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tv   Channel 7 News at 430PM  FOX  February 10, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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ahead. now adjust one station, a church community getting a helping hand after crooks try to spoil their good work. good afternoon again, everybody. church leaders working for years to help the unfortunate in a special way. >> lynn: but right before it paid off, the thieves struck for a second time. ann keel is in miami where they are lending a helping hand. >> reporter: we told you how the copper wiring was stripped here, clearly a devastating loss, and right after our story aired, we got a call that the pastor said that's god send.
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come and do this, god bless y y, man. >> god bless all of us. >> reporter: a special moment, a meeting between men, coming together afterhe church's long time dream is devastated. thieves ripping apart wools, anything that they could get their hands on. >> they want to meet with us at 11:00 in the morning. the miami construction company that would tour the two-story building aside missionaryy baptist church, the day after watching our story about the costly break in that set them back at least $15,000. >> when you come and see this? >> i was about to give up. >> there's usually bad news coming around. it time for a little bit of good news, a little bit of cheer.
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battered women to come, people that doesn't have a place to sleep, to come feel at h he, to feel sheltered and loved. >> reporter: these men h%re to keep the church's dream alive. at no charge, they promised to rewire the entire building and repair the holes, the damage left by uncarrying criminals on january 23rd. >> they caught it and they pulled all of cables out just to get the little fragments of copper. >> reporter: a job that they said was not done by amateurs, it also took time and manpower. >> you try to lift this up and see if you can move it? >> reporter: oh, my gosh. >> no, you can't, it's 125 pounds. >> reporter: he saidhat he has reached out to neighbors, convinced that a witness heard or saw something, and he's not giving up hope, especially n@w that he says angels, these
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>> an angel from heaven. god is working with us. >> reporter: great news, still police want to catch up with those thihies. if you have any information for detectives, you are urged to call miami-dade crimestoppers. that number, 375-471-tips. anonymous. reporting live in overtown, ann keel, 7 news. >> danielle: all right, ann, thank you, and a teen in trouble connected to a deadly new year's crash. charged with vehicular homicide and tried as an adult. he crashed his car into trees and an and he killed a passenger, an 18-8-ar-old college freshman. medina and another passenger suffering head injuries, and the police believe that speed was a ctor. a broward county judge in trouble with the law is expected
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cynthia received disciplinary action from the state supre court due to a dui arrest. the judge tried to work out a deal with a suspension and a fine. the judge said that emparado will step down by the end of the month. she refused to cooperate with the police who pulled her over in boca raton in 2013. she was found g glty of driving under the influence and sentenced to 20 days house arrest. >> lynn: a family burned out of their $1 million mansion, and they say toy trouble is to blame. two kids forced to jump out of a window to escape the flames. >> danielle: the family knows exactlyy what sparked the fire that turned deadly. ashley jones has the story. >> reporter: something meant to bring so much joy, and now the
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>> every day is hard. >> reporter: snow covers the charred remains of their nashua, tennessee home that was taken by fire. a fire that almost took lives.. >> i thought i'm going to lose two of my four children today. >> reporter: the fire department knkns the causing of the devastation. >> it's an f1 hoverboard. >> what was intended as a christmas gift has caused destruction. >> reporter: the blaze started on the first floor of this bell immediate home, trapping the two teenagers upstairs. the teens smashed through the windows, and the daughter jumped from the second story into her father's arms. >> i was begging her, please jump, baby, please jump, and she jumped out of the window without hesitation. >> reporter: with cuts and broken bones, the family is walking away.
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this kind of destruction to our lives. it's just wrong. >> reporter: and the fire department believes the hoverboard lithium batteries to be the culprit n the satellite center, i'm ashley jones, 7 news. >> reporter: comingnews. >> lynn: coming up on the satellites today, in wyoming, residents stranded in the snow, covered with ice after the wicked weather. causing ice to pile high in one neighborhood, leaving homeowners strand on the street. one woman says that the paramedics refused to brave the heavy snow when her daughter called for help. >> my daughter had to get to the hospital, no ifs, ands or butts about it. she needed to get there, and need to get therere now. >> lynn: rescue crews airlifted this daughter to the hospital.
