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tv   Channel 7 News at 430PM  FOX  February 8, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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ahead. >> lynn: 7 news at 4:30 begins with a it has situation in fort
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sunrise boulevard. a car is stolen with a child inside and the child is still missing and so is the car. hello, everybody, it's our t story at 4:30. >> danielle: let's get to you the scene, and vanessa medina has just arrived ob the scene, and what can you tell us? >> reporter: this is a very active scene on sunrise boulevard. the mom is in the back of this police car here, and they tell me that she spoke to 7 news just a short time ago. she came inside of the laundromat to pick up clothes, and she had her ten-month-old baby girl in the back seat of her green chevu cruz with tinted windows. she didn't want to wake the baby because the baby was asleep in the back seat of the car, and she left the baby inside of the car, and she doubled parked ininde of the laundromat and went inside and that's when suddenly a man went into the front seat and we spoke to
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man go into the front seat of that car, and it appeared as if it was his car, because according to this witness he didn't have a care in the world, he just got into the car and he took off with that green chevy cruz with a ten-month-old baby inside. the mother, just when we pulled up was hysterical crying, getting hugs from friends and fafaly who have come to console here. but again, she said that the ten-month-old baby was sleeping in the back seat of the car. it's a green chevy cruz, tinted windows. it has a paper tag and doesn't have a license plate. the mother had just gone in for a couple of minutes and her car was gone with the baby inside. the fort lauderdale police are of course looking for actively searching for this car with the baby inside. again, we have a picture of that baby, and the family telling me that of course the baby, saying
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she sleeps for a couple of hours, and they're hoping and praying that nothing happens to that child. we'll stay on this, and hopefully someone, if you notice the car, if you're on the road, call 9-1-1. reporting live in fort news. >> danielle: all right, vanessa, now at 4:30, shivers as it was so col out there as mother nature delivered a bit of a blast of arctic air our way. most of us waking up and feeling the 40s. >> lynn: this time around, it won't be a rapid rebound when it comes to morning temps. chief meteorologist, fort lauderdale, with the weather. >> phil: for south floridians, it's not as colds as it was this morning on the way to work or school. but still, overnight lows in the 50s. and by tomorrow, partly cloudy skies.
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just into the 60s. and we're going to continue to see this cold air moving in, at least until friday. right now, the stormtracker showing everything is dry across south florida. the dry air is going to stay with us at least through maybe wednesday or thursday. we don't see a lot of rain in the forecast any te soon. so this is how we woke up this morning. check out the 40s here across coral springs, kendall, homestead. 46 this morning. fort lauderdale, 48, miami, 50. and key west, a wake-up low of 48 . the jetstream pushes in more cold air across south florida. turning windy tomorrow. and the chill will still stick around. the average low is 62 for this time of year, the temperatures tomorrow, mid 50s. and thursday, the models are aggressive, that we could be back into the 40s.
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forecast a little bit later on. >> danielle: car trouble at a south florida resort. the authorities trying to track down the woman who snuck around the hotel and opened fire on a vehicle. nico linsilata is in pompano beach where the crime unfolded. nicole. >> reporter: this happened back on january 9thth. and this woman was chased off the property, he told to leave the property by a security guard. bebend me at a1a and northeast 14th street. but as you mentioned, she endednot leaving but shooting up a car. the surveillance video was rolling the whole time, showing the woman wandering around the white house, in the parking lot and the bar area, wearing black leggings and a tan shirt. and minutes later, she was seen shooting self shots into a paed unoccupied chevy volt and
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you can see the bullet holes in the volt and the door of the trunk, and we talked to the owner of the car. he was only here overnight, and staying with family members for a birthday celebration, and he has no idea why this would happen. >> overall, i'm upset that it happened to me. act. >> reporter: no one else was in the parking lot at the time but it was very bizarre. she just runs back and forth and gets in her car and leaves. >> reporter: so why would this happen? why w wld she shoot that particular car? why would@ she shoot any car? that'shat deputies would like to know. she was seen getting into a kia soul. if you know anything about this, the deputies need your information.
