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tv   Channel 7 News at 630PM  FOX  February 11, 2016 6:30pm-6:59pm EST

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was just out side of hi home here when that gunman cam up a and opened fire. today his wife make an emotional plea asking the public for help bringing his killer to justice. >> my heart has been taken out. i feel like m heart what been ripped out of my chest. >> danielle: >> reporter: a wife fighting back tears just days after her husband was murdered in cold blood. >> it's been pure hell. >> reporter: jessica now scght public to get he justice for her husband aaron paish gunned down in front of his home on on the morning. >> i ail heard was gunshots. ways in my room in the back. >> police say the married man of four went outside to smoke a cigarette and the gunman came up and opened fire. >> this surveillance joyed shows the man in the dark hoody coming up to t t home then minutes later the shooter hoping into this sedan, last seen heading south on northwest 19th
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i'm a family man and the father are of a children. >> this case taking open a personal tone to investigator. by all cuts he was innocent and known for his love of cooking. >> at this time we don't know who would target this individual. this man is basically a family guy. >> still early in the investigation but police say it may be a miscase of mistaken identity. >> perish's brother could of been the intended target. his wife agd they will never have peace until they know for sure. >> we just want to know y. we don't know why it would happen toy good loving man. don't know why. >> reporter: and if you know anything that can help this family find justice, call crime stoppers, that n nber 305-471-tips. now, you could get cash with the right information and you can remain anonymous. reporting live in miami. walter morris. 7 news. >> danielle: all right walter, thank you. well, horror at home what i pair of crooks are grif drif tone steal.
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approached twody liver ri drivers outside a northwest mimii-dade home. then stormed inside and forced them and flur other people to the ground. they stole money and cell phones one was hit. it happened on northwest 4 street and 21 avenue. the crooks drove off in the truck like this one here with a florida tag that reads eab, l97. if you spot t call crime stopper at 305-471-tips. >> lynn: surveillance cameras rolling on a man robbing a tamarac 7-eleven, he got away $77 from the store onorth pine island road and northwest 81 street and police want to f!nd this guy. call them if have you any information on this case. >> well, new cases of zika reported in fla fliewvment health officials confirming another person in miami-dade was diagnosed about this virus bring to the tall to seven. broward county has two confirmed cases there. are 18 statewide. knife counties including dade
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health alert. miami-dade health department and miami-dade mosquito control held a meeting to talk about the t t virus today. they say all cases in florida are travel related. zika is primary spread by mosquitoes in the caribbean and central and south america. the@virus linked d brain defects in newborns as well as muscular and never disorder in adults. there is currentsly no vaccine. >> now to the race for the white house. hillary clinton and bernie sanders facing off tonight in milwaukee. it's the democrats first debate since sanders landslide win in new hampshire plus, the republican sprint together south carolina primary. joel w58d man reports. >> o post new hampshire hillary clinton getting much need relief today after losing to bernie sanders by 20 points in the granite state.
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endorsing the front runner. one single can indicate. one possesses the quality quality cases and temperament to be the unid states and that person is nonother than secretary hillary rodham clinton. >> despite fire than ten candidates when the race began, the half dozen remaining gop po nents are slinging mud more ferociously than before. and john kasich be snagging a second place finish in 234u hampshire telling south carolina voters he is more focused on policy thanput downs. >> lynn: want to talk about the horizon. i want to talk about the sun coming up bush on the receiving end of that negivity too from opponents who want to ensure the 4th place new hampshire finisher with wilts in the state. >> he spent $20 million in negative advertising against dob d trup. i don't even know this guy.
