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tv   Channel 7 News at 530PM  FOX  February 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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minutes. they were going traport him viviair rescue but change 3rd mind so maybe that say good sign that his injuries are not life threaten. that's it from here. i'm ralph rayburn reporting live from sky force hd. >> danielle: and another developing story four. this one happening in pembroke pines at the north perry airport a rough landing for a plane there. >> let's. >> lynn: let's go to robbin simmons on the ground withan update on what's going on there. robbin. >> reporter: that plane has been toad way but airport officials tell us the pla as you said did land but right landing gear collapsed. 7 skyforce a hd over the scene earlier to show you exactly what we were talking about when the plane land. the wing and pro pet peller hit the runway. the two menn board the plane were able to walk off without any injuries. that is the great news in all of thvment the plane was registered from columba. a piper seneca that
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because of the damage. now more good ns though, airport operations here at north perry were affected: the other three runways continuing in full eration but of course an investigation into exactly what happened is underway. for now reporting live in pembroke pines. robbin simmons. 7 news. >> lynn: all right. rs now 59 4:30 a vandal strikes for the second time just as a south florida church was preparing to expand. church leaders invested thousands of dollars in this building to help the community. >> but someone came along and performed an unholy act. 7's ann keil live at baptist church in miami with more. ann. >> reporter: well, the rehaive this building that sits right beside the church has taken a lot of time and money. just a as they were about to opt doors to welcome families in need who just need a safe place to stay. thieves broke in and clearly they were not am mature. >> open it and took all of th
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>> reporter: pastor glenn roy thought he would be giving ace tour of the housing option for church members in need. >> they cut the fire alarm here. >> reporter: but thieves took that way. copper wiring stripped from the building. >> when you come in and see this, what did you think? >> oh i was about sto give up. >> reporter: miami police calculate age 15,000-dollar loss.. >> we trust they will search themselves and note injury they have zon. the pastor an inspection way from opening the door. a long time endeavor as t baptist church purchased a building more thain decade ago. >> you know what it feel like to be right there and have your dream come to fewation. is tears your heart out. they feded and helped any wung in need. they do it every tuesday in their overtown neighborhood reaching on average 250 people. that's not right to be steal
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someone else get off the streets snoot heartbreaking burglary over night jang 23 and getting attention of the state attorney's office. >> good morning. >> reporter: staff members on site to speak with the pastor who saidhey just don't have the funding to fix this and he is hopeful someone saw something. >> it does not shat per my faith. i believe out of every evil there isome good and some good has to happen. >> reporter: and church official are waiting on a quote from an election are trition ch but they tell us either way it is going t t hurt. if you can help them out or have any information. call miami-dade crime stopper. that number 305-471-tips. remember, you can remain anonymous. reporting live in everyone town. ann keil. 7 news shievment ann, thank you. a south florida teacher accused of k450eu8d abuse make a deal in court. frederick men yeah avoiding jail time by pleading guilty today. heaz been banned from neechght miami-dade school district and
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and receive therapypyt least once a a movement a student at silver blockel men tri school in could dmowt school said he dug his finger nails into her hand and leg last year. >> danielle: and a woman now behind bars. ca knee sha wliams charged with grand theft, robbery and poisoning food or water. and she is accused of drug mange she picked up at at coral gables restaurant and taking off with his rolex watch last month. >> lynn: the coast guard to the rescue in the keys. agents saving two men who crashed their boat into the mangroves in islamorada last night. their vessle barely visible here. crews went searching for the duo when they didn't return to land when expected. >> danielle: a south florida community saying a final farewell tie fire chief. joseph mon top pally passed away in his sleep last week. he began his career more than 20 years ago and was a aointed
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in 2007. his casket was placed on a fire truck and a process went to all of the stations in davie this morning before heading to a church for his funeral and later a cemetery for his bush yal. >> >> lynn: now to the race for the white hohoe. the nation's first primary is now underway. 7's craig 1250e6 lens is live in the plex talking to our political experts. craig. >> craig: lynn, dr. charles say political science professor. and heaz been nice enough to join us this evening. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> and h- >> craig: and who has the most ride thong as we head into tonight. >> there are # omtionz. the people who are ahead. trum and sanders. they need to win because expectations are really high that they will win. if they don't it hurts them theefnlt wek question who comes second in the republican race and there you have four or fivee
