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tv   Channel 7 News at 5PM  FOX  February 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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with the story now. sheldon. >> reporter: heartbreaking aig and belkeys. cringe worthy and just plain unfair there. was tragedy all the way around from miami beach to here in miami this mother won't get chance to see her young sons grow up. that's because the husband marks 36-year-old killed his wife with her kids at home, police say, leaving woment't' body to be find inside miami beach flamingo apartment by her little boys. >> we received a 911 call from security personnel dhaight two small children had advised that ththr mother was assaulted signed their apartment. en officers respond they made entry into the apartment and were able to discover a female deceased inside. and he had been arrested twice for choke and beating up his wife before but tuesday morning he was wanted by miami beach
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then this was discovered hours later. >> that's gentleman marie's body after plunging to his death from a high floor within the grand condominium in miami. city of miami crime scene gators were joined bit homicide detectives and the body of a killer wouou be removed. a police source tells 7 news he stabbed his wife multiple time. the children are now in the care of the state. >> and theres ways dependency the two children. nobody from the family including the children present during thatt dependency hearing. it was determined that they will remain in the care of the state and be placed into foster care at least until the 23 of this month when there's another hearing regarding where they may end up. we're rif in miami. sheldon fox. 7 news. >> craig: new video a quai after a car way baby snreepght back seat is suddenly swievmentd
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remains on the run. vanessa medina live for us at the scene in fort lauderdale with plor on thvment vanessa. >> reporter: so the family spending quality time together at their fort lauderdale home and a think it's safe to say this will be last time thatt thihi mother will ever leave her child inside a car alone. >> the green chevy cruz drieches up and parks outside the laundromat just off sunrise wul vampletd just after 3:00 p.m. lopez walks in to check on her clothes. >> i came to pick up the clothes i left in the drier she says and a left the car running with the baby iide because she was sleeping and i didn't want to wake her. inside o her car her baby gimplet ten months old. yeah really snreepght back seat. she come back to the c c and grabs bags to pick up her clothes and walks to the back. the suspect is sitting in the far left corner and seize her.
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mom is busy, checks out her car, guys outside and double checks that she is still busus imrak her clothes and that's when he jump temperatures in the drivers seed and takes offer. the man juk just walked up and it didn't seem like it was not his car, you know, it was kind of just casual, real cast you a. and he drove off and police drove up and someone came out screaming. >>eporter: leaving with the 10-month-old child snreepght back seat. and sue sell lee comes out with bags in hand and looked confused as to where her c c cofnlt she goes out and realized her car is gone and pic starts to set? >> the suspect described as a a black male, 19 to 20 years of age wearing a dark long sleeve shirt, long blue jeans. tirm berlin boots and a small afro. >> reporter: the suspect at some point notices there's a
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the car long with the child about eight and half miles way. police finally finding the car and baby several hours later. you can see the child inside of the car playing with her mom once the two were reunited. the mom wrapping her in a blanket and taking her home. bubu police are still look for that suspect who is still o the run. >> so police nene your help in finding this man. if have you any information at all call broward crime stoppers. that phone number 954-493-tips. >> reporting in fort lauderdale. vanessa medina. 7 news. >> okay vanessa. a dangerous dash fofo dollars ate south florida storm. an armed robber iegz shirt to cover his face demanding employees open the registers at dollar general at flornlg west 21 avenue and west oakland pk boulevard in oakland park. he threatened to shoot every one in the store if his demands were not met. he grabbed the cash and then ran out. >> if have you any information
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954-493-tips. >> >> craig: now at k4r50r7bgs tumbling temperatures across the area could have us us waking up in the 40s tomorrow. mier. >> belkeys: chief meteorologist phil ferro in the weather center with this. phil. >> phil: it has been chilly and it will stata cool. more cold temperatures tonight 20 upper 40s in the suburbs to the the low 50s at the coast. wednesday, sunny but still illy and the rest of the week promises to be cold as well. meanwhile here's td storm tracker. even though we've had fronts moving through, they have been totally dry. our next best chance for maybe a shower could be sunday night. look at how we woke up this morning. temperatures in the 50s from wewe kendall to pompano beach and miami. 60 in fort lauderdale. me in pek pembroke pines. marathon a wake up temperature of 62 degrees. there's the jet stream push long a series of fronts here croos south florida. that will ensure that not only will it get colder but that the
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through th weekend. average low is 62 degrees. 51, you're waing temperature tomorrow. mod ltz are being very aggressive for thursday morning and then it likes we're going to stay in the 50s through valentine's day. a quick warm up on monday. 61 for a low. back it to the cool aaron tuesday. and this looks like a nice long stretch of cool air. but can you remember the last time we hey long stretch of cold temperatures? we're going to take look that the a little later on in weather. >> craig: okay phil, a security breech at jackson memorial hospital. an employee there is suspected information. including names. socialalecurity numbers and addresses over the last five years. now an investigation is underway for those feactd patients. they will be notified of course monitoring. just last week two employees, a nurse and second were fired after the hospital determined they leaked the medica@ records of new york giants star jason
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fin geshz am tated there ave fireworks related accident last july. >> belkeys: also tonight decision day in the jan granite state. voters heading to the polls to voice their choice 50. news live in new hampshire on primary day eye r the first of the nation presidential primary is well underway. >> craig: cang dates making their final push as some begin to look on to the next contest and jeff lennono is live in new hampshire for us once again. jeff. >> reporter: craig and belkeys, political attack cadz ads have one their course. more than a million spent here in this cycle. and the town hall meetings and across the state. thought. the choice right now lies in the hands of new hampshire voters. the polls start to close two hours from now. new hampshire voters casting their ballots and presidential candidates from both parties
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the granite state trying to sway the state's undecided v vers. how are feel something i feel great. a lot of great energy. we're looking forward to the results tonighand moving on to south carolina. >> >> reporter: and marco rubio can't shake the tack from the debate. and chris tee called his approach scripted. chris tee has been trailing in the pollu. >> we saw in iowa that the difference of a couple hundred votesakes a huge difference. >> reporter: iowa ten sen tore not as with well received in new hampshire as there. and donald trump meanwhile pulled in 5000 people on an event at primary eevment he is look for a better finish in iowa. and i just want to win. bernie sanders seems to be leading.
