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tv   Channel 7 News at 10PM  FOX  February 10, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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company. >> craig: administrators at a south florida hospital on alert after a man came in and threatened to shoot. i'm craig stevens >> belkys: i belkys nerey, that is not all that we are working on the night team >> reporter: a drive by shooter, bullets hitting a south florida school. >> phil: cold air, and we can see the lows in the 40s. >> reporter: presidential candidates, hope to climb in south carolina as two more candidates call it quits. >> a cruise ship finally back at port, after a severe storm in rough seas, turned a dream vacation into a nightmare. he signed a contract to work for a non-profit, but says, they have stopped paying him. he called help me howard with patrick fraser. and many of us have a fire extinguisher, but do you know
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we put people to the test. in tonight's special assignment report, into the fire. >> this is seven news, at ten. >> craig: and we begin tonight with a news alert in ken dal, officials say a man walked in and threatened to go on a shooting spree at baptist hospital. hello, again, everybody, good evening, he asked a nurse how to get to a secure area of the hospital and that is when he made the threat. >> belkys: the night team, walter morris is live with details on this. >> reporter: that is right, staff andnd patients told to be on the look out at a man makes a disturbing threat inside of hospital, earlier today. now seven news obtaining this picture, go ahead and take a good look at that man in the gap, hoody. now the sececity at the hospital calling the miami dade police after this man report he had tried to enter a restricted
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when he was denied access, he made that threat and here is what he said take a look at this, saying you heard of shootings at theaters and schools, now you will hear about a shooting in a hospital today. i just want to have a little murder. now meanwhile, take a look at this video, this was the scene outside of the baptist hospital, here on north kendall drive this evening, for signs of a police presence, it is unclear when this incident happened today, we aree told investigators also notified the department of home land security and while that investigation, continues, from td oututde it appears to be business as usual. go ahead and take another good look at that man. he is described as heavy-set, 5-9, in hisis 30s. now if you know anything about who he is. call crime stoppers, that number 305-471-tips. you have any information that leads to an arrest you may be elible fora cash reward and you can remain anonymous, the
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to seven news, saying that security d d follow the proper protocol and they are now working with mia dade police. we are live in kendall outside of the hospital, walter morris, seven news night team. >> now, at ten. bullets from a drive-by, hitting a south florida, school. >> a shot,ike pop pop pop. >> students on ge. and the superintendent fed up. >> well, i think that we have way. >> police searching for a shooter after the close call. >> craig: it was a dangerous day at schools, administrators say four shots ended up on school grounds >> belkys: two of those bullets hitting a window with school sfaf just on the other side. miami dade school superintendent says this violence must stop. the night team's robin simmons is live at carroll city, high school in miaia gardens with more chl robin? >> reporter: we w wt to start off telling you no students were injured, no students were
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but they are desperate for information, only one person injured, tried to run away from that gun fire. impact glass the only thing keeping the bullets from going into the carroll city, senior high school on wednesday, the students were outside, telling how the staffers got them to safety and the school put on lock down, about 50 students there for extxtcurricular activities. >> the shots and i didn't understand it sounded like the ot stomping or echo. >> a bunch of kids started running because i heard a shot, pop pop pop. told to get inside. >> told was a tangie threat against human life. i am proud of the fact that our administrative team led by the principal and the teachers acted professionally and curiously, in first and foremost protecting the kids. >> it happened after dismissal, a pedal, w wn they started shootings. canines and officers from the miami dade schools pole and
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at least, 8 bullets two hitting a fence and part of it removed from the miami dade fir rescue for evidence. two other bullets hitting ofts, windows, another insurance stance of violence, hitting close to a miami dade school. >> over 60s shootings and over 20 kids shot and killed in miami. and today it appears that we had as close as one can get where the drive-by shooting near a school and absolutely unacceptable. >> surveillance cameras catching part of the action, investigators analyzing the video or clues. >> we have a number of leads and we have the number of information that come in, and we are aggressively pursuing that right now. >> so, investigators don't know what kind of car was involved, what the other person looked like, that pedestrian and they are going to be checking that video. if you have any information, call crime stoppers, 305-471. tips in miami dade and you can remain anonymous and could be elible for a reward.