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he is a low energy person. >> >> reporter: marco rubio gone gog on the defense. donald trump has zero foreign policy experience. negotiate age hotel deal in a foreign country is not experience. and the circles do not stop there. ted cruz calling trump's run a seinfeld candidacy saying it's all about nothing. washington joel bad man. 7 news. >> danielle: and if you want constant updates from the campaign trail. down loaoa the 7 news voice your choice app. it's free for your phone or tabletet preparations underway with the pope's frip trip to cuba to meet with the russian leader of the orthodox church. they are tearing down trees and fifing the place up for the second trip just hour way. the pope will come together with patriarch for the first time on friday as part of an effort to heal a thousand year divide
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meeting will be the first ever between a sitting pope and a russian pay pay patriarch. >> but i think this is a rest tok take in order to be global, in his image. in order to rise up unofficial at least to the pay tree ark. >> when it comes to religion. there are always division. i think it's a really great thing. >> lynn: pope francis will fly to cuba tomorrow befe all of that f traveling on to mexico from a six day tiewfort country. >> danielle: also in the knew today, the mayor of cleveland saying sorry to the family after a 12-year-old shot and killed by police. turns out city sent ta mere rice's family a bill f/r $500 for the cost the ambulance service that rushed the boy to the hospital where h h later died. the mayor says the claim should have beenn red flagged and never
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>> we'll start off with ghana poll guying to the rice family if in fact this is a added to y grief or pain that they may have. >> danielle: rice was shot by a rookie officer responding to a calf a man waving a gun outside a reck center back in 2014. one of the 911 callers indicated it might be a toy but the officer never received that information. turned out it was a pellet gun. >> late last year a grand jury decided not to diet that officer on criminal charges. the. >> lynn: the standoff at a wild life refuge in oregon is finally over. the holdut surrendering to the fbi to face felony charge. part of a an armed group demandininthe government turn the landover to local. all also today bundy, the father. ranch whoar started this
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assault on his ranch in nevada back in 2014. >> lynn: and a parade of in u.s. demonstrators moking u.s. navy saleailors who were taken into custody last month. it happened in a memoryf the islamic revolution from 1979. last month ten sailors briefly detained after accidentally drift nothing iran's territorial waw nertz persing gulf. they were released hours later. >> danielle:ate investigators launching a second search of the flairt disappeared in the bahamas they will conduct a two week expedition hoping to recover the black box from the cargo ship el faro. 33 workers died when that ship starchg there a category 4 hurricane while traveling from jacksonville to puerto rico. >> lynn: copping up to night on 7 news at 6:30. most people neverant their vacation to end but these cruise ship passengers couldn't ait to make it back to land. >> danielle: and tonight we'll
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into a nasty storm.
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>> now 59 6:30, a criewrs ship wat erd by storms an returning to port. >> free at last. free at last. >> reporter: oo ampg passengers never making to a tropical paradise. >> when you see the crew praying on rosa ri beads and crying. it was so o ary. it was ter able. and living to tell their stories of the nightmare at sea. >> danielle: wow, royal caribbean's an. they seas doing at the port late last night in new jersey. >> >> lynn: and the cruise ship sailing into a nasty storm and that had many passengers wondering if they would ever make it back to shore alive. >> free at last. free at last. >> lynn: heaeang it expression from a parchg the royal
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responsible. the men a board the 6000 passenger criewses ship strand. >> don't want to talk about. it the ship was on it's way from new jersey to florida for what was originally intended to be a seven day foi voi aj to the ba maz hamas. on the 6th bay day they encountered rough seas off cape hatteras. and then for 12 hours. >> i was flung 18 feet across the cabin. hit a door and knocked myself out for a minute. got thvment it was very scary. we dididt think we would get back home. terrifying. the fright eveninged passengers say the captain literally left them in the dark during the with worse of it. they said it would be cleared up in two hours.
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>> and imil nelson wants know why the captain decided to sail into the storm. the thing about the storm was it was forecast for days. so why in the world would a cruise ship with thousands of passengers go sailing right into it? >> >> lynn: for now the weary travelers are just very glad to be back on dry land. >> i am so glad to be home. thatas a heck ave ride. >> lynn: royal caribbean says four passengers suffered minor injuries and all the passengers will get a full refund and certificate towards 50% off a future cruise should they choose to go oj on another cruise.
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>> lynn: an air force thunder bird touchindown in south florida for a very important mission. >> danielle: he just landed s fighter jet at the airport this afternoon. sky force hd over head as he met with top broward county offffial to plan his team's performance at this year's fort lauderdale air show. back in december, the thunder birds announced they would participate in the show after take two year hiatus. >> >> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: all right. good afternoon every one. we're in for a chilly night here across south florida. not as o cold as lastt night. temperatures right now are in the 60s every where. 64 fort lauderdale.
