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tv   Channel 7 News at 11PM  FOX  February 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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all eyes on new presidential candidates hope to turn supported rally no votes at the poll. >> vote versus spoken. who came out on top. we are live in manchester with e results. >> after that the candidates converge on south carolina. >> 7 news already in place with a preview of what is next. >> the night team with live team 7 coverage of the presidential primary. hello welcome everyone. >> that's not all we are covering at 11:00 o'clock. police say the same man is behind a series of cruel crime. tonight an elderly victim shares his frightening story and another victim talks to just one`station. >> temperatures continue to drop at this hour. how cold will it get tonight? and unholy act. at south florida place of worship. and this isn't the first time thieves would stre.
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! tonight we serve notice to the political and economic establishment of this country that the american people w wl notontinue to accept a corrupt campaign finance system. >>reporter: it was a near record turn out in new hampshire. by now they may have already declared it was a record turn out and that benefited bernie sanders on the democratic primary tonight. decisive victory. 20 point over hillary clinton. the. new hampshire i want to thawchbing. we love you. we'll be back a lotot we are fought going to forget you. you started it. remember you started it. donald trump the big winner over on the republican side coming in at number two governor john kasich and ted
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in a fight to e finish for third place. only one personal point separating them. hello welcome everyone. days of frenzy campaigning in new hampshire leading up to decision night there. >> first primary in the country and tonight results come with some surprises in terms of second place, third place, second place, third place, fourth place on the g.o.p. side. we have live night team coverage as candidates already setting their sight on south carolina. alex is there but we begin with jeff in manchester, new hampshire. >>reporter: what a day it has been. big primary finish here in new hampshire and the top winners from both parties bernie sander and donald trump let's get right to the video. donald trump walking up on stage in front of big crowd@lf supporters in the last hour claiming the victory here in the granite state. picked up the ground game leading up to the primary on this tuesday. surprising second finish as well for john kasich in this race.
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listen to donald trump a the other candidates with the g.o.p. and the order which they are placing right now. take a listen. >> we e going to make america so grere again. i love you all. thank you new hampshire. thank you. thank you new hampshire. thank you. we are going now to south carolina. we are going to win in south carolina. >> tonight we head to south carolina and we will move through south carolina all across this country and will end up in the midwest and you just wait. let me tell you. there's so much going to happen. if you don't have a seat belt, go get one. we'll take this countrywe'll take this country from top to bottom. >> now we go on to south carolina. the palmetto state.
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carolina far less hospitable environment. >>reporter: this campaign is not dead we are going on to south carolina. >> our disappointment tonight is not on you. it's on me. it's on me. i did not, did not do well on saturday night so listen to this. that will never happen again. >>reporter: okay. so marco rubio with disappointing finish in the newew hampshire primary and transition on to the democrat inning side and bernie sander the senator from nearby vermont coming away with a big win. video of sanders walking up on stage in front of very big very happy crowd for pwvs big win. didi very well among independentdid very well among independents and young voters he in new hampshire. led hillary clinton by double digit. let's take a listen to bernie sanders.