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seven news night team. >> craig: night tms news alert, getting word of a drug bust that is going down in the city of miami. danielle knox is live on that scene and has information for us. >> yeah, i do, we are in miami and i am going t go ahead and step out of the picture so that you can get a look at the house here that we e e talking about behind me. this is the city of miami, and responding to this home, where we understand that theyave recovered some marijuana a this is an ongoing investigation, and two subjects have been detained as we took a look at some video tape that we shot you for a little while ago, you can see the police, actually entering the house and they were takingictures nsdz ch the home today and ty were detained to the inside of the home and there was an elderly woman, one of the suspect's grandmothers living inside of this home, she is a woman in her 80s and transported to the hospital as a precautionary measure, c cing
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investigation, two people right now, have been detained, as police continue to look into exactly what is going on in this home here in miami, behind me and we will certainly, keep you upupted as well. and for now, reporting live in miami, i'm danielle knox, seven news night team. >> night team. >> craig: now the night team people across the area, grabbing e sweaters and jackets again, and bundling up for another cold night tonight. >> belkys: it is chilly and the temperatures are dropping as we speak, here is a look outside at the studios on this crisp, wednesday evening. a love that word crisp. the 40s. >> craig: forget crisp, that is cold. the stretch of cold weather is meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: it is c clly for us south florida and we are in, and the over night lows with the mperatures in the 40s, however, the cloudiness, could be factor, there is still
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and they could act as a blanket, once again and keeping the temperatures, just a little warmer. and by thursday, still with some cool temperatures, in the afternoon. and it is dry across the area. we don't foresee any rain here, at least until the early part of next week. 53 right now in palm beach and 57 in fort lauderdale and miami, and 58 and 62 in key west. and you can see that the clouds are lingering across south florida, slow, clearing moving in our direction. and if it does clear out, then i do belie the temperatures will drop into the 40s. and average low of , and it could be waking up into the upper 40s and warming up a little bit on friday and then a nice, grad you ale work up as we go in through the weekend. we will have more on the chilly forecast, a little bit later on. >> belkys: a man who was attacked by a sword wielding suspect, sharing his story
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liz nagy spoke to him and he is live in the shop in lauderdale hill. where it happened. >> liz: it was sunday morning, he was standing just outside of his booth inside of this swap shot, when he noticed this guy cocong at him. he said this guy, never said a single word just grabbed the word, pulled it out of the sheth, and started swinging. >> most of the people, will give me the robbery or something, it is not like that. >> liz: it was not even close to that. he seems that the attack was so much worse. >> he wanted to kill me. above the booth on suny morning shows it all chl the police say that is 22-year-old, walker, violently swinging a 3-foot, samurai sword and he did not stop. >> he is following me for no reason, i just run. i just run and go to next store. i just -- and he wastoo close
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anan i was stuck over there. and i don't have anything to protect myself. >> liz: you can see bystanders and other shoppers and venders standing there in disbelief and screaming. >> and evebody is shopping and don't know what to do and how to protect this man. because every shot like this. liz: so seen, except he did not have time to stop. walker would not relent with the samurai sword. >e pushed me and i push my feet and three or two times i push back and he does not come close to me. >> liz: another vender pinned walker to the ground until the police arrived. >> i was not thinking about my life, i was thinking about the next life. >iz: walker had already, beaten 81-year-old, douglas roshe inside of a nearby shell station. >> i didn't know that he had anything in his hand and he struck me over the head. >> somehow he stood up from that attack, badly cut. >> a cut here. and two times. and this side. he hit me behind.
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>> when he is hitting me i feel like, oh, this is from that it for me. he is going to kill me today. >> liz: but he is alive. he hopes to come back to his job here at the swap shop after he was been cleared by a doctor. he had to undergo nerve surgery on his hand yesterday. as for 22-year-old wawaer, he is still in the broward county jail, facing multiple charges including attempteded murder. he was supposed to appear in the court this morning, but that has been postponed because of a medical reason. we are livez nagy, seven news night team. >> craig: new from the news plex a cruise ship back at port after stormy weather and roaring seas, cut a dream vacation short for thousands, it left on sand and already back home. supposed to be well into a 7-day cruise to the baja mas about you
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into hurricane force winds off of the carolina coast over the weekend, the passengers on board spoke about the heroing or deal. >> we ere happy to be on land. it was a scarey couple of days. >> it was horrendous. there was little communication. it felt, at one point i thought that i was not going to see my family again. >> 150 mile an hour winds and 30 feet waves and the whole ship was on a 45 degree angle for four or five hours. >> if you turn on on the facet and the water would hit the wall and the glasses off the counters and stuff was flying everywhere, the safest place to be was on the bed just face down, because if you sat up just the motion sickness was out of control, we were up happy and eight to ten hours and it would not end. >> smab you see this on the social media, because a lot corded it with the phones and posted it there. >> the deck furniture out flying, and areas, flooded from waves as high as 30 feet.
