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tv   Channel 7 News at 630PM  FOX  February 9, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> ofort topt 6:30, it is battle on the ballot. voting underway for the new hampshire primary. voters are still like up to cast their ballots. >> and good evening. voters out in full force to make that primary push. >> danielle: that's right and polls are closing in about an hour or so. jeff lennox live in new hampshire with the very latest. jeff. >> reporter: lynn and danielle, the polls here will close in a half an hour and then 20 more close around 8:00 p.m. tonight. we're getting to finals hour in this raise. a lot of attention has been placed on the gop candidates and their race for the nomination. look, donald trump has had a commanding lead in in the state for quite some time. he is expected to finish first. the real thing that is shaping up is i isecond place. right now mark. >> rubio polling in second and right on his tale have you care
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any one's grab at this point. the final votes coming in in a couple hours. >> reporter: new hampshire voters casting their ballots and presidential candidates from both tar parties at polling locations across the granite state trying sway voters. >> how are you feel somethingng i feel great. a lot of great energy. we're canning forward to the results and moving on to south carolina. >> marco riewb riewk can't seem so thaik shake the robot ek persona he got tagged on by chris choice tee. christy c!lled his approach script ood we saw in iowa that the differerce of a couple hundred votes make 345eubgz a huge difference. >> reporter: and ted cruz evangelical messageeot as well received in new hampshire as iowa. >> it is unusual for candidates to compete effective ti. >> and donald trump pulled in 5000 people at an event on primary eve.
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i just want to win. and bernie sanders seems to be coasting to a victory. his double digit lead in the polls stands over hillary clinton. >> it's not right that so few have so much and so many have so little. >> >> reporter: clinton working to close the gap with r socialist opponent. >> i'm just look forward toy a great elecon day. many people have expressed their opinion to be part of this project. >> reporter: okay, and the candidates on both sides are starting to turn turn in with their families and aids to watch results come in. first poll closing at 7:00 p.m. some others at 78:00 p.m. night in the 7 70 hour we should start getting results and we'll have them for u. also on ts wther side, vut south carolina rice rais that is just about two weeks away. 13469 candidates set thrirg sites on cowj south carolina. marco rubio and jeb bush veents there tomorrow and ben carson expected in south carolina
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he will rach wach the results come in. a big night head and we'll have the results here on 7 news. >> live in manchester new hampshire tonight. jeff loan knox. 7 news. >> danielle: all right jeff, stay warm out there. and we should add 7 news is already look heasmgd the next battle ground state is south carolina. alex diprato on his way there now. his reports begin at 10:00 sow already there. >> lynn: and nowz now's a great time diswroirs 7 news app. it's free in the app store or on google play. >> >> danielle: and also in the news tonight we're learning more about the mother who was murdered just feet from her young son and police say the keu8 whoar was behind the horror at home took his own life. sheldon fox is in miami with the story. >> reporter: this mother won't get the chance to see her young
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tbhawses the hufs eye necessary marks 36-year-old jameer killed his wife with her kids at home police say leaving the woman's body to be found inside miami beach flamingo 35r789 by her little boys. >>@we received a 911 call from security person n!l nel skating two small children dhaitd their mother was sawltd in side their apartment. >> when the officers respond, they made entry noo in the apartment and found a female deceased inside. >> and circumstances you were arrested for domestic battery. >> and he was arrested twice before for beating up and choking his wife two times before. >> and monday night he was wanted for the murder. and then this was discovered later he committed suicide today. that is the body after plunge to his death from the the grand floor in the higig condo minl yunl in miami. d they were joined by homicide detectives before the body of a
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>> a police source tells 7 news he stabbed his wife multiple times. her children are now in the care of the state. >> and there ways dependency hearing for the boys. they will be placed into foster care at least until the 23 of this m mement that's when another hearing is scheduled to be held in miami. it's where we are now. sheldon fox. 7 news snie. >> lynn: police investigating ab unholy act at a south florida church. the thieves broron side the building bought bit baptist chur and stole copper wiring from several rooms and outside the building. a housing facility for the needy on third avenue and 17th 17th street in miami. despite the setback, the pastor is still hopeful. >> it does not shatter my faith. i believe out of every evil there, is some good and some good has to happen. >> >>ynn: this is the second time by the way the church has
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have been spent on make renovations. if have you any information that could help, call crime stoppers in dade. 305-471-tips. a dash for cash at a south florida storm. an armed robber iegz shirt to cover up his face demanding employees open up the register at the dollar general in oakland park boulevard in oakland park. he threatened to shoot everybody in the store if his demands were mot m%t e. grabtd money and ran out. police want to find him f. have you any information call broward crime stoppers. 954-493-tips. >> alsoing on 7, the death toll rises in southern germany after a tragedy on the tracks. the head on train collision taking ten lives and leaving dozens ever others injured. tragedy on the tracks as a pair of trains collide head on near munich germany officials are blaming the deadly crash on
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that should of stopped one or both fort trainsh to prevent them from reaching a blind curb at the same time. and a hor able picture. >> speaking at a news conference, german transport doren said one of the trains drilled into the other leaving the cars dismantled. he described the scene as a hor able pture saying it was estimated that each of the planes was traveling at 60 miles per hour at the moment. impact. >> every one is shocked and our thoughts are with the victims and their families. >> danielle: according german med yeah, they were regional passenger traifnlz the same trains that carry kids to school but luckily the schools are closed for winter vacation. an investigation is now underway. >> usually they use an automatic system that automatically stops the train when you pass by a signal. that's why we don't know what happened.
