled from the rubble following an apartment collapse in tinan. more have been found alive today. the apartment building is one of 11 destroyed by the 6.4 gnitude quake. >> crews in new york city picking up the pieces following a deadly crane accident. that crane cut down into 35 sections before it could be hauled away. officials say it should be clear as soon as tomorrow morning. one person died. several others were rushed to the hospital after it fell while being lowered friday morning during windiy weathe authorities are still trying to figure out what went wrong. >> the night team just getting started. coming up on 7 news at 10:00, daring drivers finding themselves in some trouble after parking on the frozen
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the spotlight from the winter festival. >> a young boy had a birthday wish for the special guest to attend his party. his mom making that wishful phone call. >> and if you think having a bucket list is just for humans, think again! this dog's final days spent living like a king! >> reporter: and i'm mike dipasquale. coming up see if the heat can win 3 street. the l.a. clippers in town for the matinee at the aaa this afternoon. plus the canes' men's basketball team at the contest
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later in 7 sports. >> robbin: call it an ice emergency. a dozen cars parking on a frozen pond falling through. it gives new meaning to the term treading on thin ice. >> alex: and hundreds of people showing for the winter fest in wisconsin, but the cars that fell through the ice really stole the show. >> it was kind of scary.
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didn't walk but ran after the announcement said cars on the ice were sinking. >> probably 4 cars in front of us trying get out and i'm so nervous we'd break through. >> with thousands in town for lake geneva's winter fefe and the u.s. national snow sculpting competition driving was difficult so they took advantage of the open space. >> it was a great spot to go and park. >> reporter: were you concerned because it hasn't been that cold yet? >> no, i wasn't really concerned because i see all the people out there and the cars out there and if there are multiple cars out there, i can put my car. >> reporter: julie thght the same thing. >> it had angels watching over me. i know it. >> reporter: she was glad to rescue her car. >> my mom passed away about 6 months ago and it was her car. >> divers called in the tow company. a few hours in they already had half the vehicles out. >> the divers indicated most are resting on the ice they're on top of so they -- the weight
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down at certain angles. >> reporter: amidst the award winning snow sculptures the mess on the lake was the bigger spectacle. >> just glad no one was in the cars. >> reporter: despite the scene, no one was injured. >> roroin: still ahead tonight from the night team, a south florida police chief going out on a call. not your typical one. this involved a little boy and his birthday. quite a surprise! >> alex: you may have only a few dada to live but the dog has quite the bucket list that's becoming very popular on social media. >> it was the fare one uber driver will never forget. passengers were famous entertainers but sank in during one wild night. >> monday we'll share a story that ended with him on stage!
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with today in florida at 5 a.m. >> alex: when planning a birthday party most want to invite all their friends and girls. >> reporter: but this cora gables student said all he wanted was the chief of police to show up and with the phone call that's what happened. night team's elena estrada has the story. >> gabrielle perez got just what he wanted on his birthday. he got to be the police officer for the day. >> honory assistant chief for the day and get to know what it feels like. >> the honorary assistant to chief hudak who assisted the mother after getting the call. >> totally embarrassed to do it because he wants to be a cop and policemen and said for my birthday i want to be a policeman. >> this day in age if the 6 yearolds want a role model as a police officer, myself or any othershow can we not say yes?
