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tv   Channel 7 News at 6PM  FOX  February 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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one of those schools hit by bulletg. a dangerous day on campus and hello again and good evening everybody. two school under fire in as many days the latest incident brought teacher and kids too tears. >> belkeys: we have live team 7 coverage. sheldon fox with a call to the community to help stop this violence and jessica holly with the chaotic scene at the school. we'll begin with jessica in coconut grove. >> reporter: it started as a normal school deer, school d d here at this school and then around 9:00, this morning the sound of gunfire. a bullet shatter age window of this port able building. there were students inside and one of the bullets landed step from a child. littleavarus will ax in class thursday morning wheg heard this. >> gun shots. >> a bullet flying through his classroom. we were on the floor and lie o o
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the building when this happened. his teacher quickly take action. >> she told us to get opt floor. >> the shooting a couple blocks from francis elementary. south douglas road sending bullets through the campus. >> multiple bullets fired and one stray bullet hit the port able and ricochet off the wall and almost hit four students. i hugged those four children. one still with tears in his eyes not understanding what had happened. comforted by a teacher with tears in her eyes recognizing how close tragedy struck her classroom. >> reporter: parents receiving text message alerts rushed to the school telling 7 news they are fed up with with the violence. >> it's crazy. these are kids. they are innocent children. someone needs to do something about it. >> and it's not fair for these young kids them came to get an education. >> reporter: in the end no one
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had a very different ending. same goes for wededsday when shots were fired outside carol city high school. policehave since made an arrest in that shooting. they called 18-year-old cred ik be anthony adams a known gang member. two shootings at two schools in two days some calling it a miracle that no one was hurt or killed. >> when you refer to two descrief by shootings as two miracles in two days. when chance and luck are the best defense our kids have in miami or this county? something is terribly broken snoot superintendent and police say rut sue solution to the problem. if you saw some, they are asking to you say something. pick up the phone and call crime stoppers, that number 305-471-tips. rememeer, you can remain anonymous and if your tip leads to an arrest. you can earn a cash reward. reporting live in coconut grove, jessica holly. 7 news. >> belkeys: well, from the shooting to a mission to stop
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our team 7 coverage continues now with sheldon fox live at scoolt in coconut grove. sheldon. >> reporter: belkeys, the gunshots popping off and the sirens screeching throughout miami-dade county. they make the loudest noise but it's the stuff thaw can't hear that really compounds the problem. not enough people spping up and swhaig saying what they know. >> in miami-dade county, thehe shooting scenes and body removal aren't reserved for criminals. >> these kids are droppinggike fliesms it hits us hard because it was our kid. >> s4ep up, speak up. >> reporter: too many school kid have been shot and the call now is for people to not stand back. miami-dade schooo police and superintendent alblbto carvalho says it's time to stop what some say is nearly as seadly as the bullets fired across town. a street code of silence. so many school kids had been shot across the county ithat
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too visit schools and familiar lees rocked by violence said this. >> i stopped counting at 452 years ago. >> reporter: but carvalho had to revisit the numbers because. >> when in a 12 month period 60 kids have shot and over 20 are killed and within a 1424 hour period two schools become the victim of drive by shooting snoot drive bays boiz jolted the comiewn trees in coconut grove and miami-dade in the the last two days but came without any bullet wounds. car evaluate will dealt with the cry sifs losing a few students over to oafer a few month spa to shots in the streets. i'm a feeling those in the community who know more than what he is saying. he he says legislation could make wititsses be more protected so they can report what they see and here. >> with but for now. >> we know a lot of community members are afraid.
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their kids and teachers are for days like thursday or wednesday or nift0 plus other days kids came under fire. >> >> just got off the phone with freddy cruz. city miami police. he echoshat the superintendent has to say. he says right now they a work a case where they had people shooting at one anonoer from the north side of the school and the leads are running dry. they need pep people more than ever especially in this community in do could nut grove and tell them anything they know. we're live in could dmowt grove. sheldon fox. 7 news. >> >> craig: all right sheldon. and if you want to hear the superintendents remarks in their entirety click on wii and crick on extra. >> belkeys: also hering on 7, south florida wake up to another cold morning, feeling the 40 swreasms definitely not used to this big chill. >> craig: for so many days especially.
