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tv   Channel 7 News at 5PM  FOX  February 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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left the baby in the car because she was aslp and a didn't want to wake her. when i came out, the car was gone. >> the man walked up and it car. kind of just casual. real cause all and he just drove o. i saw the police come up and someone came out screeping. not really sure exactly what happened. >> it's unclear where that driver took the car. but back out live you can see the mother inside the laundromat. the father is there along with relative but the mother as soon as she came out, she was hysterically crying. saying where was h h child? where was her child? begging for hevment she called 911. police asking for your help. if have you any information or see that car at all drive ago long the streets i ifort lauderdale or possibly in another city at this point you're urged to call crime stoppers or they are asking to you call 911. there's s baby in the back seat of this car and police really want to find that car along with that child. reporting live in fort
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7 news. now at 5:00, a vacation nightmare when noarnlg hature rocks the with boat. >> here's some of the collateral damage from the storm. >> craig: passengers pulling out their cell phones as their cruise ship was sailing into trouble troifnlt the royal caribbean vessels was supposed make stop in florida. >> belkeys: but a nasty storm has changed all of. that alex deprado live at watson island. he i i in mia with more on what happened. alex. >> reporter< belkeys, this cruz ship was heading from new jersey to cape canaveral here in florida when it sailed into a very bad sdorm yesterday. up to 30 feet waves. that sail boat, that boat actually, the cruise ship was rocked. deck chairs sent flying on the royal caribbean cruise an. they seas bit strong winds and high seasms the ship rocked by
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waves while sailing from new jersey to port canaveral here in florida. passengers on the ship ordered to stay in their state rooms bit captain. passengers took these photos after heavy pots were tossed around. chairs were sent flying and what peers to be roof panels came loose. >> here's some of the collateral damage from the storm. they tried to to keep the water out but it's squish i. the the rail are broken. >> reporter: passengers say they were in the storm for about 12 hours yesterday. a newspapers editor on board tweeting. the good news. they never lost the super bowl significant navment perfect tv picture throughout the storm. >> royal caribbean releasing this statement. an. they seas will turn around and sail back to cape liberty new jersey. it minimize the risk of farther bad weather affecting our guests voyage. we're optimistic they will have
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>> a passenger posting this video this afternoon with the caption quote, bartenders getting into the funt fun now that the booze is free on the hurricane cruise. >> and a short time ago senator bill nelson ordered a federal investigation. that's what he is calling for a federal investigation into why this cruise sailed into the storm. >> the thing about this storm was that it was forecast for days. so why in the world were the cruise ship with with thousands of passengers go sailing right into it? >> reporter: so that was senator bill nelson calling for a federal investigation i into why storm. as you may remember, last year the ship el faro sunk off the bahamas 33 people were on board.
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all of those people died. we're live at port miami near watson island. i'm alex deprado. 7 news. >> belkeys: chilly morning across south florida. some partsaking up feeling the 40s. chief meteorologist phil ferro is live in the weather center with more on this. phil. >> p pl: cold for us floridian. it will be another chilly night here across south florida. just not as cold as it was last night. over nightows will be in the 50s. now, tomorrow, it's going to be mild. more in the waive cloudiness. it will be breezy temperatures the highs in the 60s and more cold air in store for the rest of this week. here's the storm tracker. it is dry right now. and it should ri maybe dry over the next few days. no moisture across south florida. take a look at the morning lows in the 40s across coral springs, kendall, homestead. 46 degrees for you.
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miami with 50. key west waking up to a temperature of 58 degrees. so today dry, nice cool sunshine. we're looking at another front make it's way across south florida. it's going to be stage chilly. windy and we're going to get another front moving in towards the end of the week as well. average low 62 degrees. waking up tomorrow to 54. 50 on wednesday. then the model are being verer aggressive that by thursday morning we should be wake up to lows in the upper 40s. the cool air continues to stick around across south florida with lows. at least until next monday. i' have a lot more on our chilly forecast a little later on. >> >> belkeys: also tonight, the candidates crisscrossing new hampshire a day before the primary. >> that the lobbiest and big money and the washington establishment will not pick the next president. >> belkeys: righters get trogd
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>> in new ham sthier we started 30 points behehd and i think we'll do just fine tomorrow. >> belkeys: as hopefuls make a final push. >> wetl, the nation's first primary is foam. >> tomorrow. >> craig: unless something beyond their control could affect the turn out i. jeff in manchester with more on that. >> reporter: belkeys and craig, 20 degrees right now in manchester new hampshire. a storm coming from the northeast right now. that could affect voters tomorrow. at this hour the candidates are crisscrossing the state delivering the closing arguments to voters here in the grang knit state before the polls open in the first of the the nation primary tomorrow morning. >> as the clock clicks towards tuesday, presidential hopefuls aren't waition a single minute. ththcandidates know tuesday's results could major break some lagging campaigns. >> if the the lights get that
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>> and the jabs at rubio during the recent gop debate chris christie continued to point out rubio inexperience on monday morning. >> president of the united states is not about having a nice suit and good smile and well. and he set his sites on hillary clinton instead ignoring the body blows from chris tee. >> most important is to be common ter in chief. and i'll say this to you without any disowpt there is no one running for president that knows the issues on national security than i have. >> and jeb bush turned his attention to trum. he said trump is not a drew true conservative and wouldn't stand a a chance against hillary clinton. >> you can't say what he says and denied the nation and expect to win. >> donald trump fleeghtd polls into tuesday's pry mare right. and ron done dairy new hampshire. here in the granite state we
