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tv   Channel 7 News at 5PM  FOX  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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thursday morning aicht teacher take action when the bullet flew through the with window. >> she told us to get on the floor. >> reporter: the shooting a couple blocks from francis tuckerlementary. south douglas road in coconut grove sending bullets through the campus. >> multiple rounds were fired and one stray bullet hit the port able. went through the clak glass and ricochet off the wall and almost hit four students. i hugged those four children. one still with tears in his eyes not understanding what had happened. comforted by a teacher with tears in her eyes, recognizing how close tragedy struck her classroom. >> reporter: no one was hit but this day could of had a very different ending. same goes for wednesday whether shots were fired outside of carol city high school. police have since made an arrest in that shooting. they called 18-year-old cred ik anthony adams a known gang member. two shootings at two schools in
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some calling it a miracle no one was hurt or killed. >> it's really sad when you refer to drive by shootings as two miracles in two days. when chance and luck are the best dwe fence owr we our kids have in miami or in this county, something is terribly broken. >> reporter: police and superintendent says you hold the solution to this violence problem. if you saw some, say smchght ping the the phone and call crime stoppers. 305-471-tips. and remember, you will remain a anonymous. reporting live in coconut grove. jessica holly. 7 news. >> belkeys: all right jessica, our team coverage continues now with w-7's rosh lowe as outraged parents voice their concerns. rosh. >> >> reporter: we have concern for the parents especially when you look at -- parents are just
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>> >> this needs to stop. it really needs to stop. you are involving little kids thravment school is 5th grait grade. what does 5th grade have to do with gang related? >> >> reporter: tiefortd violence. listen to 24 second grade describe the experience. my teacher turned off the light and we went under the desk and didn't turn anything off s they won't hear us. >> reporter: scary stuff. the fact thaw leave your kids in school thinking they will be in a safe place. they are just there to get an education. the last thing you think is they'll go through something like this. thursday morning outside francis tucker elementary, parents gather once again on the scene of violence erupting near a school. this time it's a school full of young children who are impacted. a bullet pearcing the window of a port table classroom. i can tell thought vast majority of shootings that we've had in this county, the violent
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15 to o 24. very young people. >> reporter: the message is the code of silence needs to be broken. people need to spieng about gage a activity. the community needs to help law enforcement solve a problem plague our school. a problem affect parents and their children. >> these are kids. they arere innocent children. someone needs to do something about it and it needs to stop. the parents need to check and see what their childrenn are doing at home. >> it was scary but we got through it. >> reporter: and that's the pointy was make at the beginning of this, is that parents are saying, look, we've had enough of thvment when they look at the totality of the situation, all the parents out here are well aware of what's been going on. we're live in coconut grove, rosh lowe. 7 news. >> craig: all right. we've been keeping an eye on this situation at fort lauderdale airport. plain that was copping in with some sort of problem.
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tell us what is going on here. ralph. >> reporter: yeah, four people on board this leer jet, a citation, i'm sorry. i got my information here. aircraft has landed. it was declared an air emergency that it had one engine out. still one good engine that was quite a distance from fort lauderdale airport when it declared that emergency. fire trucks were a like the runway here. originally they were going to land on the south runway coming from the west to the east but they decided thalt longer` runway was better suited for it in case this was a true emergency. and it loork like it land safely. notaxiing off the runway. we don't note point of orgin where it came from but we heard this information that it declared an emergency. lost an engine while in flight and landing here at fort lauderdale. they had been waiting quite some time for it to arrive and it came out to the l@ve picture. all is with well here. one of those situation. of course when we hear it we'll
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there for that possility. that's the story here in sky force hd. i'm ralph rayburn reporting live. >> craig: and now at 5:00, people across south florida are bundling up again after wake up temperatures. >> belkeys: yep, here's neither noarnlg look outside our studios and we're slowly warming up. the weekend is look great. >> craig: chief meteorologist phil ferro in the weather center phil. >> phil: and good good afternoon. we had lows in the 40 eation and 50s all across south florida. now, for tomorrow weerks still look at a coolish start bye bye the afternoon, it should be very nice and mild across south florida. and then for the weekend. looks like mother nature will cooperate for valentine's day. >> here is the very latest as far as the storm tracker is concerned. it is dry. and it l- remain dry at least until the early part of next week. soda and sunday raqn free across the area. this is how we woke up this morning.