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meteorologist phil ferro is here to tell bus. that phil. all right. good afternoon every one. here are the headlines indeed. a chilly start to the day. we had some areas of lows in the 40s. now, for tonight. no as cold as last night but we're still looking at temperatures in the 50s across south florida. then in the afternoon, we're going to see the temperatures rebounding back into the 70 dea gree range. tand will be a very nice weekend if you're pnning an outdoor dinner for valentine's day. the storm tracker showing everything is dry across south florida. our xt best chance of showers will probably be next monday and tuesday. here's how with we woke up this rning. 44 deed degrees now homestead. 45 in corral springs. fort lauderdale 48. and in the 50s across miamimi marathon and key west. so what is next? well, our average low is 62. we'll be waking tomorroww to 55. still on the cool side. 58 on saturday. same on sunday.
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70s by sunday afternoon. and again f you're doing an outdoor dinner, it will probably be in the mid 60s. mostly clear. and we continue to warm up and another front moves in for wednday and thursday. >> i'll have a lot more on this a little later on. >> >> belkeys: now all ne new at 6:00. man walking outside a fast food restaurant is ambushed by thief. brandon beyer live on the scene in hollywood with this one.e. brandon. >> reporter: belkeys, this 62-year-old man says he came to mcdonald's in hollywood to have dinner and get some work done. but when he left, he would be robbed. the whole thing caught on cram. >> he put the knife and told me give me your wallet because i'm going to kill you. >> reporr: terrifying moments in the parking lot of this hollywood mcdonald's just a few days ago when a suspect follows a man to his van and
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>> the knife was over 10 inches long, you know. the knife was like a kitchen knife. >> and he said i'm going to kiki. give me your wallet. shun shows us what happened to him just after ten psm on january 31. give me your money, your wallet because i'm going to kill you. >> reporter: surveillance video catching the crime on camera. you see the suspect in the restaurant aism few mains later he is in the parking lot approaching love varson. there is a brief struggle and then he runs for help oof i wasn't thiing about the item. ways thinking about myself of course snoot suspect got away with a laptop and other electronics. only box rez main. love arson says hes just glead okay. maybe you know something about this robbery at knife point at this hollywood mick done adle. if that's you, could be worth a cash reward. call broward crime stoppers 95 #
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we're live in hollywood. brandon beyer. 7 news. >>. 954-493-tips. >> craig: okay brandon. a south florida mother discovered after a gas leak. she is charged with manslaughter. she will be placed on house arrest. police found her 5-month-old son in a freezer in their miami home last month. the mother called from the keys saying she was about to take her own life byy jumping off a bridge. a crook driven`to steal in parkland. surveillance video captured a manburg g rising parked cars at the car wash. employees confronted the guy calling cops but man managed to escape with personal item. this happened at the rising tide car wash in parkland. sphru any information that might help investigators give crime stopper a call at 954-493-tips. >> >> belkeys: a south florida police veteran sworn in to a new position. 48-year-old juan perezowtd director of the miami-dade police department. he is the secondd cuban american
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mayor carlos jimenez o hand at the port of miami ceremony as well as a a any general loretta lynch. lynch is in town as part of her national commute community policing tour. she went to several local police departments thanking officers for their service to the community and discussing ways to build trust and cooperation between law enforcements and it's citizens and. >> craig: and she singled out the doral apartment for the work they've been doing. >> yes. >> craig: andoming up next from the plex. a parade of insults aimed at american forces. >> belkeys: and a man walking into a south florida store putting every one under the gun and we not leave empty handed. >> craig:: flowers are of course a popular gift when we talk aut valentine's day. and now a mission to make sure there is nothing but love inside these bouquets. >> well, it's that time of year gag again. time for the miami international boat show. lots of new boats like this one here and a new location. we're live.
