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tv   Channel 7 News at Noon  FOX  February 10, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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7 news at noon is next. real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. 7 news at noon begins with a fiery tragedy. a driver losing control during the morning rush. good afternoon, once again. that driver pulled from the wreck by a road ranger but did not survive. >> diana: the passenger never made it out of the vehicle. 7's lorena estrada is live at the medical examiner's office with more now. >> reporter: authorities have not yet identified the two people killed in this fiery crash. they do tell us it appears they were both in their early 20s. one of the victims from illinois. and also appears that speed may have been a factor. this is what's left of the nissan that crashed and caught on fire early wednesday morning. two people killed and those who watched left in shock. >> i was just driving down the highway and saw those guys in flame in my back mirror. >> reporter: the suv up in
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out. the driver was pulled out by a road ranger, but authorities say he was pronounced dead at the hospital. the horrific scene along i-95 noh just before the exit to morning. >> the vehicle was traveling northbound passing 326 streett and lost control and slammed into the wall. >> reporter: it exploded into fire. no one would survive. most of the interstate closed as they began their investigation. at least two lanes opened as authorities worked the scene. >> as you can see the impact of the concrete wall was severe. and as you can see where the vehicle traveled such a long distance an then becoming fully engulfed, you could see and the affic homicide investigators will determine that speed was a factorn this fatal accident. >> reporter: fhp praised the
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the driver out. and unfortunately neither the passenger or driver survived. live outside the medical examiner's office, lorena estrada, 7 news. think it was cold across south florida? qemps are about to go even lower with most of us feeling the 40s. meteorologist vivian gonzalez is live in the weather center with more on the forecast. viv? >> vivian: that's right. good afternoon, ladies and south florida. thanks for joining us. we have cool sunshine underway and it's going to get very cold totoght and this chi is expected to run through at least sunday on valentine's day. 56 degrees. this is how we woke up this morning in miami, 54 in fort lauderdale to 64 degrees in key west. the radar continues to show dry conditions. and this will be the trend for the next several days. let's take a look at temperature reading right t now. they haven't warmed up all that much in the low 60s with more sunshine around, 62 in miami, 62
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the key here to temperature readings dropping down tonight is the cloud cover. right now we do have the wind out of the north-northwest between 8 to 13 miles an hour an we do have a smallraft advisory in effect until 1:15 this aernoon and it will run to 4:30his a aernoon for the florora keys because of the strong winds. now if the clouds manage to clear, we will be feeling the 40s all across the board. the forecast low in fort lauderdale is 47, 46 in hialeah to 45 in west kendall and homestead. and through the next several days, make sure thaha you have the layers with you at all-times because through sunday morning, the 50s are in the forecast. i'll be back with the complete weather outlook in just a couple of minutes. two big victories in the new hampshire primary. republican donald trump reclaims
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sanders comes out on top. the race for the white house running through south carolina. >> diana: but not all of the candidates are headed to that staten alex diprato is live in pendleton with the latest. goodod afternoon, alex. >> reporter: good afternoon. after new hampshire comes south carolina. this state is the next one to hold a primary. and many of the candidates are leavingew hampshire and coming here to south carolina today where they will begin to hold rallies. donald trump, the front runner on the republican side is expected here at the garrison livestock arena. a sound check for donald trump's own voice. tonight. jim cocoey is first in line wrapped in a blanket to fend off the 30 degre temperatures. >> i like to be first in line.
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for his raies, there's thousands of people. i expect thousands to be turned away. >> reporter: in new hampshire primary. >> we are going to make america so great again, maybe greater all. thank you, new hampshire. >> reporter: in a surprising second place finish, ohio governor john kasich pulling off the big shocker of the night. >> tonight we have south carolina and move through all across the country and end up in the midwest and you just wait. let me tell you. there'e' so muff going to happen, if you don't have a seat belt, go get one. we're going to shake this country top to bottom. >> reporter: ted cruz third and qeb bush fourth. >> the palmetto statat washington liberals may find south carolina far less hospitable. >> this campaign is not dead. we're going onto south carolina.