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>> it's not right that so few have so much and so many have so little. >> and closing the gap by hillary clinton. >> i'm just looking for a great election day. many people have expressioned their opinion. >> reporter: and an interesting report just surfaced not too long ago withop gop candidate ben scar karrson says he if he doesn't get the nominee he would entertain being the vice president and we sit down with donald trump and talk about the vop spot or vp spot with him. and ght now we can tell you that cashson is on his way down to s sth carolina and le w5679 returns coming up later to night the polls start to close two hours from now at 7:00 p.m. and a few more polls will close at 8:00 p.m. we'll have the results tonight right here on 7 news. we'rlive in manchester new hampshire. jeff lennox 7 news.
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close, expert a nal stis as we head into the primary. potential winners, losers and where the race night go from here. >> belkeys: 7 news is look leagd. the next battle ground state iss south carolina as jeff lennox mention throovmentd alex diprato is now on his way there and you can look for his live reports beginning to night at 10:00. >> craig: now say good time to down load the 7 news voice your choice a a. up loaded with the latest infnfmation on the campaign trail. free on the app store andoogle play. >> belkeys: president obama sent congress his final budget and it's a pricey proposal. he is expected to spend 4.1 thrill john dloomplets more than half that would be paid for by tax increases o or the coming decade. 19 billion would go towards increasing the government's cyber security tools and nearly 2 billion has been ear marked to come back the growing zika virus. the proposal has little changs
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gop controlled congress. >> >> craig: happening overseas today the death toll rising after a killer train collision in germany. and danieiee knox in the satellite center with more on this. danielle. >> danielle: that's right craig. ten people have died and two dozen otherer injured. after two trains collide head on. and tonight the investigation underway and the pair of trains crash head on in munich germany they are blaming the crash on an automatic breakingg system to prevent one or both of them to prevent them froreaching a blind curb at saiment time. >> it is a hor able picture. >> speak at a news conference. german transport minister alexander diso brentaid one of the trains had drilled into the other leaving the cars dismantled. he described the scene a hor able picture saying the trains re traveling at 60 miles per
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>> every one is shocked and owrks the victims, our sthowts are with the victims and their families. and they were passengers trains. the same trains carry kids to schoolol but luckily the schools are closed for winter vacation. >> an iestigation is now underway. >> lose iewzly there is an automatic system that automatically stop the train when you pass by a signal. that's why we don't know what happened. with we assume that those signals were working but with we don't know yet. >> danielle: well, hundreds of rescue crews using helicicters and small boats shuttled injured passengers to the other side of the river to get them into ambulances. >> live in the satellite center. i'm danielle knox. 7 news. >> belkeys: okay danielle. two new developments concerning the water crisis in flint michigan. first the lead scation in the water today said officials responsible for the health
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criminal charges including the possibility of involuntary manslaughter if the contamination is linked to someone's death. >> also flint's m mor today said replacing all the lead water pipes in the city will cost more than 50 million-dollar and so far no funding has been dedicated pay for that work. >> craig: well, let's get you back over to the north perry aiairport where there ways tricky landing for the two men on board this piper sin na ca when some of the landing gear failed on landing. the two guys are okay and now they are in the process of towing the plane out of there. and a might also mention operations are running normally at north perry. even in light of thvmeht but as we get more information from there on this story. we'll have it four here. >> belkeys: also coming up a man in a brutal crime spree. tonight an elderly man is speak out as another victim shares his story on just one station at 6:00. >> craig: a mother's
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her son weeks after he goes missing. >> belkeys: another unholy act at a south florida church has people praying for justice. >> craig: and a florida fast food restaurant had gator on the men iewvment well, yeah, there it s. we'll have more on this.
