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tv   Channel 7 News at 530PM  FOX  February 10, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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and right after our story aired, we got a call that lead tie big surprise. >> here you have a genuine heart to come and do something like this, man. god bless you man. god bless all of us. >> reporter: a special moment of a meeting between men come together after this church's long time dream meant temporary housing option f men and women in need in overtown devastated. >> no money, what do we got to do. >> reporter: thieves prairpght wall to steal copper wire. but a day after the pastor spoke with us about the loss in and around td two story building. when you come and see that? >> oh, i was about to give up. >> reporter: a loyal 7 news viewer came forward truly impacted we what he heard. >> there is usually always bad news coming around. it's time foror a little bit of
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a little bit of cheer. >> reporte so with our cameras rolling general construction mastering miami baba construction company took a tiewsh of the baptist church's building and at no charge, they promised to rewire it. >> they need a place for the battered woman to come. people that doesn't have a place to sleep to come and feel at home. to spheel shelter. to feel love. >> reporter: the damage set the church back at least $15,000. >> they put it and pulled all the cables out just to get these little fragments of copper. >> reporter: a january 23 break in. this company pbb says was not done by am tiewmpletz one that took time and man power. >> you try to lift up this pole and see if you can move it. >> oh my gosh. >> no you condition. it's a 125-poundole.
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neighbors convinced someone herd or saw something. >> and he is not giving up hope especially now that he says angels, these experts are me his dream come true. >> an angel from heaven. thank you. god is working with us. >> reporter: but again, those thieves are still out there. if you have any information for police, are you urged to call miami-dade crime stoppers. that number 305-471-tips. rest, you can remain anonymous. reporting live in overtown. ann keil. 7 news. >> lynn: also on #, a live look across downtown miami. mother nature getting ready for a flash back to the 40's. prepare yourself for a nippy night. >> danielle: chief teorologist fail fair 40 live in the weather center with the details. phil. >> phil: good afternoon every one. here are the headlines. indeed it will be a cold night herecross south florida.
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i don't think we'll have that cloud blanket to keep us a little bit warmer. meanwhile by tomorrow, sunny, but it's also still going to be on the chilly side with highs in the 60s and as we move in through the weekend. temperatures are slowly going to start dom back up. so here's the storm tracker. dry from lake okeechobee through palm beach, broward, miami-dade and the keys. the same across southwest florida. we don't foresee any changes here. naib by next week a couple of showmptz the clouds are clearing out. you can see that almost clear skies reaching lake okeechobee. it will continue to clear out over night. temperatures right now already in the low 60s. 61 in fort lauderdale. 60 in miami. key west 65. average low is 62. the models are calling for upper 40s. you're wake up temperature tomorrowolder in the western suburbs. then we slowly start to warm up. valentine's day right now. a morning low of 61. we'll have a lot more on our
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>> lynn: phil, thank you. a driver arrested after a killer crash. medina tried to with vehicular homicide police say he crashed his porshe into trees and a light poll on iew new year's day. the impact killing a passenger, an 18-year-old college fres freshman. medina and another@ passenger suffering head injuries. police believe speed was indeed a factor. >> a restaurant up in flames in the florida pan mandel. the blaze breaking out at aj's seafood and oyster bar. at least 20 people inside at the time. no oneas injured. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> danielle: a historic change in cuba has people come feect the first to sail to the communist island. boaters from across the world coming to south florida to lift anchor on a race to what varch na. >> lynn: an exciting time. the destination out off reach
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armas with the story. >> reporter: hundreds of sailors from all over the world get trogd sail from miami to havana cuba for the very first time. >> and it's heavy. >> this is the first race ever from miami to a havana and we wanted to make sure we're part of it. >> danielle: stewart is the skip per on the tn ice. he has participated in many other races hosted by the racing conference or sorc. he tez sez this one is extra sperchlt it is historic. >> want to check out cuba for one thing. a great way to do it. ride by water. and we want to be the first win flaiforts chi think will be going on for years. the first year we have 46 boats. >> reporter: 46 boats. almost 400 people sailing 210 miles make history. >> it is a historic race and the no. of decades that have gone by since we've been there just
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it's just not one to be missed. >> three, two, one,. >> this is video from one of sorc's races in the caribbean. back in the 50s they had a race from st. petersburg to havana but never from miami. >> today i action nowns the united states that's agreed to formally reestablish diplomatic relation wtz republic of cuba. >> reporr: and when the president announced the storing relations between the siewts united states and cue back, many sailors hoped for this day. >> so now as the sailors are tying their linin to countries relations. >> i don't think this will be the last. i certainly hope not and those ties are just going get stronger every time. >> reporter:nd so once these sailors arrive in cuba, they will have another race look cuba's famous malacon and also sailing with cuban junior sailors.
