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tv   Channel 7 News at 6PM  FOX  February 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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7 news. >> now at 6:00, an elderly man beaten by a man on a crime spree. >> he just struck me over the head. that's it. >> and another victim tiewk just one station. >> he reached around here and grabbed around my neck and was fumbling with the seat belt to unlatch it. >> after these alarming taks. >> belkeys: : lice say one guy was behind a series of stung crimes. >> craig: tonight we're hearing from two people who say he terror raised them. >> brandon beyer live for us at one crime scene in lauderhill. brandon. >> reporter: well, craig, tonight that suspect sb behind bars and his alleged victims. they are talk out. the 81-year-old plan you're about to hear from with bad ininries to his face and the car jack victim terrified after this whole ordeal. >> 81-year-old douglas bro shay has 18 stitches in his head. both of his eyes eyes are back black and blue nearly swo ledge shut.
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him being nakd this lauderhill gas staon sunday morning, it's amazing his injuries aren't worse. >> and suddenly he came towards me and he had his hands behind his back. i didn't flow he anything in his hand and he just struck me over the head. >> reporter: police say that's 22-year-old javon walker hitting ro shay wiwh a pipe and that's his wife fern tbraik up. when you see yr husband being tacked, it's the only thing you think about doing. >> police say walker went on a multi stop crime spree saturday morning. car jack lauterback's truck. >> he just drak dragged me out of truck and through me in the bunches and by the time i got up, he was inside my truck. >> from there cops say he hit the gas station. next police say walker hit the swap shot where he grabbed a samurai sword and start tacking 49-year-old par met swing.
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held walker down nool nl cops cod arrive i was nt thinking about my light. just thehe next life. someone kids or son or brother or sister m.1 get hurt. walker would say he just watched poltergeist and wanted to kill evil. meanwhile one of the men he is ciewdz of attacking just wants him get the help needs. >> you don't want to see him go to jail. you want too see him get better? >> i want to see him get better. >> do you for bif give him for this? >> why not? >> yes i do. >> walker was chaed with attempted murder. he was a secretary of state possed to appear before a judge at some point today. that has been reset for medical win reasons for wednesday. we're live in lauderhill. brandon beyer. 7 news. >> also on 7, her son nowhere to be found. her son's fher in jail. now a woman half a world way making an emotional pa to her
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>> don't be a straight. please n't hide. >> 7 news with a mother's messsse. >> belkeys: 7's jessica holly is live at plantation police head quart wers this story. jets jessica. >> reporter: belkeys, this evening, a message from a terrified mother who is 9000 miles way. seven weeks have passed and there is absolute no sign of her 16-year-old son. >> i need. >> a message from a mother desperate to know her son is safe. feeling helpless a half a world away. >> it's been so long. i love you. >> reporter: juror goneson lives in paoul in the with western nacific. her son 16-year-old a student at plantation school missing for nearly two months. he was living with his father bruce juror goneson. juror goneson arrested
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tried to to least country. sciefdz diverting his child. a child police say he hasn't seen since dep december 20th and he reported missing. >> we responded. aommunity saw him handing out fliers and tipped off police who joined in the search no one has had contact with him oseen the child expect a woman. >> correct. there ways passerby that possibly saw him on the 27th. a woman tells police that day she was proched by a teenager look for a ride a long knob hill road. days later anonoer possible sighting. an employee here spotted the man fitting his description sleeping in a stairwell. but by the time she made the connection, he was gone. >> those plantation sightings in lateteecember and early jafnlt nothing since. while police say at this point they don't suspect foul play. each daygg circumstances way
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>> and pray, pray that are you still alive. >> reporter: ts mother is hoping and praying. she is hoping and flaig her son's sees her message and calls police or maybe you've seen him. maybe you think you know where he it s. . you do, if have you any information, call the plantation police department. 954-797-2100. we're live in plantation. jessica holly. 7 news. >> craig: a clue on camera could help solve a car jac surveillance video from outside a fort lauderdale laundromat shows the mother parking her car to go signed the laundromat and then a crook jumping in the car and taking off with the 10-month-old in the back seat at the time. and police found the toddler after an hour's long search. police flow looking for nan here. sphru any information about him, the incident, call crime stoppers at 954-493-tips. frightening find at a new
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two peopleoarding flight in miami after taking the flight in laguardia after being caught with racers blaze andnd a hault and shoes. >> tsa found the items in the screening. a 40 yeerld man and 18-year-old woman are now facing charges. >> belkeys: south florida bundling up this morning as we woke up feeling the 50s. taking a live look snow outside our north bay village studios. the temperatures are expected to fablg fall either father. we'll be feeling the 40's. chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> is live in the weaer stwern how low things will go. phph. >> phil: all right. once again everything will depend on the cloud cover. but models are suggesting more cold temperatures tonight. we'll probably seat lows alalg the coast in the 50s and we may see upper 40sn the western suburbs. then wednesday, it shohod be sunny. still mild. highs in the uner 60sand that chill will stick around throughout the wres of the rest of the week.
