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tv   Channel 7 News at 11PM  FOX  February 10, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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planner going with a zero percent chance of rain in the forecast, high temperatures in the 60s and lows will be in tp upper 40s along the coast and low 50s around the inland areas. for now, south florida, enjoy your morning commute. we are talking about dry conditions with a couple of clouds around. i'll be back with the complete forecast in a couple of minutes. we're following a news alert out of downtown miami. >> ashley: a car exploding in flames killing at t ast one person. lorena estrada is live on the scene with the breaking details. >> reporter: we are on i-595 north right by downtown miami, right before the 395 exit. i want to show you part of the scene here. what you cannot see, there is a car, that you cannot even tell what kind of car it is and police confirm that two people have died as a result of the
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firism want to go ahead and show you now. we're going to pan to show you where this crash happened. there is a hole f. you look closely into the barrier. you're lking video of the intense flames. after that crash, authorities tell us that the car caught fire. one person trapped inside, a road ranger was able to pull the driver from the car. we are told the passenger was not able to make it out. that passenger has died and remains in the car. we're told that theriver was transported to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. and still a very active scene herere authorities are investigating and we are told for all of those who will be commuting that all lanes of i-95 north will be shutting down. all lanes of i-95 north will be shutting down shortly. just heads up for any of you commuting this morning. we will have much more for you later on in the show.
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miami, lorena estrada, today in florida. in the race for the white house, donald trump getting a big win in new hampshire. >> ashley: and bernie sanders getting a big victory as well gaining traction in new hampshire and those below getting a boost. >> diana: >> diana: republican donald trump picking up his first win nearly doubling up his nearest opponent, governor kasich. jeff lennox is following it all hampshire. good morning, jeff. >> reporter: good morning. we can tell you thatecisive victories for donald trump and
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the biggest winner was the governor from ohio, governor kasich coming awe way wit the closest finish. donald trump coming out on top after a second place finish in iowa. >> we are going to make america so great again, maybe greater than ever before. i huf you all. thank you new hampshire. >> reporter: john kasich pulling off the surprising finish. >> tonight we head to south carolinand wemove through south carolina and all across the coury an end up in the midwest and you just wait. let me tell you. there's so much going to happen f. you don't he a seat belt, go get one. >> reportete florida senator
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beyond the robotic persona he got tagged with. rubio apolozing to his supporters. >> our disappointment tonight is not on you. it's on me. it's on me. i did not do well on saturday night, so listen to this, that will never happen again. >> reporter: rubio, jeb bush in a dead clash for third. >> this campaign is not over. we're moving onto south carolina. >> reporter: the palmetto state. washington liberals may find south carolina far less hoes pit bbll. >> reporter: governor chris christie said he's going to south carolina to finish. bernie sanders heads to south carolina a big winner. his socialist message resonated with young people.
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basketball court with his two sons. >> because of a huge voter turnout -- and i say huge -- we won. >> reporter: meanwhile t former secretary of state places in second winning new hampshire, a tall order for clinton. she left the trail at one point to campaign in michigan. >> now we take this campaign to the entire country. we're going to fight for every vote in every state. >> reporter: okay. we do expect that hillary clinton will makak her way down to south carolina later today. the schedule is not out yet. on the gop side, donald trump will be in south carolina. he will receive an endorse frment the state's lieutenant governor and also john kasich probably with the most ambition schedule today on this wednesday after coming off that strong
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he has nine stops scheded in south carolina coming up later today. we've got you covered all morning. live in manchester, new hampmhire, jeff lennox, today in florida. >> diana: and from new hampshire we turn to south carolina, the site of the next primary. alex diprato is there and continues our team coverage. >> reporter: welcome to south carolina. the sign says smiling faces and beautiful places. this is the next play in the 2016 presidential election. south carolina is s the next state to hold its primary. the candidate wills begin campaigning later today. donald trump set to hold a rally, jeb because of how well he did in new hampshire, he is sending 20 staffers here.
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events here on thursday. however, because of how he did in new hampshire, he i i going back to reassess the campaign. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are set to have events here, however, they have not announced events so far. in fair place, south carolina, i'm alex diprato, today in florida. and look for alex's live reports throughout the day as they make their way into south carolina. >> ashley: and if you haven't done so, now is the time to
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and her family obviously worried. >> she's a beautiful girl. she attends fifi she is pir suing a market degree. and up until now we'veve never had any issues and want to bring her home safe. >> and along southeast 6th street. here is another look at karen right f. you see her, please call 911.1. eight minutes past the hour now your timeme a bumpty ride at a south florida airport to tell you about. a small plane sliding to a stop when part of the light lanaing gear collapsed. the wing and one propellor hit the tarmac. they were able to make temporary repairs and tow it to the hanger.
