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tv   Channel 7 News at 4PM  FOX  February 8, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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is live in the weather center with more on the cold snap. >> phil: if you like cold weather, you're in luck. overnight lows in the 50s. and it will be a mild tuesday. partly cloudy skies, and the highs will be in the 60s. and then as we look ahead, more cold air across south florida. meanwhile, here's the satellite view. and you can see that we do have just a few clouds moving in from the gulf of mexico. we'll see a few more during the day tomorrow. but this is how we woke up this morning. look at the 40s here, across coral springs, kendall, homestead, fort lauderdale, miami sneaking in at 50, key west, 58 . and again, look at homestead! 46 for you, and that's pretty chilly. cool, dry as we move ahead, the
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across south florida and it's going to be windy and chilly. here are the temperatures. average low, 6 2, and we're going tooe going up and down here. thursday, temperatures dipping once again into the 40s and we will remain in the 50s until the early part of next week. we'll video a lot more in our local forecast a little bit later on. >> danielle: and that same weather system creating an unforgettable cruise but not for good reason. thousands of passenger heading home after a rough week at sea. heading from new jersey and trouble. >> lynn: it was being redirected to the sunshine state, but those plans changed today. alex diprato has more on what the passengers had to go through, alex.
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ship was going from new jersey to cape canaveral when it was rock bid heavy winds and seas. a short time ago, 30-foot waves slammed the anthem of the seas. that's a cruise ship run by royal caribbean yesterday. the passengers wererdered to stay in their state rooms by the captain, and we have video of the very big waves, up to 30 feet that were also captured by a passenger. the passengers took photos of cracked planters, chairs that were to bed around and roof panels that came loose. a passenger said this, on video that was posted on instagram. >> here's some of the collateral damage from the storm. they tried to keep the water
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>> perfect. and royal caribbean released this statement. anthem of the seas will turn around and return to cape liberty, new jersey, it mimizes the risk of bad weather, finish our guests on the voyage, and we estimate that they will have a smooth trip home. royal caribbean is refunding money to all of the passengers for the full cost of the crews and there were no serious injuries. i'm alex diprato, 7 news. >> lynn: right now, an ongoing investigation after a fast and furious crash. the police say the driver, who left several people hurt, got back into an suv and took off. 7's an keele is live at jackson memoriri hospital where the victims of this hit-and-run are stili being treated. >> reporter: well, two women are
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one of those women in critical condition ih the icu after the hit over et weekend. surveillance video capturing the impact and those victims being thrown, and this afternoon we caught up with the suspected driver. >eporter: she was walking into the miami-dade play actio and we had plenty of questions for him. >> the police department contacted us to come in. >> reporter: but only his attorney would speak to us, his client free to go for now. the miami police believe that he was responsible for this shocking hit-and-run on saturday that was caught on camera. >> all of the evidence leads to him. >> repepter: surveillance camera capturing the moment that a white suv pulls out into a group of friends and their car that was parked outside of the three fingers liquor and lounge at
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>> he flipped me out of my shoes. >> reporter: two of the victims met us back at the scene on sunday night, grateful to be alive. they tell us that the driver of the suv oy stopped for a moment after impact. >> he said what the hell is this? and he got in his car and left. somebody in the car said go, go go,. >> reporter: their friends, brown and frank, remain hospitalized with broken bones and other injuries. the damaged suv that authorities say was towed away fromm cassidya's home is now evidence. >> how do you say that it was? >> reporter: one of the victim's mothers said that it's hard to see no one in cuffs. her daughter is in critical condion, and the other woman, brown, is now in good condition. reporting outside of jackson memorial hospital,nn keele 7 news. >> danielle: all right, thank you.