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state rooms. coast guard teams will now survey the vessel, the extent of the damage and interview the crew and make sure it is sea worthy before it is allowed to sale again, royal caribbean said that four passengerss suffered minor injuries, passengers will get a full refund and a certificated for a 50 percent off a future cruise. >> belkys: to the race for the white house, chris christie and carlrlfigueroa carly figueroa. donald trump and bernie sanders, finishing, in the race and now they are focused on south carolina. and the night team's alex diprato is live in south carolina with more on this, alex? >> reporter: this is donald trump's first stop here in south carolina. and he told the crowd inside
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end nearly every night here in south carolina between now and that republican primary. >> inouth carolina, donald trump seemed to be stunned as he walked into his first rally in this state. held in a live stock arena. >> what the hell kind of a building is this? what is this? >> reporter: trump fresh off of his first place finish in the new hampshire primary, speaking before a group of thousands, as two rivals christina cruz and carly fiorina drop out. >> we did a good thing, new hampshshe what a great place, what a great place. and we won it big. >> think that america is hungry. they are hungry for a good leader. >> the man is business and he knows what he is doing. and i love him. he is great. i bloo everybody that he is going to do it. >> reporter: trump's republican rifleef
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>> in new hampshire i had millions and millions of dollars spent against me. and you know what i told them last night? the light over came the darkness, of negative campaigning. and i feel great about it. >> reporter: ted cruz who finished third in new hampshire stumped in myrtle beachnd plans to spend every day in south carolina before the february, 20th republican primary. >> the great things about iowa and new hampshire it has narrowed field and gave south carolina a clear choice. >> campaigned and took a shot at trump's use of profanaty. >> here is a commitment to you, unless i am caught with a camera that i didn't see, i am not going to use profanity in the public. >> marco rubio placed six, and hurt by the bad debate performance on saturday. >> reporter: on the democratic side, bernie sanders placed first, he met with al sharpton in new york city on wednday. hillary clinton placed second,
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to campaign in south carolina yet. >> reporter: the republican primary here in south carolina is february 20th. and the democratic primary is february, 27th. we are live in south carolina, tonight, i'm alex diprato, 7 news. night team. >> belkys: okay, alex now would be a great time to download the seven news, voice your choice app. and we up date it frequently with the latest from the campaign trail. >> craig: wsvn is in the news tonight, and it is good news, many of you have not been able to see us are hopefully watching right now, our parent, company, has reached an agreement with at& t to resume, carrying programming seen right here on annel seven. >> we are happy that we have come to an agreement with at& t and we are thrilled that the viewers of seven news and south florida will be able to receive our news and great programming on fox. >> in i statement, at& t says that we appreciate our customer's patience as we sought
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ickly and reasonably as possible. >> anchor: sdmr we continue to keep an eye on this developing story, the folks over in the baptist hospital area are looking for this guy, administrators on alert at baptist after they say this man came in and threatened to shoot. tried to get into a restricted area and now the police are putting out his picture. trying to catch up with him and ask him somee questions after making threats, at baptist hospital. >> craig: also developing in the area of northwest and 5th street in the city of miami, the city qf miami, police department is on the scene there and we know from what we tell us, they have recovered marijuana and also, sent to the hlspital an elderly woman who has a medical condition, inside of the home where this is all going on, dak is on that story and we will have more later. >> belkys: also coming up a package dropped off, but moments later it suddenly snapped.