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rubio was not able to move from the robotic per sewn na he was tagged with. he finished fifth. >> our disappointment tonight is not on you, it's on me. it's on me. i did not do well on saturday night. so listen to this, that will never happen again. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie s sd he's going back to new jersey to reassess his chances. he finished sixth. bernie sanders heads to south carolina a winner. his message reded iing nated with young voters. >> because of a huge voter turnout, and i say huge, we won. >> reporter: meanwhile, hillary clinton places second, winning in neo hampshire a tall order for chin on the. she left the trail at one point to campaign in michigan. >> now we take this campaign to
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we're going to fight for every vote in every state. >> reporter: and today bernie sanders met with al sharpton at a diner there in new york city. back live here in south carolina, we can tell you that chris christie, again, is back in new jersey and he is huddling with aides. many say he's considering dropping out. live in pendleton, south carolina, alex diprato, 7 news. >> diana: all right. and if you want up to date minute news, town load the voice your choice app. and police arresting medina, a 17-year-old charged with vehicular homicide and could be
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crashed his porsche into a tree and killed one passenger, an 18-year-old college freshman. medina and another passenger suffered head injuries. police believe that speed was a factor. a man accused of exposing himself has opinion arrested charged with three counts of indecent exposure. he has been showing his private parts to customers in the parking lot of dadeland mall for several weeks now. a miami woman who vanished has been found. karen was spotted early this morning. her family reported her missing when she didn't show up for work. her work idwas found in aventura tuesdayful the 21-year-old has been back acting. she's been baker acted. and broward county judge in trouble with the law expected to resign. cynthia facing disciplinary
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dui arrest. they tried to work out rejected. the chief judge said he will month. she refused to cooperate with police who pulled her over back in 2013. she was found guilty of driving under the influence and arrest. and live pictures from the coral reef yacht club in coconut grove where boaters have been prepare havana. alex de armas is live with the event. >> reporter: hundreds just left the yacht club. they will be starting a race from here, fro miami to havana, cuba for the very first time in history. hundreds of sailers all over the
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miami to havana, cuba for the very first time. >> this is the first race to cuba and we wanted to make sure we're part of it. >> reporter: he's participated in many other races hosted by the southern ocean racing conference. he said this was is extra special. it's historic. >> want to check out cuba, ride by water. and, you know, we want to try and be the first winner of the race, which wilil be going on for years. first year we've got 46 boats. >> reporter: 46 boats, almost 400 people sailing about 210 miles making historiful >> it is historic race and the number of deckades going there makes its phenomenal. >> reporter: this is video from one of the races in the
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they had a racerom st. petersburg to havana but never from miami. >> president obama: today, i can announce that the united states has formally adpreeed to establish diplomatic relations with cue baa. >> reporter: when they announced the restoring of relations between u.s. and cuba, many of the sailers hoped for this day. so now ass they're tying their lines to countries continue to steer a path towards better relations. >> i don't think this is going to be the last, i certainly hope not, and those ties are going to get stronger every time. >> reporter: and so this race starts around 1 o'clock, two miles east of government cut. once the sailors arrive in cuba
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will be doing more. porting live in coconut grove, alex de armas, 7 news. and proposing to send a record $4.1 trillion. more than half of that, 2.6 trillion would be paid by taxes and 19 billion to incretesing the government cyber security tools and nearly two billion has been earmarked to combat the growing zika virus. it has little chance of winning approval in the gop congress. top u.s. intelligence officials warn isis is staged to have an attack on u.s. soil in the coming years. >> diana: omar lewis with the story. >> omar: good afternoon.