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message thatill echo from wall street to washington, from maine to california. a and that is that the government of our great country belongs to all of the people and not just a handful of wealthy campaign contributorsrs and their super pac. >>reporter: okay. this go around compared to the iowa caucus we saw sanders step up attack against hillary clinton saying she's tooing far too much money from wall street and that he is the more progressive candidate in this race. now hillary clinton has been uphill battle here in new hampshire. she's been trailing in the poll by double digit and comes in second place tonight. she even left the trillion on sunday to go campaign in michigan. she talked to bernie sanders
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take a listen. >> i want to say i still love new hampshire and i always willnew hampshire and i always will. here's what we are going to do. now we take this campaign to the entire country. we are going to fight for every vote in every state. >>reporter: hillary clinton looking ahead to south kerr loon where she is polling well ahead of bernie sanders right now. they have a debate, democrats do coming up early this month but the big winner on this big night donald trump and before for their respective parties. live in manester, new hampshire, jeff lennox 7 news night team. >> from new hampshire to south carolina the site of the next primary contest, alex is already there. he's live and he has a look ahead. alex? >>reporter: welcome to south carolina. sign says it all smiling faces
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we are in the city of fair play and this city and this state is the next play in the 2016 presidenti elections. overnight the candidates will be leaving new hampshire and coming here to south carolina. they have event tomorrow and we have put together a map for you. donald trump is set to hold a rally tomorrow in pendleton. ted cruz in myrtle beach. jeb bush in hilton head. marco rubio in spartan burg. jo case nick mount pleasant and how well did he in new hampshire his campaign says they are sending 20 staffers here to south carolina very soon. chris christie was to have an event here on thursday but late tonight we have gotten word that he will go back to new jersey instead and reassess his presidential campaign after a poor showing in new hampshire. as for the democrats bernie sanders and hillary clinton of course are also expected to be
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announced any event as of yet. the primary for republicans here is saturday, february 25th and for the democrats it is saturday february 27th. we'll comfort candidates tomorrow. we are live in fair play, south carolina. i'm alex, 7 news night team. all right alex. if you have not done so yet now is a great time to down load the voice your choice app. always updated and we have the latest from the campaign trail. >> elderly man. brutallyeaten. in unprovoked attack. >> i didn't knowe had anything and he screws struck me over the head. >> he wasn't the only one. >> just happened so fast. >> night team with new details on the crime spree. police say that man is behind three alarmbehind three alarming attack. >> one victim left with bruises all over his face and another eaks to just one station
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robin simmons reports. >>reporter: 22-year-old walker's mug shot. police say he took a pipe to the face of this manchester unitedman 81-year-old douglas busch during sunday morning crime spree. his face now covered in bruiuis. two black eye and 18 stitches close ago gash in his forohead. >> suddenly he came totord me and his hand behind his back. didn't know he had anything in his handy struck me over the head. >>reporter: video from the gas station where and his wife had
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isis is. >> he just yanked me out. investigators say walker's second stop was the shell at 4 41 and north west 19th street. finally the attack came to dramatic end at the swap shop. police say that's walker rushing up to cell phone vendor swinging a samurai sword slashswinging a samurai sword slashing the stunned victim. another vendor managing to grab the suspect and hold him until police arrived. >> wasn't thinking about my life but the next life. >>reporter: alker told police he watched the movie post giingt and wanted to kill evil. 22-year-old needsomething more than just jail time.e. >> want to see him get better. >>reporter: you for give him for this. >> why not. yes i to. >> he needs help you know. i pray for him an his family. >>reporter: walker has been charged with attempted murder. his initial appearance before a judge scheduled for tuesday had to be rescheduled for wednesday
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reporting in lauderhill, 7 news night team. >> still ahead on 7 news at 11:00. ple of worship hit by thievesplace of worship hit by thieves. now a project to help the homeless sustaining a major set back. dash for cash when robber makes some dangerous demands. it's cold tonight. even colder tomorrow especially for us south floridians. here's some safety tips. the most important one of them all space heater. if you use them make sure you keep them away from furniture, walls, curtains, anything that could catch on fire. we have lot more in our local forecast in just a couple of
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isis. police investigating unholol act at south florida church. >> thieves broke into a building owned by temple missionary baptist church and stole copper wiring f fm several rooms and outside the building. it's a housing facility for the needy and north west third avenue an 17th street in miami. but despite the set back, the pastor is still hopeful. >> that's not on my faith. i believe out of every evil there is some good. and some good has to happen. >> reporter: well this is second time the church has been hi and they have already spent thousands of dollars on renovations.if you have any information call crime stoppers at this number on the screen.
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accused of exposing himself in a mall parking lot. police take into custody 26-year-old jose gort today. they say he flashed s seral women outside stores at dade land mall. police say three incidents between the end of december and the end of january. he's charged now with three counts of indecent exposure. dash for cash at south florida store. armed robber using a shirt to cover his face t.demanding employees open the registers at the dollar general at north west 21st avenue and west oakland park. he threatened to shoot everyone in the store if his demands weren't met. out. if you have any information, if you have any information, call broward crime stoppers at this number on the screen. rough landing for small plane at south florida airport. aircraft sliding to stop at north perry in pembroke pines and part of the landing gear collapsed. we think and one propeller hit the tarmac. crews made temporary repairs and able to tow it to the hangar.