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>> >> belkeys: these are live pictures frovirginia key. boat lovers now boarding for a long weekend full of fun. it's one of the biggest ee verchts year here in south florida. >> craig: and it's setting sail from a new location. chris van vliet is live to tell us all about it as we gear up for the boat show. chris. >> belkeys in for a little d ive but we're in doomplez and the international boat show. i know whaha you're thinking, the boat show, oh the traffic right? not so much any more. a brand new location which they are hoping will fix that. the miami international boat show opening it's doors for the 75th year. this year a change in venue moving it from the beach to the miami marine stadium park and
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>> we thought the suited the boat show perfectly. it was built for high performance racing and maritime activities. what a better place for the boat show. >> more than 1200 boats a a shapes and sizes on land and in the water including this one. recognize it? the iconic miami vice boat in miami for the first time in 30 years. olivia brown who played trudy on the show invited us into the miami vice car to chat with her. >> this is my f fst time back to miami since we rapped. >> no way? >> yes. i left miami when the show was over and this is my first time back. >> well, welcome back. >> and a hundred thousand people attending the show. park in virginia key and key biscayne will be limited to keep that trafficfy minimum of t event organizers say the best way to get around is on the water. 18 water taxis will be shuttling people back and foncht water
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we have a transportation plan. we want folks to focus on buying their tickets on line. >> so the miami international boat show rung through the holiday weekend wrapping own president's day and check this out. we're a board the chris craft. how fitting is that? this is the course there 28. we're live in virginia key. i'm chris van vliet. 7 news. >> belkeys: 30 feet is good chris, nothing bigger because then it's hard to docnd have you to invite too many people. >> craig: a captain and crew. >> belkeys: 35. a captain is good. he just needs to get the boat. and it's on your credit card chris. thanks for that. >> craig: please. still head with thvment einstein was right. he predict aid century a ago. >> belkeys: and a jet making a south florida stop and leb part of the show where the sky is the limit. >> hi everybody. steve shapiro coming up in sports. heat center hassan white side
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hitting a guy in the face. and the canes coach just anybody could dhoach team and have success doing it. check it out. 7 sports com. stick around.
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>> >> belkeys: valentine's day is right around the corner speaking of love. while love is in full bloom. custom boarder patrol agents are in inspect flower rr for hidden danger. their mission is to find pest disease and anynying that can harm our agriculture iustry coming into the u.s. through the miami airport on average 500 million throirs are imported a day but this week that number qua quadruple to 22 million. happy valentine's day. >> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. take a look. at it doesn't get any better than thvment what a beautiful sunset. we're for another cool night but then mild temperatures as we
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so let's t te a look at how the day shaped up. morning lows in the 40's. five in miami. 64 for a high. 71 and 70 and it was very dry croos south florida rye now every one is reporting temperature in the 60s under partly cloudy skies a. pressure is steady theith wind out of the east northeast and the humidity holding firm at 42%. it is drive it's been dry and it will stay dry. our next best chance for a few showers ll be monday and tuesday. clear, still cool for tonight. high pressure builds in across south florida during the day tomorrow. it's going to be a mild afternoon. a nice little gradual warm up. and then by saturday, another front is going to try and come in but this one will be extremely week. no rain soarbled with it soacted with it and barely a change in the forecast.