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hollywood, a boat goes up in flames on intercoastal drive. a man in hisis 40s discovered inside of that partially investigators are detererning how he died. a bank robbery, a crook entering a td bank and demanding money from an employee. it happened on the branch at red road and miami lakes on friday. if you have any information that can help the police, call miami-dade cmestoppers, 375-471-tips. >> lynn: it is the last full day of campaigning in new hampshire before the nation's first 2016 primary election. with just a few hours, the candidates are taking shots at their opponents on both sides of the race. jeff lennox is in new hampshire as we get ready for tomorrow night. >> reporter: and lynn, the
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it is 20 in new hampshire, a snowstorm barringdon from the northeast. but the candidates are not slowing down. dozens of events are planned on both sides before it starts. and coming up tomorrow morning, the polls open at 7:00 a.m. as the clock heads to tuesday, they were a minute. but a snow is it storm coming in could impact voter turnout on tuesday. and here's the look at the treaerous condition that's the voters will be facing on sidewalks on tuesday morning. the snowstorm could bring between 6 and 24 inches of snow. the catched dates results could make or break lagging campaigns. >> when the lights get that bright, you either shine or you melt. >> reporter: signing on marco rubio in the recent gop debate. and chris christie continuesed
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inexperience. >> being president of the united states is not about the nice suit and smiling. >> the most important job of the president is toe the commander in chief. and i'll say this to you without any doubt, there is no one running for president whoas a better understanding or has shown before on nationaller security than i havav >>aying that trump is not a conservative. >> you can't say the things that hehe says,ou can't disparage people and divide the nation and can expect to win. ted cruz is trying to pull it to his side. >> we have to say no to the corporate welfarend bipartisan corruption in washington and get back. >> reporter: on the democratic side, vermont senator, bernie sanders is still leading
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and clinton back to new hampshire, and she may know her likejy fate in this primary. >> to all of the young people supporting my opponent, i thank you too, for being part of this process and understanding the importance of getting involved. >> rorter: and hilliary clinton there, according to young voters in new hampshire, they have been turning out in big numbers, and we saw it in sanders. on television, the negative attacks are running every hour. ads all over the place. close to $100 million spent so far in this race in new hampshire. live in mananester, new hampshire, jeff lennox, 7 news. >> all right, jeff, stay warm. and don't forget to download your 7 voice your choice app.
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with the latest on the campaign trail. >> the anytime gettingit with its second storm in less than a a week. >> lynn: it's pretty bad. anddick evans is in sam itch, massachusetts, with more there. >> reporter: wicked winds fueling wicked waves. >> i wouldn't want took in the water right knew. >> reporter: storm watchers braving the elements to catch a glimpse of this nasty nor' easter. >> i told my wife, she said you're out of mauer mind, don't stay long, ie been gone for an hour. >> i've seen worse, but it's powerful right now. >> reporter: high tide causing concerns. the high winds threatening to knock out power. another concern with the heavy erosion. >> over the past years with the storms, we have watched so much
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homeowners, it has been horrible the money they had to pay. >> reporter: the town just complete a project to restore the beach after a major storm washed away eightt feet of shoreline. >> i just hope that we don't lose another 8-10 feet in this storm. >> reporter: can you see that, believe it or not this storm is dying down, so this is the tail end of this latest storm. the town here teamed up with the army corp of engineers to help repair the coastline here, and that was finished two weeks ago so, again, everyone is going to be focus on the coastline to the midnight. they all hope that there will be no flooding. thax's the latest in sandwich, massachusetts, nick evans, 7 ne. >> danielle: also on 7, a presidential push in the fight againsns the zika virus. president obama is asking congress for $1.8 billion to research and combat the virus. this comes as the world health
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public health emergency. zika is transmitted by mosquitos and tied to birth abnormalities in newborns. it has spread to 29 countries and so far9 americans have come back to the united states infected with zika. >> lynn: all right, we have a news alert and a live picture out of fort lauderdale. word about an apparent carjacking, perhaps with a child still inside. >> danielle: let's get the details, ralph rayburn is high gov the scene. >> reporter: there's a laundry mat on sunrise boulevard. and you can see all of police officers from fort lauderdal responding. about ten minutes before our nene program started, they received a call from a frantic woman, saying that her car had
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the broward sheriffs' office is looking for a green chevy cruz, believed to have been taken by a male, driven away from the area. the witnesses said that the vehicle was seen around the area ofest 4th and sunrise around 5 or 10 minutes ago, and they have a pretty big area to search. searching for the missing child and also for the vehicle. as we get more information, we'll get back to you. in skyforce hd, i'm ralph rayburn reporting live. >> danielle: thank you. >> lynn: still ahead on 7 news, these stories we're following fur. a woman sneaking around a hotel and pulling out a gun. what she opened fire on, coming up at 4:30. >> danielle: and what would you do if you found a purse loaded with cash? >> lynn: a man coming under attack and putting the pedal to the metal.
