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tv   Channel 7 News at 6PM  FOX  February 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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scene and k9's looking for evidence. school staff reaction ad quickly and got the studedes inside the school. >> they say tragedy was alert verted here. >> we have procedures in a lockdown whether it is real or a threat and today wooz a real tang able threat against human light. i'm proud of the fact that our administrative team lead by principal dunn and the teachers reacted professionally and courageously in protect the kids. >> reporter: while the investigation has been going on. 183 street between 32 avenue and 37th avenue has been sh down. police tell us they will be reopening this street soon. again, this street in front of the school as they continue their investigation. there are cameras outside the school. so they will be look at those cameras to see what was captured but they are lg also asking for help from the public f. you want any information for investigators and who was responsible be.
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miami-dade. 305-471-tips. reporting live in miami gardens. robin 1eu78 mons. 7 news. >> craig: also on 7, south florida is feeling frigid and it's about to get colder. a pretty big chill by our stdards. >> belkeys: chief meteorologist phil ferro is live in the weather center to tell us more about thvment phil. >> phil: all right. you know when you're a floridian, when temperatures dip into the 40's. we feel like it's completely freezing. that's what we'll get tonight. a chilly night croots area temperatures come down into the mid to upper 40s. tomorrow looking pretty nice and sunny. highs however still strugglglg to reach 70 degrees. and then as we move in through the weekend, it should be rather mild and nice here across the area. sosoere's the storm tracker. it is dry and it will remain dry. our next west chance for showers will probably be be monday and tuesday of next week. right now 57 already in palm beac 60 across fort lauderdale and miami. naples 59 but look at the skies
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tonight we're not going to have that nice chill little cloud blanket keeping our temperatures just a little warmer. as a matter of fact, typical low is 62. tomorrow we should be waking niewpt upper 40s along the coast. the western suburbs. you're temperatures could be in the mid 40s. but then by friday, we're back up into the 50s. we start twiewrm a little bit saturday and sunday. by the way, valentine's day should be very nice. warming up by the early part of next week and then maybe by wednesday we start to take a bip dip. now, again, th is pretty cold for us south florideans. i want sthoit safety tips and most of them are common sense but waint to remind you of this one. light of you may have space heaters. make sure if you're going to use them. keep them way from occur tafnltz wacialtionz furniture. anything that can catch fire and that way you'll be safe. we'll have more on the chilly forecast a little later on. >> now at 6:00, a deputy involved nay fatal shooting of an unarmed man. tonight critical evidence in the case released.
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would have obstructed h ability to hear? >> no. >> 7 news with the tale of the tape. >> craig: this deputy charged with manslaughter. >> belkeys: tonight we're hearing what he told investigators just ds after the deadly shooting. 7's brandon beyer live at the shooting scene in oakland park with this tonight. brandon. >> reporter: well, belkeys, craig, that deputy says he e s forced shoot when a man ignored his omptdz the family says he never heard those orders and tonight we're hearing from that deputy. >> i'm deputy peter per ra saturday. 1007. >> >> reporter: for the first time since shooting and killing jermaine mcbean back in 2013 we're hearing from deputy peter pa peraza and his charge ever man sliemplet this was recd a week after the shooting. the dispatchers stlaitd was a black male white t-shirt and blue jeans walking north on the
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highway with a rifle in his hand. snoot man with the gun was 33-year-old mcbean walking back to his apartment after having bought a pellet rifle. it didn't take long for the 911 calls to come in. >> 911, what's your emergency? commercial boulevard. there's a guy walking around carrying a rifle. >> andnde is carrying what looks like a bebe gun, shotgun. i don't k&ow what it s. it's like camouflage. >> reporter: it wasas pellet rifle and as you can see it looks very reeent peraza shot and killed mick gene claiming he failed to obey orders and drop the weapon. initially he was given an ward for the incident. now he is facing pli prison. mcbean's family says their enima near sonon would of never ignored a law enforcement officer%and believe he was unable to hear the commands becaususof the ear buds in his ears seen in this pictcte by a witness.