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his groundame compared to what we saw leading up to the iowa caucuses last week. >> jeb snot going anywhere. sto to stall stiff. >> reporter: ted cruz pulling third in new hampshire trying pull the liberal movement to his side roo say no to the national cartel and say no to the welfare and no to the bipartisan corruption in wa quand get back. >> reporter: on t t democratic side bernie sanders is still leading hillary clinton by double cig gets. >> and clintonon back in new hampshire after stepping off the michigan. and her husband ripping the sanders cam from sexest attacks coming from the sanders saying this. >> it bothersrse to be be in an election where debate is impossible because if yoy disagree you're just part of establishment. >> reporter: okay, and the former secretary of state has another get out there and vote
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with the former president and her daughter chelsey. the ground game just like in iowa has been very important in the the granite state. they say over this weekend alone, they knocked on close to 50,000 doors. the primary starts tomorrow morning. another live report copg up to night at 6:30. wee live in nan manchester new hampshire. jeff lennox 7 news. >> craig: you see the snow there in jeff's life shot. looks like that is just the beginning n. a couple minutes we'll take you back to the northeast on the latest on this winter wallop. >> belkeys: hey twees haiti's president officially stepping down. martelly stepped down yesterday. an interim president. the interim government are will rule noo untilil an election tiff lierd can take office in may. the presidential elections have been postponed twice so far do to growing violence. that vote has been rescheduled for april 24th. >> craig: at least four people
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pulled from the rubble of an apartment complex, a collapsed complex in taiwan after saturday's earthquake. a hundred others believed to be under the debris there. at least 38 people died in the magnitude 6.4 quake. most of the victim in that building. the government has ordered an investigation to find out why that high-rise collapsed and whether the developer cut corners to cut costs. >> belke: new video released that may show the suspect who blew uf up of of an crafn airliner. somali officials say it shows him receiving a a laptop that was likely rigged with a bovment the midair blast blew a hole with the aircraft and forced the pilot to make an emergency landing in month ima deshoe. the bomber was sucked out of jet and died. he is believed to have ties to al-qaida. >> craig: president obama requesting federal funds to beat the zika emergency. the president asking for $1.8 billion to research and combat the virus. it will be tiewdz expanded
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help develop a evacuate seefnlt five counties under a state o emergency including miami-dade and broward. 16 cases so report sod far in the sunshine state. including 2346 dade -- six in dade and two in broward. >> belkeke: coming up on 7 news. we continue to follow this developing story. th little girl onlt right, a 10-month-old baby missing after somebobo hopped nay car similar to this one on the levment a green chevy cruz. she was fleepght back seat asleep and now we learned according police, the person that jumped in this car and stole it with the little girl in the back seat is a male between 19 and 20 years old. it happened in broward county and if you see this carney where on the road. you are urged to call 911. vanessa medina on that scene. we'll have another live report fra her coming up. >> craig: and an elderly man falling victim to a cruel crime. wiet tail you hear what the suspect did next with a samurai
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>> belkeys: anda group side swiped by a hit and run drive vemplet the dramatic wreck caught on camera. >> craig: and a lov one hit by an officer and tonight they say their fight is far from over. >> belkeys: and police searching for a whom who decided to take far get practice at a south florida hotel.
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>> >> craig: the northeast dealing with a snow day andnd old man continue ter is just getting started. this blizzard blast prompting wizard storm warning. >> belkeys: and snow is not nine only problem. reporter brandon ima know is live with more on this. brandon. >> >> reporter: belkeys and craig. we have had a lot of high winds here and blowing snow. the wind will not let up. the high tide has been a problem
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in fact to give you an example, this entire road was flooded earlier between 10:30 and 11:30. waters have receded but the wind are still as strong as ever. >> the seawall was no match for this winter storm n- at high tide with wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour. huge waves cshed against the water front homes. >> it's s s scituate. we're used to this stuff. the water is always up here. so we doovment sometimes it floods like down bit lighthouse t it flood. it is pretty bad. it can get bad. >> streets along the white liet house were closed to traffic. police and fire patroled the yairnd asked every one who doesn't need to be here to stay way. this is tbhavmentd is the place where it floods. if you look over here it's going up oaferlt wall every time. i have like be january year and a half a2 years age saw it over these houses. a little higher waves tbhu say pretty good one. >> reporter: utility crews in place for power outages the
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flood. the harbor stopped by to make sure the water wasn't getting inside. drivers on the the road said flooded streets were the biggest turn. >> it is getting worse. the visibility is dropping but not impossible yet. >> i love this weather. i love this weather. i've mismissed it for 20 years. so this is great. i love it. >> reporter: that's the attitude ride. last 20 year. with these high winds, utility crews were worried about power outages surprisingly there hasn't been any but they are keeping a close eyen. that we're live in scituate massachusets. i'm brandon ga know. 7 news. >> >> craig: all right brandon. >> belkeys: and following this stroimpleght that0-month-old girl on the right, police desperately looking for her a after a car jacker jumped into the the car that her mom had left running outside fort lauderdale laundromat and took off with the baby in the back seat still asleep. that's the vehicle that they are looking for.