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chance take the second part, base, slot. and so it's really an expectations game. the one thing you don't want to be noa though is the person at the bottom because this is a situation where you may see people literally see the money dry up and their campaign is over as a result of losing to night. >> craig: i was struck bit large percentage undecided both among the democrats and republicans. we're talking about a potentially record turn out here liefntddeople saying they won't make up their minds until they vote today or this evening. does that mean we shouldn't put too much stock in the polling we've seen sofar. >> well, generally polling is something you want to be careful about anyhow. it's a statistical average ave small number that will expand toy large number. especially in states like new hampshire where they've been getting retail politics. poll tic titions have been coming to them and talking to them on a weekly basis for months and as a result they have had a chance to test out, kick the fires tiers of every one of
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they are having a tough time making decisions and who is the right fun wun for them? who is the right one for them to vote for? why and who should they support? and people in new hampshire take their role in the first pry primary very seriously. so as a result they don't often make up their mind until they get into the booth and say okay whorks is it going to be? a or b? and polls. they sometimes are right and 13450eu78z they are reall wrong. >> so with that in mind. we have time here for a quick answer. what surprise do you think we should look for tonight on either side? well a siewz assuming that the polling is correct, the winners are set. the question is by how big does trum and sanders win? how close is the margin to the second persoso and in the republican race whorks is that second person? is it rubio coming off iowa? is it jeb bush rising? is it kasich rising?
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that will have the momentum going into south carolina to toin take on trump. okay drrks thank you. by the end of tonight we should have a better idea of that and the numbers. we thank you. we know you'll be with us through the course of the evening he was take a look at the new hampshire prior marry. that's it from the plex. i'm craig stevens. back to you ladies. >> lynn: and south carolina. alex diprato will be there tonight first at 10:00. and a reminder now is the great time to down load the voice your choice app. updated with the latest from the campaign trail and available for all apple and android devices. >> danielle: coming owng 7 news. an elt derly man badly imriewdz what i man goes on a violent crime spree and he is not the only victim. you'll hear from both at 6:00. >> lynn: also a south florida mother makes a heart felt plea for her son who has been missing for months white father sits in jail i i connection to the case peer answering.
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the imeft this morning ant nba game for a play he made on another court. >> phil: all right, the drar looking mighty dry. even though we're getting another cold front moving in. how low will the temperatures go over night the the entire out look nay couple minutes.
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>> danielle: an elderly south florida woman shot in the mouth by a burglar survived two years but was never the same againin >> lynn: 18 years later as patrick fraser reports, detectives are back on the case to find out who would shoot an 82-year-old woman point blank. >> reporter: it take a special ki of coward to shoot an 82-year-old woman while she is sleeping in her bed. >> someone who had the unmitigated gul to shoot her point blank directly in the
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>> and pleez police were called to her home on that january morning in 1998. the officer wrote down what he saw. >> as he put it quote, unquote, gur gelg on her own blood in her bed. mildred brought her two boys to america to escape violence. >> my mom was incredible. she worked hard raising john and his brother and buying a duplex for the family. she rented one side and lived in the other. at's where police found her bleeding 18 years ago. the house was trashed. crawers taken out. everything turned top si tur by. incredibly mildred survived but not a pleasant life. >> she is on a feeding tube. she never had a voice again. una able too move snoot date of crime police did finin fingerprints here at the scene
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now 18 years laid later cold case detective andy aoss ta gee gi has reopened the case and resubmitted new evidence hoping new technology will point the finger at the gunman. >> sth a again imer rows person >> >> reporter: if the gunman is caught he will be charged with team ted murder rather than cause of murder since the cause of death was listed as a heart attack. but john is convinced that shot to the mouth is why she died two years later. >> i absolutely think that the cause of death f my mom was the bullet wound. >> it's a very difficult case, a frustrating case. detective didn't open the case just stoo review. it he wants to solve it. i'm hoping someone will watch this segment and remember someththg that will help us. >> reporter: and as badly as detective wants to handcuff the gunman, be john wants more to find out the identity the person he is convinced murdered his mother. >> yeah, i'd like to have that
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i would like to have that person brought to justice. >> reporter: on january 27th , 1998 someone shot gray advice while she lay in her bed on southwest 25th 25th avenue in miami. ifomeone told you something about, that even if tactor is dead, give miami-dade crime stoppers a call. i'm patrick fraser. 7 news.
