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tv   Channel 7 News at 630PM  WSVN  February 10, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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passengers and crew members on board as well a. once in porkts a team from the coast grd that is will infect the vessels to determine how much damage the ship sustained. you'll recall a lot of passengers took video and pictures and shoxed us the damage. the cause was the 30-foot waves crashing into the ship make for a stomach churching experience. a lot of folks captured it on camera. spending the last two days sharing it on social med ped media so we could see what they were going through there. one accot had it g. confined to their rooms from 3:30 in the afternoon to 3:30 in the morning. 12 hrs of that kind of weather. passengers expected to get a full refound and. >>% off a future crews. in the sat right center. craig stevens. 7 news. >> lynn: now on just one station, a south florida church target bid vandalism now touched
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a contractor reaching out offering to help gethe church back on it's feet. a great story. the church bumming thousands of dollars in renovations toanl havehieves break in and tear it apart. >> danielle: that's right and now after watch t tirg story on 7 news, one man decided to take afntle 7's ann keil has exclusive from cocoral gables. i see you here and have a genuine heart to d something like this man, god bless you man, god bless you. >> god bless all of us. >> reporter: a special moment of meeting between men after this church's time dream for the housing o option for men and women in need in overtown is devastated. >> no money, so what are we going to do? >> reporter: thieves rip parting wall to steal copper wiring. anything ty could ghetto their hands on. but a day after pastor spoke with us about the loss in and around the two story building. >> when you come and see this,. >> oh i i was about to give up.
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>> reporter: a loyal 7 news viewer came forward truly impacted by what hee heard. >> there is usually always bad news c@lumning around. it's a billime for a little bit of good news. a little cheer. >> reporter: so with our cramps rolling the construction cie took a tour of temple baptist church's building and at no charge, they promised to rewire it. >> they need a place for the bat terred woman to come. peop that doesn't have a place to sleep. to come and feel at home. to feel shelter. to feel love. >> reporter: the damage set the church back at leasion $15,000. >> they cut i and pull all the cables out just to get these little fragments of copper. >> reporter: a january 23 break in.n. this company vp says was not done bym showers tiewrs. one that also took time and man tower. >> you try to lift up this pole and see puck move it.
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>> you can't. it's 125-pound pole. >> reporter: pastor deveaux says he h reached out to neighbors also convinced a witness heard or saw something. >> and look if behind you. and he is not giving up home. es spcialgly now that hesays an gecialghtsz these experts are make his dream come true. >> an angel from p heaven. >> thank you. god is work with us. >> but again, those thieves are still out there. so if have you any informaon for police, you're urged to call miami-dade crime stoppers. that number 305-471-tips. remember, you can remain anonymous. reporting in overtown. ann keil. 7 news. >> danielle: a killer crash a port everglades sky force hd over the scene where a track for trailer hit and killed one person. this happened on mcintosh road and southeast 42 street near the southern edge of the port. officials on scene right now
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the good news is traffic is not being affected. a man accused ave disturbing crime at a south florida mall caught and ciewvmentd jose arrested and booked into jail last night. police say security cameras at dade land mall caught him exposing himself to shoppers in the parking lot on at least three different occasion. he is charged with indecent >> >> lynn: now to the race for the white house. former ceo carlie he fiorina announcing on facebook she is calling it quits. alo tonight another republican following 234 her footsteps. new jersey govenor chris christie also dropping out. the new hampshire pririmary now narrowing the crowded gop field and demooratic voters clearly feeling the burn and now it's an allout sprint to south carolina 50. 's alex diprato is following it
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pendletoton tonight. alex. >> reporter: lynn, carlie fiorina and chris chrhrtie bowing out of the race after poor performances last nighth >> and donald trump is expected to a address supporters at this arena at 7:00. hundreds are rr here. >> hundreds have started to gather to hear donald trump at his first event in south carolina. >> those waiting outside braving temperatures in the 30s. >> i like that he is not paid for. i like that he tells it how it is and i want something different. >> i like the way the man talks and it's time somebody stands up for what we need in the usa. >> we are going to break this together. >> inside at rina sound checks are underway with trum's own voice. over the phone he discussed his first place finish in the 234u sham shir primary last week. >> we had a great week and great period of time. i love the people up there.