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it's a green chevy cruz, 2014. if you see this vehicle, are you urged to call 911 immediately. police s spect there is a 19 to 20-year-old male behind the wheel of that car. and gharntion baby girl, 2e7b months old in the back seat and her parents want to find her. call 911 if you see the car. >> craigigalso a mother is at fault for the second graiflt homework assignment. the story at 6:00 on just one station. >> belkeys: a south florida woman calling miami police telling them she's been abducted but cops say this was not the case at all. >> craig: and beyonce blew away fans last night's super bowl halftime show. a look back a the performance of the night that had nothing to do with the game.
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>> ladies, let's get in formation >> belkeys: queen b turning into queen sb as in super bowl during last night's big game. fans getting loud during that halftime show featuring cold play, beyonce and bruno mars. >> craig: and before that lady ga left the crowd speechless. chris van vliet in the plex with more. chris. >> reporter: and the halftime show was head lined by cold play
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tides that way but every other musical act that stole the show. >> the night kicked off with military flair oh beautiful for space shus spacious skies snoot 5r78d forces chorous performing the america the beautiful and lady gaga delivered an incredible rendition of the national anthem with red suit, blue nail and platinum hair. the bomb busting in air that our flag was still there >> reporter: but when it dom entertainment, the halftime show is the main traction. and when you reach super bowl 50
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cold play, use to view the world >> reporter: bruno mars. >> >> reporter: and the queen b herself beyonce performing a song she just released the day before come biengd for the one, two, three, punch and a mash up. >> capped off with a mon tafnlg the most enter taken halftime shows to payp tribute to the past a and it ended with the audience spellili out belief in love in a rainbow of color. t unother halftime event going on on facebook. fox releasing an exclusive x files clip for fans during the show. >> that i can only classify as
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>> she said alien. >> reporter: another secret out of bag for you you. beyonce announcing her formation. world tour kicks off in miami on april 27th. >> live in the plex i'm chris van van viet. >> now 7 weather with h ief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil:ll right. good afternoon every one. here are the headlines. the over night chill will stay. i don't think it will be as cold as it was this morning but we'll stil be looking at temperature in the 50s and that cold air will continue to filter south over the next few days. it's going to stay dry am week. check this out. 20%. it is going to be dry through thursday. we pick up a little throughout the weekend. across south florida. and take a look at the temperatures for lows. average low about 62 deesm we have thursday, the models being aggressive suggesting that we could dip back into the upper 40s by then.
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rule att least for the rest of the week. 58 degrees right now in pensacola. mostly clear skies across northern florida.. 64 in tallahassee. we're moving into gainesville with with 59, 61 jacksonville. me more clouds starting to no move in across central florida. 64 in tampa. same throughout the team park. south florida day plenty of sunshine. partly cloudy skies now. temperatures ithe 60s and key west, what a beautiful day across the island chain. 65 marathon. k@y west 67. the wind at 14 miles per hour. so here's what we can expect. starting with the marine forecast. small craft advisory in effect. threat of rip currents and by the way marine conditionss and beach conditions just going downhill over the next few days. small craft advisory also for the keys. 25 na knot winds. >> 8:32 in fort lauderdale. key largo 9:00 p.m. 947 con key west.
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ststing dry and staying cool. by tomorrow partly cloudy. highs trying to reach 70 degrees. here's your extend out l lk. check out wednesday. 50, 47 on thursday and we'll remain in the 50s through next monday. that's your seven on seven. 7 news will be right back.
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>> >> craig: thoo is 7 news at thank you for watching. i'm craig stevens. >> belkeys: i'm belkeys nerey. keep it right here. 7 news at:300 is up next.
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>> this is seven n ns at 5:30. > >> danielle: and 7 news at 5:30 begins with this developing storyut of fort lauderdale. the search to fiernd a stolen car with a 10-month-old baby inside. >> good evening everybody. a mother went inside a business. >> lynn: and when she came back her car was mission and so was the imaib by girl inside. it she is ten months old. vanessa medina live in fort lauderdale with the latest on this very active scene. va neas. >> reporter: well, fort lauderdale detective are out here questioning people. they are look for this green 2014 chevy cru. the family is still inside the lawn dro malt laundromat there.
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