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=> belkeys: hey everybody. i'm belkeys dplaism coming up new at 6:00. two victims columning forward after a series of tafnlgtz o of them speak to just one station. >> also, a south floloda teen mission. his mother feeling helpless half a world way. tonight her emotional plea, thal and more when craig stevens joins me for 7 news at 6:00 in about 15 minute. we'll see you then.
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>> >> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: all right. a chilly start to the day and this cold air will stick around for a whrievmentd we have mother nature helping here to bring all the cold air in our directions. you see those big spin area of low pressure. a lot of snow and cold air. some of that cold air is make it's way into south florida. it's been like this since saturday. it's going to stick around a few more days. >> check out minneapolis, the temperature of 16 degrees. the windy city 17. in the 30s from new york all the way south in through atlanta.
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a and 20 degrees warmer wait out in l.a. with 85 degrees. it is dry right now and it should remain dry. these cold front moving in are coming in with very little moisture. if we do get rain, it may be sunday night maybe in through monday. temperature right now croos broward county are in the mid 60s. under partly cloudy skies. 65 in key biscayne. same in miami. hialeah. one degree warmer. check out the keys. just beautiful this afternoon. temperatures nice and mild in the mid 60's. so the jet stream will continue to@push along a series of fronts croos south florida. they are coming in dry. now, as far as weesday night in through thursday morning. we could see temperatures in the 40s for waking up loavmentz and then that high pressur builds in out of gulf of mexico. still keeping us on the cool side and the wind will pick up once again. here's the marine forecast.
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beach. small craft advisory in effect. the next two days will be hor able for you beach goer and boaters alike. biscayne bay with a moderate chocht the the keys also not looking favor baicial forgetting. 20 knot winds. seas beyond the reef si[ to 8 feet. coastal water rough. owe now next high tide for dade and broord coastal water. 9:25. 10:25 for the lower keys and the water temperaturere9 degrees. for thing clouds will still stick around but i don't think that will impact the temperatures that much tonight. still going to be chilly. along the coast upper 40s to low 50s. temperatures dipping into the mid 40's. cold as well for you throughout the keys. then by tomorrow, sunshine accept for the keys. every one seeing temperatures back in the upper 60s. here's your extend out look. check out thursday morning.
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and that's your 7 on 7 forecast. >> >> lynn: ls on 7, a florida officer nornd at an nba game he scored big points with the orlando magic for the way he handled a call involving those kids. >> someone complained remember, to the c cs that the kids were being too it will you lou bhiel playing basketball outside. >> danielle: and weeks whraiter the officic and the kids the stars of the play of the day. donovan campbell,has it live in the newsplex. i love this story donovan. >> reporter: yes, ladies what all started as a comaint bit neighbors turned into a hoop's dream for all involved. nine youngsters from jains gainesville enjoyed the vip treatment on saturday night at front run seats at amway center. the gainesville teens along with the police officer got invite #-d bececse of a decision the officer made a couple weeks ago. the officer responded to a complaint of kids ming too
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the story went viral when officer white instead of represent ra mangd the boys decided to go into action. most of those videosre never seen by anybody and a was not expecting it from any one outside myself or the agency would see that video. during halftime sunday nierkts the magic recognized officer ite as a home town hero. >> and so awesome. >> to see these kids get experience, all that thief experienced just for me going out and doing my job. >> but the story didn't end there. officer whitereturning back to the scene of street bool ball for a rematch with hall of fame back up. not only stu the teens but launching a second viral video. >> lynn: told you i was going bring back up, right? >> now young ball players like tyler come rgz thrilled about alive anging experience. i can't explain it. just amazing. and shaquille o'neal thaw saw in the video. the miami heat announced early next season they will be
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talk bay great gesture. live in the newsplex. donovan campbell 50. news. >> craig: l- >> danielle: thank you dono. a and you a south florida chef sharing her suggestion for dinner. grab a "bite with belkeys" when we come back. > lynn: and find out how beyonce's new song is music to a seafood restaurant. we're coming baca.