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>> ohio govenor john kasich campmpgned in mount pleasant after his campaign finished last night. >> in new hampshire i had millions and millions of dollars spent against me. pgh you know what i told them last night. the light over came the darkness of negative campaigning and i el great good it. >> reporter: ted cruz who finished third in new hampshire stum npped myrtle beach. he plans to spend every day there until the february 20th february 20th republican primary the the great thing about iowa is it narrowed the field and given south carolina a clear choice. >> reporter: jeb bush came in 4th in new hampshire and he is campaigning in bluffton and going after donald trumpmp and a use to h profanity. >> here what unless something is caught on camera that i didn't public. >> and he got tagged with the
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>> i just wanted to do better. my performance on saturday had an impact down the stretch and you learn from that kind of stuff. >> reporter: on the democratic side, bernie sanders finished first in new hampshire. he met with al sharpton in new york city today. hillary clinton came in second. both do not have any events in south carolina today. >> the republican primary is february 20th, the democratic primary is february 27th. no doubt a lot of campaigning inn this state over the next few weeks. we're live in pendleton south carolina. i'm alex diprato. 7 news. >> lynn: all right alex, thank you for. that if you want a constant update from the campaign trail at your fingertips and who doesn't? >> down load the app from the app store for channel 7. >> danielle: and residents in flint michigan dealing with more water roaz woes tonight.
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after a water main break. official concerned a drop in water pressure may have aloud bacteria to contaminate the city's drinking water. residents already using filters on their few sets because of a lead con tam naismghts the setback k me a day after the mayor asked for $55 million to replace lead pipes across the city. that move is an effort to o d an ongoing house emergency brought about we a cost cutting decision to use water from the flint river. officials sharing words of warning regarding the fight against isis in america. one day after warninis from the director of national intel gerntion theslamic terrorist will continue plotting against our interest over seas. the president's special envoy says it's just a matter of time before isis strikes inside the united states.
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>>8 isis leaders are determined to strike inside the homeland and vie lernt taks.s. although the u.s. is a much heard target than europe, the isil operations remainn a critical factor in our threat assess meant for 2016. >> >> lynn: meantime isis fighters have seized a the authority with manufacturing fake documents. officials are worried that could make it easier for them to enter other countries including ours. >> >> danielle: congress camg on the government to step up the search for a missing fbi a ant from south florida. the senate foreign relations committee a proving the measure by bill nelson to search for 68-year-old bob leaf enston. leaf enston is from corral springs. went missing nine years ago while visiting the iranian island of kish.
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anything to do with the disappearance. >> lynn: and a man who through a gator through a drive through window. >> danielle: and tonight he is offering an apology. >> phil: and a few safety tivmentz common sense and the one i want to stress is the space heater. if you're going to use them, please be careful. keep them way from curtains, furnitite. anything that could catch fire and that way you will be safe. we'll have the entire chilly out look in a couple minutes.
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>> >> lynn: this guy. the man accused of throwing an alligator through a wendy's drive through window says sorry. he is so cute but plaib not so smart. he says it was meant to be a prank. >> danielle: not very good prank because the people signed the fast food restaurant didn't find it funny at all and now he
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>> we just like fishing and hanging out and we stumbled upon an alligator. >> danielle: a jupiter man be behind a predator prank. 24-year-old josh james walking out o a palm beach county jail tuesday and he was not bashful about explaining himg self. >> we're just like outdoors kind of people and anything we find we just catch, you know, snakes, lizards, anything, and like i said ideas started pping and one thing lead to another. >> danielle: james and a bud ti drove this gator to a wendy's in tallahassee. >> and we thought we would pull a prank on our buddy that works there and three it through the windowow >> when he pulled up there was a woman working at the window andd they went ahead with the plan and tossed giert through the window. >> we took o. i think one ef the guys in the car heard her screevment i'm sorry for what i d. i mean just being stupid and not thinking and obviously i
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>> danielle: police tracked him down with a credit card receipt for a soda prior to the incident. >> his mother reacti to the wild behavior. >> just a stupidd prank that is now turning into this. >> and you definitely believe this ways prank. >> oh, 100%. he is a prankster. he does stuff like this because he thinks it is funny..% >> danielle: even though this happened last october he didn't until tuesday morning. he turned himself in on a three count warrant including ad salt with a deadly weapon. >> could you believe what you were hearing? >> no i wantz. i was 23r50ebg owght. i was thinking wow, i'm in trouble for thvment i think my pranking day are over. >> danielle: let's hope so. james is expected back in court later next month and faces up to five years in prison. >> stay with us. 7 news at 6:30 is coming right back.