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leaving a critical clue behind. >> craig: a man taking a time to break into a car owned by a former cop and he stole something dangerous. >> belkys: and in an emotionon meeting after a place of worship is hit with an unholy act. on just one station. you are watating south florida's
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first, at ten. >> craig: a woman caught on camera, practicing bad women, medicine stealing medicine intended for a 14-year-old boy, the teen takes this expensive medicine on a daily basis. >> now his father is hoping to get justice, after the crafty crook, ripped them off in just seconds, the night team shelden fox has details. >> the tracking shown it was delivered and so when i got home i didn't see the package and well they delivered it to the wrong address. >> reporter: no the ups man got
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wrong kind of person, also visited this miami house. >> i see the delivery and then i see a video a minute later of a woman walking up and grabbing the package and walking back off. >> reporter: a package w@th medicine for matthew's son. >> it is the medicine that he takes daily, it is not cheap >> reporter: the meds were swiped by this woman. get a good look at her. blonde, hair, dark shades, black purse. criminal mind. >> who does something like that? you know? >> reporter: south west, 22nd avenue in the neighborhood, it is where she committed her crime on tuesday, afternoon. and her shady appearance, was no the just picked up by t victim's camera. >> mcclur's neighbor security video, shows an older dented honda accord with a b bck hood and the man that would drive it off. they appear to steak out the delivery before she gets out to steal thatpackage. >> there was a male driver in the car, our neighbor saw him when he was taking the garbage out.
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good neighbors and the power of social media. mcclure up loaded the footage to put the crooks on blast. >> and stole the medicine from a kid and i am hopeful that they aree going to find this individual, hopefully sooner than later. >> she is on the surveillance and all over social media, and she is on televisionns well. now, and the only thing left is for you to step up if you know anything about her or who she is or where she is and anything about that car. 305-471 tips, the number to crime stoppers in miami dade county. collect cash2 the legal way, for the right anonymous tip to police, we are in miami, shelden fox, seven news, night team. >> craig: a man gunning for trouble, stealing a weapon from a retired, nwpd officer's car. and the surveillance video shows the guy walking up to the video and parked outside of the oakland park home yesterday, and managed to disable an alarm and eak inside and grab the hand gun before taking off. >> now in the hands of someone who could you cause harm to a
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it is ripping my heart out, to think thatt it is out there. >> craig: and this is a picture of the smith and wesson in question and the one that was stolen and here is a look at the guy who stole it, if you have any information, you are urged to call, crime stoppers in broward. >> belkys: now on just one station, a man coming forward, and offering a generous, gesture, after the thieves strike, ripping on of a pastor, at a south florida, church that church was nearly ready to open its doors to house those in neeee when the thieves committed an unholy act, but thanks to that good so many mar tan, they will be bacacup and running. ann keal reports chl >>to see you here and have the heart to do something like this, man, god bless you, god bless you, man. >> god bless all of us. >> a special, moment of a meeting between men coming together after this church's long time, dream made temporary
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in need in over town is devastated. >> no money, so what are we going to do? >> reporter: thieves ripping apart walls to steal the copper wiring and anything that they can get their hands on. but the dayay after the pastor spoke to us about the loss in and around the two, story building. >> when youome in and you see this. >> oh,h, i was about to give up. >> and a loyal, 7 news viewer came forward, truly impacted by what he heard. >> this usually is always bad news, coming around. and it is time for a little bit of good news or a little bit of cheer. >> so without the cameras rolling, company took a tour of the missionary baptist building at no charge promised to rewire it. >> they need a place for the battered women to come. the people that does not have a place to sleep. to come to, to feel at home and to feel a shelter, to feel loved.
10:25 pm
church back at least, $15,000. >> they cut it and they pull all of the cables out, just to get, this little fragment of copper. >> reporter: january, 23rd break in, the company's vp says was not done b b amateurs, one that also, took time and man wer. >> you try to lift up this pole and see if you can move it. no you can't. it is 125 pound pole >> reporter: the pastor says that he has reached out to neighbors and also convinced a witness, heard or saw something. >> you what youan in and behind you, frnths and he is not givingngp hope, now that he says angels these experts, are making his dream come true. >> an angel from heaven. yeah, god is workingith us. >> reporter: but again those thieves are still out there. so if you have any information for police, you are urged to
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remember, you can remain anonymous. reporting over town, ann keal sefb news night team >> craig: and up expect, independent, contract signed contracts to getet paid, after a man ran into a roadblock he turned to help me howard with patrick fraser. >> belkys: a south florida is gearing up for a weekend full of fun in the sun activities. >> reporter: hi, everybody, i'm steve shapiro and coming up in sports, the heat going to the all-star break on a down note kobe, and lebron play each other in cleveland for the last titi.