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>> >> danielle: a newestaurant in south beach dishing out a healthy meme. >> lynn: chicken and vegetables. no rice? as we grab a "bite with belkeys." check it out. >> belkeys: the chervetion nicole vaton no of dirt on south beac >> the restaurant is named dirt because everything is served comes from the ocean. >> dirt ispen every kay with
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and vegetable views and dishing and a seasonal men iewvment the winter plate with chicken ten ders. it's very satisfy oog. >> belkeys: chef starts withh an orange basil mare jaivmentd add basil and orange quhoptd peel on. now add garlic, olili oil, kosher salt and pepper and blend it up. >> make sure the chicken is coated and marinade for at least 30 minute but over night is best. >> next chef nicole makes a root vegetable ma. in a pot add cooked sweet potato and butternut scash which are in season. then add make a puree with fennel, cell ri root and parsnip. the recipe for that is on lin >> and then we're just going to mix them. >> now add sought and pepper and set aside. nowrt chicken. put olive oil nay hot pan with chicken ma dal afnlt saute for
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then the chef coats kale in olive oil and give it a toss. >> you throw it on the grill. it doesn't take more than 30 to 45 seconds. take it off the grill and add more olive oil. saul, red pepper flairks lemon jiewssments us toss and it's ready to plate. first the marks the grilled kale and change tender. she garnishes with ed able mare a cold and sprouts and pom o grant et seats with our winter plate we suggest a could come post dri and there sour winter plate with with marks and kale and chien ten ders. enjoy. >> that looks so good and healthy. love. it thanks chef. the recipe on my bite blog. check it out at if you click on on line extra,
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the pros keep their veg aibles fresh. check that out. my veg taiblgz always go imad in the fridge. >> hey, i'm belkeys nerey. bo fla pa tito. >> lynn: have you to watch your own wiet, your own tips. thanks belkeys thank you for watching. 7 news at 5:00. i'm lynn martinez. >> danielle: i'm danielle knox. 7 news at 60:00 begins right now. >> snow r now a series of friengt taks. one man badly beaten and showing his bruises for the first time and another carjacked. he i thought he would grab me b my neck or pant leg. >> his words on just one station. a south florida teen nowhere to be found. tonight his mother with ankle emotional message from the other side ofhe globe. >> phil: still another chilly night on tap. we can see some areas dipping into the 40s. >> reporter: i'm jeff lennox in new hampshire the first primary is underway and the candidates are fighting win
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my life report is up live report is up head. >> and w wt happens when you pier hire someone to do your taxes and they make a mistake. do you have to pay? find out in tonights "help me howard" with p prick fraser. >> craig: and developing at north perry airport in pembroke pines. a rough land forth people on this small plane. details next at 6:00. >> this is 7 news at 6:00. >> belkeys: we begin with that developing story. a landing not going as planned for a pilot. hello and welcome every one. quite a scare for those on board lierks. >> craig: the landing gear collapsed ie robbin simmons live for us in north perry. robbin. >> reporter: and the two on board this plane are incredibly lucky that this turned out as
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let's take to you video from 7 skyforce hd over the scene here in pembroke pines from earlier when that plane landed and then the right landing gear collapsed when. that happened, the wing and propeller made contact with the runway. but good fliewz is those two men on the plane were able to walk off with no injuries. the bad news in this situation as the plane itself had to be towed away as the investigation into exactly what happened continues there. were no interruptions fo plane, to airport operations here at north perry airport. that according public information. officer here. the other three runways had no issues. so again, that piper seneca registered from columbia landed and then the landing gear collapsed. the two men on board though walking away without injuries. th plane towed way as the investigation continues. reporting live in pembroke pines.
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