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tv   Channel 7 News at 5PM  FOX  February 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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just after this happened. and now that beach talked to the superintendent. we have more information. we now know that someone was walking down the street when someone driving down the street in opposite directions exchanged fire. two bullets hitting a window. that window thankfully ways hurricane impact window. it it did not shatter. fence. this happened after dismissal but there were students inside and there were staff members inside. let's throins superintendent carvalho tell us about this situation. >> >> well, i think where he averted a tragedy in a dplaict way. a car driving east in front of carol city high school shot into the school. not at the school but it appeared they were shooting at an individual walking in front
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>> i heard a shot like pop pop pop. >> a whole bunch of kids started rung and the security told us to get inside. >> so again, let's talk about the security that worked perfectly here. student hand standing outside. this happened after dismyssal. they heard the shots fired. faculty members got the kids inside the school. the lockdown was put in place and every one was held in classrooms and told to stay there until the lockdown was lifted. again there, was one minor injury from someone running away from those shots. but no one was hit by bullets. but again, the superintendent says this is absolutely unaccept blg. the tragedy was avoided because there were people signed that office bullets hit the window of that office but thankfully they were hurricane impact windows and they did not shatter and that biltd did not pen a fraivment we'll have much more coming up on 7 news. for now live in miami gardensns
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7 news. >> >> craig: also on 7, people trying stay warm a a cool day croots area. >> belkeys: in just a couple hours we are in for a bigger drop. there is a very cold nightn tap. chief meteorologist phil ferro is live in the weather center to tell bus this. phil. >> craig: all. >> phil: all right belkeys. beef weave been on the cooled cold side for the last few days but tonight should be td coldest yet. dipping into the upper 40s across s. b b tomorrow plenty of sunshine. highs struggling to reach 70 degrees and we may still see a chilly weekend here across south florida. all right. so here's the storm tracker. everything is dry from lake okeechobee south. all the fronts coming in with very little moisture. i don't see changes until maybe sunday night could see a shower or two. temperatures weather are in the low 60s just about every where heempt and you can see that line of clear skies.
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that will continue to head in our directions so we're not going to have this plan ceft clouds keeping us warmer tonight. it looks like tonight will be a ry chilly evening. average low 62. the forecast molds ared suggesting upper 40s along the coast. maybe mid 40s inland. 56 for friday morning and then a slow warm up here throughout valentine's day and then we starar dom back down by the middle of next week. we're going to have a lot me on our chilly forecast a little later on. >> >> craig: a fiery wrecking on i-95 when a driver lose control. rescuers rushing to the scene but it would be too late. walter morris live on that scene in miami with details. walter. >> reporter: craig, unfortunately two people killed in that fiery wreck. if you take a look behind me you can see some of the damage left behind. now today a road ranger being called a hero after pulling that
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two 3e78 killed as the car goes up in flaming on wednesday morning. this accident took two lives. we're investigating it right now. we doelieve speed was a factor. >> reporter: traffic at a standstill just after 3:30 a.m. after crews work to contain the flames. i was just driving down the highway and i sought flames in my back mirror. >> sphwhoo they say the nissan ma ra no was driving north and lost control hitting t concrete wax the speed so great the car came to a rest right before the 395 exit bust burgs into flames. a road ranger risked his own life to pull the man out of the car. >> he was so for tiew note to do. that unfortunately no one viempletd mant in his 20s onounced dead at the hospital. this is what is left of the knee safnt the charred vehicle taken the medical examiner's office while investigators work to find the cawfortz deadly crash.