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broward and miami-dade and the keys. all these fronts are moving in withthery little moisture. this is how we woke up this morning. west kendall 56 and the 50 east across pompano beach and miami. fort lauderdale and pembroke pines 60. marathon a temperature of 62 degrees. so here's what we can expect in the days head. that jet stream will continue to push in a couple of fronts across south florida. and it's going to get even colder especially as we go into the next 24 hours or so. typical low is 62 degrees. tomorrow we whrb waking up miami, fort lauderdale and low 50s. colder inland. but models are aggressive come thursday morning. wake up low of 47. then we're back up into the upper 50s. valentine's day morning low of 58 degrees. warm up a little bit on monday near seasonal values. with with you for next tuesday, back into the 50s. can you remember the lastime that we had this much cold air? this long? if you do, well, let's see if
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we'll have that later on in weather. >> ierkts nation's first primary fight is on. maybe you heard about. it the presidential candidates determined to win the race for the white house in new hampshire. some out at the stoke of midnight and others out inn full force today. and those numbers could major break a number of catch pains oomple jeff lennox live for us once again in new hampshire with a look head. he is in manchester tonight. jeff. >> reporter: craig, a big night head here in manchester. the anticipation building. the secretary of state is 3re direct age record break turn out here in had race. anywhere from 500 to 550,000 ballots will be cast in the end. that's his restiks. >> and the voters have been big in this race a. a recent poll that just came out shows 46% of republicans in this race made their decision on their choice of nominee in just the last
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>> which candidate, which gop candidate will 245 benefit? only time will text the first polls close in about one hour. >> it all started in three small towns. dicksville notch. # voters at this pole kicking ofort new hampshire primary at midnight this. >> this isust a incredibly unique experience to make my vote count this much. >> and the polls opened and long line seen across the state. >> reporter: marco rubio pulling in second here on primary day. meeting with voters at this plolg indication. in bedford new hamhire mr. rubio are you polling second here in new hampshire. how are you feeling? i feel great. we ri lot of great engirl. we're looking for ward to the results tonight and moving on to south carolina. >> and chris christie took aim at his performance on saturday. but will tacts in the senator
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>> don't think that today is celebration time. it will beelebration time after 7:00 night when the polls close. >> in the polls donald trump looks for his first win in the process.p% >> look, we bounded with the people of new hampshire. i've been here so many times prepolitics. i come here because i have a lot of friends that live up here in once of the most b butiful parts country. and trump puts down his attention and he wants waits to see where the voters want him to place. >> i feel g. i feel good about where we rwe've knocked on over a hundred thousand doors. >> reporter: iowa caucus winner ted cruz's evangelical message not as well received in new hampshire as in canada. and carlie fiorina didn't make the debate cut on saturday but she says she is in this race for the long hall. >> do you feel like you shoved been on that stage a? yes, obvious.
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counted. and bernie sanders from vermont. he has lead clinton in the polls for n- double digits for months. >> it's not right that so few have so much ando many have so little. >> and hill cri ri clin clinton has v- closed the gach. and spo lit call analyst say she knows her politicalate. >> i'm just looking for a great election day. >> and okay. so the first polls in this process, the new hampshire primary close in about one hour at 7:00 p.m. at top of the next hour and 20 more precincts will close an hour later at 8:00 p.m. and that's when we should seat the results start dom in here in new hampshire and we should tell you the candidates are stlirgt sites and getting the ground games all warmed nup south carolina. marco rubio and jeb bush have been scheduled there tomorrow in south carolina and colg up later to night ben carson will be heading down there and that's where he whether watch the results come in for the new
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trailing a the bottom of the pack in new sham hampshire over the last couple of weeks. as the results come in, we'll have plu more right here on 7 news. live in mananester new hampshire tonight. jeff whren knox. 7 news. >> craig: after new hampshire the next stop in the race is south carolina. alex diprato will be there tonight for the highlights at 10:00. >> belkeys: and you should down load the voice your choice app. updated with the latest from the campaign trail. free in the app store oring on google play. >> craig: and coming up here from the newsplex a we continue. a south florida mother murdered. the search for a killer coming to an unexpected end. >> belkeys two trains barreling down the same track. something that was suppose prevent a crash failing at the worse time. >> craig: south florida church undergoing a an expensive renovation and now a chief theef is adding to the costs. >> belkeys: and you hire someone to do your tax and that person makes a costly mistake.
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find out in tonights "help me howard" with patrick fraser.