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top officials say it's not a matter of if but when they strike america. >> all though the u.s. is a much harder target than europe, operations remain critical factor for 2016. >> reporter: and director of nanaonal intelligence warned at senate armed services committee meeting that isis was number one threat taking the ab in sdwren vin sen stewart director and of the defense intelligence agency said they're exacerbated by the intelligence of the middle east, facing most dangerous and decade.
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that isis is preimminent terrorist threatnd could use the pack door imablings like the program. >> and they have available to them pretty skilled and phony passports to travel as extensive legitimate travelers as well. >> reporter: and isis fighters have seized passport facilities with machines capable of manufacturing passports to make it easier to get to other countries like the u.s. lili in the newsplex, omar lewis, 7 news. christians around the world today. ve pictures of the vatican where communion is underwayay following mass by pope francis. students at archbishop higig
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with mass. many et last until easter sunday on march 27th. a south florida man with a vicious crime wait until you hear what he has to say to his attacker. something sick may be p happening to patients' information at one south florida hospital. plus is there a dangerous defect in a certain deadly
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carmel cafiero is on the case. a brutal beating. and talking to just one station. and reaching around for my seat belt to unlatch it. >> after these alarming attacks. >> diana: the man behind the alarming attacks is behind bars. >> ashley: one man said he feels sorry for his tacker. simmons. he mug shot. he took a pipe to the face of this man, douglas, during a sunday morning crime spree. his face now covered in
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eyes, 18 stitches closing aash in his fore head. >> his hand was behind his back. i dn't know he had anything in his hand and just struck me over the head. >> reporter: surveillance video from the gas station where he and his wife stopped is chilling. a man starts beating him. people scurry away, instead of helping the couple. finally, she gets her husband out of harm's way. >> when you see your husband being attacked, the only thing you think about doing. >> you don't expect that kind of stuff. i never even seen him. >> repepter: the violence started with this man who ask that had we call him billful he talked to 7 new, afraid of being carjacked in deerfield beach. >> he pulled me out othe truck like i was a paper doll or rag doll. he just yanked me out. >> reporter: investigators say walker's second stop was the shell. finely the attack came to a
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police say that's walker rushing sword. another suspect held him until police arrived. >> wasn't thinking about my wife bu tthe nexex life. >> reporter: walker said he watched the movie poltergeist and wanted to kill evil. the 22-year-old needs something more than jail time. >> i want to see him get better. >> reporter: you forgive him for this? >> yes, i do. >> he needs help. i pray for him an his family. >> reporter: robbin simmons, 7 news. >> diana: walker has been charged with attempted murder in this case. he is expected to face the judge sometime today. a security breach at jackson memorial hospital. an employee is suspected of stealing confidential information including names, social numbers andnd addresses
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those employees will be offereded free credit monitoring. they were fire affidavit they did he recalled they leaked medical records of gay son fileful and two people taken into custody at la gourd ya after hidingazor blades in shoes. a man and woman facing criminal charges. good afternoon, south florida. we made it to the middle part of the week andight now it remains mostly dry on the local storm-tracking radar forour lunch hour. but this is how we woke up this morning. 53 in deerfield beach, 56 in hieah, inclulung miami, to 53
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the florida keys nice and mild especially key west 64. temperature readings have not warmed up all that much. 62 in miami, 62 inn fort lauderdale right now. and in the 50s in palm beach to 63 in grand bahama island. the interior areas in the low 0s to the upper 50s especially in deerfield with the brisk breeze from the north continuing up to 14 miles per hour. we have a front over the straits, skies are expected to clear out later and this will definitely help temperature reings tumble a little more. the mid-atlantic states are seeing me snow at this time. temperature readings are going to tumble in the 40s overnight. thursday m mtly dry through
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move move. biscayne bay light chop with an advisory in effect. seas building inside the reef two to four feet. next high tide in dadend broward 10:14 tonight, 11:23 in the lower keys. forecast highs will struggle to reach the mid to upper 60s. overnight lows will drop down in the 40s inland. have the layers with you, sweaters and jackets through valentine's day and warmer going into president's day on monday. that's your 7 on 7 forecast. a south florida church says its members are keeping the faith despite a devastating blow by burglars, building that spent years of renovating stripped bear. >> ashley: a 7's ann keil with the unholy act. >> open it and took all of that out of here.