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i'm alex de armas. 7 news. >> danielle: and we do have this news whreart coming out of port everglades. reports of a deadly crash there. skyforce. what is going on. >> reporter: yes, an accident here at 4000 mcintosh road. that's on the east side of the port here just off the runways for the airport fort lauderdale airport i don't know if you can make it out thehe. there's a guard shack right there and you'll seat nose of a tractor trailer and some yellow perhaps on the front of. that we have video that we shot erm earlier. we take a look thrat and tell you fire rescue responded out here and said someone was run over by a track 20r trailer. thru see the video. they used a block and teablbl to lift the vehicle off of that ma, adult male but they were unable to resus is tate him and he was pronounced dead on the scene. an accident investigation not only for the port but broward sheriff's office here at port
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again, a fatal accident. we'll come back out to the live pictures no. affect traffic other than people on the road there on m mntosh and that's just the trucks that carry these i big containers in and out of port. that's the story here from sky force hd. i'm ralph rayburn reporting live. >> lynn: ralph, thank you. >> danielle: we do want toil we're continuing to follow a developing story that came tie happy ciewtion. dlowngt lift at carol city high school in miami gardens thssments following the shooting that happened near the campus, not on the campus paimplet lint someone was walking passed. a car driving passed shooting at that person. not necessarily shooting at any one at the school. windows were shattered and nerves were frayed. there ways lockdown but that lockdown has since been lifted. we'll staying on top of this story and continue to bring ut very latest. >> lynn: also a person take a package meant for a sick teenager and that teen's father is speaking just one station. >> danielle: and new detail into aeadly deputy involved
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is coming from an interrogation. >> lynn: and hearq stopping video of a motorcyclist waiting at a red light. a camera captures what the cyclist did not see coming.
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>> >> >> danielle: a class action lawsuit caims takes aim at a south florida gun dealer. >> lynn: this lawsuit claims that i certain ak-47 rifle, many of them can fire unexpectedly withouttsomeone even pulling the trigger. investigative reporter carmel cafiero is on the case. >> watching this dem on straition after an ak-47 rifle
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on the trigger the scenario is central to a class action lawsuit are recently filed in federal court. >> you don't think of a gunfiring without engaging the trigger. when you see that happen, that's scary. >> fort lauderdale a attorney angelo ma wree no represents a man who said his ak-47 wooz being hand eld at a gun range when it fired. no one was hurt. but he is suing century international arms claiming quote, its only a matter of time before individuals are seriously injured or killed. and according to the complaint, the delray beach company manufactured and told sold thousands of allegedly de he fek tiff ak-47 rifle to consumers across the country. >> this is because of the design defect in the rifle. >> a gun safety went on is and a- and is desigigd to prevent a weapon from accidentally going off.
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when this lever is raised above the safe position, the rifle fires even witut someone pulling the trigger. a loved one mayay in the way of a, one of the discharge bullets. and these are powerfufu weapons. you can sustain a very serus injury. >> the lawsuit also claims century has known about the defect but failed to warn customers or issue a recall the plaintiff points to this you tube video posted i i january 2015 where another demonstration provides an up close look using an unloaded rifle. all i'm going to do is rotate this sety upwards and you'll notice that it's going to make con tact. and it trips the trigger. again, if we had a loaded firearm here ca boom. you'll have a brownd 'round go off. >> of course any issue involving guns will be highly charged.