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>> craig: well, a lot of people are getting ready to file their income tax returns. >> belkeys: hopefully all nine informatn is correct but if it's not and you get find by the irs, who has to pay? you or your tax preparer? the answer in tonights "help me howard" with patrick fraser. >> >> reporter: they say two thing in life are certain. death and taxes. fortunately you're a whrief but you also have to deal a your income taxes i file any income taxes every yeaea >> he owns a small business. i do asphalt and greenfield. i have everything to do. >> jacey says when you're the boss, have you to make sure everything is done the right way and has his attitude when it come to the income taxes eye
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they were good because they are nationwide. i went there because i wouldn't have no problem with the irs. reporter: last year at this time jacey paid h and r block to do his taxes and then september lled around. the irs wrote me a letter and told me i filed the wrong form. >> since it's the irs the letter didn't come with a we forgive you clause and he got charge oovmentd they charging me $1365. jacey head back to h&r block to talk to the person that filed his tax riewrchltdz the lady told me i was supposed to tell her what kind of form to put tofnlt if i knew that, i could of filled it out myself. >> reporter: h&r block filled out the correct form and refiled the taxes. he asked them to pay for the pen am tiff the mistake. he their resphofnlts he will
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interview me and see if it's my fault or their fault. it's been two months and no one has come out. jay sir got tired of wait sewing paid the 1365-dollar penalty to the irs. and he found out if the irs fines you whorksas to pay for the mistake. you or the person who prepared your taxes? >> if the tax pre35eur. >> makes a mistake by using the wrong form or preparing formt indirect crectly. they are responsible for any fines and penalties. however if they make a math error and you get too mh back or too little. they are responsible for. that t ty are responsible for any penalties. we contacted h&r block. good companies are easy to deal. with they said we take this matter seriously. a local professional talked with the client to resox the situation. we paid for any penalty and interest.
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>> and make sure the deductions are appropriate. and you're filling out the proper form. take your time and read. it it's easier to prevent a mistake thean correct it afterwards. >> ithappened real quick. >> h&r block sent him a c cck to pay for the penalties. now he can file that a way. >> help moi ward did me a big favor. i'm grateful for them. poor people can't afford a lawyer so they helped me right on time. >> and howard says if the tax prey airer makes a mistake and you ge money back, have you to pay. it if they did it proper lirks you would have had toay it anyway. >> bottom line, be careful before you sign the tax return. got a situation that's taxing your pay shafnlts ready to deduct it from your list of troubles. contacac us. we'll take interest and return your piece of mind. with this "help me howard," i'm patrick fraser. 7 news. still.
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someone being taught a lesson in the law after what was dropppp off at a south florida drive
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>> 2340u7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: and it way cool day mira cross s. morning lows in the upper 50s. fort lauderdale. 61 miami. 6520 start the dayn key west and the highs kept in check do to the cloud cover in the upper 60s to 70 degrees in the keys. right now every one reporting temperatures in the 60s under
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the with wind out of west and humidity 54%. here's the storm tracker. basically dry across south florida. these fronts are coming from very dry and we're still going to get a few more fronts in the days head. so let's take a look at what we can expek this evening. we're looking at the threat of rip currents. there is a small craft advisory in effect bit way. biscayne bay with with a moderate chop. small craft advisory. do the winds for the keys out of northwest. 15 to 20 nauts. coastal waters ruvment meanwhile next high tide will be at 9:25. nine 2k4r07b in fort lauderdale. key largo 9:48. key west 10:45. for tonight we're looking at temperatures in the upper 40s to the low 50s. 60s in the keys. d then by tomorrow we're looking at highs only in the upper 60s and by the way, we've been belowow0 degrees here since last saturday. now, the longest stretch goes
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that was four days of temperatures below 700egrees so. it's a nice cool snap for us here across south florida. here's your extend out look. thursday, still look pretty cold. the morning low wilil be at 47 degrees and then it looks like more cold air ces in. it should keeps in the 50s all the way throuou sunday. volume intines day. good snilg@weather. president's day warmer. and then by tuesday, we're right back into the 50s for your morning low. that's your 7 on 7. 7 sports is next.
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>> time now for 7 sports with steve shapiro. >> live at aaa. not quite the same as when they were plan playing for championships but it is special when the san antonio spurs are in town. heat and spurs no night thehe national tv game. the spurs come in on a four game winning streak and second behindd golden state. gentleman no blee sought here for sure. dunkin' is out here but not supposed it play. the spurs either why are loaded. >> i think they found the national ra dafer. they don't fly under the basketball radar. for basketball players so. we understand this has been a good team for 13 years. i'm sure all my interviews have said the same thing.
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all-star break but you know, it's a good challenge. >> ten days off after tonight 8:00 t)p. the heat also announce today they will retire shaquille o'neal no. 32. the ce@remony will be next season. shaq played three and a half years here with the heatnd helped them win the first championship back in 2006. shaquille o'neal joins along sco morning and tim hardaway to have their numbers retired. and panthers play night at buffalo and go into thaim game without ononof the leading scorers. alexander barkov. almost got decapitated last nightt and the loss of the de troits troit. cats loss that game they don't have brandon or mitchell or barkov and the cats are two in a row. and boder line hissments it's your time. i didn't like it.
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it's always hard but we can play hockey. it's part of it. it sucks but i guess we got to look forward and go with what we have. hockey and heat highlights first at 10:00. the broncos celebrate third super bowl championship today. a beautiful parade in downtown ven denver. sunny and high 50s. police estimate a million people furnd out for the pa raimpletd they beat the panthers 24 to ten on sunday. and that's all we go. live at aaa. backnside to the good guys. >> belkeys: thanks steve. >> craig: that's 7 news at 6:00, thanks for tuning in. i'm craig stevens. >> belkeys: i'm belkeys nerey. 7 news at 6:00 is next. keep it here. caio caio.
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