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the test to come back to see if alcohol was a factor in this accident. >> reporter: and we do know one. victims is from illinois. fhp now working to notify the family. reporting whrif in downtown miami. walter moirs. 7 news. >> b bkeys: a retired new york police officer gunning for answers ave weapon is stolen from his car. >> craig: 7's vanessa medina live for us on the scene here in oakland park wh more. vanessa. >> reporter: that's rierkts the crook walk through this quite neighborhood stealing not only a weapon but the people who live here, according to them, he stole they're sense of security as well. >> >> a smith and west on model 36 also known as the chief. >> danielle: joe johnson a retired nypd officer has carried that gun since 1981 and now it's
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>> he mee an derd down the street like he was on 5th 5t5tavenue at the easter parade. just not a care in the world. >> you can see him checking out johnson's car as he walks by. >> while he is walking down pass mid house he goes into the backyard o oone of the house as cross the street. >> reporter: he walks back toward johnson's car. it has an alarm but somehow he is able to disarm it. >> he is trying the door. now he takes somethinghout of his pocket. >> and he got it o. he reaches into the back seat and he gets into the center consultnd unfortunately that's where i was stupid enough to least gun the man grabs the gun and anything car. he doesn't even slament door. he is very confidence that he knows what he is doing which in my opinion means he has done this before and hopefully he is in the syste
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deputies were able too pull the man ace prints and hopefully make an arrest. >> it's now in the hands of somebody that could cause harm to a civilian or police officer. it's ripping my heart out to think that it's out there. >> reporter: so mr. johnson is really hoping thaw look that the video and if you recognize him or if you own a pawn shop and someone trie to come in with that gurntion he is urging and poli are urging for you to call crime stoppers. that phone number 954-493-tips. reporting live in oakland park this evening. vanessa medina. 7 news. >> belkeys: okay vanessa, thank you. iman accused of a discurk crime ate south florida mall caught and ciewvmentd jose booked into jail last night secht arged with three counts of indecent k3 pose siewmplet he was arrestedein kendall. security cameras at dade land mall caught him exposing himself on at least three different
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ll's parking lot. >> craig: here are the castle tease of the new hampshire. chris christie and carlie fiorina are stepping out of the race joo. >> belkeys: meantime big wins at the new hampshire pry mare right. donald trump and bernie sanders coming out on top. >> craig: and one wow we're ve where one of the front runners will hold a rally this evening with alex. >> alex. >> reporter: craig, chris can chris tee and carlie fiorina dropping out as you said after or performances in the new hampshire primary last night. here on the republican side front runner donald trump is expected to be comee here to the garrison agree na in south carolina. his message. his talk starts at 7:00 and hundreds have already started to line up. >> hundreds have started t/ gager to hear donald trump in his first event in south carolina.
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temperatures in e 30s. >> i like that he is not paid for. i like that he tells it how it is and i iust want something different. >> i like the way the man talks and it's time that somebody stands umm for what we need in the usa. >> we are gng bring people together. >> in the arena 10u7bdd checks underway with trump's own voice. he discussed his first place finish in the had new hampspsre primary last week. >> we had a great week and a great time. i love the peodle up there. just great people. >> reporter: o oo kasich campaigned in mount pleant after his second place finish last night. >> in new hampshire i had millions and millions of dollars spent against me. pgh and you know what i told them last nierkts the light over came the darkness of negative campaigning and a feel the good about it. >> reporter: ted cruz stum npped myrtle beach.
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south carolina until the primary. >> the great thing about iowa is it has narrowed the fieldld and given america a year choice. >> and he is campaigning in bluffton and going after donald trump and his use o profanity. >> here's another commitment to you, unless i'm caught with a camera that i didn't see, i'm not going to use profanity in the public. >> reporter: marco rubio finished 5th in new hampshire not able to move beyond the robotic persona he got tak tagged with last week. >> we just didn't finish strong. we wanted to do wert. my performance had an impact down the stretch and you learn fra that kind of stuff. >> reporter: on the democratic side bernie sanders finished first in new hampshire. he met with al sharpson in new york city today. hillary clinton came in second. both do not have any events in south carolina today.