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45 corral spring. fort lauderdale with 48 and then in the0s across miami, marathon and key west. so average low is 62. tomorrow still wake up to the mid d s. upper 50s for saturday and sunday. a beautifulay in store mostly sub nicht if you're planning on outdoor r nner t will probably be be in the mid 60s. mostly dry and clear. and then we start twiewrm. another front comom through and that could bring us right back into the 50s for the endof next week. we'll have a lit more in our local forecast a aittle later on. >> craig: all right phil, also at 5:00, horror at home in northwest miami-dade. a pair of masked men approached delivery man and they forced their way inside ordering the workers and four people to the ground. they stole money and cell phones from. they the crooks ran way but not before firing a shot at the group. no one was hit. the men jumped in the delivery
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it has a florida tag of eabl97. if you spot it, give crime stoppers a call at 305-471-tips. new i. >> belkeys: new cases of zika reported in fla flaflt another person in miami-dad was diagnosed bringing the total to 77. no new cases in broward. 18 total statewide. five counties including dade and broward remain under a health alert. the miami-dade health department and mia-dade mosquito control held a meeting in discuss the virus today. it's important to note all cases in florida are travel related no. cally reacquired cases. zika spread by mosquitoes in the caribbean and central america. the virus has been throirchgd brain defects in newborns as well as muscular and never disoshedz thrsm are currentnt novak eens.
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in new hampshire. bernie sanders is getting bad rd for a high steaks show tonight with hillary clinton n. just a few hours they will go head to head in a couple of hours.. >> and this as they cross south carolina ahead of next weekend's primary. joe wald man has the latest. >> reporter: a hillary clinton getting much need red leaf today after losing to ber fli sanders bylmost 20 points in the granite state. the congressional black caucus endorsing the front runner. >> one single candidate. one possesses the quality indications, the experience and temperament to beehe next president of the united states and that person is none other than secretary hirl ri rodham clinton. >> and the half dozen remaining gop opponents are sling must more ferociously than before. but john kasich snagging a
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hampshire telling south carolina voters he is month focusedn policy than put downs eye want to talk about the horizon. i want to talk about the sun coming up. >> bush on the receiving end of that negativity too who fr opponents who want to ensure the 4th flais new hampshire finisher wilts in the n%xt state and he spend the $20 million of negative advertising against donald trump. he is a low enimir person. he is. >> reporter: marco rubio make nothing bones about he is going on offensese after falling to the middle of the pack in new hampshire. >> donald trump p has no foreigngn policy p experience. and the circle of insults don't stop there. the top aid of ted cruz calling trump's run saying it's astei seinfeld candidacy. saying it's all about nothing. joe wald man. 7 news.
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time to voice your choice a. up dwaitd latest from campaign trail. >> craig: cuba is getting ready to host pope francis for a second time a the pontiff prepares for a brief and historic meeting in what van map. he hopes to end a thousand year split between the catholic and russian orthodox church. >> belkeys: danielle knox in the newsplex with more on thvment danielle. >> danielle: that's right. deep seed dishes craig and belkeys between the two and while this is a very important neer millions ever faithful from religion to the location where this get together will happen. >> pope francis is preparing for a return trip to cuba for a meeting of historical proportions. leb sitting down with pay tree arveght russian orthodox c crch for the first meeting between the heads of the catholic and russian orthodox churches ever. excited.