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green but we don't know yet. >> danielle: well, hundreds of rescue crews using helicopters and small boats shuttled injured passenger totz other side of the river to get them into ambulances. >> lynn: you two new developments to tell you about concerning the water crisis in flint michigan. first the lead contamination in the city's water today said officials responsible for the health crisis could face stiff criminal charges including the possibility of@ involuntary manslaughter if the contamination is linked to any one's death. >> also, flint's mayor today said replacing all the lead water pipes in the city will cost more than $50 million, so far no funuing has been dedicated to pay for that work. >> danielle: president obama sent congress his final budget and it is a pricey proposal. he is pro fotion spend a record
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that 2.6 trillion would be paid with tax increase crooz over the next decade and money would go to the cyber security tools and more than 2 million o has been earr noorkd come imat the growing zika virus. it hasittle chance of getting prove evaluate in the gop congress however. >> lynn: and a worker at the drive through window here is handed more than change. >> danielle: a persistent panda doing everything in it's power to reach the top of the tree.
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>> >> danielle: a wild predator brarng when an am gator is tossed through a drive through window. you heard that righgh a south florida man behind this fast food fright.
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and police say this was no laugh out loud moment and now this guy is facing serious charges. >> alligator was not on the menu at the wendy's in royal palm beach but there was one inside and florida wild life commissioio says 20-year-old gentleman james put it there last october. >> just a stupid frank prarchg that he is is now turning into this. >> and you believe this was a prank? 100%. he is a prankster. he ds stuff like this because he thinks it's funny. >> lynn: not funny now. thth stunt has the jupiter man facing charges of aggravated assaultnd unlawful possession and transportation of an alligator. >> i don't even get thravment i don't get it. >> lynn: jame's parents say he knows one of the restaurant employees. >> someone at wendy's they were pranking. >> lynn: and he found the 3-foot reptile on the side of the road. >> how could you not think
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>> lynn: fbc says he pulled up at drive through and after the ser vir handed him a drink he turned around and tossed the three and half foot gator through the window. while they tracked him down with the credit card receipt from the soda purchase prior to the incident. >> they said will he cooperate? i said absolutely. say stew 3eud kid that did a stupid prank. know problem turning himse? >> the h- >> lynn: the judge order him to stay out of all the win wendy's restaurants in the world and avoid contact with all animals expect his mother's job evaluation. so can't talk to the cat next disoomplet don't look at that alligator in the water. >> danielle: no, he can't't do any of that. >> lynn: interesting terms there. >> danielle: yep. >> coming up next in the news station. beyonce's super bor wol performance was the recipe for success for a seafood restaurant chain.
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cold air. since saturday night both highs and lows have been below 70 degrees. now the longest period or longest stretch of cold air before this, with we have to go back to january 15th through the 19th of 2014. we will have more on our chilly forecast in a couple minutes. >> lynn: all right phil and tonight on the drive. dpriewrgz a booze enthvment lady's night comes complete with dinner, drink and a boat load of fun. i don't ththk a woman wants to be called booze disiing set sail with deco tonight and have a drink can i poo. >> danielle: that i like much bett.