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in south carolina is february 20th, the democratic is on february 27th and donald trump again expected here in pendleton at 7:00 tonight. we're live in pendleton south carolina. i'm alex diprato. 7 news. >> >> belkeys: okay easm. if you guys want 24/7 updates from the campaign trail. it'sasy. down load the 7 news voice your choice app. from the eam or android store for your i phone and tablet. >> craig: this is happening now. live pictures that cruise ship that ran into stormy seas making for a tough, ten, 12ours for all the passenger and crew. it is now heading into port. >> belkeys: daniellll knox is live in the newsplex to tell us more about thvment danielle. >> danielle: yeah, guys, i think tough is annder state. in fact the good news here is that that ship is returning to it's new jersey home porterly
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hurricane force winds out in the whrant tick ocean. we're talking about royal caribbean's an them the seas heduled to dock at cape liberty at 9:00 p.m. that was the scheduled flafnlt will be earlier than. that once the coast guard inspectors will determine the exit tefnt the damage but if we go to the pictures. you can see it was just a nightmare for the passengers. chairs tossed around. roof collapses. chairs toppled over and passengers frightened as you can only imagine and in fact royal caribbean urged over the loud sneerkt 4500 people on board staid inside their cabin and they don't come out. and this storm by the way lasted for 12 hours but thanks to new technology or old technology, our cell phone cams cameras. people can record anything. that's where these pictures are coming from. folks reporting what they saw iewt out there. what we are seeing right here live is the an.
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rowing journey for those passengers heading home to the home port in new jersey. >> that is the very latest reporting live from the satellite center. i'm daniellenox. 7 news. >> craig: another bad break for residents in flint michigan. a boil water order is in effect after a water main break there. officials concerned the water pressure dropped and may have aloud bacteria to contaminate the city's drinking water. residents are already using filters on their few sets wawfers lead contamination in the system there. the setback comes after the mar asked for five a million dollars to replace lead pipes in the city to end the health emergency browtd on in a costt uting move. officials decide use water from the flint river. >> belkeys: well, wsvn is make news tonight. our parent company sun beam television corporation has reached an agreement with at&t you u- iew verse that lose the company to carry our programming effective today. >> craig: oo we're happy that
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with at&t and thrilled that the viewers of 7 news in south florida will be able to receive our news and all the great programming on fox. >> belkeys: we missed you gs in a statement at&t says we appreciate our customers patience when while we fought to resthofl matter as quickly and roon bli as possible. >> craig: continue tinning to follow a developing story outside cacal city high school in miami gardens tssments happened a little while ago where shots wrang out off campus. an incident off camams but bullets, four or five of them landed on campus. one of&the windows administrator's section of the school was damaged. they are impact windows so it wasn't broken no. 1 humplet investigators on top of thvment there h h been a lockdown which has since been lifted. robbin simmons there and working to get us more information. >> belkeys: critical and contradictory evidence released years after a south florida deputy shot and killed a man. we're live in oakland parkk at 6:00.
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a woman snatches something meant for his son.. he is speak about it to just wuj station. >> belkeys: new video ave motorcyclist is dangerously caught on guard. >> craig: stranger removing the face all the a miami clutch after the crooks strike. is another 7 news exclusive tonight. >> belkeys: and he pulled a prank that land him behind bars. tonight new details after an alligator goes airborne.
