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tv   Channel 7 News at 4PM  FOX  February 11, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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steps from a sdent. >> he was onnhe particular and he was crying. >> reporter: ten-year-old tevaris williams, one of four students in this portable classroom thursday morning, a teacher quickly take action when a bullet flew through the window. >> she told us to get on the floor. >> reporter: south of douglas road at coconut creek, sding bullets through the campus. >> multiple rounds were fired. and this one stray bullet hit the portable and went through the glass and ricocheted off the wall and almost hit four students. kids are traumatized, teachers are in tears, and ks were cowering under their desks. >> no one was hit but this day could have had a very different ending. miami-dade school in the, carvalho, talking about two shootings in two days. >> it's sad when you refer to
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miraclesn two days. when chance and luck are the best defense that kids have in this county, something is terribly broken. >> reporter: police if the superintendent say you arere part of the solution to the problem. if you saw something, they want you to sayomething. pick up the phone and call crimestoppers. the numberlive in coconut creek, jessica holly 7 newew >> lynn: team 7 coverage continues now with reaction from the parents who showed up at the school, of course, in panic, and rosh lowe has that part of the story and he's live. >> reporter: let me tell you, we spoke with a lot of these parents, and you know what? these parents are fed up. they're well aware of the recent string of violence in the miami-dade public schools. we go to the video, and as you
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they say this is an elementary school, and they're aware of what they're calling gang violence, which is pervading a large part ofur city and the county. and in this case, though the police have not confirmed t. it appears that people were shooting near the school, and the bullet pierces the window of a portable classroom. coming up at 5:00, you'll hear from a second grader in a nearby classroom who tells us that they turned off all the lights. and his mom tells mehat second grader needs to go to school to experience something like this? this was a message that was relayed time and time again. this has to end, and it highghts the extreme violence going on in the schools throughout our county. and the parents are saying that you need to do something about t let's take a lisn to some of the parents we spoke with today.. >> it really needs to stop, because you're involving little
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that goes to 5th grade. >> you see the gangs. i live five minutes from here, and i drive my son here every day. i see them in the bars, on the corners. >> these are kids. thth're innocent children, and someone needs to do something about it. and it needs to start at home. the parents need to check them at home. >> reporter: also at 5:00, you'll hear from the police chief at the miami-dade public schools, and we asked this estion, how do you end the violence? he said that it begins by people spaking up and breaking the sisince and giving the police the information when they need it. but in this case here, what was quite clear today, the parents simply saying enough is enough. this is an elementary school with a bullet piercing a window with four small children inside, and thank god no one was hurt.
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tonight at 5:00, rosh lowe, 7 news. >> danielle: all right, rosh, and if you would like toear more of what super doppler carvalho had to say today, log onto the website,, finish the online extra. >> lynn: winter weather bringing cold reality this week. the day getting iff to a frigid start by south florida standards, and it's cold outside, and we have been chilling out for days. >> danielle: we have, but slowly we're getting back to the normal temperatures, and p pl ferro is live in the weather center. >> phil: indeed, it's a chilly morning in south florida. 40s and 50s across the area, and we're still looking at a cool friday, and cool start and plenty of sunshine, typical temperatures will make a return by the afternoon. by the way, it's going to be a very ne valentine's day weekend here in south florida. right now, the radar showing is
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best chance of showers still next monday and tuesday. untilhen, we're looking pretty good. morning lows, 44 forou in homestead and 45 in coral springs, and fort lauderdale, 48 and miami, and key west. for this time of year, the typical low, 6 2, and tomorrow, still waking up in the upper 50s, but by saturday and sunday, we start off in the 50s. we warp toward the early part of next week, and look at that, more cool air moves in across south florida for wednesday and thursday. we'll have a lot more on our valentine's weekend forecast later on. >> lynn: also onn 7, danger on delivery, crooks make a getaway. 7's liz nagy is live in
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crime went down, liz? >> reporter: lip, crime scene detectives have time arrived on the scene at northwest 42nd street and 21st avenue. this all happened several hours ago, just afternoon, and the victims are still standing here talking to detectives, trying to tell them everything that happened so they might be able to catch these guys. the people that you see i the bright red shirts, those are delivery people for brands smart usa, two people inside of a box truck. making a delivery to this home. and inside of the home, they were carrying a washing machine that people inside of the home had ordered. we can show you the video of the crime scene as it unfolded several hours ago. they were carrying it inside, we're told by the detectives. once they got in there, they were working with the people who work here to install that washing machine. and during all of that, two guys came in wearing masks and bandanas, and robbed them of