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marino says he suspects the lawsuit will be viewed as politically tivate ood there's no doubt that they are that this will be perceived as an attack on the second amendment. it is not. i'm a gun owner. this is not against people's right to bear arm. >> a century international arms attorney sent 7 news an e-mail reel reading it is century's policy not to comment on pending litigation. however century will be vigorously defendi itself against this lawsuit. carmel cafiero. 7 news. >> danielle: well, there is much more ahead tonight from the news station including this story. we do continue to follow four this evening, a cruise ship returning early to the new jersey port after it was battered by major hurricane force winds out in the atlantic ocean a couple days ago. we're talking about the anthem of the seas scheduled to dock at cape liberty. about 9:00 this evening after being tossed for more than 12
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no. doubt all the 4500 passengers on board happy to finally in just a couple of hours be on solid are ground ierks. >> lynn: those poorr pevment quel, smooth sphierlg us this weekend. so many big eventss to tend to this weekend. you're going to fleed an extra day off to get it all in. we'll try to skis it in ourselves coming u
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>> lynn: well airk boat load of fun.
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florida landmark. this is really exciting eye big holiday weekend of events in south florida. >> danielle: that's right. there will be something for every one. 7's elitsa bizios is on virginia key to show us. >> reporter: final preps underway for the 75th miami international boat show that kicks off thursday and goes through the holiday weekend. this year a venue change to the miami marine stadium park in virginia key. >> hw- we thought it suited a boat show perfectly. ititas built in the beginning for high performance boat racing and maritime activity. what a better place for a boat show. >> reporter: a hundred thousand people expected to come to miami for the show and with that comes a lotf traffic. so nark virginia key and key biscayne will be be limited to keep dha traffic at a minute mull. >> event organizers are saying the best way to get perfect point a to point b isop on a water taxi. 18 of them shuffling people back and forth.
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we have a nice transportation plan. we want folk to bite parking and tickets on line in advance. reporter: not just the boat show bringing crowds here. over in the grove the coconut art festival. >> 380 artist and we have entertainment. we have family entertainment. swrai bought culinary area where we have about 12 to 14 chefs. >> reporter: and here in mid town, set ups underway for the 30,000 plus expected to shuffle through for art wynwood. >> finding anything from 340d modern and contemporary art to new gal or reez bringing emerging artt and just something for every one this year. >> reporter: in miami elitsa bizios. 7 news. >> danielle: looks like a fun time. for more information on all the big events that are hitting south florida this weekend. head tower web site >> now, 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: all right. where he expecting a very cold
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and it's all do to that arctic air blast that continues to make it's way croots nation's mid sefntle you can almost see that cold air coming out of canada andhat will snelt tonight. meanwhile, the temperature across the u.s., you can see that it is pretty chilly across minneapolis and chicago. in the teens n.4030s up and down the east coast. actually the warm spot, san antonio, 77. right now in miami, 60 degrees. look at that temperature difference between miami and atlanta. some of the cold air is headed our way. it is dry right now. we don't exphect anything in the way of rain 'l early next week. 61 degrees every where heren i broward county. miami-dade looking at 62 in key biscayne. at miami and 62 in doral. as far as the keyare concerned, starting all the way up north through homestead. 61 and you too are in the 60s all the way south through key west. so here's the marine forecast night use caution, especially
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they will start tom down down just a little bit. biscayne bay way light chop. nowrt florida keys 15 knot with winds. look at the seas beyond the reef, four to seven. make sure you use caution here. coastal waters way moderate chop. next high tide 1014 clock. 11:23. water temperature at 68 degrees. for tonight the the skies will clear out. i don't think we'll have that blanket that will keep our temperatures warmer so. the forecast are calling for mid to upper 40s at coast. colder laind. 50s for the keys. tomorrow more sunshine. highs struggling to reach 70. here's your extend out look. 56 on friday. and over the weekend a little warmer. temperatures near seasonal values. so valentine's not looking too bad and maybe a shoxer or two come president's day. that's your 7 7 7. 7 news will be right back.