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around. >> belkys: if you are self-employed you might sign a contract when you do a job. >> craig: but what if it is a simple contract and both sides
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well that is when you turn to help me howard with patrick fraser. >> >> patrick: rick rilely got his start in the radio business. >> probably the best years in the business, because i was new and i was young. and i am working in radio. >> patrick: that was then, this is now. where rick is an independent contractor doing marketing and public relations. and that is not bad either. >> i work from home. pjs. >> patrick: last fall he picked up a new client, an organization that helps foster kids. >> it is a non-prit. i was happy because when i saw their work, and the people that they affected, i felt good about it. >> patrick: rick's job was to promote the non-profit and help them with their fund-raising for the kids, they signed a contract to pay, rick, $1300 a month for the next three months. >> in the scheme of things, the
10:29 pm
some of my former contracts. but was a labor of love >> patrick: in october, and november, rick worked for them and they paid him. then, beforee the third month began. >> the founder and ceo asked me about renegotiating myontract and i said, fine for problem. >> patrick: but the negotiations broke down. rick says that they stopped working him in the third month and reresed to pay him for the third month. when he complained, the attorney sent him a learn. >> based on the argument from the attorney, they indicate that i did not do any work for december, but if yoy breach my contract, then how can i perform my good and my sererces if you are not allow me 20 do the work. >> patrick: it is a simple, contract, a single page with five s stences it says that they have to pay him chl the non-profit sayst says, they don't have to pay him. >> and they both are pastors so i hope that they do the chstian thing. they say that they are both, chririians.
10:30 pm
are written in english but two sides can read it andthink that it says two different things, do you want to weigh in? >> they may disagree, but to me, this is a clear and a simple contract where he works and gets paid for three months, there is nothing in the document that allows either party to terminate it early. so they have to pay, rick for the third month even if they don't let him do the work. >> the attorney said that they don't have to pay rick for the last month because he misled him when he said that he had a corporation, it is inactive with the state because he has not renewed it and then the attorney says, told us rather than have to pay, to fight the leg battle, they decided to give him the $1300. >> no matter what contract you sign, keep it like the one that rick and the non-profit had. keep it simple and to protect, everyone put a clause in, that either party can terminate the contract, within an agreed time frame. like two weeks. 30 days. and i have said it before, if
10:31 pm
where it does not have, somethingthat you want, don't sign it. >> the help me howard team came through. >> glad that we could help out. when you sign a contract to do pub relations for a company or to buy a car from a dealer. remember the contract, usually favors the person who drew it up. so read every word, and like howard says, if you don't like it or don't understand something, don't sign it. contracted a problem you want to break away from? you don't need public relations, you need people to rely on. so contact us, afully hopefully you will profit. >> craig: and coming up, if fire were to break out in your home, would you know how to fight the flames? it is a night team, special assignment report tonight, into the fire. >> phil: all right and speaking of fire, it is going to be a
10:32 pm
temperatures could drop into the 40s here is some common sense, safety tips, but the most important one space heaters, keep them away from walls, furniture, and anything that could catch fire, if you do that you will stay nice and warm and safe. >> we will have a lot more in the cold forecast in just a couple of minutes. >> belkys: then it is time to take a new bite out of burger king, the new item that will be
10:33 pm
florida. >> craig: now a couple of questions for you, do you have a fire extinguisher in your house? if the fire were to broke out, would you know how to use it? we put the people to the test
10:34 pm
you, in tonight's special assignment report, into the fire. >> we all hope this never happens to us. >> i came out of the house and i saw a fire. >> many of us buy fire ex-tinningishers just in case. >> i have to actually have one, right next to then kitchen and one on the second floor. >> if a fire broke out, would you no he how to use it? >> i have one, go. >> okay. noechlt how would you put it out? >> i don't know. >> seven news with the rescue, put the home owners to the test. >> how would you operate this? >> i have no idea. >> and he finally put out the flames but in a real, emergency he would have been too late. >> and in one minute, it would triple its size. >> and you need to react, quickly. >> i am scared.