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ouou to officials in hopes of getting their streets cleared. >> danielle: and elderly man in los angeles getting trapped in a vending stand for eight days. the man locking himself inside. the police pulling him out after someone heard his calls for help. despiting trapped inhere without food or water, he's doing okay. >> lynn: a missing hiker found safe and sound in washington. emphasis last seen on friday in little rock. he was reported missing after he failed to show up for w wk, but after a three-day long search, he was found yesterday. he was fighting back tears as he expressed how happy he was, and his wife was saying how happy she was to have him back.
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>> lynn: three days is a long time. he was taken directly to t t hospital after he was found and he's expected to be just fine. >> danielle: also on 7, a puppy suffering from a real pain in the neck. veterinarians stunned when they found what's causing it. the cute little pooch in southern california bouncing back to make a full recovery. >> lynn: after a rubber band was found tight around this puppy's neck. sharron explains how she got help in the nick of time. >> reporter: at three months old, vindi, the lab mix is as playful as a puppy should be. >> she's still getting her grasp of the worlb. >> reporter: but that always the case. >> all the way around her neck, the incion goes. >> she came to us right after they had done surgery to remove the rubber band.
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band, not bigger than a quarter, and it was tight around bundy's neck. the discovery made aft someone dropped the puppy off at the department of services. >> it was not until they an efforttised her and shaved her that they could see there was a fore body. >> reporter: the surgeons had to go inside of her tissue to cut it out. >> they cut through the tissue, and it got embedded underneath. so scar tissue formed, and it caused a secondary infection. >> reporter: had that rubber band not been removed, it would have been a much different outcome. >> if she had not received medical attention, she probably would not have made it. >> reporter: but bindy survived and she's on the road to recovery. >> she's able to run and pounce now, and that was difficult for her at first. so she h really been healing and coming out of herschel. >> reporter: sharron chen.
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>> reporter: fox news. >> danielle: and we do continue to follow live this developing for you. carol city high school on lockdown after shots are fired near campus. and we can report that the lockdown has been lifted. students able to come and go, and the parents able to pick up there, and there was only one injury. this was a person who was actually running away from the scene, but once again, the good news, the lockdown at carol city high school after shots are fired near campus has bee lifted. >> lynn: and a south florida deputy charged in a man's death. and we're getting a first look at what he said when being asked about the victim. >> anchor: and a man caught in the act as he breaks into a car. a retired cop is angry after realizing what was stolen. >> lynn: and many families are
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endless road trip and one couple is making that happen. >> phil: we're expecting temperatures to drop into the 40s everywhere, and this could being the coldest night of the season. we're forecasting mid to upper 40s, and so far, stop number one, january 24th with 46 , and we'll be watching that thermometer during the overnight hours to see if we indeed become the coldest night of the season.
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just a few minutes. >> danielle: all board for this florida family, a road trip without a destination. the couple selling their house and everything that they owned and moving their family of eight into the rv. >> everyone is in the rv together, right? i don't know how that would go. why they have chosen to live life on the open road. >> reporter: the family plays their favorite card game at the dinner table tonight. and if it looks a little bit more cramped than usual, that's because it is. this 300 square foot rv is their new home for the foreseeable future. >> yes, we're expect excite to go see -- reporter: as the leesburg family of eight leaves everything behind for life on the road. >> we were just talking one night as we were watching a
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we could take our home wherever we wanted to see whatever we wanted to see. >> reporter: and that's exactly what we did. they sold the house and bought this rv that they have already been living in for about a month. later this week, krista and ricky fay will step out of their comfort zone, loading up all six of their little oness into the rv to set out on a journey across america. >> we love our kids, and we love other people and we're so excited to now go all across america and just really loving people. >> reporter: krista will continue to homeschool the children, and ricky, a former tradesman, will pick up jobs along the way to support the family, on top of the money they have already saved. >> we wanted the kids to be able to see these things and touch nature and experience nature hands on.
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document the experience on their website, simple life, full hearts, and that's the goal. putting an emphasis on family to bring them closer together on their voyage far, far away. >> i don't think that we're ever going to regret making that it decision for simplicity, because we'll gain so much more than we have given up. >> lynn: they're special people, okay? good for them. zip enough said. >> lynn: i can't take two kids sometimes.
