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tv   Channel 7 News at 6PM  FOX  February 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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car she was travel nsmght she parked her car right here at the laundromat. it's a 2014 green chef ri chevy cruz. sthe came in and was inside for a few minutes and that's when a possibly 19 or 20-year-old male took the cash. the keys still inside. he took off driving with the baby inside. we spoke to the another a short time ago and this is what she told 7 news. >> i came to pick up my clothes that i left in the drier and i left the baby in the car because she was asleep and i didn't want to wake her. when i came out, the car was gone the man walked up and it didn't seem like it was not his car, just like casual. real casual and he drove off and a saw the polic come up and a lady came out screaming. not exactly sure what happened. >> reporter: so that 2014
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muive bps7436, a paper tag was last seen heading with west here on sunrise boulevard and then north. police are asking every wung to be on the lookout of this car. they have also issued an amber whrearttso driving up i- # i-95, any car will be able to see that plate and they he r- asking people to be on the lookout. lookout for that car. a 10-month-old child could still possibly be in the back seat. this happened at 4:00. happening in. who nose at this point. the babyy last seen wearing a blue long sleeve shirt with a red heart in the middle of it and pink pants. the suspect 19 to 20 years old last seen wearing a dark long sleeve jacket or shirt and blue jeans and timberan boots. if have you any information police are asking to you call 911. of course we'll stay out here
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reporting live in fort lauderdale, vanessa medina. 7 news. >> now at 60, an elderly man beaten badly. a female friend trying to protect him. surveillance cameras capturing this, alarm agottack. >> police say that man not only beat up that elderly victim. they say he was behind another tack way sword. brandon beyer live at with one of those scenes in lauderhill tonight. brandon ie. >> reporter: belkeye and craig, good evening. police say this was a violent crime spree and they say it all started right here at this lauderhill gas statiom and they also say the entire thing was caught on camera. >> 22-year-old javon walk ser charged with team te murder and battery. police say his crimes were caught on camera. and state road seven in lauderhill. police say that's walker in the red hat who walks up to an 80
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>> what a pearces toob a metal pole thaw would use to hack up a self like in a store type of thing and starts pummeling him area. >> reporter: two women get out of way. a woman manages to stop the tack. paramedics respond and began treatment on the victim. moments later walker attacks again. this time at the swap swap shop just down the road. >> you can see him attack unpro voaksd a store clerk with one of the swords in the kiss before a at one of the other stores. police say walk her justteen the movie poll poltergei and felt it was his duty to rid the world of evil. >> i don't know if this individual was on synthetic drug or having a mental break down but just completely out of blue attacking this man all the the
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at the swap shop. >> reporter: and that suspect still in the broward county jail face ago tempted murdernd battery. live in lauderhill. brandon beyer. 7 news. >> belkeys: well, it's within a cool stasht to the week across south florida. jackets and sweaters coming out as we woke up to the 40's. live pictures outside our north bay llage studios. a cool and crisp day coming to a brbrk end. >> chief meteorologist phil ferro is in the weather cenr to tell us, hope you like this kind of weather phil. >> phil: and if you like this kind of weather t will stick arou for a whrievment what a beautiful sunset. a chilly night not as cold as last niemplet we'll still see temperatures in the 50s. tomorrow a l ltle bit more in the way of cloud cover. highs only in the 60s and then more cool air will move in that wiwill stick around at least week. florida. rain free in fort lauderdale. miami, homestead. even for you throughout the florida keys.
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morning in the 40s over corral springs. kendall. homestead, fort lauderdale. key west. a morning low of 58 degrees. dry, cool sunshine today. by tomorrow we're still going to get more cool air moving in. it's also going to get windy a- here across south florida and then after this another series of fronts will be moving in across south florida. so our average low is 63. we'll be in the 50s tuesday and wnesday. then the models go aggressive oncecegain thursday morning upper 40's. more cool air still sinking in across south florida. we will remain i i the 50s even through sunday, valentnte's day. we'll have a lot more on our chilly forecast a little later on. >> now at 6:00, miami police say he maybe the man behind a dangerous and destructive crash. >> all the evidence so far leads to him.
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what happened. >> he said what the hell is this? got in his car and left. >> in this horrifying hit. >> belkeys: 7's ann keil is live at jmh where some of the victims are recovering. ann. >> reporter: well, two women remained hospitalized here at jackson memorial hospital. one of those wen in critical condition from the icu. surveillance video capturing that crash and the victim's as they were violently thrown. and this afternoon we caught up with the suspected driver. >> and every one vanished. >> gone. >> reporter: a hit and run crash caught on cravment two doors open as the victims attempted to get signed their car unaware of what was coming. >> it just flipped meff my feet like through me out of my shoes. >> o cameras rolling as the suspected hit and run driver of the white mercedes jose casa dea walked into the police station wednesday afternoon. >> can you say what happened?