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nicole linsilata, 7 news. >> lynn: an alarming attack on miami beach. a person taken to the hospital with an party stab wound. it happened after a fight on shington avenue. a person of interest is being deigned and is being questioned. toxic trouble at south florida middle schools. students and faculty evacuating after a gas leak on campus. at the shenandoah middle school on 19th street. the leak has since been capped. >> danielle: a special-needs student bullied and blind sided while walking the hallways at school. a kick knocking the teenager to the ground. >> lynn: this teenager suffers from cerebral palsy and the mother said that it shows how badly the bullying had become. >> i cried when i seen that. it was like wow, how could kids
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>> reporter: a student was ready and recording last week at a high school in pennsylvania all as ahizya wooding was turni the corner. >> i got kicked in the chest and i got hurt. >> reporter: isaiah has cerebral palsy, a instead of being sensitive to his needs, some students tend to pick on him. but this time the harassment was posted online and shared by hundreds of students. >> i was angry. >> reporter: margaret wooding, isaiah's mother, is fuming. her son suffers fro seizures, and is grateful that thiss didn't create a medical emergency. >> i want all of this ta stop. bullying is not funny. >> reporter: isaiah wants his bullies though know this attack goes beyond his school's hallways. >> they should have consideration and thoughtfulness of how hurtf things are. >> reporter: despite her anger, his mom sees this as a teachable moment for everyone.
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you don't have to fit in. you don't have to be like everybody else. if something on going on wrong, like you said, everybody is responsible. >> reporter: school officials releasing a statement saying that they're reviewiwi the video and promising punishment for anyone involved. and the police are also taking a look at it. i'm christine cruz, 7 news. >> danielle: and coming in off the satellite this aftftnoon, a thief in virginia getting away with a lot more than a purse, and it's devastating for a college-bound student. the video inside of dunkin' dunkin' donuts, the crook stops and looks around before snatching the purse and taking off. inside, $10,000. the owner of the purse returning minutes later heart broken. she said that she was holding her daughter's college tuition
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>> my daughter was crying, screaming. >> danielle: police are searching for the chief and the getaway car. >> lynn: let's home she gets her money back. a dangerous drop in missouri. five people suffering injuries as a balcony of a home in st. louis collapsps during a mardi gras celebration. the cause of the collapse is being reviewed by officials. >> danielle: in heeding, a film crew blowing up a double-decker bus for a jackie chan movie. but the locals were not notified ahead of time, as it caused temporary panic. and as for the london bridge, it's not falling down. >> we're keeping our eyes on
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a mother runs into a laundromat and keeps her baby sleeping in the back, double parks, runs in to do business, and somebody jumps in and s sals her car and her ten-month-old daughter. the green chevy cruz, can you imagine what the poor mom is going through, the stress. the police are looking for the driver and the little girl. >> danielle: comin up on the news station, an elderly man under attack, and the story is more bizarre. >> lynn: a loved one's tragic run-in with the police. >> danielle:e:nd a neighborhood is underwater.
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problem will fix itself. danielle: a neighborhood overcome by a flood of frustration, and they say that their city is doing nothing about it. officials trying to find out exactly why the streets have been turned to rivers. >> lynn: 7's diana diez has it. >> reporter: she didn't always have waterfront property. but she does now. the water in front of her home has been turned into a lake. >> the water has been rising constantly since december.
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there is no rain. >> reporter: the water is three feet deep in some areas, too deep to drive across. some of the neighborsave been using small boats to get to their homes, but not everyone can get through the water, and it's causing problems. >> we can't get our garage picked up and can't get anything deliver to our house. >> reporter: the city is finally responding, mapping out ways to get out in case there's an emergency in the neighborhood. >> i think that they're beginning to understand. >> reporter: right now, the city doesn't know what to do about the water. they discovered naturally occurring springs nearby, so they don't think that pumping the water out will work. they are hoping that it will start to recede on its own if there's a period of dry days, but homeowners say that that's just unacceptable. >> they have told that you say it's inconvenient. and it's more than inconvenient at this point, it's really dangerous. >> my concern is that the wer
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swept under in a wet winter and we don't have a solution in place. so we're looking at a long-term solution to k kp it from happening again. >> the city's mayor said that there was a similar flood 20 years ago and wish that's the then. they will be talking to the homeowners this week to try to find a permanent solution. dip dine, 7 news. >> and as we do continue to story fur. a ten-month-old baby in a car that was stolen in inside of a laundromat in fort lauderdale. the mother had run inside for just a couple of minutes, left the baby eeping in the car because it was the baby's nap time. when she returned, the car and the baby were both gone. that car is described as a green
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police are loong for, and this adorable ten-month-old baby inside at the time the car as stolen. >> the mother left her phone in the car and the police are tracking the car, in the area where the phone is p pging, it
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we'll keep you posted. >> it was a chilly start to your work week. we had morning lows in the upper 50s across key west.