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he w wld be giving us a new tour for temporary housing optionor members in need. >> they cut the fire alarm here. >> reporter: ut thieves took that away. copper wiring stripped from the building. you come in an see this... >> i was about to give up. >> reporter: the thieves going room the room ripping out walls. miami police calculating a $15,000 loss. >> we trust that they will search themselves and know what injury they have done. >> reporter: the pastor said they were an inspection away from opening their door, a long-time eeavor as they purchased the building more than a decade ago. >> what it feels to be right there, to get your dream, it tear yours heart out. >> reporter: our cameras rolling as the church fed and helped anyone in need. they do it every tuesday in eir overtown neighborhood, reaching on average 250 people. that's not right. to help someone else, you know,
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>> reporter: the heart-breaking burglary overnight january 23rd, even getting the attention of the state attorney's office. staff members onsite to speak with the pastor who said they just don't have the funding to fix this. he's hepful someone saw something. >> i believe out of every evil there's some good and some good has to happen. >> reporter: if you have any information for police, you're urged to call miami-dade crime stopoprs 305-4 # 1-tips. remember you can remain anonymous. reporting in overtown, ann keil, 7 news. and more to come, are ak-47 rifles firing without anyone pulling the trigger? investigative reporter carmel cafiero is on the case. they were looking for love and got so much more. their story of strength and survey value in a special
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love. what would you do, if you could choose your ultimate adventure? explore the ocean with a tour guide that's a ton of fun. race like a cheetah at 60 miles per hour. or fly down a waterslide. with choose your adventure, you can explore four parks for less. enjoy any two parks for just $99, then add an additional p pk or visit for only $10 more. more visits. more savings.
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a class-action lawsuit takes aim. carmel cafiero is on the case. >> reporter: watch this demonstration of an ak-47 firing without a person's finger on the trigger. the scenario is central to a class-action lawsuit recently filed in f feral court. >> you don't think of a gunfiring without engaging the trigger. when you see that happen, that's scary. >> reporter: fort lauderdale attorney represents a msouri man who says his ak-47 was being handed to him by someone at a gun range when it fired. nobody was hurt. but he is suing century international arms claiming quote it is only a matter of time before individuals are seriously injured or killed. and, according to the complaint,
12:26 pm
manufactured and sold thousands of defective ak-47 rife are ls to consumers across the country. >> this is because of the design defect in the rifle. >> reporter: a gun safety when on is designed to prevent a weapon from accidentally going off. but the lawsuit alleges that when this lever is raised above the safe position, the rifle fire, even without someone pulling the trigger. >> a loved one may be in the way of one of the discharge bullets and these are powerful weapons. you can sustain a very serious injury. >> reporter: the lawsuit claims century has known about the defect and failed to warn custsters or issue a recall t. plaintiff points to this yoututu video posted in january of 2015 where another demonstration provides ab upclose look using an unloaded rifle.
12:27 pm
upwards and you will notice that 's going to make contact and it trips the trigger f. we had a loaded firearm here,, kaboom. you will have a round go off. >>eporter: any issue u involving guns is bound to be highly charged, especially in an election yearful he said he expects the lawsuit will be viewed as being politically motivated. >> there's no doubt that there, in my opinion, thatt this is going to be preseaved as an attack on the second amendment. it is not. i'm a gun owner. this is not against people's right to bear arms. >> reporter: a century inteteational arms attorney sent an e-mail said it is policy not to comment on pending litigation. however, they will be vigorously defending themselves against this lawsuit. carmel cafiero, 7 news. and if there's sosething you
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give her a call at the numbers on your screen or e-mail or tweet. and how social media is reuniting a family that's been divided for decades. just one station has it. as what the first american idol is up to now is a real page turner. (stock market bell) >> and we're watching wald street this noon. the dow is up around 30 points so far. the nasdaq is up 63. and the s&p is up 15.
