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tv   Channel 7 News at 530PM  FOX  February 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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shirt. the family telling me she ce into the lawn descro mat to pick up dry clothes that she had here. when she went inside the lawn dro markts she left her 10-month-old baby inside the car sleeping. that's when she came out suddenly and she saw someone driving way in herar with her sleeping baby in the back seat of that car. if we can go to a picture of the baby. this is eddie lopez. again, just ten months old. the person leaving in her 2014 chef chevy crurksz a dark green car similar to this one. it has a paper tasmght according to sus spect police the suspect is 19 years old. he came according to a witness getting into the front seat car none sha lanly taking off and a k0rding to p pice he went west
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garntion the suspect possibly 19 years old. police looking for that car and looking for that suspect and above all they want to find that 10-month-old child inside the car. detectives are out here. you can see them with the family questioning the family trying to get as much information from the family in hopes of finding that child. if have you any information. if you see that 2014 green chef ri cruz, you are urged to call 911. police are asking you immediately call police if you see that car. of course we'll stay out here and as soon as we have more information we'll bring it to you u ve. for now reporting live in fort lauderdale. vanessa medina. 7 news. >> >> danielle: now at 5:30, a sch family furious. their grief over losing a loved one in a confrontation with a cop turning to anger. >> lynn: the cop who killed their mentally challenged love one has been cleared and that's why they are angry.
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them with their adult son who was armed with a broovment. >> broom. >> danielle: they never expected out come that happened on the streets. and now to the investigation. sheldon fox at the police department with the family's no next move from here. sheldon. >> reporter: danielle and lynn, this is one of the more high profile and emotionally charged police cases of 2015 and now real soon it could end up being a court case. >> this won't do nothing. feel my pain. feel my pain. suffering for a wheel whole year. >> reporter: catherine dan dan lz can't talk about her son's death without teempletz nearly a year ago she called for the police to help with her mentally chal epged son la evaluate hall. >> but the second time she called for help hall ended up dead.
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ficer ee to tra mee to. >> >> reporter: if. >> if i knew it was going to happen likehat, i would have never a called them. >> and last night they announced they wouldn't charge officer ca mee no. >> it has been 27 years since an officer has ever been charged associated with a killing while on duty. and it hasn't changed. up until today's date. >> reporter: dashcam video recorded during the conversation between cops and hall shows hall lung at officers with a metal tips broom stick and the officer warning hall to get on the ground or he would fire. >> the the training police officers have to have is unique for mentally ill. on. have you to treathem and speak to them in a specific way. >> reporter: well, the family is disturbed b b this still and they say they have question
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of justice and fbi to exathis case. they say the police department will be the subject of a pending civil case. and miami cops not speak yet or commenting to 7 news on this matter. we're live in miami gardens. sheldon fox. 7 news >> >> danielle: also on 7, a car parked at a south florida resort coming under fire. a surveillance camera capturing a man seen pulling the trigger. 7 news nicole linsalata live at the hotel in pompano beach with reaction from the car's owner. nicole. >> reporter: well, danielle, we are at a1a and north east 14th street and just imagine this here stage at the resort. st the one night you're with the family and you get a knock at the door and told by hotel management that over night someone shot up your car. thth's what happened to this man and he says he has no idea why. >> i mean overall i'm just upset
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act. >> reporter: a seemingly random act that left four bullet holes in can an dwon's sar. you see a woman walking around the resort and thenn minutes later look closely. she fires a weaponto a chevy volt. >> no one else nowt parking lot a at time. just very bizarre she runs back into her car and then leaves. >> and they spoke to her minutes before including receipts tour and the bar area. >> a security guard d d see her and told thoar scram but she just snuck way and went to the other part. >> reporter: and that's when the shooting happened. williams the owner of the shot up car was staying at the resort with family for a birthday celebration. he has no idea who she is or why she would do this. >> i'm not worried any one was following me or trying to attack mower anything like tt.
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vandalized. i just want justice at this point. >> reporter: so police are look into this to figure out who this exos bli could be. it happened on january 9th. this woman was seen driving way in a white kia sole. so you know anything about this or think you know who she s deputies need your information and the number to call would be broward county crime stoppers. 954-493-tips. reporting live in pompano beach tonight. nicole linsalata. 7 news. >> lynn: nicole, thank usm lice investigating a stabbing on south beach. police say the man was snabtd stomach. he was rusd to rierd trauma center where he underwent surgery. one person taken in for questioning. so far no reases have been made. >> danielle: a cash crime at a south florida bank. the fbi releasing pictures ave man they say robbed a td bank. the thief walking in and demanding money from the employee there friday night he
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branch near 163 street and northwest 57th avenue in miami lakes. no one was hurt. if you have any information,, call miami-dade crime stoppers at 305-471-tips. >> lynn: a dangerous drive in hialeaea a crane falling ofort bed ave truck along northbound state road 826 off the ram to i- 75. the machine smashihi into a passing car. at least one person was hurt but they were not even taken to the hospital. >> danielle: well, a woman who was ready to go home after a night of a partying makes a drastic decision to part company with her unsuspecting friends and it involved the police. 7's rosh lowe live on miami beach with how and where it all the ended. rosh. >> reporter: well, police want to get a message out with ts story. you'll hear that message loud and clear in just a moment. but let me set this up four. so police get aall that a woman has been kidnapped.