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an emploe is suspected of stealing confidentiaia patient information, name, social number and addresses over the last five years. those patients will be notified and offered free credit monitoring. just last week, a nurse and secretary were fired after the hospital determined they leaked medical records of new york giants star jason pierre paul after hing one of his fingers amputated. and pricey proposal, to spend record $1.4 trillion. more than half would be paid by taxe $19 billion would go to increasing cyber security tools and two million earrked to
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the proposal has little chance of winning the republican-controlled congss. and 5:10 is the time. time to check on stories coming upful >> reporter: down to the top 24. your favorite contestants are back with solo performances. they will perform tonight with the first round of eliminations going on tomorrow. the remaining 12 will perform next week. the race of havana to hit the high seas. it's a big soccer match going down in ami.
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on senegal at marlins park. omar lewis, today in florida. christians around the world beginning observeve vances of lent today. many believers giving up something such as their favorite food in remember of jesus' fasting in the wilderness. it will last until midnight eaeaer sunday. and look out netflix, youtube set to get into show business. it's what is trending this morning. and social media reuniting a homeless man wh his family. it's a story you will see on just one station. and we are waking up with cool clouds around and temperature readings, 58 degrees in miami, 56 in fort lauderdale.
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up next. trending this mornrng, the the world's most popular video network launching three made for youtube movies and series for red subscription service. the red service costs $10 for ad free usage, music service and features original content. it stars some of the network's most popular performers they
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good morning, south florida. hope fli hopefully everyone is off to a great start.t. you will need a light sweater or jacket. we d)d have a cold front cross through yesterday and leaving us on the chilly side but not as low as we expected temperature readings to go this morning because of the leftover clouds. but still, 56 in fort lauderdale, 58 in miami to 65 degrees in key west. around the inland areas, 57 in west kendall, 58 homestead and hialeah. the winds are out t of the cold air direction out of west-northwest any where between 9 and 15 miles an hour. so we have some leftover clouds expected to clear out by the afternoon. and we have frigid temperatutu readings around the northern great plains. 5 in minneapolis, 10 in chicago, new york at 34, with washington at 30 degrees.
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a very cold night going into tonight and tomorrow morning, with temperature readings around most areas in the 40s. is you want to protect yourself, your pets and also your plants. bring in those potted plants indoors because they will be easily damaged with that cold air. and tonight, we'reoing to be definitely feeling the chill. and an it's going to stay this way throughout the remainder of the week and going into the weekend. use caution if your plans take you beach or boatinin biscayne bay is at a moderate chop. coastal watt withers of the keys are very rough with advisory in effect today. 9:52 is next high tide in dade and broward with forecast highs in the 60s under sunny skies. tonight mostly clear with lows in the 40s. the florida keysn the low 50s. now your extended outlook, south florida, is call uing for this winter chill south florida style to continue into valentine's day day and possibly on president's day this upcoming monday.
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and straight ahead on today in florida. it's official. the heat set to retire the jersey of the diesel. find out when straight aheadful and we've been asking you to send in your picture perfect morning using the #senditto7. here's one sent to us by a 7 news viewer out of fort lauderdale sent via instagram. that's absolutely amazing.
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back. on just one station, a homeless man and family he sn't met. chico's life is about to change. >> i want to see my sister. >> reporter: he@ hasn't seen his sister or anyone in his family in almost 40 years. tuesday night, chico heard lupe's voice for the first time in years. >> can you be ready friday? report report you're going to come down here? >> yes.
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walking the streets of downtown miami and coming to the shadow of the adrian arts center for food and that's where he met gabby. >> there are people out there that give to little african-amererans like me. >> reporter: after shehot this video. gabby got his message to them. >> how does it feel to talk to him again? >> overwhelmed. >> they are god send. they are my hero now. they are my people now, my saints. >> reporter: his nights on the streets areeow numbered.
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just i might not be coming back. >> reporter: he's not coming back. he's going home to his family. >> the sister hopes to close that 40 year gap for good sometime this weekend. she will start driving from her homenorth carolina early friday morning and she will try and take him back to north carolina, where they will wait forr a birth certificate to start putting the rest of his life back together. all of this is thanks to social media, cellphones, internet and the compassion of one woman who took a special interest in him.
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today in florida. that is today in florida at 5. i'm diana diaz. >> and i'm ashley jones.
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news. cameras rolling on a vision assault. and deadly discovery on
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and isis warning about
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