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stream current. scayne bay with a light chop. nowrt florida keys, exercise caution. seas beyond the reef will be building four to 6 feet. coastal waters a moderate chop. so next high tide miami will be at 11:05 tonight. 11:00 on the nose for fort lauderdale. key largo 11:28. 1156 in key west. mostly clear tonight. not as cold. over night lows will be in the mid to upper 50s. actually in the low to mid 50s. close to 60 degrees for the keys. now, by tomorrow plenty of sunshine. high of about 76 degrees and then take a look at saturday. waking up with 58. hive 77. 77 is just about right for our average temperature. here come sun day. a start of high of 74. the temperatures around dinner time will be in the upper six 50e6789s now on monday,
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far as temperatures are concerned. we warm up tuesday and then back to some cooler airrt end of next week. and that's your 7 on 7 forecast. >> >> craig: thank you phil. some penguins calling a south florida park their new home. the sea quair yum introduction penguin aisle. the new habitat features ten african penguins housed inside an 800 scwier scwair foot facility. dry with water and everything they need. the park guests could watch the tuxedo bunch with views from after bof and below water over at may ma miami seaquarium. >> belkeys: and up next the basketball team hits the buzzer a. lease they think so.
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explanation next in sports. time now for 7 sports with steve shapiro. >> considering he does not make a lot of money, it won't cost him a lot of money. but hassan white side is suspended without pay for this tuesday night. right side of the screen. white side elbowed san antonio ba bo in the mouth. and now he has is to sit out the starl break. two will cost him $9000. the heat a in the break. da wade wane wade and chris bosh
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and for sunday, it's his 11th 11th time. >> i'm going to enjoy the festivals all-star weekend. even though it will be cold out there in toronto. i'm going to enjoy being a an all-star and everything that come with. it probably as much as a have in previous years and then i'm going to take two case days for myself and get back to work. >> this had to hushtd. lebrjn jame and the cavs against the laker. lebron over head and his russ knelt man region. over head had to be harder than a chest pass. he is okay his voice changed but he is okay. first prais panthers back home on friday against thehet. louis blues that are g. 1. they have one pointless tha the panthers. all opponents are good when yoyore hunted. the panthers first in the a team atlantic da vismtion second best record in the eastern conference. >> t t team is ready for us ear night you know, they have we're a good club and they will have a
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no easy game in this league. to be successful, have you to come and play hard every night. >> back home tomorrow night. canes go for win 20 at fs awnchts coach lara na ga has it going again. the canes are 19 and four. 57b8d three in the tough acc. lara nay ga making it sound today like any dope could coaoa these guys. >> at miami i can't get any one to understand. we're not winning because of me. we're winning because of a angel rodriguez and sheldon ma clean on and tanya ma clear ri because they are really good. they really know how to play. >> you got them. boise state. gets oflt shot and it goes. came over. boise wins but the refs oar turn. it they retimed it way stop wall. they said it's no good. the game went to a second over time and boise lost to colorado.
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i'm steve. back to craig and belkeys. >> belkeys: thank you. >> steve. >> belkeys: steve sha poimple thanks for. that great work. >> craig: a grief. no argument from me. that's it for us at 6:00. thanks for tuning in. i'm craig stevens. >> belkeys: i'm belkeys nerey. keep it heempt 7 news at 6:30 is around the bend. we'll see ought ten ofnlgt caio caio.
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>> >> this is 7 news at 6:30. >> now at 6:30, a family begging for answer after a father of four is gunned down iewt side of south florida home.e. tonight his killer is still out there. good evening every one. police say that he was standing outside when he suddenly came under fire. and now his family is desperate for justice. 7's walter morris is live outsid the family's home in miami with the story for us this evening. walter. >> reporter: that's right.
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was just out side of hi home here when that gunman cam up a and opened fire. today his wife make an emotional plea asking the public for help bringing his killer to justice. >> my heart has been taken out. i feel like m heart what been ripped out of my chest. >> danielle: >> reporter: a wife fighting back tears just days after her husband was murdered in cold blood. >> it's been pure hell. >> reporter: jessica now scght public to get he justice for her husband aaron paish gunned down in front of his home on on the morning. >> i ail heard was gunshots. ways in my room in the back. >> police say the married man of four went outside to smoke a cigarette and the gunman came up and opened fire. >> this surveillance joyed shows the man in the dark hoody coming up to t t home then minutes later the shooter hoping into this sedan, last seen heading south on northwest 19th


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