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cook the keys from the brand smart delivery people and took the cash, and one of the them fired at the victims. the bulge et actually struck the washing machine that was being delivered. we'll show you where the detectives are going in and out of the house. the tarp that you see hanging over the second story balcony, that's the tarp that w covering the washing machine. six people were robbed of their cellphones and cas and because they're looking for the truck that fled eastbound with the two male suspects inside, we have a picture of the truck that looks likeke the one that the detectives are now looking for. it is a 97 white isuzu box truck, and the oj one that's different is the wrapped box truck logo. if you seeee the truck or the
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covering their face or a bright hoody, they're asking anybody to callrimestoppers with that information. they're looking to get those guys and that truck. live in northwest miami-dade, liz nagy, 7 news. news. >> danielle: all right, a fort lauderdale man forced out by flames. pictures of the fire show the thick smoke and the flames coming out of his home. and the overhead view shows the firefiters above the scene after pulling the 84-year-old homeowner to safety. the fire has been put out and the officials are looking at how the fire started. >> lynn: in the race for the white house, both democratic candidates trying to gain momentum as they take the stage again, this time in milwaukee. >> danielle: hilliary clinton no longer the undisputed frontrunner, and the former secretary of state making changes, promising a more aggressive edge. the challenge for u.s. senator,
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be capturing the african-american vote. a key piece in the lectorate in the south carolina primary coming up. >> lynn: the six republican candidates revving up their campaigns. donald trump rallying in pendelton last night before heading back to louisiana, that's where he's going to speak with supporters, and the gop frontrunner telling voters that the last thing they need is another bush. while accusing ted cruz's campaign of cheating in the iowa caucuses. ohio governor, john kasich, ramping up his own campaign strategy, saying that he intends to stay positive. ted cruz focusing on saying that trump isn't conservative enough to be the republican gop. and marco rubio sayinin that donald trump has zero foreign policy experience in his repertoire. but on hisis lower than usual
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debate performance. and in the meantime, jeb bush getting brotherly support. his big brother, w., will appear at a rally in south carolina, and he has quite a poor performance in the new hampshire primary, and carson said that he's stayingng in the race, no matter what. the app is updated with the latest from the campaign trail. >> danielle: well, prerations are underway ahead of the pope's trip to cuba, and his historic meeting with the leader of the russian orthodox church. work, are tearing down trees, and other beautification processes. the pope will come to the island for as part of an effort to heal a 1,000-year divide between the east and the west. it will be the first ever meeting between the pope and a russian patriarch.
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that's this is the riskiness to take in order to be global in his image. in order to rise up to the level of the constantinople patriarch. >> when it comes to religion, there are always visions, and think that it's a really great thing. >> reporter: pope francis will fly to cuba before going on to mexico for a six-day tour of that country. >> lynn: ahead 07 news, a loved one becomes a target. >> danielle: and it may seem like the usual demolition, but something is going terribly wrong in this video. >> heied. all lies! the wind speeds, added to the mess in two hours, and it was 12 hours of sheer torture. >> lynn: they are very upset. crews, passengers, sharing
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frightening voyage. >> danielle: hundreds of passengers finally make it to land following a torturous trip at sea. the anthem of the seas docked at a new jersey port last night. >> lynn: they sailed into a very nasty storm, and that had many
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would not makeet out alive. it was horrible. i can't even describe it. >> reporter: royal caribbean's anthem of the seas returning to port in new jersey last night after cutting short its week-long voyage to the caribbean. vacations ruined, but passengers happy to be back on land after a day at sea, the cruise ship ran into a a massive storm off the coast of the carolinas while on route onto the bahamas. severe winds, 30-foot waves battering the cruise liner. passengers were told to ride out the storm in their cabins, and they were also worn out and tired, but relieved as they g g off the ship, telling horror stories of their experience. >> 17 hours, it was like on a rollercoaster you couldn't get off of and you weren't strapd in. >> it was scary, but the crew and the captain were great. >> don't even want to talk about it.
