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tv   Channel 7 News at 4PM  FOX  February 10, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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the campus, and robbin simmons is live at the scene. >> reporter: we want to let parents know right away that no one was hit by gunfire. that's the good news. it happened off school ground and you can see that the crime scene tape is here, and the school police and the miami gagaens police are still here working the scene. it happened at 3:00 is this afternoon, shots fired. and a student off-camera told me that he was outside waiting for a bus when he heard sixths sort of thumping noises, and the staff came outside and told the students to come inside. he heard over the p.a. system that the school was in a code red lockdown, and the students were brought into the classrooms though the students had been dismissed at 2:20, there were students around in the campus. there was a windodo shot out but the good news, no one was hit by gunfire. one person was injured,
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rescue. that person was injured running away from the scene and that person was released to a family member. so again, a shooting here just outside of miami caroler is high school on miami gardens drive, and the miami school police and the miami gardens police working the scene. we'll give you any information and pass it along. robbin simmons, 7 news. >> lynn: as robin mentioned, there's a lockdown, especially with the traffic on the streets surrounding the school. >> david: let's go to ralph rayburn high above, and what does it look lik from your vantage point, ralph? >> reporter: well, the buildings on the west west side of miami senior are closed. 183rd street. on the west side all the way to 37th avenue. so about 2 and a half blocks
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that there's a county unit, not allowing traffic to go eastbound on 183rd street. so that area is closed.d. and the one area that they seem to be focusing on here, where building six is, near where the shot was fired. that's 34th court. that runs north and south. so`if you're in the area and you want to get by 183rd street, go two blocks to the north to 285th, and then on the south side, go to 175th have the to avoid this altogether. skyforce hd, i'm ralph rayburn reporting live. >> lynn: all right now, also he at 4:00, south florida in the middle of a cold snap. >> danielle: that's right, and get ready to feel the coldest night yet. phil ferro is here. >> phil: the cloud cover is moving away, and thaha means clear skies tonight. and that will allow the
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40s across miami-dade and the 50s in the keys. then thursday, it's going to be nice and sunny, highs only in the 60s. and the coolish air will stay th us through the weekend. here is the stormacker dry. alal of this cold air has come i moisture free, and it should remain this way, maybe suny night we may get an isolated shower across south florida. temperatures now, 60 in palm beachpalmbeach and 61 in miami. and that will be the pattern over the next few hours. the temperatures will continue to drop atunset. the model is 62 , and we should be waking up in the upper 40s at the coast, butthe western suburbs could see temperatures maybe in the mid 40s. 56 for friday, and saturday, waking up to 59. lentine's day, a morning low of 58 . rile have a lot more on our
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later on. >> lynn: highway horror when a car swarves across several lanes of traffic, as it collides into two walls, and the crash sparking deadly flames. walter morris is live where it happened on i-9 5. >> reporter: a man being called a herer after pulling a man from a burning car this morning. unfortunately, two people are killed. and you can see some of the damage as the investigators work to identify the cause of that crash. two people killed as the car goes up in flames on i-95 early wednesday morning. >> this accident has taken two lives, and we're investigating it right now. we do believe that speed was a factor. >> reporter: traffic at a stand still just after 3:30 am as the workers work to contain the flames. >> i wasas driving down the
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the back mirror. >> reporter: fhp said that the driver was heading north i-95 when he hit a concrete wall. the crash was so great that the car2burst into flames. a road raininger risking his own life to pull the man out of the car. unfortunately, no one survived, the pang died on scene, and the man, in his 20s, died in the hospspal. this is what was left of that chard nissan. e investigators work to find the cause for the deadly crash. >> we have to wait for the tests to come back to see if alcohol was a factor in this accident. and what we do know, one of the victims is from illinois. fhp now working to notify their families. walter morris, 7 news. >> danielle: an importantnt
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now a family is hoping that someone can help them track down the woman behind the crime. inside of thaha package, something that a teenager really needs. >> lynn: fortunately, there was a clear clue on camera. sheldon fox is live in miami where the delivery was stolen. >> reporter: yes, we're in the shenandoah area, and who is nasty enough, heartless enough to walk up to someone's home and swswe a kid's medicine just like it's hers? first the ups guy comes to the 2300 block of southwest t trace, and theuse guy delivers it minutes later, a lady thief comes up in sunglasses like she owns t. and puts it in her purse and walks over to a black honda accord, and a male driver waiting, and off they went in
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the medicine inside of the package was meant for a kid who needs it, the mother had it sent the night before. the father is livid and spoke to 7 news. >> iy the delivery and i see a woman a minute later walking up and grabbing it and walking off. stole medicine from a kid. >> real nice. and the cops are looking for her by the way. if you know anything about this woman, anything where she might be, anything about the dented honda accord? we have so much on this coming up at 6:00. but if y y know anything about this, pick up the phone right away. 375-471-tips. collect cash the legal way for the right anonymous tip for the police. we're live in miami, sheldon fox, 7 news. >> lynn: thank you. an alleged flasher is found and