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>> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: so this could be the coldest night of our winter season. temperature are expected to drop into the mid to upppp 40s across south florida. right now 47 jacksonville. 49 in gainsville. 50s every place else except for south florida. every onhere in the 50s. as far as the radar is concern dry. we should stay dry. maybe byonday and tuesday of
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in croos south florida. so we do have a front that is still stretched out a aoss the florida straights. models are saying they will clear out tonight and if we do clear out, there's a good chance temperature will drop to the mid to upper 40's. still the ohio river@vam valley and the northeast dealing with plenty of snoasm thal is headed out to the western atlantic. once again i flow if it drops into the 40's. it's pretty ti cold for us south florideans. here just some basic and common sense tip for this cold weather but one i usually put a lot of emphasis on is the space heater. please make sure you keep them way from curtains. walls. furniture. anything that could catch fire thvment way you'll be warm and you'll stay safe. here t marine forecast for tonight. scer sigh caution until the winds come down. seas of two to 4 feet. biscayne bay with a light chop. nowrt florida keys. 15 knot winds. seas beyond the reef four to 7 feet. coastal water a moderate chop.
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1014 clock. 11113. water temperature 68 degrees. tonight mostly clear. there are thelows in the mid to upper 40's. 50s for the keys. tomorrow plenty of sunshine. nice breeze out of north. highs struggling to reach 70. here's your extend out look. friday, 56 for a morning low. we warm up to near ssonal values for the the weekend. and look. that by next tuesday, high of 82. that's's your 7 on 7.
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>> >> time now for 7 sports with steve shapiro. >> six different guys scored goals for the panthers last night and seven to four win at buffalo but only one of the had the goredy howl hat trick. what's that you ask? a gold and assist and a fight. patrick got into three tbiets with the same guy against evander caifnlt petra vick had his butt beaten all three fiechts i set butt but that's not what i really wted to say. >> honestly i didn't think i would come in and have three fights but i think that's just how it gochtz the hat trick. he is is proud of his boxing in the summer and his dad say boxing coach and all. that but for me it's not backing count. we don't take anything here and you know. >> boom. >> reporter: heat center
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bibicoach before the media could get to him after the game last night. mike dipasquale has the detail. last night hassan white side was ejected for throwing this elbow to the head of bo ban. >> we don't condone that kind of play. we've been through this with him before but at that is not a basketball play. >> heat coach eric spoelstra is frustrated with white side. thehird time in 93 games with the heat that hassan has been given the boot. >> something heaz to deal with with himself a and with his teammates. so that's on him the heat need a big man who leave the nba blocks. white side is 23457b8g9 league in rebound in the game and three triple doubles this season. >> he knows what he means to this team and he has to assess every situation swrevment to encourage him and keep telling him what it takes to winecause we haven't begun to scratch the surface. 50 games in.
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and tighter and more tense in the locker room and on the court as this season goes on. >> with the heat, mike dipasquale. 7 sports. >> during the same game a side line reporter interviewed san antonio coach greg pof pa virchlt pop doesn't like dog those. >> your usm pretionz of the first quarter. >> we're behind and they're ahead. >> why is that? they scored more than we did and with we were crappy on defense. >> it's beeee fun. >> do you want election results? who is this. sanders and trump. >> no, no, i'm good. tonight marlins baseball park will be used for soccer. mexico versus sin na gone. last night in melbourne a soccer final. north miami beach beat christian on penalty kicks.
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and he wins five to four on dc. the state champs. went undefeated this y yr. 19 and zero and one. i'm steve. danielle and lynn back right after this.
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>> danielle: inside edition is coming up next. >> lynn: here is deborah with a preview. >> thanks lynn and danielle. coming up today what is it like for working for donald trump p. find out from his vf prks for 18 years oovmentd and imagine finding yourself sitting next tie turkey on an plairchlt join us tonight at 7 70 on 7. >> lynn: as long assist had a passport or ticket. what did you say steve? steve has something to say. that's 7 news at 6:30. thank you for watching. i'm lynn martinez. >> danielle: and i'm danielle knox. lynn will see you at 73:30 for deco drive and i'l'lsee you here for the night team at 10:00. make it a great night everybody. >> real-time closed captioning
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>> she worked for donald trump. she was at his side for 18 years. >> what was it like working for donald trump? >> deborah: and put on a happy face. >> what your candidate's smile is saying about them. >> if you look he has two things going for him.
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turkey on a plane!
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