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they were not hurt. coming up at 11:1: o'clock. you know what they say if you don't succeed at first, try try again. adorable little panda cub is doing just that. after the news derek is back but almost didn't happen.stars tell us about derek's diva demands. deco is always in fashion
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this panda cub getting helpp from mama bear. >> he gets a lift from mom as he tries again and again to climb a tree. hasn't been very good at it. the mom stepped in for the sist. hopefully the lesson will make him a pro panda in no time. >> he's so cute.
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here across south floridid once again cloud cover to play a big factor. 61egrees right now at miami. the relative humidity at 67 percent. fort lauderdale partly cloudy. you are looking at the wind speed at around 9 miles per hour. temperature of 60 degrees. key west mostly cloudy. 66. with the wind out of the north west. meanwhile stormtracker is showing that everything is mostly dry across broward miami indicated buttf you look carefully there are a couple of the green dots out here. may see an isolated sprinkle overnight over the keys. all the fronts are coming in very dry here across south florida. we do have plenty of cloudywe do have plenty of cloudiness that could act as blanket across south florida. keeping the temperatus at least a little warmer than if the y were his all together clear. look at all this. that's all snow across the ohio river valley making its way through the middle atlantic states and the northeast during the day tomorrow. so our cold air will continue
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stre will continue to push a series of cold fronts in our direction. tomorrow we are expecting the skys to clear out aittle bit. the wind will pick up once again and we do believe that thursday morning should be the coldest morning so far in this cold stretch. high pressure will build in. the wind will be sticking around as well. threat of rip current tomorrow at the beach small craft advisory. as a matter of fact beach conditions and boating conditions are just going to be awful over the next 24 to 48 hours. sea up 2 to 8 feet. biscayne bay with a moderate chop. florida keys 20 knot wind. seas 5 to seven feet. and believe it or not coastal watersrcoming down to choppy. they were very rough earlier today. as far as the next high tide, as far as the next high tide, 10:37 in the morning. 11:23 for the lower keys. the water temperature at 69 degrees. tonight still partly cloudy skies. overnight low.
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at t t coast here in miami-dade upper 40's in broward and that means maybe mid 40's in the western suburb. 50's and 60's for the keys but if the cloud cover really persists, that may be a couple of degrees warmer. meanwhile by tomorrow the high only in the upper 60's. hoping for more sunshine. here's your sentenced outlook. thursday morning 47.. we row main in the 50's all the way through valentine's day. that's the 7 on 7 forecast. thanks phil. >> stay tune. sports is next. >> excitg finish coral gables tonight between the hurricanes and pittsburgh.
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this is the only time in town. heat at home tonight against san antonioo. first quarter heat in white. dwayne wade made 9 of the first 10 shots. he had 20 points. the heat lead by 4 after one. in the second quarter the spurs take control. tony parker drives. gives it toal district. he had a game high 28. heat down by 7 at the break and in the fourth san antonio pulls away. mills hit the tree falling down foul shot. during the foul shot white side elbow him in the face. white side is kicked out. heat lose 119-101. 29 and 24. in the all star break for 10 days. the contains were home tonight against pittsburgh. close to the final possession. canes trail as many as 8 in the first half he beats the clock for three. um down 4 at the break. 30 second to play in the game. canes now up three. robinson for pit.
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tie game 7 seconds left. mclellan for three. no good. tip. tip. smallest guy open the floor. rodriguez tips it in. canes lead by two. second half play pit inbound. rodriguez makes cononct. no foul. um beats pittsburgh 65-63. canes 19 and 4 8 and 3 in the conference. busy night. we have hockey. panthers try and snap a two game losing skid at buffalo. panthers in white. three goals in the first. to smith. smith and no. 11. panthers lead it 3 nothing. 22 second in the second period off the face off. alex lets it go. 4 nothing panthers. then late in the second now it's 5-2. the hubert to the wing. 17 makes it 6-two panthers win at buffalo. 7-4. the heat will retire shaq's number in a a ceremony at the beginning of next season. that will do it. i'm steve back to you.
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>> that's a wrap for 7 news at 11:00. ciao ciao. >> good night thanks for watching. have a good one.
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