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belkeys: drive through disbelief when someone hurl ses an all gator into the fast food restaurant. the suspect's parents say it was just a joke. >> craig:ut police aren't laughing. 7's lynn martinez at news desk with more onhe fast food fright. lynn. >> lynn: it was nts funny at a. a man with an alligator pulls up to the drive through window and it may sound like the beginning ave joke and it may have been but it landed this man in big trouble with the law. >> alligator was not on the menu
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but there was one inside and florida wild life commission says 23-year-old joshua jame put it there last october. >> just a stupid prankhat he did that is now turning into this. >> and you believe, you definitely believe this ways prank. oh, 100%. he is a prank terster. he does stuff like this because he thinks it's funny. >> lynn: well not funny now. it has him facing charges ever aggravated assault and unlawful possession and transportatio of ankle alligator. >> i don't get. that i don't get it. >> james' parents say he knows someone who works at wendy east and he found the reptile on nhe side of the road. >> how could you not think that was a prank? jame pulled up to the driver threw and after the serverr handed over a drink and turned a jame reached into the back of hi truck and pose tossed the three and half foot gator
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they tracked him down with a credit card receipt from the soda purchase prior to the incident. >> will he cooperate? absolutely. he is a stupid kid that did a stupid prank. >> a judge setting jes' bond at $6000 ordering him to stay out of all went can i's restaurants and avoid contact with all animals eect his mother's dog. he also must undergo a mental health evaluation at the news desk. lynn martinez. 7 news. >> belkeys: that's some prank. >> all right. >> craig: next up from the newsplex aoman shot all the point blank and now two decade later investigators hoping to crack the case. >> belkeys: and what caught people off guard in california. a dangerous drop caught on cam are. >> craig: and a florida officer honored like ankle all-star at anba game. getting quite impression from
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come complaint call involving kids.
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>> >> >> craig: marti gras in full swing in new orleans. thousands line the streets for parades and parties that will go well into the night tonight. revelers of course will eerkts drink little, dance a little and try to grab the traditional beads. >>
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smile. and we're in for a chilly night here across south florida. the cold air will remain across the region. as a matter of fact we are looking at the jet stream continuing to push a few more cold fronts over sosth florida so. if you like this cold air, are you in luck. >> now it will remain dry at least until sunday. average chances ten to 20%. maybe sunday night u our next best chance of rainfalwill be monday and as far as temperatures go, getting colder for us. average low 62. waking up to 51 team. look at thursday. morning lows in the upper 40s and then we stay in the 50s0s except for monday and then we go back into the 50s for tuesday. speaking of the radar. and the rain. right now we are dry everywhere. we could use a little moisture. 54 degrees right now in pensacola. as we continue east, 55 in
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florida and the. 50s here from jacksonville to gainesville. a lot of these areas underway under a freeze wall. expecting temperatures to drop to 32 over night. 59 in orlando. 60 in tampa. across south florida today. the cloud cover has kept the temperatures i icheck. we are still in the 60s from palm beach through naples, fort lauderdale and miami. and throughout the keys. 65 marathon. key west 66 with the wind out of west. now we had a little cold stretch here since saturday. the temperatures both highs and lows have been belel 70 degrees since then. now, that make it a period of 72 hours. that's about three day more or less, the longest period of highs and lows be low 70 dpeevmentz we have to go back to january of 2014. it looks like we may set a report here. we're still looking at over night lows stage pres pretty
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>> threat of rip currents. small craft adviser richt biscayne imai with a moderate chop. for you in the florida keys, also with an advisory. coastal waters rough e. next high tide miami 925 clock. 9:20 fort lauderdale. key largo 9:48. 10:35 key west. clouds around looking dry. 49 in fort lauderdale. 51 miami. 62 in the keys. by the way, anythininwest of i-95 could be a few degrees colder. more sunshine tomorrow. highs in the mid to upper 60s. here's your extend out look. waking up in the 40s for thursday. looking coolish through friday and saturday. and then valentine's day morning low of 58 degrees. and that's your 7 on 7 forecast.
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>> >> belkeys: that's a wrap for 7 news at 5:00, caio caio i'm belkeys nerey. >> craig: i'm craig stevens. keep it here. the news continues at 5:30 with lynn martinez and danielle knox up next.
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>> >> this is 7 news at 5:30. >> lynn: 7 news at 5:30 begins with a live picture and developing story in southwest ranches. a large pipe falls parentally on top of a worker. and it is a large pipe we understand.
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>> danielle: and i'm danielle knox. let's get you right out to the scene right now if we could. as you look high boost screen. let's see what's going on out there a this moment. >> reporter: we have pines fire rescue long with o other personnel. they were doing work on the traistles pembroke pines. a new development at 201 avenue south of griffen road. you can see the construction crew right there. they were loading these huge pipes. 30 inks in diamer. it appears one of the cables here. you can see it wrappedround that one there. it snapped or came loose and fell and hit this guy. couldn't struks work ear corgd to reports in the groifnlt he will be transported level two trauma. we have video of him being transported to the back of the fire rescue crufnlgt they will be taking him shortly. you can see the fire rescue truck starting to pull away right now. you can see this will all
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