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no@t only made a surprise appearance but brought surprises with him including police patrol toy car. it's the birthday party he and his friends will be talking about for some time. chief hudak has been with the department nearly 30 years and was named chief last september. at the news desk, elena >> what a party! >> coming up next from the newsplex, he was just days away from being put down, but an angel found him. now this dog's bucket list is gaining nationwide attention. >> fans waiting 13 years to make its return to tv and now that back the stars are sounding off on all that positive reaction. >> and in the weather, one of the chilliest nights of the winter season so far. under clear skies in south florida expecting widespread
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your forecast coming u u >> brent: high temperatures today in the 60s. that was it. warm as we were today and the sun going down just after 6:00. we have high clouds and since then the stary night in effect you might say and have plenty of clear skies and jackets necessary tonight. 54 currently in miami and fort lauderdale and it's going to get colder. only spot out of the 50s with the key west at 61. and when you factor in that wind with the temperature, it's going to make it even more frigid with the wind chill readings. and by the way, what a
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this time when we had a big swath of rain. we are now under very dry conditions all across the state. not as much of a temperature range as you might expect from top tobottom in the state. 40s, 50s predominant there and around pensacola. a wind advisory as the winds t% will be cranking especially tonight. and closer to an area of low pressure which is still bringing quite a bit of moisture tnorth and south korea. that was the big weather maker that was over us. about 24 and then it's going for the cold front across the entire florida peninsula. now the effect of the winds also across the nation. around minneapolis feeling like 2 . and the only warm spot now in the southwest across los angeles. we'll continue to be cool all week long and the dip in the jet stream. then it is going to ththcool air behind the series of cold fronts.
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through, of course, late last night and early this morning. tomorrow it's sunshine with some late day clouds and there is ather front that will be on the move expected to slide through on tuesday. so even though sometimes we see rapid rebound in temperature, we'll have continuous fronts still coming down with the jet stream and that will keep temperatures on the cool side. all week long, at least through friday, with temperatures well below average. e boating forecast in effect with the northwest windndand same for you in keys with choppy to rough waters. the 40s. that's the big story. lower 40s inland and mid40s for the ast with the 50s for aou in the keys and temperatures do rise tomorrow but still not out of that cool range but the cool air sticks around for the better part of the week. then it is going to the valentine's day cold front that
10:26 pm
yet in about a week. that's your 7 on 7 forecast. >> what a game! 50 years in the making. a super bowl showdown in san francisco betwn the denver broncos and the carolina panthers. but in the end the broncos pulled out a win for the big super bowl 50. time in his career. >> and mike dipasquale is live in the plex with the super bowl highlights. mike? denver's defense. they swarmed cam newton and the denver offense. carolina favored by 6 points couldn't overcome 4 turnovers. superbowl win and peyton manning with what could be his final game.
10:27 pm
up with malik jackson who recovers and the fumble for the end zone and denver 13-17 at the half. then it is going to the nthers and go to miller. dj coming up with the ball on the 4 yard line! ensuing denver possession. broncos on the 2. cj anderson hfor the touchdown. he gets in there and broncos added a 2 point conversion. denver wins super bowl 50, 24-10. peyton manning wins his send super bowl. complete on the field and locker room reaction coming up later in sports and on 7 news at 11. mike dipasquale, 7 news night team. >> alex: you probably saw it. music stars beyonce and bruny mars heatinthings up on the field with the super halftime show! if you don't watch the super
10:28 pm
can count down to that halftime show. >> do your socializing and sit down and pay attention. tonight's performances dididot disappoint. the festivities kicked off with military flare. ( ) ththarmed forces chorus representing army, navy, marines and coast ard performing "america the beautiful." the academy award winning winner signing for them and lady gaga who sang the national anthem with red spangled suit, blue nails and platinum white hair. the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that the flag was still there
10:29 pm
there >> reporter: but for many the halftime show is the main attraction and when you've reached the 50th super bowl, one act just won't do. british band cold play -- i wish to rule the world see it rise >> reporter: bruno mars. and the queen herself, beyonce, pepeorming a song just released saturday combined for the 1, 2, 3 punch and a mash up. uptown, funk you up. uptown, funk you up, upupwn funk you up >> making this show one not to miss. and a montage f the most electrifying halftime shows over the years helped mark the 50th show as one of the greats. the audience spelling out
10:30 pm
but there was another halftime event on facebook. fox releasg an exclusive clip for fans of x-files during the show. >> i can only classify as alien. >> oh, and back to beyonce! after the halftime performance, she announced the formation world tour kicking off ght here in miami april 27th. a lot going on and the first family hosting a presidential watch party at the white house. >> we have basically three ways we do the super bowl. we have the serious watchers and that is the treaty room and if you're in that room you're watching the game and then the outside room where kids are and fooling around by the food. >>we keep them away. >> and what i call the ampagne room. that is where my mother sits and you don't really know
10:31 pm
>> robbin: i like the champagne room idea! and just like people all across the country the obamas said they'd pick out their favorite commercials and snacking on those goodies. >> at 5 million dollars for the 30 second spot, advertisers need super creative spots that ll keep people taing long after the game is over. and this year madison avenue delivered with animals, celebs and a very impatient baby. commercials giving fans a chance to tata a breather. the first ad comes from michelob ultlt. talking bears from hyundai. >> did he just talk start that car? >> i just wanted to hug him! >> and a monkey baby pug hybrid from mountain dew. still not sure what that's all about but the parade of celebrities marked the big winners. >> who's the genius who puts the girl in heels on the subway?