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>> dananlle: time to perseverance put to the test for a top cop reaching the top of a pien pine tree and ma mas all help with their babies. that's wait it goes. the 6-month-old cub has been frierg days at the zoo to get up this treatment bai bai was publicly revealed last month. >> lynn: he is cute cute. >> danielle: now, 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: all right so. we're in for a cold night here across south florida. temperatures right now in the 50s. basically from central fla northward. still in the 60s for us. but the temperature will continue to come down tonight. it is dry croos broward and miami-dade and the keys. we are looking at a couple showers here across the florida
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one in the eastern gulf of mexico but these fronts are coming in mtly dry. so for tonight, that cold air will continue across south florida. the jet stream will continue to push a series of front in our directions. by tomorrow we should see some more sunshine. it will still be on the breezy side. then by thursday, high pressure build n. going to be a cold morning and blustery. very windy by the afternoon. >> so here's the marine forecast. threat of rip currents. small craft advisory in effect. just awful boating conditions. the same for you toughout florida keys. you're looking at an advisory. seas beyond the reef building six to 8 feet. now next high tide for dade and broward. almost 9:30.0. 10:45:35 for the lower keys and the water temperature will be at 68. meanwhile tonight. still mostly cloudy skies. we should see temperatures in the upper 40s to the low 50s along the coast. western burbs. you could dip into the mid 40s night0s and 60s for the lower keys. it will be breezy.
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mainland. still partly cloudy for the keys. highs only in the 60s. here's your extend out look. models are aggressive. thursday morning waking up to 47. temperatures in the 50s. all the way through valentine's day. that's your 7 on 7 cast. >> phil, thank you. red lobster getting a little beyonce boom. makes me red lob stemplet i'm confusing them with the olive garden. they have the roll. and a new song called formation. the music video was 'rest released a day before she performed the halftime show on sunday and now the florida base seafood chain says their sales have sky rocketed 33% sunday compared to last year. thanks beyonce. you're watching 7 news. we're coming back.
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>> time now for 7 sports with steve shapiro. >> live at aaa. i'm just look aghtd tim duncan. he has been out herer warming fowrp an hour. he has a bad next. missed seven game not supposed to play. heat and spurs h here at aaa. the last game before the long wraifnlgt gentleman no blee is out. dunkin', we think he is out and they have tony peark and they
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leonard who leads the spurs with this game. they are a topeared team. they are playing historically well. >> they don't do anything flashy. you know, their iewn ma form are silver and black. bay sick fun da mel mental bass ceat ball that gets the job done. >> these team with with k- not play without recalling history. every one remembers ray allen's three-pointer years ago. the heat beat spur to win the title. they won it in the next ge and two years ago the spurs come book. they act their measure of revenge and they beat the heat four game to one. those were the a days. i don't think it will ever be over. i think both p r experiences happen. good obviously. out with with the bad but always that in the back of youmind and special play. seems like good memories and bad memories. i always remember that every
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>> national tv so it's an 8:00 tip. we'll have heat and spurs highlights first at 10:00. live at aaa i'm steve shapiro. here's donovan with the rest of the day in sports. thanks steve. >> reporter: and part ave back to back. the cats on the road in buffalo. despite slipping on the ice twice, florida leads the division bsix points and for some reason still flying under the radar. if year wier not that's fine i have no problem flying under the radar. we're not a nar cyst tick crew here. we don't need attention. we're just fine going about our business a and winning game here and there. while the denver broncos celebrate the super bowl tight welt praivmentd the mvp spoke to the media since cutting his press conference short and had annteresting take on yes bounced lir from the podium. >> i've been on record to say i'm a sore loser. who likes to loose. if you show 34eu me a good loser
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not a populary contest. i'm here to win football games. >> all right. that's spornts. i'm donovan campbell. lynn and danielle back after
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>> danielle: that is 7 news at 6:30. thank you so much for watching. i'm danielle knox. >> lynn: i'm lynn martinez v. a great flight everybody. see you at 78:3 for deco and danielle tonight at 10:00. >> danielle: make it areat night. real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. capaponing company.
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the o.j. simpson slow-speed chase. you will see it on the hit miniseries. but whateverhappened to the real white bronco. 22 years later, "inside edition" tracks down the long lost bronco. >> mysteries of o.j.'s white
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