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anything. >> there was no construction going on and nothing in his ears that would have prevent him from hearing what you said? >> no. did you see there was nothing many his ears thaw saw? >> no. no other noises in vicinity that would have precluded him from hearing the commands. >> no. >> my client never saw any ear buds and thas because during twhraing you were trained, are you trained to focus on the threat. >> deputy peraza is suggestion suspended wiout pay and heading to try. the mcbean's family says they want justiti for their son's death. hey tore any says his client was just doing his job. >> my clientd didn't see ear butts bud because he wasn't focused on. that and h was focused ongoing home that flight and swimith his kids in the pool and whre could save our citizens from what he perceived as a threat. >> if he is convicted of
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live tonight in oakland park. brandon beyer. 7 news. >> craig: now at 6:00 we're seeing surveillance video the at the moment a motorcyclist was in the path o o danger. and 7's rosh lowe is live for us at jmh where that motorcyclist remains in a coma. rosh. >> reporter: this is eye very sad story. a ory where a young man was on his motorcycle going to get food when his life is changed forever. now today, miami police are releasing this surveillance video of thisrash. i want to let you know something. we have stoptd video att moment of impact because it is that gruesome. >> we have stopped this surveillance video befefe impact. >> this video is just too graphic to even show on tv. >> 21-year-old jonathan beret o on his motorcycle when is hit from behind. all happens in the area of southwest 7th street early
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the vehicle stopped a block way and groats out briefly. we found him outside the vehicle rescission and he was taken into custody and later on taken in and tell us he wasriving and that he noticed he hit something. he doesn't know what i it was. he stopped, came back and saw what had just taken place but got scared and sought police and basically fled again. >> ferraro at jackson memorial hospital in a coma. >> we spoke with his girlfriend. >> i just lovov him so much. i just want him to get better. >> reporter: you can imagine family and friends devastated. miami police say they saw ntd story that the suspect in this case fled the scene for a short time. important to point out here, it ways witness, a good samaritan
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>> we're live outside the ryder trauma center tonight. rosh lowe. 7 news. >> belkeys: okay rorks highway horror as a car bust floo flames on i-95 that driver losing control and strike a wall in the northbound lanes near southwest 7th street in miami early this morning. the impact causing the vehicle to explode. that driver was taken to the hospital where he later died. the passenger could note rescued from the car which was later toad way. police do believe speed was a factor. a broward county judge in trouble with the law is expeted to resign. the chief administrative judge says cynthia im per ra do will step down by the end of the movement she is facing disciplinary action from the state's supreme court do to a dui arrest and tried to to work out a deal involving a suspension and fine but it was rejected. imperato refused to cooperate with police when she was pulled
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she was found guilty of driving under the influence and sentenced to 20 days house arrest. >> craig: wsvntvs in the news tonight and it's good news. our parent company sun beam has reached an agreement with at&t u- verse to resume programming seen here on channel 7. >> we're happy we have come to an a aeement on at&t and are thrilled that the viewers in 7 news in south florida will be able to see all the news and great programming on fox. >> craig: and in a statement the folks at at&t say we appreciate our customer's patients while we fought to resolve this matter as quickly and reason able as mossable. so welcome back everybody. >> belkeys: we missed you. coming up a family expecting a delivery for their son. >> craig: but he would never get the package. 7's sheldon fox has the reason. >> reporter: well, she has sunglasses on. carries a bag and walks through the neighbor andhood and also carries the mail.
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next. >> belkeys: a cruise ship sailing in rough waters tonight. land. >> craig: the new hampshire primary making and breaking candidates. find out who is no long nerts race for the white house. >> belkeys: and a man who tossed a gator in a drive through sed says it ways joke but he is not laughing.
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>> >> craig: a stranger a aing fast placing a package on the door step and a furious south florida family is talk about it. just one station. crime was caught on camera. >> belkeys: the home owner says what was in the packaka was need ford their teenage sofnl he spoke exclusively with 7's sheldon fox who is live at the family home in miami. sheldon. >> reporter: well, the miami police department would sure like a word with the woman who caimed to this neighborhood and ripped off an important piece of may. she was caught on cravment she also was sent out over social
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>> the tracking showed if was delivered whivment got home i didn't see a package. i thought maybe they delivered it to the wrong address. >> noarntion the ups man got the right address. just that the wrong kind of person also visited this this miami house. i see the delivery and i see a video a minute later of a woman walking up and graing the package and walking back off. >> reporter: a package with medicine for matthew la color's son. >> this is medicine he takes daily. it's not cheap. >> reporter: the meds were swiped by this would. blond hair, cark shairks black purse. criminal mind. >> who does something like that, you know. >> reporter: southwest 27th 27th avenue in the share an do a neighborhood. where she committed her crime on tuesday after noomplet. her shaha appearance wasn't just picked up by his camera ooflt a silver colored oarmd dented honda accord with a blackck hood and the man who would drive it off with the lady thief in the car.
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delivery before she gets out to steal that package. >> there was a male driver in the car. r neighbor actually saw him out. >> and so with good video, good neighbors and the power of social media. ma cliewr up load the footage to put crooks on blast. >> and you just stole medicine for a kid. i'm hopeful they will find this individual hopefully sooner than later. >> she is on surveillance. she is on facebook. she is on tv. now all they need is for y y to step up if you know anything ababt her. 305-471-tips ch the numbe to crime stoppers in miami-dade county. collect cash the legal way for the right anonymous tip to pleesms we're live in miami. sheldon fox. 7 news. >> craig: all right sheldon. thanks. >> belkeys: sthaild night thieves committing a crime at a south florida church. tonight someone aps thrirg prayers for help. >> craig: just one station has the story in the next half hour. >> phil: all right. it will be a cold night here across south florida.
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night so far this season was the 24th of january. we might be able to tie that this evening. maybe even set a new record. the entire out look in a couple mimites. all right, dr dr. phil coming up in sports. what is going on with teammate hassan whiteteide? and this guy is dancing now but ititoes not end well. 7 sports with the painful ending. stay with us.