10:32 pm
eugene levy popped up. >> morons! >> arnold schwarzenger also in the spot for the video game mobile strike. and there is also star george taikai. and getting attitude from the beer tap. >> i feel like you peaked in middle school. >> and odell beckham jr. and lil wayne were moving on up. >> is that george and weezy? >> who else would it be? >> and if you've been missing scott bayo, it's because he's been abducted by avacado loving aliens. >> it's included in the price of admission. >> but the one we may talk about for the few days is the dorito-loving fetus. dad snacking during the ultra sound and the baby knows it and decides it's time to make an entrance. and that was just in the first quarter! >> nothing brings america together like bud light! >> reth rogan, amy schumer trying to unite the world through beer.
10:33 pm
apologize again. >> reporter: steve harvey poked fun at his miss universe flub in a tmobile ad. a disturbing skittles portrait with steven tyler. dream on >> and ryan reynolds starred in an ad with himself! >> oh, in my face! >> and how many oscars has alec ldwin won? >> and dan mariri gets in the war of words with alec baldwin. >> well played, marino. >> shame on you! >> alex: how about the dorito rad? the 5 million dollar 30 second ad sells for just 5 million dollars. record setting there. >> all right, alex, thanks. you saw the halftime exclusive on facebook and fans of the x-files cannot get enough of the newly revived show. adam hausle talks to the cast about what it's been like making the major comeback. >> you okay?
10:34 pm
the tube to watch the return of the x-files as the miniseries comeback broke world records with more than 50 million viewers in the first 3 days. >> what you make of this scully? >> you make the television show and do consuccessative years and do 9 at the most? thth's a lot. we're talking about from 1993 as the first time i played this character. so we'rerealking 23 years. so that's -- that's a real gift. >> dr. scully, i got your test results back. >> for actress jilian anderson living up to the expectations of fans after the hiatus is what they hope for. >> i hope they got everything they hoped to get which is not a small ask but i guess they feel we gifted them with expectations. >> we have security clearae. >> reporter: chris carter
10:35 pm
>> chris is always stirring the pot. there's definitely a new twist on the old stories and see how they're taking to it. >> and now even an k3i6789 files art show with more than series. >> pretty much anything that any hard core fan appreciates about x-files is represented somehow in this exhibit. serious stuff. will. fox news! >> robbin: and there is just one place to watch the x-files. that's right here on 7 monday
10:36 pm
7 7 ws is coming right back. >> alex: a dog avoiding being euthanized just in the nickckof time getting to spend his final days in ways fit for a king. he suffers a heart condition and has just days to live at a
10:37 pm
>> robbin: but a volueer took it upon herself to take that dog home and create a bucket list that's become a facebook favorite. it was his picture on the shelter's euthanasia list that caught casyicler's eyey >> and the second i saw his picture, i knew exactly what was happening.g. that he was going through congestive `eart failure due to heart worm infestation. >> what you doing, sweet pea? >> robbin: knowing he only had days left to live didn't stop her from opening up her heart to the pit named king. they set out for the adventure fit for, well, you get the reason for his name. people from all over following ng and his bucket list. over the last few days king has had steak, shrimp, a pupacinno from papa johns and ice cream. >> we went to mcdonald's and burger king and chchy's. >> it also included a trip to the beach. >> he wasn't fond of the ocean but loved the sand. >> and ki loves everyone he
10:38 pm