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stay with us for 7 news at 4:30. >> phil: this morning, cool, and morning lows in the 50s across fort lauderdale and miami. 70 for the high, and 63 in fort lauderdale. right now, everyone is in the 60s. winds at 7-11 miles per hour. here's the stormtracker. it is dry, and it should remain dry. maybe by sunday night, we'll have an isolated shower in south florida n the 50s from lake okeechobee north in the 60s to the south. but that cold air is sinking in our direction. look at the advisories here. everything north of orlando,
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tallahassee and jacksonville, a freeze warning. to lake okeechobee, there's the possibility of frost developing. i know this is going to be cold for us, south floridians, any time it dips into the 40s, and you work overnight in the morning, make sure that you dress in players and wear hats and gloves. and obviously protect the plants and pets. but an important safety tip. a lot of you use space heaters, and make sure that they're away from walls and curtains. stay safe. exercise caution if you're boating, a light chop. that's the very latest from weather and we'll be back with more. >> lynn: all right, miami-dade superintendent, carvalho, commenting on the shooting outside of the school in miami gardens.
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caroler is high school. shot into the school it appears. not at the school, but it appears that they were shooting at an individual who was walking in front of the school. as i said, 29 minutes after dismissal. there are two bullets on the fence, and two bullets struck glass, hurricane proof glass, shattered the glass but did not penetrate the office. i said that we avoided a tragedy because inside of the school, there were educators, and in addition to that, there were 50 students on campus, participating in the extra-curricular activities. so it's shameful that the sanctity of a school has been violated again. this of course compounds our concern over the rash of shootings that have taken place over the last 12 months. over 60 shootings, over 20 kids shot and killed in miami. and today it appears that we have as close as one can get
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absolutely unacceptable. we do not believe at this point that it was school related in any way. there was a car driving east in front of the school, attempting to shoot an individual who was walking past the school, heading west. there is some video that we are currently analyzing, and it appears that that individual at least is motioning as if he is returning fire toward the vehicle. again, four bullets lodged on school property. two on the fence, two hit actual glass on the administrative suite, and no injuries whatever. and in collaboration with the miami gardens police department, through very advanced technology called shot spotter, we did detect 8 shots that were fired. we don't know how many came from the car and how many may have been returned by an individual walking.
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our >> again, i think we averted a very strong possibility of a tragedy here today. >> very quickly. any word at this time about possible shooter, the car, what you're looking for? >> we're currently conducting an investigation regard thasmght we have a number of leads and some information has come in and we're aggressively pursuing that right mowvment we hope to have people in custody by tonight if not we'll let you know. >> and tell us your name. >> chiefan. >> i-a-n- >> thank you. >> danielle: so there you have it. certainly this is a developing story that we'll continue to fovment miami-dade superintendent with the latest on this shooting outside a school in miami gardens. that is 7 news at four 307b.
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i'm danielle knox. >> lynn: i'm lynn martinez. 7 news at 5:00 begins are right now. >> now on 7 news. developing at 5:00, gunshots range out aism high school building is hit. we're live in miami gardens. >> phil: temperatures falling at this hour croos the state. how cold will it get tonight? >> craig: a wreck on i-95 ending in a ball of flames and two people dead. a former police officer, the victim ave crime. his gun was swiped. a pair of presidential hopefuls down and out while two other celebrate big wins. >> and his prank involving an alligator and drive through window didn't go as planned. tonight his side of the story. >> >> craig: i'm craig stevens. >> belkeys: i'm belkeys nerey. 7 news continues now at 5:00. >> this is 7 news at 5:00.
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shots fired outside carol city high school in miami gardens. bull etle landing on campus there. >> belkeys: just moments ago the super intend defnt miami-dade public scoocialtionz our alberto carvalho arriving on the scene. you heard him here on # news at 4:00, answering questions and facing the media calling this unacceptable. hello and welcome every one. that shooter taking off. >> craig: students and teachers and administrators obviously on edge. robbin simmons live on the scene with the late details for us. robbin. >> reporter: we want to make sure parents and granders know were injured. all of the safety procedures in place worked perfectly today. as you can see the crime scene tape is down but police are still here. miami-dade school police and miami gardens police working this report of shots fired outside carol city senior high school. we're at 3301 miami gardens dry.
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just after this happened.
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