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>> >> danielle: well, imagine finding the eove of your life and then both of you end umm facing a life threatening condition. >> lynn: well, the couple's life s sing love pulled them through just that. >> ron doo and jeremy were the couple every one wants to be. >> we met on a long date and it ways good one. a year later you were married. >> you know what you want. you find it. you know it. >> >> lynn: what they wand was happily ever after? but this story had a tragic twist. >> in the middle of 2011 robin found out she had failing kidneys. >> lynn: die all says would keep her alive but she needed kidney trans plan. jeremy took her for treatments a and hoped she would get better. but their love story kept them focus. we were focused on her situation and then suddenly i had.
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fail. it was nuts. it dididt run in our families. >> it came out of blue. >> lynn: doctors didn't know why both jeremy and robin had kidney failure but they knew both needed a kidney trans planlt. there were 110,000 patients waiting to receive a kidney transplant. list is growing every year. >> lynn: they knew the odds of getting both kidneys in time are not good. >> you live for years waiting for thathone to ring. >> lynn: all they could do was put their names on a list at cleveland clinic florida and wait. cherishing t`eir time together even if most of it was spent in dialysis chairs. >> i don't wish that on any one but it was nice do it together. >> lynn: they waited thre years for the call. jeremy's came for first. he asked for the kidney to be given to robin. >> and it wasn't just to get a better love life either. >> i said thank you. you keep.
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1> after the transplant robin helped jeremy recover wondering if her call would ever come worrying they would never have the chance to grow old togd but just ten days after jeremy's surgery. her caca came. jeremy. mind you we've been waiting for three years for this type of call. >> and all of a sudden, boom, boom, there it it is. even ts doctors at at the cleveland clinic couldn't believe it. >> it was a beautiful coincidence. the support they have for each other and help with the transplant and life after words wardz. >> lynn: robin and jeremy know they have faced bigger hurdle. they believe if their life saving love got them through this, it can get them through any anything. >> i wouldn't want any one else by my side for anything. >> we're extremely blessed that we have each other. >> lynn: they are the cutest eye.
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>> lynn: jeremy and robin will be on antirejececon medicine for the rest of their lives. but who cares? it's a small price to pay for their happy nest forever. >> danielle: wow, ten days apart. >> lynn: everything is incredible for them. >> danielle: it was meant to be the way it happened. good for them. that's's news at 5:30. thanks so much for watching. >> i'm danielle knox.knox. >> lynn: would you give upp your organs. >> danielle: for you? >> lynn: i just thinking about them. i'm lynn martinez. >> danielle: i would ass long as a could keep one. >> phil: temperatures falling acro the state. how cold will it get tonight? >> a deputy telling investigators his side of the story ave deadly shooting involving`bn unarmed man. a motorcyclist waiting at a light and he no idea he was in the path of danger. n much need delivery swiped
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>> i see the delivery and i see a woman wking up nonchalantlily grabbing the package and walking off. she just stole medicine or fr a kid. >> the the family speaking to just one station. >> craig: and we continue to follow a developing story. shots fired hitting carol city high school in miami gardens. late details next at 6:00. >> this is 7 newst 6:00. >> belkeys: we're going to begin with the developing story. somemee in a car firing gun shots towards carol city high school. hello and welcome every one. thee school superintendent says four bullets hit the school doing some daij disaj. >> craig: he also says tragedy was avoid. 7's robbin simmons outside the school in miamiardens with the top story at 6:00. robbin. >> reporter: this happened three hours ago and though no
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was one minor injury from running away from the scene. you can see miami-dade schools police and miami gardens police are still on the scene. miami-dade fire rescue actually cut off a piece of the fence as they continue looking for answers as to who fired outside the school. >> lots s kids started running. i heard a shot like pop, pop, pop. a whole imunch bunch of kids started running and the security and e ery one told us to get inside. >> reporter: another shooting at a miami-dade pubeic school but on this day no stew derchlts hurt or kid. bullets came uncomfortably close to staff. investigators say itt happened when a pedestrian heading west and a drivereading east outside carol city high school startedhooting at each other just before 3:00, about 40 minus after dismissal. anantwo bullets hitting a fence and two others hitting an office window. impact glass keeping the bullet from pen a traight.
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