the sad part is his death could have been avoided if his previous owner had spent juju a few dollars a month for preventative heart worm medication. kink would have lived for many years. he'll more than likely die in just a few more days. >> king's not mad at s previous owners. he's not worried about the fact he's going to have to euthanized. he's just having the time of his life. >> reporter: keller, on the other hand, is an emotional wreck. >> i'm an emotional wreck about it and the only thing that makes me sadder to do with him is what we would have been able to do if we hadn't been le to see him and give him this bucket list. >> she says the heartbreak will be worth it if it mamas just one dog owner aware of just how some of these deaths can be easily avoided. >> alex: not done yet. still ahead from/the newsplex, the heat looking to stay hot
10:39 pm
with the clippers in town. >> plus the hurricanes basketball team had a tough road test at georgia tech. >> plus look at this. live pictures at denver and thousands in the streets there and fans celebrating the bronco
10:40 pm
highghts next in 7 sports. >> reporter: hi, everyone. the first ever super bowl for this team. and denver playing well and surprising a lot of people an this may have been the most exciting part of the game. the defensnse battle. denver up 3-0 and cam newton sacked and stripped by miller and jackson goes to the touchdown and broncos up 10- that's the score in the second for north carolina. john ton stewart leaps over the -- jonathan stewart leaps over and does the grease hand jive celebration. broncos led 13-7 at the half. story of the game with turnovers by carolina. they coect to the former dolphin ted jr. and intercepted tj ward. he it was 16-7 into the 4th. now 16-10. just over 4 minutes ago newton
10:41 pm
miller and newton doesn't even go after the ball. ward recovers inside the 5 yard line. miller was named the mvp of the game. a few plays later and barrels into thend zone to steal it. out at the 2 point conversion and denver wins it 24-10. this is it for the soon to be peyton manning. what a way to go out with the second super bowl win. >> we test the resilience and unselfishness and it is only fitting it turned out that way and great bunch of teammates and guys i got to play wiwi and i feel very, very gteful. >> reporter: moving on the miami heat look to win 7 of the last 8. dwayne wade good buddies of the former olymyic teammates and the heat up 2 and 10-6 miami. second quarter with the heat up
10:42 pm
is hassan whiteside at 1 1and heat up 6. final seconds and miami up 2. chris paul finds jj reddick at 3. and heat down 1 at the break. fast forward to the third and here's d-wade. hoop and 17 points but heat still down 8. 4th quarter and next possession to jordan all l in all with 22. and heat lose to the clips 23: defender. he doesn't get enough credit. he messes things up and keeps you off balance. >> he makes it tough and that's what he does and even with 2 daggers down at the end we need to sfop. >> canes' hoops starting with 17th-ranked miami and looking
10:43 pm
steal to newton and up at the break and sheldon with 3 and team high 22 and canes up 5. later in the second half and rodriguez loves that murphy slams it with miami up 5. less an 2 minutes left in the game and newton will put it aw and canes win 75-68 d this is about some pay back. >> and the players, we had the players' attention. i made one like that. maybe i'll try something else. but he's so good, isn'nt he? >> and canes hosting duke and canes with white and hayes fights and fast forward to the
10:44 pm
motley with the 3 ball and improving to 8 and 24. the first place florida panthers with the quick 2-game road trip with the detroit red wings tomorrow night. and it is to saturday night at the bbt center and lead by 6 and win it 6-3. and it is the top spot in the atlantic division. >> it's going to be a tough trip. detroit is a good team and beat them 6-3 and that's one of the best games in the year. >> ana with boca raton it is
10:45 pm
and it is going to the knock out and it is par for 3-4 wins in the playoff. and the hot t shot with marley and the 3-stage championship with the strike for the glal and good on the replay, too. heritage won the game 0 to take the title and heritage wins it for e 4th straight year and marley gets this week's high school hot shot. live pictures in denver and celebrating the win with super bowl 50 and so much more at 11:30 with complete super bowl highoights and locker room reaction.
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robbin and alex back after this. >> alex: that will do tonight first at 10. i'alex diprato.
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