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areas that maybe visited by the holy men. >> it's important, it's historical moment and so significant that it's happening iet here in our country. leaders will meet at jose marty airporthere they will join a declaration desigd to aid in the healing of the thousand year divide between east and west. i think the pontiff realizes this is a rest tok taken order to be global in his image, in order to rise up unofficial at least to the level of smfg a patriarch. >> danielle: russia, the largest country in the world and the vatican, the smallest established formal diplomatic relations at the end of 2009. >> the pay tree ark always field that the rush ankle church is the church that is the knew mer ikly strong in the world has also to be in the leadership where external relations are concerned. >> danielle: this trip will
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cuba in just five months. the pontiff visited the island last september after playing a an intgal part in helping ts country restore diplomaticc relations with the united states. religious loader in south florida hoping this meeting will be equally successful. >> we want the church to breathe with both lung. the eastern and weste lungs. we want the church to be united. that is what jesus' will is and when there is unity a among chris tafnlz think our witness say bit more convince can. >> and we should add this meet could pull raul castro nay positive light presenting him and cuba as a whole as peace makers and improve the policy legacy at a continuing point of continuation process of norma la disaition between cuba and the united states. live in the plex. danielle knox. 7 news. >> >> craig: the mayor of
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family after 12-year-old shot and killed by police. when it happened the si city sent the family of ta mere rice a bill for $500. cost of the the ambulance service that brought the boy to the hospital where he later diesmed the mayor now says that claim should of been red flagged and that bill never sent. we don't start off ghana poll guying to the rice family if in fact this is added to any grief or pain that they may have. >> craig: rice was shot by a rookie officer in 2014. he was responding to a calf a man wave age gun and one of the callers indicated it might of been a toy but that infnfmation was never relayed from dispatch to the officer. the weapon turned out to be a pellet gun. late last year a grand jury declined to indict that oicer. >> that ranch standoff in oregon is over. the last four pek people owk pieght the national child life
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the last hold out who took over the property six weeks agency. clive bundy the organizers was charged with assault an on an officer and weapons crimes. it it alllltems from a 2014 standoff at his ranch in nevada during which he refused to surrender cattle graition on federal land. >> belkeys: much more coming up here on 7 news a. friez and fries and a side of beer. a customer thrhrk get fast cash from a customer outside a fast food rest tour apt. we're live with this. >> craig: and a loved one gunned down outside his miami home. we're hearing from his family. >> belkeys: and a deputy tries to convince a judge after shooting and killing a man in oakland park. >> craig: and cruise ship passengers are back on land, back onshore after a hellish trip out at sea. hear from some of them head.
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>> belkeys: also tonight, a monster storm rocking the boat. >> you seat wind and hear the wind. the boat was rock. >> belkeys: tonight passengers back on dry land speak out. >> it was horrible. i can't describe it. >> belkeys: about the vacation nightmare. well, one of the world's largest cruise ships returning to port ave rocky voyage. >> craig: tonight some of the passengers are sharing stories after sailing into the storm of trouble. lynn martinez in the satellite center with more. lynn. >> lynn: andnd rocky voyage doesn't begin to describe what some of the papgs went through. some of them thought they were going to die. >> lynn: hearinghat express from a passenger of the royal caribbean an. they seas is completely understandable. the man ho was on the cruise ship that sailed into a monster storm.
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can't get off of. >> >> don'tven wawngt to talk with it. >> lynn: the ship was on it's way from new jersey to florida to be on a voyage to the bahamas. on the 5th day they hit rough seas. for longer than 12 hour, the storms 120 miles per hour winds bat therd ocean liner. >> i was flug about 18 feet across the cab win. hit a door and knocked myself out for a minute. got this. >> it w`s very, very scary. we didn't think we were going to get back home. terrifying. >> lynn: the fright e7bd passengers say the captain literally left them in the dark during the worse of it. >> he kept saying we'll be out of this mess in two hours. it was 12 hours of pure torture. >>lynn: florida senator bill nelson is calling onhe national transportation safety board to determine why the cap dan decided to sail into the storm.