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him but he didn't say a word even as he headed home. only his attorney spoke with us, well, kind of. >> how couple won't say whether he was behind the wheel or not. >> we don't have the obligation to do so at this time. we believe he was behind the wheel but only came to fied identify himself. the suv that fliewd a group of friends and their car that was parked in the roadutside three begin 23eu7b gers liquor and lounge. on north west 17th avenue and 41 street around 3:30 a.m. saturday. >> not only did he leave physical evidence on the scene but he also parked thear in front of his house. >> 269 vief victims grateful to be ally. they tell us the driver of the suv only stopped for a moment after impact. >> he said what the hell is this? got in his car and left. >> somebody in the car said go, go, go,.
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blown and frank remain hospitalized with broken bones and other injuries. >> if that's what he did to us, we were really hurt. we felt like he didn't care. >> reporter: and one of the victim's mother teltz us it's hard to see no one in cuffs. tonight her daughter the one in critical condition. the other young woman brown is in good condition tonight. reporting live outside jackson memorial hospital. ann key. 7 news. >> craig: a 21-year-old plan% is fighting for his life after a hit and run throws him from his motorcycle. jonathan ba rare o was pick up fo in little havana when a driver plowed into him and took off. he remains nay coma. his girlfriend said she was iting for him to come home when she found out what happened. >> it destroyed me because he gotten into an accident where andde came to the hospital but this time i felt like it was a little more serious.
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it was really bad because i broke down. >> craig: miami police arrested 50-year-old lieie eeses sanchez after the crash. heaz been charged with leaving the scebe of an accident. one person found dead ave boat goes numb flames near the intercoastal near north ocean dreve in hollywood. the man in his 40s found in the charred submerged vessle. investigators now trying to figure out mow he dpievmentd have you any information call broward crime stoppers at the hot line 954-493-tips. >> belkeys: the u.s. attorney general getting ready t make a south florida stop. loretta lynch will visit the area on thururay and friday. part of a six city tour to come mend the police department she seize as role model will for law enforcement. she will be honoring the doral police kept for it' community policing strategies. she will also host a youth town hall during hervis it. >> her visit. >> >> craig: on just one station a parent accusing a south florida school of teach age
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she was stunned at her second greaters homework assignment. >> jessica holly live for us at spanish lakes elementary in rthwest miami-dade to bring us the exclusive. jessica. >> reporter: well, craig this northwest miami mom says she sat down with her second grader to do hoax work and was shocked when the story was about a robbery, a gun and calling police. >> give me all your money even if you don't have much said the young man. he seemed to have a gun in his pocket. a paragraph pluck frtd newspapers? nope? we're talking about a story that came home in my son's homework pan packet. a packet from spanish lake elementary no northwest miami-dade for a second grader. carry has a problem with what her 7-year-old might learn in this reading comprehensive exercise. >> it is in my opinion 100% in a pro prey et. six questions about a man
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the money she makes and then robs here hoovment a story she fears could contribute to something likee this. >> and i see the boy say give me the money. >> just last week ankle 8-year-old taken in by police in palm beach county after they say store. >> the mother came up to the store last thursrsy with her concerns and waited three hours to speak to the a si assistant prince navment principal t td her the read ago signment would be removed from the packet but whether her son came home, this was still signed. >> which was that much more disappointing. >> she wants the miami-dade county public school stem to closely monitor the lessons that are molding little m mds. >> we live in an ugly world and there's no reason for this type of material to make to a child's hand. >> reporter: the miami-dade county public school system responding to this one saying that passage came from an old book that is no longer in use. the school system also released a statement.
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teachers intentions were good, they may have been better served to give a comehensive review to thehe material involved to ensure age appropriatetess. that statement also confirmed that that reading material has been removed from the pack tell. >> live in northwest miami-dade. jessica holly. 7 news. >> craig: continuing to follow a a veloping story. it started in fort lauderdale. these are live pictures where we anticipate we'll hear from law enforcement authoritieie in a few minutes out this amber alert that has been issued for a 10-5onth-old girl. she was asleep in her mother's car when thaha vehicle was stolen. >> belkeys: let's show ut the picturof the baby. there's the car. the license plate. that's the little girl on the ririt that was asleep in the back ave car similar to that one thaw see there. it's a green chevy cruru 20 14. the license plate is bpf7436 with every passing moment this situation becomes
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if you see this carney where even if it's parked on the side of the road. you're urged to call 911. 7's vanessa medina live on that scene in fort lauderdale. we'll keep an eye on this and bring you more information as we get it.
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>> >> belkeys: back to 24 developing story in fort lauderdale. and tracey brings us up po to speed on the miss are car and child in the back of the car. >> it was in the northbound directions. we're live on 7 news. can you just go through and start and tell us again what the ambebe alert for this car. >> we are looking for a black male suspect.