10:35 pm
feel? do you feel any heat? >> yeah, pretty hot. >> they hear about it and see it but they are not proper l i prepared because they think that it will never happen to them. >> what we are going to do is tell you the correct way to do it. >> they come in all shapes and sizes and make sure that you understand how yours work. >> the most common mistake is not pulling the pin. >> the pin that i didn't pull out. >> some people couldn't get it started. other people were aiming wrong. >> you have to know where to keep it in the house. >> if you don't know where it is in the event of the fire then it is not going to give you much use. >> sticking it under the sink is a bad idea. >> the last thing that you want to do is take out the chemicals to get to the fire extinguisher. they don't just happen in the kitchen many start in the garage or the lawnry room. >> o o in the garage, one in the kitchen and one in the bedrooms. >> when it gets too hot, get out. >> we don't want people putting their lives at risk, tryin to
10:36 pm
of hand if it is too big, we just want to get out safely. >> a few minutes of preparation, and practice, now, can buy y precious, seconds if you are ever forced into the fire. >> there is not enough to just have a fire extinguisher you need to know how to use it. >> craig: this are four steps to use it, think of the word pass, pull the pin for p, aim at the base of a fire, a, squeeze the handle, s, and sweep, side to side. s, again, pass, if you need more instructions we have a demonstration in our on-line extra, and you can find that at >> now, seven weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: you know with the use of space heaters please be careful, once again and it will be which illy across south florida, and it was cool this morning and the throws are in the 50s across ford lauderdale
10:37 pm
d 64 and 63 in fort lauderdale. and right now, the temperatures already in the 50s, everywhere. except key west with t t temperature of 62 degrees, and we are under partly cloudy skies, if the skies can clear out, completely, there is no reason why temperatures would not be able to dip into the 40s. but if they stick around, they may remain, just a little warmer. pressure is steady, and the wind out of northwest and the humidity, 62 percent and so here is the storm tracker, it is dry and all of these air masses coming in with very little moisture and that will be the pattern, until at least, early next week and we could see a few showers moving in across, south florida. central, florida, right now, the temperatures in the 40s. pensecola with 46 degrees and from gainsville to jacksonville, and tallahassee and the temperatures in the 30s most of south florida, 50s and key west, 62 degrees, all of these counties highlighted here are
10:38 pm
9:00 in the morning, temperatures are expected to drop to 32 degrees. and everything from orlando south through lake okeechobee. and central and northern florida are going to feel the brunt. >> the seas of up two four feet and however, fees, and the biscayne bay, to the chop, and e four to six, feet and the coastal waters a moderate chop, the next high tide, 11:05, 11 in fort lauderdale, and key, 11:28 and 11:56 in key west, the clouds should continue to move out tonight, if they do, it will be a colder night and the over night lows, are expected to drop into the mid and upper 40s the mid 50s for the keys. by tomorrow, more sunshine, still dry, highs only in the upper 60s, which average, is about 76, 77, and here is your
10:39 pm
and we start to warm up. back to the seasonal temperatures, saturday and sunday, valentines, looking very nice. and take a look at monday, president's day. and maybe a shower, and we are back to warm by next tuesday. and that is your seven on seven forecast. >> belkys: okay, phil thanks, first it was the whopper and now the king is set to serve up hot dogs. burger king, announceing it will start offering two different kinds of flame grilled hot dogs, later this month at its 7100 locations. you can order the classic, or the chili cheese dogs and test parted in five cities and they say there is definitely an appetite for them. hot dog, anyone? >> craig: it does look kind of tasty i got to say. still ahead here, on the night team, tonight, a boat load of fun, set to shine in south florida this weekend and we are going to break down all of the big, events.