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and fort lauderdale, waking up this morning in the upper 40s. and today, the highs have had a hard time reaching 70 . it haseen rain-free all across south florida. right now, we're still looking at 66 in fort lauderdale. miami, 67. key west, the temperature of 65. the wind is starting to pick up out of the west, 14-21 miles per hour. the humidity, 47%. here's the stormtracker. we'ree looking at dry conditions all across south florida, fort lauderdale, miami, homestead, pretty dry, key west, looking good as well. temperatures across the state, pretty ubiform right now. in the 60s everywhere from key west, all the way north in through pensacola. looking at a big storm setting up shop here across the ohio river valley. making its way to the northeast. we're getting more cloudiness that should make its way across our area tonightnd throughout the day tomorrow. there is another fnt on tap.
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that cold front moves through. it should move in relatively dry. it will be breeey and yet another front should be moving in later on in the week. and this is going to ensure that our tempetures for lows will remain in the 50s. not just for the middle of the work week, but all the way in through friday. so here's the marine forecast. threat of rip currents, small craft advisory. the winds picking up to 25 knots, biscayne bay, choppy. small craft advisory in the florida keys as well, due to the wind and seas and coastal waters rough. next high tides: uv ind at 6, and the water temperature, 70 . tonight, winds build in south florida, overnight lows in the 50s. and upper 50s to low 60s for the keys, and then by tomorrow, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies.
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maybe key w wt reaching the high of 70, but again, the wind will be kicking up between 15 and 20 miles per hour. here's the extended outlook. wednesday morning's low, 50. the models are being aggressive again. then by thursday morning, we could see lows in the upper 40s. and looks like the 50s will stick around for lows, all the way through next monday. that's the 7-on-7 forecast. >> all right, back to this developing story in fort lauderdale. 201 west sunrise boulevard, a mother leaves her sleeping 10-month-old baby in the back seat of the car as she jumps out to this laundromat for just a minute. someone jumped in and stole the car and her ten-month-old child. this is a picture of the little girl, missing for at least an hour. the police are searching for this green chevy cruz this child is in.
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you said earlier, mom's cellphone was actually left in the car and that has pinged in the area of northwest 18th street and 19th avenue in pompano beach. and obviously the police investigators are heading that way and we have a crew as well, vanessa medina request a live report for you at 5:00.
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continues after the break. >> danielle: and that is 7 news at 4:30. thank you so much for watching. i'm danielle knox. >> lynn: and lynn martinez mafer. 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> now on 7 news. >> belkeys: cruise ship passengers rocked when winter weather stirs up the sea. >> phil: it was a chilly start to the workweek and the cold air will stick around for a while. >> belkeys: oh snow. the northeast getting battered and high winds sending waters surging on to shore. presidential candidates making their final p)tch to voters a day before the new hampshire primary. and a test drive turning into an epic fail.
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>> craig: and we're continuing follow a developing story at 5:00. an intensive search right now for a baby after a car is stolen with that child inside. i'm craig stevens. >> belkeys: i'm belkeys nerey. 7 news continues now at 5:00. >> this is 7 news at 5:00. developing at 5 o olock, police on the scene in fort lauderdale after someone steals a car and take off with a baby sleeping inside. hello again every one. that child's mother was dropping off cloth when this happened. now an all out search for the car of the driver and of course thain fant. 7's vanessa medina live for us at the scene where the vehicle vanessa. >> reporter: w@ll, terrifying moments for this mother. she came to this laundromat here off sunrise boulevard. she says she parked her car long side this parking lotight here. she says she drove up, parked
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went inside and went to pickut her clothes that she left inside the drier when. she came outside, it was the pors r worse possible thing that could ever happen. she didn't seat kara long with her 10-month-old inside. let's take a look at picture. this is the 10-month-old here. her name is ali a lopez. she is in the the back of a green chevy cruz. police looking for that car long with this lild little child in the bac seat that campt the baby could possibly still be sleeping. if we can go to the next piece of video. a car similar to this one. a 2014 green chevy cruz. this mother wants her car back. obviously she wants her child back. she is inside the laundromat right now speaking to police but she spoke to 78 news a short time ago and this is what she had to say. >> i came to pick up my clothes
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left the baby in the car because
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