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car, but not only that but she is o the line with them. so you can imagine their concern as they respond in emergency mode. >> i'm t victim in a gray dodge and i was kidnapped. >> reporter: that's td police dispatch car sunday morning. a womanalls police and says she is nay car and she is kidnapped. >> we have units heading into the area do you have anying farther. >> i don't have anything yet. >> that's right, the woman on the phone with cops giving them minute by minute update. >> they are now on jefferson. several different agencies reonding. this is an abduction in progress. the victim is in the vehicle. she was abduct bid another female. cops keep the woman caller on the whrien.
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>> reporter: we then get do 65 and collins avenue. a stop is made and now theeal story say cops. >> in this case what we have is an a biewfts 911 system,. this young lady who is a tourist calls 911 saying she was abduct bid her friend. now she is tying up resources for miami and miami beach police department. so our officers are going in there with a high sense of security leamplet they are not susu what they are going into. >> >> reporter: they were coming from club space and then some disagreement on the car. >> one wantser friend to leave her onlt side of the road and being a responsible friend she does not leave her on the side of the road. our officer determined not to make an arrest which is fine but if it's not an emergency, do not abuse the 911 system. >> reporter: that is the clear message,. think about this n. this case here you had several different agencies involved. hu police officers responded in emergency mode and obviously
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so police wanteted to you know that if you're going call 911, it better be real. >> will. >> live on miami beach. rosh lowe. 7 news. >> lynn: all right rorchlt following this developing story rawd out of fort lauderdale. following for an hour and a half. a mother's car stolen with hear sleeping baby sign side. police believe a man, maybe 19 years old they say, maybe responsible for driving her car here which say chef ri cruz 2014 newer brand mod of chevy crews. a paper tag as well. we're on top of this story. >> danielle: and an ah 23u8 attack a a gas station. a heart rest man beats up a elderly man and police say that's not all. >> lynn: wow, a parents graw jaw dropped swhe took a look at her second great graders homework. the story on just one station. >> danielle: and a mix up at a hospital has a perfectly healthy baby going under the night stay with us.
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it ways cold start here this morning at least for us south florideans. will the chill stay and for how long? the entire out look in a couple minutete
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>> >ynn: well, a pair whoant de live veshed a perfectly healthy baby sharing her pain when the doctor took him out of hospital nursery for what was supposed to be a routine checkup. stead that doctor made a major mistake and performed a surgical procedure meant for mother baby. >> danielle: with wof wow, 7's craig stevens live in the plex with more. craig. >> craig: lynn, this baby did go to the doctor for what shoved been a rurchch the mill checkup. what round up happening was anytng ordinary and will
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the rest of his life. >> when jennifer milton gave birth thiep pi healthy little boy, her dreams came true. >> the baby, perfect, h hlthy, beautiful. >> craig: she i delivered the the university of medical turn near nashville. not long after he was born he went for a routine fizz cavment when he returned a cguple hours later. >> at that point the nurse started to mention the procedure that was foarmd on hip. that they had clipped his song tongue. >> craig: somehow a doctor without per rental permission performed a procedure on nate that was meant for another child. >> essentially they took our child who was a hundred%ealthy and nursing with well, no issues at all and took him out of nursery and cut his nowj mouth. at that pointy began to cry his tirk can ikly. the dr. performed a fren da lek ta my which is when doctorerform
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it is for children born with rerehriskts motion. but his tongue was normal at birth. >> wrecklessness. no excuse for countinin a healthy child or mix up a child. i like performed the procedure on the one different from the one i intended to and i admitted the mistake and pool guys. but for milton that's small consolation. she trusted the hospital wh attorney. we don't floloif the child will have speech problems or eating problem. the concern here is this was a healthy baby that was supposed least hospital healthy and instead was harmed bit hospital. >> a doctors say the extent of the damage won't be clele until nate grows a bit and consumes solid food and starts to speak. in the newsplex. craig stevens. 7 news. >> lynn: wow, thanks craig. >> danielle: well, much re ahead tonight from the news station dliewgd developing story
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investigators and police on the hunt for this little girl. ten month-old lopez she. was in the car sleeping wn her mom ran into the laundromat at 201 west sunrise boulevard. mom came out. sun someone was taking off in that car with the baby inside. a green chef ri cruz like the car you're looking at right there is what police are look for right now. once again they believe that suspect maybe as young as 19 years old. a developing story that we will stay on top of and bring you the latest. >> lynn: other store queez we're following for you. a female first for a high school in florida. she may be a familiar face to those who love reality tv. >> danielle: and a wheel of a rescue off florida's east coast when we come back.