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jose antonio gort being chaeded with three counts of exposure. the 26-year-old has been showing his privates to customers in a shopping mall in kendall for several weeks. >> danielle: a pair of run away winners in the new hampshire primary, looking to carry the momentum in the race for the white house r senatorrer bernie sanders and donald trump celebrating commanding victories last night. and while at lst one candidate is dropping out, the attention has turned to south carina will be held. 7 news is in the palmetto state as the rallies begin and candidates come out. alex diprato is live with the very latest. >> reporter: danielle, we have learned that carly fiorina is race. we have learned that in the last hour, and there's also news from
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with advisers at this hour and also considering dropping out. both did poorly in the new hampshire primary last night. here in south carolina, in pendelton, this is the garrison aren where donald trump, the frontrunner in the race will come to speak to supporters, and people are already lined up. >> we're going to bring people together. >> reporter: a sound check is underway with donald trump's own voice. he's scheduled to campaign here tonight. and jim cooly, who came from georgia, is the first in line, wrapped in a blanket to fend off the 30-degree temperatures. >> i like to be the first ih line. if you have ever seen his lines for his rallies, there are thousands of people. i expect thousands to be turned away. >> reporter: in new hampshire last night, donald trump won the republican primary. >> we are goingo make america so great again. maybe greater than ever before.
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thankou, new hampshire. >> reporter: in a surprising second-place finish, ohio governor, john kasich, pulling off the big shoer of the night. >> we head to south carolina and we'll move through south carolina all across this country and end up in the midwest, and you just wait. let me tell you, there's so much going to happen. if you don't have a seatbelt, go gett one. >> reporter: ted cruz came in third,eb bush, fourth. >> the palmetto state. and you know, washington liberals may find south carolina far less hospitable. >> this campaign is not dead, we're going onto south carolina. >> reporter: senator marco rubio was not able to m me beyond the robotic persona he got tagged with in last week's debate. he finished fifth. >> our disappointment tonight is not on you, it's on me. i did not do well on saturday
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will never happen again. >> reporter: multiple reports say that new jersey governor, chris christie, is considering dropping out. he finished 6th. on the democratic side, senator bernie sanders heads to south carolina a winner. his message resonated with young voters. sanders found out about the win on the basketball court with his two sons. >> because of a huge voter timeout, and i say uge, we won. >> reporter: meanwhile, hilliary clinton places second. a tall order for clinton. she left the trail at one point to campaign in michigan. >> now we take this campaigno the entire country. we're going to fight for every vote, in every state. >> reporter: today bernie sanders met with al sharpton at a diner in new york city. both bernie sanders and hilliary
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scheduled here in south carolina today. the republican primary is a week from saturday. the democratic one is february 27th. there are many candidates that are here in south carolina today. and we'll have a wrap-up of ere they have been and what they have said on 7 news at 5:00. live in pendelton, south carolina, i'm alex diprato, 7 news. news. >> danielle: all right, alex, and if you want 24-7 updates from 7 news, voice your choice app from the apple or android store for your phone or tablet. >> lynn: catholics starting the beginning of lent and ash wednesday. the 40-day lent period which lasts until sunday. they give up favite food or pleasurable activities. it's done in remembrance of
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40 nights. >> danielle: also on 7, we have good news. wsvn parent company, sun, has come to an agreement with att youverse to carry our programming once again. >> we have come to an agreement with att, and we're thrilled that viewers in south florida will be able to receive our programming on fox. >> danielle: at&t released a statement: >> lynn: all right, we want to update you now on a developing story that we have been following for a little over an hour now. shots filed in carol city,iami gardens, and nobody actually injured from the shots fired. somebody was injured running from the scene, but the area now
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several streets closed, westbound on 183rd street and so isp eastbound. avoid the area if you can. we'll update you. >> danielle: also ahead, a church trying to do some good. and the crooks keep getting in about way. the community is stepping in to lp. the details on just one station. >> lynn: work nearly killing a man, how a normal day turned into a fight for survival. >> danielle: and a south florida
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hear his side of the story. >> lynn: a man sharing his side of a gator tale as the reptile is tossed inside of the fast food restaurant. remember this story? leading to serious charges. >> danielle: omar lewis has reaction from the man who apologized for what he called admittedly a bad prank. >> we were just like fishing and hanging out and we stumbled upon an alligator. >> reporter: as soon as he walked out of jail tuesday afternoon, 24-year-old josh james was not bashful about explaining himself. >> we're just outdoors kind of people. and just anything we find, we catch. snakes, lizards and anythin and like i said, ideas started popping and one thing led to another. >> reporter: the creative process led james and a buddy to drive this gator to a wendy's.