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was it was forecast for days, so why in the world was a cruise ship with thousands of passengers go sailing right into it? >> lynn: for now the weary travelers are just very glad to be back on dry whrand. >> i'm so glad to be home. that was a heck of ride. >> lynn: royal caribbean says four passengers suffered minor injuries. all passengers getting a full refund and 50% off a future cruise if they want to take that. in the satellite center. lynn martinez. 7 news. >> craig: okay, lynn. >> belkeys: next up from the newspl. a new super hero on the street. we'll share the heart warming story of iron woi. that's coming up at at 5:30. >> craig: and a big show sailing into south florida and a new home just in time for the weekend. >> belkeys: and fe extinguishers. you may own one but do you know how tose it if a fire breaks out. our special assignmenteport into the fire.
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>> now 7 w%ather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: all right. good afternoon every one. it was a chilly day here across south florida for tonight still some over night lows in the 5050 we still have cold air filtering in croos south florida. meanwhile some showers will start to show up by next week. so the weekend if you're planning on outdoor dinner, it should be very nicend we're looking at a gradual warm up.
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average low is 62. we're going to be in the 50s through sunday morning and warming up through tuesday. another frontoves in for the end of next week. temperatures across the state, we're looking at right now pensacola with 67 degrees. it is mostly clear across tallahassee warming up to 71. 66 in jacksonville. same in gainesville. over in central florida. what a beautiful afternoon. 63 in tampa. 65 at the theme parks. south floridaas been very nice. today we've seen a lot of nshine. temperatures right now are in the 60s and the keys, the place to be today. mostly sunny. 63 in marathon. key quest. 62 the wind at around 9 miles per hour. still clear and cool tonight. just not as cold as it was last night. high pressure builds in tomorrow and then we'll start to see nice
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us into next week. by the weekend another front moving through. but ititill come in so weak, very little rainfall if any and we're not going to see a temperature change with with this one. here's the marine forecast for tonight. threat of of rip currents. biscayne bay with a light chocht four in the the florida keys. exercise caution and that's because seas beyond the reef will be building four to 6 feet. coastal waters with a moderate chop. next high tide, miami. 11:05. 11:00 in fort lauderdale. key largo 11:28 and 11:56 in key west. so mostly clear night not as cold over night lows in the 50s. 60s for the keys. the wind out of northeast five to ten. for tomorrow. nice, pleasant sunshine. still dry. average high about 76, 77. we're going to be just lail bit under that with the wind out of northeast. here's your extended out look. saturday, still looking good, a little breezy sunday, whatt a beautiful day.
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high of 74. president's day looking good. we warm up for tuesday. little bit of cold air back for the end of next week. that's your 7 on 7. 7 news will be right back.
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>> >> belkeys: that is a wrap for us here at 5:00. caio caio. i'm belkeys nerey. >> cra: i'm craig stevens. keep it here.
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lynn martinez and danielle knox have that next.
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>> >> this is 7 news at t 30. >> danielle: now at 5:30, a father of four gunned down. loves with once struggling to make sense of the tragedy. >> we just needd to know why. >> danielle: tonight a clue caught on cram and a heart broken familiar willly waiting for answer. >> lynn: >> danielle: and good evening everybody. the family is stepping up the search. >> lynn: and the family resphriewz to give up. and walter morris on the scene with the family for their emotional plea of justice. >> reporter: that's right. police say that 44-year-old man was outside his home here when the gunman caimed up and opened fire. today his step daughter and wife naik emotional plea asking the public to help bring hi killer to justice. >> my heart has been taken out. i feel like my heart has been
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>> reporter: a wife fighting back the the tears just days after her husband was murdered in cold blood. >> it's been pure hell. >> reporter: she snow asking the public to help get justice for her husband. are aaron paish. his family asleep inside. >> all i h hrd was gunshot. i was in myy room in the back. police say the married father lf 4:00 went outside to smoke a cicirette just after 1:00 a.m. when the the gunman came up and opened fire. this surveillance video shows the man walking up in eye hoody to the homom then minutes later the shooter hoop hopping into this sedan last seen heading south on northwest 19th avenue. >> i'm a family&man be and father of children. >> this case take on a personal tone by investigate omplet perish was loved by his community and loved for his good cook oog at this time we don't flow who would target this individual.


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