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>> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: what a beautiful sunset after a chilly start here across south florida. nice and mild of that a noon but
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will go down again. meanwhile let's take a view here of the nation coast to coast. we have big winter storm here right along the coaoa heading way. more clouds and a mix of rain afd snow across the upper midwest and the great lakes. and yeye another winter storm starting to move in across the pacific northwest. >> here are the temperature. 57 in seattle. l.a. 88 degrees. pretty warm. 31 in new york. 45 in washington and 67 here in miami. it is dry right now across south florida. fort lauderdale, miami homestead. dry for you. key west the same. now we're looking at a series of fronts moving in. we're going to get another one moving in across south florida tomorrow. it will make the winds a little stronger, it temperature will be cool from the mning. mild in the afternoon. and yet another front will be moving in by the middle of the workweek and we're going to see
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will keep our over night lows at least in the 50s throughout next monday. threat of rip currents at the beach. small craft advisory. biscayne bay choppy. condition not favorable either for the keks. you're looking at a small craft advisory as well. next high tide 8:37. 9:47. the water temperature at 70 deal. so for tonight, some clouds will start to move n. over night lows in the 50s. 61 in key west.% tomorrow partly cloudy skies. it will be breezy. highs trying very hard to reach 70 degrees. here's your extended ou look. wednesday morning 50. some model being very aggressive for thursday morning but the 50s should remaincross south florida through next monday. and that's your 7 on 7 forecast. >> >> danielle: all right phil, thank you. >> lynn: crews working to save two whielz off the east coast of florida. >> and a- >> danielle: the mother and baby struggling to move against the the tide in sebastian.
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apartment mammal to keep the water calm. the whale are expected to safelu swim during the in let during >> >> lynn: well, if you're a a parent, maybe you thought of leaving your child you don't want to wake your child but that's what happened to this mo mother. the car because she was sleeping. the mom dropped out to drop clothes offer all the laundromat and police say a suspect, maybe 19 years 0e8d, jumped in her cash, stole herer car, a new 2014 chef ri cruz. looks like thmplet stole that car with the sleeping baby signed. and now an amber later and a search for t driver. there is a paper plate in the back of this car as well. it's not a regular play. a paper tag. 're following the story with vanessa medina.
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newscast. >> danielle: s sy with us. we'll be right back.
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>> lynn: you already know thvment men and women have different views on topic of. especially decorating. >> danielle: you think? our make over mistro work to bring design dreams together in tonights room for improve meant. >> >> when it comes to decorating, men and women sometime have different style. how do you compromise and make both happy? that's my challenge on today's room for improve meant. that let's meelt the home owners. this is cat and jail. what is going on with your space? we just recently bought our new home. a perfect home and we wanted to start out way table actually. >> lynn: nothing to silt on. you need comfort. >> yes.
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>> let's see how we can mesh these two style into one warm place. okay i'll show you in the end. we're dealing with a small place and the first thing i notice is this intrusive ceiling that would be under the table. and this light fixture is interest pr. it has the clean modern shade and the es threat ik that jane liki. and these tone on tone give us just enough pattern for cat kat and keeping the pattern neutral for jay. >> it has geo met trickck shape and the chrome ads extra sparkle in the space. these chairs are the perfect style for him and her the perfect design but the nail head 2reu78 make it look extra special. >> cheers. i love the art work. it teeps the face fun and a casual. thru gosm all detail in an em if
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now a beautiful highlight and the final touch to tie the breakfast nook in with the christmas space is to use two matching counter school. i hope they like thspace. let's see the reaction. and basically a place to sit down and have breakfast and kat, you want aid little baste blame or rows time. one, 2, two and a half. three, go head. do you like. it are you happy? yes, congratulations on your brand new house. much health and happiness to you th. more tip on line and on line scracht we'll thank you for watching and see you next time on another. >> room for improve meant. >> lynn: they remembered their lines. >> danielle: we like that. >> lynn: right io a he always does such a great job. ievmentd thanks for watching 7 news at 5:30. i'm lynn martinez. >> danielle: and i'm danielle knox.
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>> now on 7 news. >> caught on camera the victim of a heartlessss tack and police ate thug committed a chilling riem. >> phil: don't put jackets way just yet. you'll need them at least through friday jie. the the vicious impact ave hit and run caught on camera and police say they nay know who very response blg. one mother says a south florida school is teaching a bad lesson. the story on just one station. and a female first when a south florida high school introduces their new head football coach. >> >> belkeys: and we continue to follow ts develop storing rail. car in fort lauderdale stolenment a baby inside now a statewide ann amber alert has been issued. >> thisis 7 news at 6:00. > >> >> craig: and we're going to begin with with that developing story in fort lauderdale.
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with with an inft inside. an amber later has now been issued. >> hello again and good evening everybody. a mother walked into a business and left her 10-month-old girl in the car. >> belkeys: then the thief struck. vanessa medina live on that scene in fort lauderdale with the detail. >> ra vanessa. >> reporter: that's right. a helpless 10-month-old child, just 22 pounds was sleeping in the back seat her mother's car. the mother come together laundromat here offff sunrise boulevard. you see the family signed. mom is wearing the pink shimplet you see her surrounded by fort lauderdada police and detectives trying to figure out where this car is and exactly where this 10-month-ol child is. if we can go 209 picture here. this is the baby here. her nail is ver rel a a loss could. 22-pound. ten months old. the mother went inside that th laundromat to pick up clothes
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car she was travel nsmght she
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