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a victim's vehicle, 2014 dark green chevy cruz and the victim's infant is up side the vehicle. >> >> repepter: tell us what we know about the suspect. do we know there's a urveillance picture from inside the complex. >> yes, from what le we rernd thus far. he was inside the laundromat. came out and the vehicle was narkd front of laundromat and he that the time stole the vehicle. >> do you know what theimeline was and how long the mother was outside the car? >> i don't have that information. the call came in as soon as the occurrence. >> reporter: tell us what you know about the suspect's description. >> again, say 19o 20-year-old black male and wearing dark clothing. jeans. >> and how m resources do you have out for this amber alert. >> every one. we're asking every one, all our neighboring agencies are assisting.
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do you have any indication which highway he went on? >> do i not have that informatatn. we are actively using all our resources and asking the public to please help. >> unfortunately i don't know what the suspect was thinking or what his opportunity orhat he thought his opportunity was. reporter: and tracey. we got the call at 4:00 p.m. the amber alert was issued at 6:00. why did it take so long st? >> no particular reason why. i'm sure there are just steps that need to be taken and our agency took the appropriate steps to get that accomplished. >> do you know where the infant was in the back of the car? >> i do not have exact information on where the infant was in the car. >> frorowhat i've been told, he was inside the laundromat and then exited the laundromat and
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there? >> >> reporter: any idea where this car could be? >> i don't. >> belkeys: all right. that is tracey with the loud police updatin the people there, the media on the scene of this baby, this car that has been stolen way baby in the back seat. >> craig: not a lot in the waive new information we're getting from police. they don't have much at this point in time but to reiterate, the 10-month-old inside cart and went inside to pick up the clothes at the whrawn dro macht the guy that went off in the car came out and took off with the seat. so they are looking for a 2014 green chevy cruz. we showed ut tag there a couple moments ago and the amber alert has been isd you'd. there's the tag, bps7436. we're trying to put it out there so every one can keep their eyes open and eyes peel@ and help to track down this car and that
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>> belkeys: she game famous nay reality tv show bpt she is also make history in the sunshine state. a football first. >> craig: jackson senior high announcing the first ever female coach to lead the team there. bbin simmons at the school for us now. robbin.
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the school as coach brunson or coach b but now she is taking on a bigger history plaiking role. >>as kind of crazy because i was sitting down eating my lunch and someone said congratulations and i had to figure out what for and then after i figured out what forks i had to put on my big coach panties and that was it. >> reporter: high s@hool football is serious business in florida. they introduced the new football coach at the highchl. louisiana katrina brunson is the new ciach. >> she nose what she is doing and she will do gd i this. >> a female football coach? a yeah. >> that's not that bad. you never next she probably knows more stuff than most coaches know. >> i mean thing that i boy could do, a woman can do too.
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she made a appearance on reality stoor r rnies. >> and years of coaching football means that is what she is about. >> i don't want people to think we're here for publicity or do anything else. we're here to make miami jackson be contenders and win. >> that's it. the new assistant coach well-known as defensive coordinate we are several s@hool program. community activist and yes, as the front man of wrap rap group two live view crew. >> she has always within the girl in the neighborhood. she is a legend. she won't tell thawvment but she has always been the girl in the nab neighborhood that played football eevment splaid for the miami football team and tennessee state she was an assistant basketball coach and head flag football coach at the school. >> every one want equality. guess what. i'm here. >> she is ready to make history with wins. >> and coach brunson says she already has the respect of the student so she has no idea that
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the football players, the first spring practice is scheduled for august 25th. live at jackson senior high school. robbin simmons. 7 news. >> now 7 weather with chchf meteteologist phil ferro. >> phil: and it was a chilly start here across south florida. at least by our standard. check out fort lauderdale. 48 to start t the day. miami with 50. 58 zees the morning low in key west. afternoon highs are in the upper 60s. right now still in the 60's. mostlylear. we're going goat more clouds moving in later on to night the wind out of west at 14. a little stronger at coats. humidity 52%. so here's the storm tracker. it is dry right now. and we really should remain dry over the next few days. now, we're going to see a series of fronts moving in croos south florida all do to the jet stream and then th is the coldest stretch of air that we've had here in over a year.
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and again, these massess of cold aiai will continue to make their way across south florida. at least through the early part of next week. here's the marine forecast. threat of rip currents. maul craft advisory. biscscayne bay choppy. for nut florida keys, also with with an advisory. boating conditions just not good in the days head. next high tide 8:37. 8:32. key whrar go nine ofnlgt 9:34:47 key west. more clouds looking dry. cool night. not as cold as it was last night. partly cloudy tomorrow turning breezy highs trying to reach 70 degrees. here's your extend out look by. wednesday again temperatures dipping right to the lower 50s. then the models really get aggressive for thursday. upper 40s to start the day. and it looks like wee we will remain with morning lows in the 50s through next monday. >> that's your 7 on 7. 7 news will be right back.
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>> craig: that is 7 news at 6:00. thank for watching. i'm craig stevens. >> belkeys: i'm belkeys nerey. 7 news at 6:30 is around the befnltd caio caio.
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>> this is 7 news at 6:30.
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