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back. a car exploding of the northbound lanes of i-95. the driver and passenger killed. they say speed was a factor. bernie sanders and businessman donald trump scoring big in the new hampshire primaries and now onto south carolina for the debatesful and sailors for all over the world getting ready for race to cuba. 46 boats about to set sail from miami to havana, cuba for the first time. live in the plex, omama lewis, 7 news. now on just one station, a homeless m living in south florida and the family he hasn't seen in decades s sn will be together again. the reunit uon is all thanks to social media.
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exclusive. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: chico's life is about to change. >> i want you to be here when my sister gets here. >> reporter: he hasn't seen his sister or anyone in his family in almost 40 years. tuesday night, chico heard lupe's voice for the first time. >> can you be ready friday or saturday? >> you're going to come down here? >> yes. >> reporter: he sent almost 40 years walking the streets of downtown miami coming here every tuesday for food and comfort. that's where he met gabby. >> there's people out there that care about little mexican-americans like me. >> reporter: after she shot
12:31 pm
>> i miss y'all verymuch. >> reporter: gabby got his message onto his siblings. row how does it feel too finally talk to him again? >> awe u sm. i am so overwhelmed. >> reporter: so is he. >> they are god send. they are my hero now. they are my people now. my saints. >> reporter: chico's nigigs on the streets are now numbered. i am just dumbfounded, you know. just, i might not be coming back. >> reporter: he's not coming back. he's going home to his regulartives. in downtown miami, liz nagy, 7 news. >> diana: a sister plans to drive down to south florida to
12:32 pm
her to north carolina. imagine finding the love of your life and facing life-saving condition.
12:33 pm
pulled them through. >> reporter: they're a couple that every coupl wants to be. >> we met on j date and it was very long date and good one. >> reporter: a year later they were married. >> you know what you want, you fine it. >> reporter: what they wanted was happily ever after. this love story had a tragic twist. in the middle of 2011, robin found out she had failing kidneys. >> reporter: dialysis would keep h alive, but she needed a kidney transplant. jeremy took her to treatments as they focused on getting better. their love story would face another challengeful >> we were focused on her situation, suddenly i have it. crazy. >> reporter: jeremy's kidneys also started to fail. >> we're just thinking this is nuts. >> it didn't run in our families. >> just came out of the blue. >> reporter: doctors didn't
12:34 pm
failure and both needed a kidney transplant. >> was 110,000 patients waiting to receive kidney transplant. the lis is growing each every year. >> reporter: they knew the odds of both getting new u kidneys in time were not good. >> you live for years waiting for that phone to ring. >> reporter: all they could do was put their names on list in cleveland clinic florida and wait, cherishing their time together, even if most of it was spenenin dialysis chairs. >> i don't wish on anyone but niceo do it together. >> reporter: they waited three years for the call. jeremy's came firstful he asked for the kidney to be given to robin. >> and it wasn't just to get a better love life either. >> i said thank you, but you keep it. it's for you. >> reporter: after the transplant, robin helping jeremy to recover, wondering if her call would come, worrying they would never have a chance to
12:35 pm
ten days after his surgery, her call came. >> jeremy. >> iust screamed. >> jeremy! >> we have been waiting the years for this type of call and boom, boom, , ere it is. >> reporter: even the doctors at cleveland clinic couldn' believe it. >> it was coincidence and beautiful. the support of each other will help with the transplant and their life afterwards. >> reporter: they know they have faced bigger hurdles than most married couples. they believe if their life-saving love can get them new th, it can get them through anything. >> i wouldn't want anyone else by my side through anything. >> we're extremely bless that had we have each other. >> love you. >> reporter: the will have to be on antirejection medication for the rest of their lives. they say that is a small price to pay for their happily ever after. we wish them the best. in the newsplex, lynn martinez, 7 news.