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paying the price. >> danielle: then all new at 5:00, a man goes for a terrifying test drive. >> lynn: and we want to take live pictures right now of a news conference making history. th first female head football coach in florida history is about to be named. and there's a live news conference at miami jackson high school. and they have introductions.
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coming up. >> lynn: a man trying to get away from an attack and hitting a gas pedal but it has the rerse affect. the car ending up on the sidewalk. >> danielle: and ashley jones has more on the video. >> reporter: an out-of-control driver causing this chaotic scene on the streets of baltimore. >> i just had the feeling that it wasn't over at that point. >> reporter: it wasn't. the driver continues to try to get away from the guys pounding on his van. >> you know, for a second i wanted to yell downo people. but they're not going to listen to me. everybody needs to get out of here now because the guy is kind of crazy at this moment. >> reporter: that's when we see
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hitting a woman leaving a bar. >> we had no idea. >> you hear a guy yelling that he hit between, twice. i assumed he could have hit someone, and i didn't know it turned out to be as bad as it was. >> we're very fortunate that there weren't more serious injuries. but we have a 27-year-old woman suffering from really serious injues, and remarkably, they're not life threatening. >> orlando red was ten into custody after they found him bloc away. he faces several charges, including assault. he a aeared to be the victim of another assault but that doesn't excuse his actions. >> that's independent o o the fact that in your effort of trying to get away, you harm other people and put many other people's lives at risk and in danger. >> reporter: and the injured woman is in serious but stable
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she has a fractured skull and injuries. i'm ashley ashley jones, 7 news. >> lynn: we're keeping our eyes on this pretty frightening situation. you're looking at a live picture of west sunrise boulevard. police reports saying that a woman was in a laundromat and her car was stolen and her baby was inside. right now, we know that whoever was driving the car and the car have not been found. >> we're talking about a green chevy cruz, driven from the area of sunrise boulevard and it was spotted in the area around north 4th and sunrise and we're talking about the city of fort lauderdale right now. this is a fluid and developing story that we'll stay on top of
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soon as we get it. >> phil: a chilly start across south florida. and this cool air is going to stick around for a while. right now, we're looking at a lot of cloudiness in the gulf of mexico. and partly cloudy during the day tomorrow. temperatures right now,, in the 60s. just about everywhere. 66 in fort lauderdale. and miami, 67. in the 60s across marathon and
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and by the way, homestead, we checked about 15 minutes o, and you're sitting pretty at 68 . the wind right now, coming in in the southwest here, 14, even 16 miles per hour. stormtracker, showing that everything is dry across south florida. miami, homestead and key largo and the keys, all looking very very nice. but conditions will start to deteriorate for you boaters tomorrow as the winds pick up. allf these areas highlighted here are under a small craft advisory uil at least tuesday morning. i wouldn't be surprised if that gets extended for another day or so. here's another fro, sitting right there. aiming for south florida. and that will keep us cool in the days ahead. it looks like at least until frid, we're going to stay with overnight lows in the 50s. we may get another day of the 40s, especially after another front moves through south florida.
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winds building to 25 knots. coastal waters, rough. and for you in the florida keys, you're looking at a small craft advisory. next highh tide, 8:37, and 8:32 in fort lauderdale. next high tide, 9:47 in key west. overnight lows, low 60s. and not as cold as it was to start today. partly cloudy tomorrow. turning breezy. highs in the upper 60s to around 70. lolo at the winds out of the west, anywhere between 15 and 20 miles per hour. here's the extended outlook. it's going to be 50 for weweesday morning, another front comes through thursday. we could b waking up in the upper 40s. and it looks like we're going to stay with temperatures in the 60s for the morning lows to next week.
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7 news will be right back. >> lynn: that is 7 news first at 4:00, thank you for watching, i'm lynn martinez. >> danielle: and i'm danielle knox.
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