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a prank on our buddy, and throw it a a him through the drive-through window. >> when they pulled up, there was a woman at the window and they went ahead as planned. and he's not exactly sure what happened next. >> i don't know, we took off and i think that one of the guys in the car heard her scream. i'm sorry for what i did. just being stupid and not thinking, and obviously i found out what the consequences were. >> reporter: even though wanted gator toss happened last october, james didn't understand the type o trouble he was in until tuesday morning. he turned himself in an three-count warrant, including assault with a deadly weapon. >> could you believe that you were hearing. >> no, i was freak being out honestly. just because i figured out wow, i'm really in trouble for this. i think that my pranking days are over. >> reporter: and jamess expected to appear back in court at the end of next month. if convicted, he could face up
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reporting from the news desk, omar lewis, 7 news. >> danielle: i think that it's safe to say lesson hopefully learned. >> lynn: sounds like a good idea. now he knows. coming up at 4:00, a town surrounded by snow. a mother furious after paramedics refused to answer a call for help. >> danielle: and a family making a fire escape as their mansion goes up in flames.
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the scare of their lives. >> phil: , we have been in a cold snap here, but tonight promises to be the coldest night since saturday, and it will probably be the coldest night as we head in to the weekend. plenty of cloud cover across the western atlantic and the bahamas, and south florida and the gulf of mexico. but most of the models suggest that we'll be clearing out tonight. and because of that, t f temperatures should dip into the 40s. you can see clear air making its way across lake okeechobee. 60s right now, fort lauderdale, miami, 61, also in naples, 66 in key west. the wind coming out of the west-northwest at times, or due north for marathon and key west.
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14 miles per hour at grand bahama. so the stormtracker swing that everything is dry across south florida. and it should be dby until maybe sunday night when we see a couple of showers moving n so here's that front. we have a huge snowstorm from kentucky through kentucky and the great lakes, more reinforcing cold air moving in across south florida. now, i know us florideans are not used to temperatures dipping into the 40s. so remember, if youave to work overnight or tomorrow morning, dress in layers, and makak sure that you protect your plants, but above all, the most important safety tip, a space heater. if you use it, and you probably will tonight, make sure that it's away from furniture, curtains, anything that could catch on fire. a lot of people get into trouble because they put those space heaters very close to objectsts that are extremely flammable. here's the forecast tonight, threat of rip currents, small craft exercise caution, biscayne
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for n the florida keys, also with an advisisy. coastal waters, a moderate chop. next high tide, 10:14. 10:09, upper keys, 10:47, and 10:43 in key west. clouds move out tonight, and it's going to be a cold nigig. 56 in key west. and upper 40s on the coast. we could see mid 40s in the suburbs. temperatures being kept in check once again, highs in the upper 60s. what's typical about the upper 70s. here's the extended outlook on friday. and we start to slowly warmup over the weekend. sunday, valentine's day, should be very very nice. and that'ss your 7-on-7 forecast. >> danielle: and we do continue to follow this developing story fur live. carol cityigh school on lockdown after shots are fired near the school this afternoon. we have just learned that that
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so students who are still there are not able to move about freely. parents are able to pick them up. once again, after the shots are fired near the school, the good news, no one was hit by the gunfire, but you c c imagine the scare created in that area. >> lynn: so the lockdown has
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other. >> at is 7 news first at 4:00, i'm lynn martinez.
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