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62 for new key west. it is dry and it should remain dry. a all the way through the weekend and maybe a few showers moving in by monday and tuesday of next week. so t t big view showing clear skies all across the gulf of mexico and the southeast. those clear skies are moving our way and they should stick around throughout saturday and most importantly on sunday. here's the m mine forecast. threat of rip currents tonight. biscayne bay way light chop. nowrt florida keys, exercise caution. especially for seas beyond the reef. building here to four to 6 feet and cstal waters with a moderate chop. next high tide dade and broward. right after 11:00 night 11:5for the lower keys. you're water temperature at 68 degrees. so for tonight. mostly clear. still chilly. not as cold as we were this morning when we woke up in the 40s in many areas. we're looking agent low to mid 50s along the coast. low 50s in the western
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59 upper keeps 60 for key west. tomorrow plenty of sunshine. with a temperatures starting to rebound. what is average for highs is 76, 77 degrees and looking ahead. saturday still a cool start but very nice. sundnd waking up to 58. high of 74. planning an outdoor dinner. we well, temperatures should be right around the mid 60s and look dry. and that's your 7 on 7 fororast. >> lynn: phil, thank you. scientist announcing a big break through. prove age thorough made by albert einstein more than a theer row a go. they have wave in the space time. the waves caused by the collision of black holes were captured in audio form like literally giving astronomer a new sound track of the iewn ma verse.
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>> time, space, black holes. >> danielle: i'll start going lg. >> lynn: i understand like a black, like darkness. not a black hole. >> i have no idea. i'm no albert einstein. >> danielle: okay still head on 7 news at 6:30, a career first for chris bosh this all-star weekend. 7 sports explains. >> lynn: and later to night on deco dry. i'm sure all berlt einstein qulof to watch this if he were ally. a massage and dinner. one call and high credit limit can solve all your valentine's day dilemmas. deco in the lap of luxury
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time now for 7 sports with steve shapiro. the first place panthers themself are surprised at their own success. three days between game the panthers home friday against a very good st. louis blues teams. the panthers have 70 standing points. first in the division. secondest in the conference. 4th best in the whole league. >> and i told the guys try to convince us for a while. just realize how good we are and what we can do and what we're capable of and it makes it easier to perform. not knowing you have that believe and you can and you will. i don't know they all expected it to be this early. bu it has come long and all the
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the heat have two represent niftz all-star game and sunday in to ron toll dywane wade is one and mike dipasquale profiles the other one. >> the heats chris bosh is one of the nba best shooter threat. and he will compete in the all-star three-point contest. >> it will be excitinw. it will be a lot of fun. just to be in new situation, a good time. he is at 37% of three's for the second straight sfnl leads the heat in three-pointers with a carere high of 81. it says that he doesn't getome place ant or satisfied that he continues to evolve and have you to in this game. >> bosh is 11 time all-star. he is a reserve for the east in sun a degrees actual game. the night before cb will be in the eightlayer field land. >> i don't hav anything to lose so nobody expects me to win soo i could just throip hook shots thrup and i don't think it will be a big deal.
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say, one, two, ready, go. that's when you get nervous. come meeting in a three-point contest is a first for tbloovment way he has prepared himself for the moment. i'm pretty much totally a whole different player than i was a few years ago. i didn't even shoot threes. it has taught me about growth and tawlt me to all keep my mind open to new opportunities and thing like that. 7 sports. >> good luck cb. the three game suspension for van test ber beck is upheld in. the play off game against pittsburgh, he takes a head shot to stealers reciever antonio brown. suspended three game. haze peel today was denied. previous fines and this suspension will cost him over six how hundred thousand dollars. >> from miami antonio brown. i don't know if this is super
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fenway stadium transformed into a 140-foot high snow ram. higher than the monster. tomorrow night will host the grand preof skiing and snowboboding. top 40 men and top 20 women. it took three weeks to build the jump inside fenwnw. 16 degrees in boston today. wind chill below zero. i'm steve. lynn and danielle back after this.
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>> >> lynn: still looking at black hoasms we were looking it up. >> danielle: learning something new every day. >> lynn: it can happen when a star is dying. so much gravitational pull. can't get out. two b bck holes and collided. made a rim and now we have a sound track. >> danielle: there will be a quiz on that tonight at 10:00. >> lynn: i just made that all up. >> danielle: good night. >> lynn: good night. real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.
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guess who? "inside edition" goes undercover as an old lady. how vulnerable are the elderly to getting ripped off? >> $57,000. >> 12500. >> lisa guerrero goes
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>> i've been waiting for you for three days. then cruise from hell. the video you haven't seen. >> it was much worse than we thought. >> it was hell. >> it was hell. >> oh, my god. and a head butt. >> the famous wrestler who says these head butts damaged his brain. >> oh, my god. >> that can be fatal. that can cause permanent damagege to your brain. then a funny thing happened on the wayo the white house. >> you are a blabber mouth. plus, her prison nightmare. what the real housewife says dappened in her prison cell. >> your room in the prison being referred to as the boom boom room. and they met in preschool, now they are getting married. >> let's go find that dress. >> woohoo. >> and she needs help picking the dress.


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