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heading to cuba as voters from
10:41 pm
from miami. >> belkys: south florida is gearing up for a big weekend, the miami, national boat show is setting sale from its new location, tomorrow, whether you are in the market for a new boat, orp you want to dream about luxury, you can hop aboard. and in other parts of south florida, it is about the art, and more on the big weekend ahead. >> reporter: final prep under way for the 75th annual, miami, international boat show that kicks off on thursday and goes through the holiday weekend. this year, a venue change to the miami marine stadium park in the virginia key. >> we thought that it suited the boat show, perfectly and it was built in the beginning for high, performance boat racing and maritime activity and so what a better chase for a boat show. >> 100,000 people are expected to come with the show and with that comes a lot of traffic and
10:42 pm
key and the nearby key biscayne is going to limited to keep that traffic at a minimum. the best way to get from point a to point b is to hop on to a water taxi, there are 18 of them, shuffling people back and forth. >> water taxis and shuttles are free rngs p we have the detailed plan and we want the people to focus and buying the tickets in advance. >> it not just the boat shows, over in the grove, gearing up for the coconut, grove art festival. >> 308 artists and we have an entertainment. and we have family entertainment. we have a beautiful culinary area where we have about 12 to chefs. >> and here in mid town, set up under way for the 30,000 plus expected to shuffle through for the art wood. in efinding anything from the modern and contemporary art to the new galleries that are bringing emerging artists and there is just something for everyone at this fair this year. >> in miami, seven news night
10:43 pm
>> craig: for more on the big, events to hit south florida, just check out >> belkys: sailors from across the world coming to florida for a race to cuba. 46 boats, almost, 400 sailors taking off today, for a 210 mile journey to havannah. and when the obama administration announced the restoring of relations inteen the u.s. andnd cuba, many started hoping for this day. >> this is the first race ever, miami to havannah, and you know we wanted to make sure that we were part of it. >> it is a historic race and it is the number of decades that have gone by since we have been there. race. missed. >> belkys: when the sailors make it to cuba they wilil have another race and sale with junior, sailors. from the island, nation.
10:44 pm
back, in two minutes. >> time for seven sports with steve shapiro. >> steve: the heat have ten days, tween games to win the all-star break now coming off back to back losses to two teams from the west, the c cppers and the spurs, they losty 18 at home tonight to san antonio, the
10:45 pm
games over 500, this he have 29 games left. >> we said and we are not there yet. we know that. you know, you played this game and you tried to measure up and see where you are at and in the upper, yet, i believe, and we have to keep getting better as the season goes on. >> our next step is that we need to put a good stretch over thed weeks and we will have the opportunity when we come back, two and a half games out of ththd place and that is in reach for us. >> kobe and lebron in cleveland, the last game that kobe will play, over lebron, and hits the first shot of the game, number, 24, lebron has 17 in the first half, and passed kobe and cleveland leads by 17 at the break. and the cavs lead as many as 22, and kobe leads back in the fourth and he had 17 and the lakers will get as close as eight, but lebron puts it away, lebron and cleveland, beat the lakers, 120-111, and play for the last time in march in los angeles.
10:46 pm
on friday, a ainst st. louis, increased their first place lead with this win at buffalo, 7 to 4, six different players scored the goals, the panthers have the 8-point lead over in detroit, and tampa and bostonon >> and you can see in the streets, when the young kids have a confidence, and they don't even think that they might lose ever, do you know what i mean? that is what it is. i mean that we are going to have all of the guys that are going to stata thinking and may be saving it and not them, they just go. >> don't safe it. super bowl champion webster from miami pace, high school on espn and a corner back and plays on special teams, and the third year in deer, and smothered the panthers. >> and we are going to speak for rit now, and right now, the denver broncos defense has the lilits out and again the turnovers and the sacks and everybody is just been clicking on all kill on. all.
10:47 pm
>> a the local guy makes good. mar lynn's park is not used until april for baseball, so why not a soccer friendly, mexico, and in their mexican, wrestling masks. and mexico in black, no score for the second half, 73rd minute, and had header and it was one, nil, mexico, and 87 to pass from the right. pizaro and 15,000. and the ever glades inhe 2-a, state final, and ransom and gree t t first half, trailing one, nothing and that is alex stewart and thehe turn around shot and ties the game, 1-1,1, the second half, 2-2, it is stewart again, and loose in the front, and stewart and he scores again, and you can tell as his parents and said the name twice on tv. alex and ransom, and wins the
10:48 pm
steve are back right after this, >> belkys: that is a wrap for us first at ten, chow chow i'm belkys nerey >> craig: i'm craig stevens,
10:49 pm
next. >> craig: developing at eleven, administrators at a south florida hospital on alert, after a man came into the facility and threatened to open fire today. >> belkys: and this developing story in myiami, the police found drugs inside and a bedridden elderly woman, in that home, also taken to the hospital. hello and welcome everyone, i am aep belkys nerey >> craig: i'm craig stevens and seven news continues again at eleven. >> this is seven news at eleven.
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