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all worked out at the end. >> i'm so glad to be home. that was a heck of a ride. >> it's all lies. the wind speeds, he we would be out of the mess in two hours, and it was 12 hours of sheer torture. >> 12 people suffering minor injuries in the journey, and they're issuing a big apology.p >> it can't happen. and we are goingng to go back and make changes to provide more guidan and oversight. >> reporter: royalaribbean is giving awful want guests a full refund and offering 50% off a future cruise. omar lewis, 7 news. >> danielle: would you take them up on that? >> lynn: i don't know, the waves were huge. an elderly man is the first to share his story after a very
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we're hearing from another victim who was slashed with a sword during a suspect's rampage. >> danielle: and a college
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terrorized. >> it was is cold for us south floridians this morning, the temperatures in some areas in
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now, we're looking at all of the cloud cover, and see all of that coming to an end. we should clearut nicely tonight. tomorrow, looking beautiful, and mostly sunny. temperatures right now, 68 in fort lauderdale. miami with 70, still in the low 60s across the florida keys. and now the models are kind of shifting a little bit, thinking at tonight will be a little bit colder, maybe in the mid 50s instead of the upper 50s. the wind coming out of the northeast, anywhere between 9 and 10 miles per hour. bimini, checking in with 16 mile-per-hour winds. here's the stormtracker. this still remains dry. and it's going to stay this way until at least monday or tugs of next week. all of the cloudiness moving away. high pressure dominating the southeast. and that's what we will be enjoying during the valentine's weekend here. plenty of sunshine and clear skies.
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threat of rip currents at the beach. small craft exercise caution, 50 knot winds. here's the caution, seas building up all the way to 6 feet by the gulf stream waters, and light chop. seas 5 feet. and coastal waters with a light chop. next high tide for miami will be at 11:05, 11 p.m. in fort lauderdale. keke largo, 11:28 and 11:56 in key west. tonight, mostly clear, not as cold as it was last night, but still chilly. at the top of the newscast, we were talking about 57. the national weather service kind of brought it down a little bit to 55, 53 in fort lauderdale. 60 for the keys, and by tomorrow, we're looking at beautiful, mild sunshine, still dry, and the highs will be in the mid 70s. low 70s for the keys.
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here's your extended outlook. saturday, still a morning lowf 58. same on sunday. just beautiful, especially if you're planning an outdoor dinner. it should be great. presidents' day looking nice, and then we warmup for tuesday and then a cooldown for
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>> lynn: kanye west venturing into s sething new. >>anielle: and he's not shy about asking for money. shireen sandoval has that and more in deco dayside. >> reporter: well, they say that it takes mon to make money, and kanye wants to take your ney to make his money. he's looking for someone to invest $100 million in his clothing line. he believes that he's the greatest designer of all time, but he's ted of pouring his open cash into the venture. ininvestors will get a share of the profits, and possibly lunch with caitlin jenner. the every emperor is being sued by the crown. charges against "star wars" producer for having an unsafe work environment. it started when harrison ford broke his leg onset.
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wouldn't be surprised if queen elizabeth is in the tower of london toy. >> if chris brown calls you, call an attorney. the woman and his posse hit her, and threw him out of his suite. she says that breezy or one of his guys hit her in t face and took her phone. and she's als suing for defamation. he posted a video where heaid that the woman was too ugly to party with him. the price is right. you can own a piecece of oprah's clothing. the media mogul is auctioning off 200 pieces of clothing. she's cleaning out the harpo studios, and now you can get a shirt and you can get a shirt. i wish i were her shoe size, i think that she's an 8. tonight, a massage, an intimate
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solve awful your dilemmas. deco in the lap of luxury, tonight at 7:30. i'm ireen sandoval, and unfortunately, i'm a sizee six. >> lynn: you have a tiny ft, shireen. maybe opera only wore them once. that would be great. if she wore them at all. >> danielle: i'm with you.
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>> danielle: i'm danielle knox. >> danielle: now at 4:30, a family making an impassioned plea. their f fily member gunned down, the victim coming under fife in his own front yard. >> lynn: now his family is hohong that the police can get a critical clue. let's go to walter morris where the family spoke this afternoon in miami.


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