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>> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: all right so. it should abe colnight here across south florida. this morning by the way is kind of chilly. morning lows in the 50s. 64 for you in key west.
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64 and 63 today in fort lauderdale. right now skies are clearing out. temperatures are in the 60s. miccosukee already reporting a temperature of 58 degrees. pressure is rising fnlgt the wind anywhere between three and 11 miechtz the humidity at 51%. storm tracker everything is dry across the area. our next best chance for a few showers would be cobb be monday and tuesday next week so. we still have the jet stream pushing in colder air. tonight we'll probably be be the coldest night of week. by tomorrow high pressure build n. still going to be a cool day here across south florida. under mostly sunny skies. and then as we move in through the end of the week. not as breezy. we may get that weekend front moving thrgh. i just don't think it will be a strong as the other ones have been. here's the marine forecast for tonight. exercise caution. the winds are still coming down. offshore. they are about 25 miles per hour. biscayne bay with a light chop.
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keys, the wind out of nornlgt. seas beyond the reef four do seven. if you're going out there. just exercise caution. next high tide miami 10:14. 10:90 in fort lauderdale. key largo 10:37 and 11:23 for key west. for thing the cloud will continue to move out. colder night. right along the coast mid to upper 40's. we could see neighbor maybe? some lower 40s across the western suburbs. the wind out of northwest ten to 15. by tomorrow mostly sunny. looking dry. typical highs about 76, 77. we'll still be way below. that here's the extended out look. friday on the cool side waking up to 56 degrees. by the weekend temperarares should be neaea average so looking very nice here for valentine's day.% president's day morning low of 66. high of 77. and then we really warm up especially for tuesday before another front moves n. and brings the temperatures back down for the middle of next week.
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forecast. >> all. >> belkeys: all right phil. thanks g. thank you. >> craig: and next up from the plex. coach al explains gentlemen happy for the player not listening to him jievment why give a car when cardhen you can give a message in a bottle? is valentine's wish cooms with something to make your heart happy. li this one. a bubbaly deco. >> i don't just think i i like it. >> craig: you love it i. craig: you know. >> belkeys: i know i like it. >>. i love it. now find 7 news on twitter. just searchh wsvn.
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>> hor able.
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>> time now for 7 sports with steve shapiro. >> you realize how part heat have to go when you watch them play the better teams from out west. got crushed last night by tony peark and san antonio spurs. 119 to 101. this parker sends dra girk flying and hassan white side lost hi cool. watch the right side of the screen. white side elbows bar bon right in the face. he was ejected from the game and
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home before the media could get to him. >> you never turn your back on the teammate but at same time they are not always in the position with you. and grab their hand and somemetimes have you to live with your decision that's you make. and things for him you hoam hope you learn from it. he has been good to this point. hopefully he jumped back on the sat saddle and we'll be herer when we need him. >> game tide under seven seconds. ma you clul on misses from three. tipped wack up twice and angel rodriguez tips it up and in. the canes win 65 to 63. rodriguez was the smallest guy on the five '11. >> wait,dy tip that in.
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celebrate i don't know why in the world angel went to the offensive boards because point guards are not supposed to do. that but he didn't listen to me throughout the game anyway so i'm glad he didn't listen in the end. fsu on saturday. team down one. takes the lead. one second to play. fr mature celebration. full court shot goes n. the white team forgot to play defense. ren ald high beat will m, 68 to 66. panther got back on a good foot last night after two straight losses. second half of a back to back at buff loasm t panthers get three in the first. lead three to nothing. they lead five to two. six different player scored including jaer. and the coach was pushing us today a. harder on them and play more fizzz cavment era effort. we couldn't find it tonight.
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ch our guys were scoring so. it was good. goodo bounce back like that. >> back home friday against st. lieu ice theyall him the boog by man. older guy dansz at the kentucky basketball games. every wung knows him joined by a young girl boogie picked her up. that was a bad idea. >> oh. i guess he wasn't wearing his boogie shoes. little girl was not hurt but she is also not happy. >> belkeys: oh. >> young girl sues boogie man. kentucky won the game by the way. i'm steve. did she hur knee say the a disc or something. see. that's how it happen. and yule you won't find out until 20 years later. >> like someone else we know over here. >> belkeys: yes, my medical update. that's a wrap for 7 news at 6:00..
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>> craig: i'm craig stevens. right now 7 news at 6:30 is next. stick around.
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>> >> this is 7 news at 6:30. >> danielle: and happening now royal caribbean's an. thth seas is making it's way back to port in new jersey after very rough days at sea. good evening everybody. needless to say i i has been a long trip for the thousands of passengers onoard. >> lynn: that journey anything but relaxing and tonight it's finallll coming to an end. these poor people. 7's craig stevens in the satellite center with the top story. craig. >> craig: none too soon for these folks lynn and danielle. the ship making it's way back to port after the stormy seas. the royal anthem of the seas andnd wound up getting slammed heart hard by a storm off the
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passengers and crew members on
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