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>> diana: it really s. and the power of love. >> ashley: right in time for valentine's day too. 7 news at noon is not over yet. >> everything old is new again. the blast from the past after thbreak. i'm steve shapiro. the heat, panthers and canes all played last night and the heat
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7 sports is coming up up. american idol hopefuls are meeting their mentors this week. omar is in the plex. >> omar: the veterans teaming up with the top 24 contestants both on the stage and behind the scenes. it's reunion week on idol as past winners return to mentor and sing with the top 24 contestants. >> with people won or placed high on the show probably hi makes them more nervous than anything. but, you know, like i told the two girls i'm singing with, you just have to have fun.
12:38 pm
their show and their performance. i'm just here to help make them shine. >> most have good questions and working on the side and we're both comfortable. rt >> t t top 24 move on. >> reporter: host ryan seacrest is impressed with the top 24 picksful >> they did great job picking talented voices. came down with what they decided to do. they all visit, but did they make the right choice? >> reporter: contestants say they're listening a lot from former idols. >> he's helled me on stage and make like it's last time i'm performing. when i found out i was going to
12:39 pm
idol hopefuls team up. watch it tonight on 7 at 8. omar lewis, 7 news. super star mentioning the restaurant in her song. the sales skyrocketed compared to last year. get ready to have your favorite frozen song stuckn your head again. frozen is headed to broadway. disney announcing the award-winning movie will open as a musical in 2018 with all of the hit songs and few new ones as well. and kelly clarkson adding
12:40 pm
she is writing a book called river rose and the magical lullaby. show would write down places she would visit with river. fans can look for it in stores in october. and made for youtube movie and seriess for its red subscription service. it costs $10 original content and plan to add 25 original elements per year. >> their only time in town t. heat at home against san tonio. heat in homee white. dwyane wade made nine of his first ten shots. he had 20. the heat lead by four after e. second quarter, spurs take controlful tony parker drives. a game high 28.
12:41 pm
in the 4th, san antonioulls away. patty mills hits the three, gets the foul shot. right of the screen, he's kicked out. the heat lose, 119-101. they're in the all-star break for 10 days. they announced they will retire shaquille o'neal's number 32. ceremony will be next season. shaq helped win first championship in 2006. >> it was absolute pleasure to have him here. i think because of his p psence in 2006 along with an emerginin dwyane wade, we won our first championship. it will be honor to have one of the greatest players to have his jersey hanging from the raftersful > i would like to thank pat
12:42 pm
>> steve: shaq joins mourning and hardaway to have their jerseys hang. sheldon beats the clock. that's for sure. um down four at the break. canes now up. james robinson for three, another tip, angel rodriguez smallest guy on the floor tips it in. no foul. um beats pittsburgh 65-63. canes are 19-4. they're 8-3 panthers lead it 3-0. alex lets it go.
12:43 pm
second, it's 5-2. and this will do it. i'm steve shapiro. make it a great day, everybody. coming your way next.
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fine out where. amateur display at three sister springs near tampa. u.s. fish and wildlife services estimating there were more that be 300 manatees seeking refuge in the warm water. >> diana: that's a lot of body heat. you stay warm, everybody. that wraps it up for today in florida. m diana diaz. >> ashley: and i'm ashley jones. have a great day, everyone.
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company. >> today on "fablife"... >> we're sitting down with mario lopez. >> excuse you. mario, this is actually one show you don't host. >> we've got your how-to guide to survive those bad-weather days. >> rainy day comfortoods. >> plus... >> a beauty routine that will stand up against the elements. >> it'll give it a little pop of color, and it'll keep your eye shadow on. voil, you're done. >> and a winter weather fashion show. >> wneed snow! we need snow! >> weatherproof your life.
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