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>> >> craig: a florida man accused of throwing a live alligator into a fast food restaurant drive through window is now saying sorry about that. he says if was supposed to be a joke. >> belkeys: that joke cost him big time. danielle knox live in the plex with thvment danielle. >> danielle: yeah, not a funny joafnlgt he is being charged with a deadly weapon but his weapon of choice was armed
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>> we just like fishing and hanging out and we just stumbled upon an alligator. >> danielle: a jupiter man behind a predator prank. 24-year-old josh james walking out of a palm beach county jail tuesday and he was not bashful about explaining himself. >> we're just like outdoors kind of people and anything we fd we just catch, snake, lizards, anything, and like i said just ideas started popping and one thing lead to another. >> danielle: james and a buddy drove this gator to a wendy's in losm a what thee chee. we thought we would pull a a prank on our buddy that works at wendy's and three it at him through the window. >> when they peld pulled up there ways woman at window but they wen ahead with the plan and tossed the gator into the drivee through window. >> i don't know we took off. i think one of the guys in the car heard her scream. i'm sore o ri for what i did. just being stupid and not thinking and obviously i found
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>> danielle: police tracked him down where a credit card receipt with the soda purchase prior to the gator incident and his mother reacting to the behavior. >> just a stupid prank that he did and now turning into this. >> and you believe this ways prank? o oh 100%. he is a prank stemplet he does stuff like this because he thinks it's funny. >> even though the gator toss happened last ofnlgt he didn't understand the trouble he was in until tuesday morning eevment turned himself in on a three count warrant including salt with with a deadly weapon. >> could you believe what you were hearing? no i couldn't. i was freaking out honestly. i just figure out wow, i'm really in trouble for thvment i think my pranking days are over. >> danielle: yeah, he did look a little freaked out there in court. well, here's the thing. james isexpected back in court later next month and he could face up to five years in prison if convicted. nothing funny about that.
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i'm danielle knox. 7 news. >> belkeys: okay danielle. thanks. >> craig: and up next a high powered weapon triggering trouble. investigative reporter r rmel cafiero ot case. >> belkeys: and it may only be wednesday but never too early to talk about the weekend. it's a big one in s. we'll tell yu coming up at 5:30. >> craig: and another look live at the a an them the sea. you recall the passengers and criewrks everybody on this one ran into 12 hours of really bad weather, stormy weather. it's going to be docking but not -- there it is. at 9:00 tonight in new ver si ending what undoubtedly will be ankle unforget able for voyage. keep it here for more on that.
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>> now 7eather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: all right. we are expecting a very cold night here across south florida. especially for us. any time that it dips into the 40s, it is pretty darn chilly and that's because we have a lot of cold air that continues to move in across south florida and that will be the pattern over the next few days. however, all this cold air is moving in very dry. our next best chance for rainfall, maybe sunday night. a little better chance of some rain come monday and tuesday. d as far as the temperatures are concerned, cold now, especially during the over night hours. we could be waking up to 47 degrees. colder in the western suburbs and then we gradually start to warm up going above average
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but back below average for the middle of next week. here's the storm tracker wrevment dry across the area and we aren't foreseeing any showers here over the next 12 to 24 hours. meanwhile i know it will be cold tonight and a lot of folks u3e space hear the. here are good safety tip especially for those spait heaters. make sure you keep them way from occur tafnlz furniture. anything that could catch fire. again, i know that this is th is dporld us south florideans and if you do use the space hear the, be extra careful. >> let's take a look at the orecast. 24 is what we can expect tonight as far the marine. use caution. biscayne way with a light chop and the caution is forlt gusty winds ann at times maybe up to 20 knots. no advisories throughout florida keys even though the seas beyond the reef will be out to four to 7f. you're going out there, just exercise caution. coastal waters with a moderate
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>> next high tide 10:14. 10:09 in loud. key largo 10:37 and 11:33 in key west. clouds will continue to move out tonight so no chance for that cloud cover to act blains cet. temperatures in the 40s to the mid 50s for the keys. mostly sunny. still dry tomorrow. here's your extend out look. friday, 56 and then a nice dwrad you all warm up as we move in to valeleine's day and president's day. that's your 7 on 7. 7 news will be right back.
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>> belkeys: that is a wrap for us here at 5:00. caio caio. i'm bell skis nerey. >> craig: i'm craig stevens. keep it here. the news continues now at 5:30. lynn martinez and danielle knox are coming up next.
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>> this is 7 news at 5:30. >> lynn: now at 5:30 and only on just one station. prayer answered for a south florida church dealing with a tback. good evening every one. the church was in the middle of a building project to help the community when a thief decided to help himself. >> danielle: that's right but tonight a loyal 7 news viewer is make a difference. 7's ann keil live at the baptist church in miami with the exclusive. ann. >> reporter: this church buildidi was an inspection way from opening the doors to those in need. but the thieves broke n. a crime
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